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  1. Hi guys i always used to outweigh my deca or teen dosage with test 2/1. But I read a lot now of people doing 600-750mg Deca and 250-300mg test where I would of done that the other way round before. What do people prefer, more test or cruise test more Deca/Tren? i have quite a bit of test and deca so would like to piece together a nice bulk as been running steroid free for a while after a bad setback in training and now feel ready for a helping hand. Thx guys
  2. Bulgaria (sunny beach)

    Yeah as you come onto flower street from the beach it’s on the right a few shops up. I bought 100 off him, he got them in the next day I went and picked up and paid that day I didn’t leave a deposit. Didn’t trust them. Also got some clomid from another but can’t recall where
  3. Bulgaria (sunny beach)

    Yeah the one on flower street near the beach end s Omnadren, Viagra, Clen as well. All gtg I loved the Omnadren from there
  4. dimension labs oils

    I’m doing 250mg Test E and 600mg tren E from dimensions and none of the above at all. Go docs and get checked over in case it’s areaction or a real problem mate
  5. Same as I used a few weeks back. Was piling on weight, strength etc these are quality tabs even if the tub ain’t all that