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    Public service announcement since I'm currently quarantined with tight breathing (probably not CV but just to be safe) Guys you need to stop panicking so much about your gains. I get the gyms shutting is a major disappointment for many of you but there is people out there that are literally going to lose their livelihoods and loved ones. It's time to get things into perspective the skeletal muscle tissue you've grown is nothing more than trivial bullshit and going to the gym is a hobby. I get your passion but seriously losing 1-2-6 months training is f**k all in the grand scheme of things particularly when you consider the potential loses on the cards for some. I have had several major injuries in my time in the gym from ruptured pecs, hamstring, torn vmos and triceps and a completely wankered spine, some of which requiring surgical intervention and many months out of the gym followed by even longer of inferior training sessions. What I can tell you with certainty is 90% of your progress will come back within no time of returning to training So you really shouldn't stress yourself out further unnecessarily as the increase in cortisol will only hasten the atrophy and do nothing for your desire to train. Kevin Levrone used to take prolonged periods of time off from the gym out of choice and it never did him any harm. Just shift your focus for a bit, spend more time with loved ones, give those quarantined due to vulnerability a call to break up their isolation get some books, movies, tv series or a games console. and if it's really doing your head in that much grab some home gym equipment. There's plenty blokes locked up managing to maintain a decent amount of size with just body weight movements, throw in a pair of dumbbells and some resistance bands and you can maintain even more. Oh and ffs stop taking drugs.. you're not making decent progress with no gym, you're hampering immune function and carrying added water weight that further hampers respiratory function come off or drop to TRT levels, use this time to get your injuries and health markers tidied up. you can either focus on the potential positives of time out of the gym or dwell on how s**t it is and just make your life even more negative, it doesn't change how long this is going to take.
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    I've had a home gym for years and it really suits me. When I go to gyms I get to preoccupied with others using bad form or fvcking about or hogging equipment. Training at home absolutely nothing can take your focus or interfere with your plan. I started with a multi-use bench, a bar, couple of dumbbells and a few weights - now I have this:
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    Yeah, to be fair, Ken did do well to post this all by himself. Well done, Ken.
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    Nice mate. Found these in my dads cupboard. Had no idea he was into the gym, but doesn’t explain why he’s still a fatty!! Just need some bands and I’m good to go.
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    White Shaming

    Im black and I'm bored of this s**t. I've never seen myself as lesser than or a victim. There is some truth to the matter but it's nothing that I'm gonna lose sleep over. We live in the greatest period of time ever in the history of mankind as far as access to goods, opportunities etc. And s**t like this does more bad than good, just divides people more
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    Right so this will be a lengthy one but this is a lengthy topic in this guide I'm going to go over some basic programming information for a 'powerbuilding or hypertrophy specific' approach. Now you cannot exclusively train for either size or strength to any notable degree hence I included powerbuilding as I'm not going to write out a more complicated powerlifting approach as that is a topic in it's own right so instead I'm going to go over some guidelines for those looking to get bigger and stronger firstly let's discuss the principles Frequency: the amount of times in a week you stimulate or train a muscle into protein synthesis / the adaptive response to progressive weight training, some like a high frequency approach due to the argument of muscle protein synthesis only lasting for 48hrs at most in natural trainees meaning that if you bench on Monday by Wednesday evening your pecs and triceps have gone through the full adaptive process and are back to baseline ready to be stimulated again. Now most might conclude from this that it would make the most sense to train as frequently as possible in that case assuming the goal is purely hypertrophy (strength training has a more CNS adaptive and fatigue based response dependent on intensity) however there are several reasons why one might choose not to including motivation to train the same body part multiple times per week, tendons take a longer time to recovery than the more vascular muscle tissue, in the enhanced muscle protein synthesis is elevated round the clock, getting a better mind to muscle connection with higher sessionly volume due to pump and lactate build up which leads me onto my next topic Volume: this is the amount of work you do for a given body part, for instance 30 sets of chest work by way of 3 sets of 10 different exercises or just 30 sets of the same exercise and anything in between is the training volume, programs oriented toward hypertrophy largely differ by their weekly volume distribution (we'll touch on this more later) volume requirements generally differ for different body parts, a very crude rule of thumb to keep in mind is generally a larger muscle will respond well to higher volume whereas a smaller muscle will respond better to less volume but more frequency think a lower body session hitting nine sets for quads twice per week for a total of eighteen total sets vs bicep curls for three sets, three times per week for a total of nine sets many will argue training volume to be the primary driver of hypertrophy, I firmly disagree with this and would instead put a bigger emphasis on progressive overload which leads me to the next point Progressive overload: the process of increasing the total tonnage lifted per week, to put it simply doing more weight on an exercise for the same reps you did last time or doing more reps with the same weight that you did last time. I believe mechanical tension to be the easiest, most measurable and effective form of building size and strength, this is why many beginner programs seem more (wrongfully labeled) powerlifting based with a 5x5 approach on some core compound movements multiple times per week focusing on a session by session increase in weight. As you become more advanced this becomes more difficult so you need to be a bit more instinctual and reactive to your training rather than focusing on what the beginner should be which is a big drive on ALL pathways of growth; high volume, high frequency, progressive overload and high intensity which leads me onto my final point Intensity: the percentage of your 1 rep max, constantly misunderstood as 'train really really hard' by the misinformed if your max bench press is 100kg, that is you are only able to hit a single rep with 100kg then bench pressing 80kg is an intensity of 80%, you don't need to be overly concerned with intensity as someone not looking to compete in strength sports or simply pushing their strength to the max as there is many paths to the same destination of hypertrophy and therefor you can ease off the gas of one as another becomes exhausted. Think a heavy block of training, deload and then a block of higher rep, shorter rest period metabolic work, since your soul goal isn't to get stronger you don't need to be so tightly tied to the fatigue management of intensity. Above is some of the different principles of muscle building, apply them knowing that each has an energy debt from your energy reserve, the newer to training you are, the weaker you are which means overall intensity is lowered and therefor you can push the other variables since intensity is the biggest cost of recovery a one rep max is as intense as you can train by definition and this would quickly lead to regression, burn out and or injury so with that out the way lets lay out some popular templates and describe how each program utilizes different variables and why Full body training this approach is favored by beginners for the reasons I mentioned above, the strength level is lower therefor volume, frequency and progressive overload can be pushed whereas more advanced lifters may struggle without some complex periodization that I'm not going to get into in this article as we're then trickling down the powerlifting programming route which I'm not covering ITT so how might one lay out a full body program well I'm only templating here so I'm going to use stronglifts as I believe this to be about as optimal as you can get for a rank novice trainee irrelevant of long term goal workout A squat 5x5, bench 5x5, row 5x5 workout B squat 5x5, overhead press 5x5, deadlift 1x5 following a two weekly A, off, B, off, A, off, off, B, off, A, off, B, off, off, repeat approach nice and simple, aiming to add 2.5kg to each lift as you successfully hit 5 sets of 5 repetitions, if you fail a weight three times you deload the weight by 10% on your next session and build back up. Upper Lower this approach can be utilized by the late beginner all the way up to the early advanced lifter, it uses a twice weekly frequency as opposed to the full body three times weekly frequency therefor there is a larger period of time for CNS and connective tissue recovery a simple template could be Upper; bench press 4x8-12, row 4x8-12, overhead press 4x8-12, pull ups 4x8-12, tricep extensions 2x10-15, bicep curls 2x10-15 Lower; squat 4x8-12, romanian deadlift 4x8-12, leg press 4x8-12, leg curl 4x8-12, calf raise 2x10-15, cable crunches 2x10-15 you would typically perform 2 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 2 days off you could of course have an upper A and an upper B with the same 2 variants for Lower to offer some more diversity / exercise selection in the program essentially the layout is just making sure to cover a vertical push, vertical pull, horizontal push, horizontal pull, arm extensions and arm flexion and two quad movements, two hamstring movements, an abdominal exercise and a calf exercise. Push, Pull, Legs for the slightly more late intermediate to early advanced, this follows a 6x per week frequency per month vs the 8x per week frequency of an upper lower some program this as 3 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on, 1 day off however for anyone of any appreciable level of strength this approach will require frequent deloads otherwise you risk overtraining and or overuse injuries a template could be Push; bench press 3x6-8, chest press 3x10-12, overhead press 3x6-8, machine shoulder press 3x10-12, chest fly supersetted with side laterals 4x10-15, tricep extensions 4x10-15 Pull; barbell row 3x6-8, chest supported row 3x10-12, weight pull ups 3x6-8, close grip lat pulldown 3x10-12, rear delt fly supersetted with shrugs 4x10-15, bicep curls 4x10-15 Legs squat; 3x6-8, romanian deadlift 3x10-12, lunges 3x6-8, laying leg curls 3x10-12, leg extensions supersetted with leg curls 4x10-15, hanging leg raises 4x10-15 as mentioned above you could either do a 2 on 1 off approach similar to the upper lower rotating through push, pull, legs or you can do a constant 1 on 1 off approach Body part split for the late intermediate to the late advanced, this follows a once per week frequency allowing for maximal recovery of central nervous system, connective tissue and muscles. if you take this approach too soon in your training career you are absolutely leaving weekly progress on the table as irrelevant of volume (baring injury) you WILL be ready to hit a muscle again sooner than once every 7 days a template could be Chest and triceps: incline bench 5x5, dumbbell bench 4x8-12, chest press 4x8-12, cable fly 4x15-20, dips 3x8-12, tricep extensions 3x15-20 Back and biceps: Barbell row 5x5, weighted underhand pullups 4x8-12, wide grip lat pulldown 4x8-12, cable low row 4x15-20, barbell curls 3x8-12, dumbell preacher curls 3x15-20 Shoulders: overhead press 5x5, dumbbell seated shoulder press 4x8-12, shoulder press machine 4x8-12, rear delt fly 4x15-20, side laterals 3x8-12, shrugs 3x15-20 Legs and abs: squat 5x5, glute ham raise 4x8-12, leg press 4x8-12, leg extension 4x15-20, leg curl 4x15-20, cable rope crunches 3x15-20 you would then do a 5th day of calf, ab and arm top up training since frequency is so low and these are such small muscles you can train more days per week and these muscles with a higher frequency. The idea with this approach being to demolish a muscle group to your full ability and then focusing on rest and recovery leaving you completely fresh and ready to train that muscle again 7 days later with a much lower risk of CNS fatigue, overuse injury and mental drive to train. now bare in mind these are all just templates and you can of course jumble them up with rep ranges, frequency, intensity and exercise selection in fact I encourage you to based on your individual needs and restrictions for instance a routine I often default back to is Bench, chest and tris, Rowing movements for back and bis Squats, quads and core work Off Military press, shoulders and tris, Vertical pulls for back and bis Deadlift, Hamstrings and core work Off Off as my legs take much longer to recover being bigger and stronger proportionately to my upper body musculature I need a full weeks rest in order to get the most out of my quad or hamstring training whereas my pecs and lats are ready to go much sooner which leads me to my closing points you should train to the highest frequency you are able to recover and progress on as this will net you the fastest long term progress. advanced program does not mean advanced results and in most cases it means slower or inferior results if the program design is not matched to your level of development ie a beginner will be leaving progress on the table by performing exercises for a muscle group just once per week whereas an advanced lifter will burn out with injury and fatigue trying to perform an exercise for a muscle group three times per week (again unless carefully periodized) right I think that about wraps it up please fire away below with any questions or help with program design
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    MONSTERS of Bodybuilding

    @SonOfThor wins hands down
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    It really depends on whether you think you have a future with him, Buddy.
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    When I was 34 I was dating a 16 year old. We walked into a bar/restaurant one night holding hands and this bloke at the bar shouted “nonce” at me. Then a couple of other blokes started hurling insults, calling me a peado. It didn’t really bother me but my gf got really upset as it was ruining our 10th anniversary of being together.
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    Lending equipment

    This could be either a joint thread or my own. I have some equipment I can lend. It's not much but if it can help someone on here then I'm all for it All brand new is a trap bar deadlift and Olympic dumbell handles. I may also be able to lend a 7ft Olympic barbell. I'm based in the South East, Kent. All I'd ask is deposit for the market value of the equipment, that you'd get back once returned, I'm not charging for actually loan the equipment to you. The deposit is just incase you turn out to be a thieving c**t.
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    swole troll

    juiced celebs

    God help us if the first thing that springs to mind is performance enhancing drugs looking at that transformation
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    Pure Gym Slavery Workout

    Next gym workout "Gassed like Auschwitz" "You'll be out of breath after this epic workout" "The Holocaust wasn't fun and neither is this".
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    Any chubby chasers?

    Do you train to attract women? If so, you’re far more likely to attract men.
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    Pic was Wednesday 28th evening at approx 258lbs. Legs are big under shorts, working on back but arms are fookers which respond slowly but I will beat them into submission. I'm sure you have heard me moaning about this in the past.
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    Couldn’t be bothered to read the article but seeing as it’s a big fat c**t who wrote the article I assume she is merely jealous at least one big obese f**k actually managed to stop forcing copious amounts of bait down her fat bastard throat long enough to actually lose some weight.
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    Sex a no go after test

    Happens mate, when I came off I had lost all attraction for woman and found myself often trying to bum my best mates. I don't have any friends now, but I've got a decent physique.....have to calculate the trade offs I guess
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    What do you want for Christmas?

    Health for me and my family. That’s all I want. I’ve had the stress of my wife being seriously ill as a lot of you know. She has recovered to date. I just want things to stay that way. Good physical and mental health is something we take for granted. If you could buy it someone for Christmas you would.
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    I just went to tesco and they had no lemons, I don't need any lemons but that's ridiculous. Not shopping there no more.
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    Real fit lass wearing tight white shorts and red t-shirt with no bra had been in a couple of times when she tells the owner she's desperate to lose weight. Pleading almost. Only thing for it, he tells her, is skipping. Before we know it he's given her a skipping rope and her tits are flying this way and that. Suddenly the whole gym comes to a halt as we all watch this incredible sight mesmerized. Then the chanting started "faster! Faster! Faster!". It was truly incredible and for some reason I have never forgotten it.
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    Philip Schofield

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    Any chubby chasers?

    Fancy a bum, fatty? OP - thought this was a hetero thread about liking fat women. When using phrase ‘Chubby Chasers’ please use with appropriate context that is us juicers fancying chubby chicks. Me and wor @Henda83 are part of the big girls loving crew and love nothing more than elbowing back the inner thigh fat to expose a whole plethora of visual and nasal ecstasy that comes with flabby, sweaty flange
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    Show me yours and I’ll show you mine

    Disappointing thread. I saw the title and ran to put the heating on then spent half an hour posing in front of the bathroom mirror getting the perfect photograph.
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    Space X is a lie

    At 12.00 noon look up at the sun and then call someone in Australia and ask them to go outside and see if they can see it too. If they can, the Earth is flat. If they can't you are a thick cvnt.
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    My gt turbo. Owned it 10 years now. Full nut and bolt restoration.
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    Covid 19 planned?

    All I know is I like my Covid like I like my women. 19 and spreads easily.
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    Thread revival of the decade here like! Haven't been here in years and figured I'd update this while stopping by. 6 years on and we're engaged, the lad Is like a son to me and we own a beautiful home together. She's completely turned my life around for the better. Funny how things pan out.
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    3g of tren may sound harsh but at least it appears to have rid the lad of aids
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    Had to fill someone in last week

    Wednesday just gone, me and the lads finished work and went straight the pub as you do. Anyway we're just stood there, minding our own business. Having a bit craic about how all this BLM business is getting out of control, next thing you some vegan looking c**t jumps off his pedal bike, comes storming over going on all "you racist bastard" I tried to calm him down but he lost it, swung for me and missed. Gave him an open hand slap and his legs crumbled Hit the deck and started crying. So we threw his bike on him and left. What a melt.
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    I like to have a wank at 8pm every Thursday so it sounds like all the street is clapping and cheering me on.
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    Ever wonders into a gaybar

    I did once. Met the Mrs in there. We got 2 kids now. To think that I only went in looking for cock.
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    Oxon Jay

    Doing coke in work

    The real question is how did you have coke left after a night out? I did drugs for 15 years and this never happened once ever.
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    Tinder a bit s**t?

    You're obviously an ugly retard who's attempting to punch above his weight. Reconsider the whale and the tranny...maybe one of them will be charitable and lower their standards over the festive period.
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    But to answer your question You can ran the winni and var not separator but good will be to lower dose like running 50ng on with either yes, yes either Guys lots run tren, test and winni combo is good for yes get gains and like to be big
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    Working on your vocabulary and grammar will be more beneficial than working on your muscles at this point
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    Not the same guy, check out his watch.
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    White lives matter

    Anyone who puts a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach in an armed robbery in her own house probably deserves a bullet. Anyone who has child cruelty cases against him probably deserves a bullet. Two less scumbags on the street.
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    1. Force everyone to have vaccines 2. Only vaccines with tracking chips can be used. 3. Leaders must have s proven history of paedophilia. 4. Physical cash to be illegal 5. The only pandemics that are allowed are Plandemics. 6. Shite puns such as sheeple and remoaner must be used in every sentence. 7. The only news allowed is that which is shared on YouTube by people with diagnosed paranoid delusional illnesses. 8. Clips from YouTube conspiracy theorists must be used in every bodybuilding forum thread. 9. @wylde99 to be banned from the internet for the rest of his life and forced to go and do something useful with his life.
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    Have you ever thumped anyone

    Plenty times, currently almost a daily occurrence, GF needs to learn her place
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    I'm not sure Katie Price actually has a learning disability, she just comes across that way.
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    Posted mine in another thread a while back but here you go....
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    Should of saved your money and bought a new duvet mate, yours has seen better days!
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    How will I live without training

    I agree totally with this. Let's face it, building muscle is a pretty pointless activity if we're being totally honest. There's far better ways to stay fit and healthy, and there's many more ways to improve self esteem. No one needs steroids. Put all that gym focus into other activities and there's no limit to what you can achieve. Wallow, and go precisely nowhere. Adjust, adapt, and the sky's the limit.
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    There are only two genders, male and female; the rest is attention seeking drivel
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    Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Sorry Master busy day . A quickie for you x
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    I’m sure there are more than plenty dogs in rescue centres requiring a home without encouraging breeders to keep breeding more.
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    I must admit that I find it odd that the world's governments and health experts have essentially wiped billions off their budgets, locked down regions and whole countries, struggled with over-flowing ICUs and hospitals and death rates whilst all the while UK Muscle experts told them time and time again they had made a mistake. Why are these scientists and governments letting down their countries down so spectacularly by not reading and acting on the posts in this forum is beyond me.
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    Any chubby chasers?

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    Got about 400kg of weight plates. Have a power rack too but took it down as wasn't using it much and gives more space. Sorting out all the wires is on my to do list!
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    Heart monitoring (Most important/effective way) *LABWORK IS LIMITED IN PROTECTING YOU FROM HARM/DOES NOT SHOW THE DAMAGE* 1. CT scans to get calcium score and check blood flow through all the chambers/etc 2. EKG to check the rhythm (rule out v tac/a fib/etc) 3. Echocardiogram; will show you heart function via ejection fraction and structural changes like thickening, narrowing, hypetrophy/myopathy, etc. This is the trifecta of AAS damage prevention. I recommend doing these every 6 months-2 years depending on your genetic risk, pre-existing conditions, lifestyle, cycle history, etc. You WILL catch any damage from AAS before it happens using these 3 tests, and most of these things are reversible when caught early. They cannot prevent acute causes of death/hospitalization like stroke/heart attack, but keeping your heart healthy is a big part of preventing those two events, controlling BP/HCT are the other two. CBC : Check HGB and HCT. You want HCT between 40-50%. Too low can cause low energy and endurance due to anemia. Too high (polycythemia) will make the blood to thick and make your heart work much harder to pump blood, decreases blood flow and increases the risk of high blood pressure and increase coagulation (increased risk of stroke/heart attack). Donating blood can deplete ferritin levels. You want ferritin over 60. Kidneys: You want GFR over 60. If you take creatine or carry a lot of muscles, sometimes this number can be artificially low. Another cause of low GFR is poor thyroid function. GFR stands for glomerular filtration rate, basically, how quickly your kidneys are filtering your blood. If you have above average muscle mass, use the african gfr reading if available on your labs. Other ways to gauge kidney health are cystatin and microalbumin levels. High BP is what kills kidneys, period. Keep your BP under 140/90 mmhg and your kidneys will almost always be safe. High blood sugar is the 2nd major leading cause of kidney disease/dysfunction. Lipids: Cholesterol levels are overrated and the total count is not too important, but you want to have as high HDL as possible as it has a protective effect on arterial health. AAS will lower HDL, especially tren and winstrol. This is not a problem as long as you don't do it year round for long periods of time. Keep your cardio exercise up (130-150 BPM , 30 mins x 3-6 per week) and keep your average resting BP no higher than 135/85 mmhg long term. This will have a more significant effect on heart health than lipids. Liver: AST/ALT under 100 is fine, unless this is crazy elevated for long periods, it won't be a problem. TUDCA and NAC are very effective and increasing the livers natural defenses and preventing cholestasis. This is when the bile stops flowing properly through the liver and one of the main causes of oral AAS induced liver toxicity. IGF-1: It's a good idea to keep an eye on this as you age, generally, levels between 170-300 ng/mL are good. GH increases igf-1 which is how it works for anti-aging, well-being and muscle growth. If your levels are low, bringing them up will help you age healthy and strong. Total T/Free T: Good to keep an eye on as you age or if you are cycling off to gauge natural testosterone recovery. Ideal levels for most people are 700-1,000 ng/dL for total testosterone, the average for a normal man is 500 ng/dL and can fluctuate due to genetics, lifestyle, and/or injury to the testes. You can google a calculator to convert the number to your metric system. The higher the test level, the harder it becomes to control things like E2 (estrogen), Hematocrit (blood thickness), drops in HDL (good cholesterol) and blood pressure (you never want this higher than 135/85 mmhg for longer periods of time, it damaged the heart, kidneys, eyes, etc). Always test early morning/fasted. (between 7-9 AM) E2: Ideal level for most people is 30-70 pg/ML(American units), important for libido, bone health, mood/well-being, and heart health. You can google a calculator "pg/mL to pmol/L" to convert units from American to UK. HbA1c: aka glycated hemoglobin. This measures your average blood glucose of the last 3 months. Should be between 4.8-5.6%. Any higher is indicative of possible pre-diabetes. This can be brought down with 1. Fat loss 2. Strength training+Cardio 3. Intermittent fasting Thyroid panel: TSH/Free T4/Free T3. TSH: Any TSH level over 3 should be investigated for sublinical hypothyroidism if the patient has symptoms such as fatigue, cold intolerance, mood swings/depression, and constipation. TSH is not actually a thyroid hormone but a pituitary hormone that sends a signal from the brain to the thyroid to produce more hormone. The higher the level the poorer the thyroid function, but it's not always reliable because you can have perfect TSH and extremely bad thyroid function. TSH is the LH/FSH of the thyroid. Should be tested early morning fasted to get the best baseline level as it won't be accurate taken later in the day. (between 7-9 AM). FT4 & FT3: Free T4 and Free T3 are the active thyroid hormones. Contrary to popular belief, T4 is very important and is an active hormone on it's own with it's own functions. Certain tissues and cells are better at using T4 and others prefer T3. Sometimes T3 is poorly absorbed by certain tissues and needs T4 to convert the T3 it needs. Optimal levels of Free T4 should be around 1.4-1.8 ng/dL and Free T3 3.5-4.2 pg/mL. Cutting and long diets or overtraining can lower Free T3 levels naturally by decreasing the conversion of T4 to T3, this is the bodies way of trying to conserve energy, by down regulating the metabolism.
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    Anna’s log the sequel lol

    True , true Legs today , really good session and I hope everyone ‘s already got their Christmas tree up ! x