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    F**king clapping s**t again?!!!

    Dead on 5pm - wtf is that all about? The fat slag across the road from me was first out banging a f**king frying pan with a spoon. Amazed it wasn't full of bacon and ice cream, the fat ugly lazy noisy bitch
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    Home gym pissing contest

    All your gyms look far too clean, almost like they’ve never been used Here’s my grubby little shht hole.
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    Do some pushups and stop crying OP. Fvck's sake.
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    How many squat racks does one man need?

    Added these two yesterday to my "home gym" 5 wall mounted and a yoke that doubles up in there now.
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    It was supposed to be the 4th, now its the 27th
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    The rest of it. Missing a lot of kit as I've lent it out to clients.
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    Oops drunk eBay shopping

    A few years ago my elderly father wanted a new radio to listen to Test Match Special on long wave like he always has done. I got his radio off eBay and took it round to him. Then for some reason whilst drunk one night I thought it would be really cool if I had one. I ordered a second. It didn’t dawn on me that I could get all of the stations on either of the 2 dab radios we already have in the house plus my car until it arrived. I mention this because I looked at it today in the garage, still boxed and unused whilst I was clearing the garage out. It survived the run to the rubbish dump. You never know when you might need some outdated electrical technology. This post was boring as f**k. Sorry, but it was the best I could do on the topic.
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    Recovery advice. Anabolic Window

    I’m reminded of a time years ago when I was working in a hospital, the police brought in this hells’s angel guy wearing the full kit - jeans, boots, leathers and loads of tattoos and full long beard etc. He was completely off his head and storming round the place and threatening all the staff. He was claiming his hells’s angel mates would find out where we lived and kill all our families etc etc. The staff were terrified. So I rang the police of the town where he came from and told them about the threats and the staff being frightened. The sergeant at the other end calmly said, do you think it would reassure your staff if I told you he drives around the town on a Honda C90 and that kids shout abuse at him every time he rides by? For those who don’t know what a C90 looks like...
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    Nips n belly button obscured so I’m out.
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    Best labs currently

    @stuey99I've been observing your posts for a while and I've come to the conclusion that your as passive aggressive as they come, you give it the big bad Barry mcgwiggan but your just an argumentative little child who doesn't show people the respect they deserve and probably has a physique that makes bungle from rainbow look competitive, do yourself a favour and get a medichecks full hormones profile and also work on not being a little Liberal cuck ya estrogen dominant gym rat.
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    LEGIT natties only

    Does anyone know where to get these fake weights? Just in case I have a heart attack whilst in my gym, with my last dying breaths, I want to slap a few extra fake weights on either side of whatever I was doing so it looks mega-impressive to whoever finds my body, the ambulance crew and the coroner.
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    Best labs currently

    So when did everyone's periods sync up then? You all okay? Want some ice cream and hugs? Change you're fu**ing tampons ffs.
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    How to gain mass

    Years of progressive training, progressive eating, resting and progressive drug use. No one single compound or stack.
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    Just thought I’d share me experience so far having decided to stop using gear. I’m sure there are many other men out there who have used as long as I have and want to come off but find the idea a bit daunting and worry about how they’ll function after. I’m 38 years old and have been using AAS for the last 20 years, 15 of which were spent cycling and the last 5 blast and cruising (more blast than cruise). Earlier this year my wife and I decided that we were going to move to her home country of Norway and this meant I’d need to take a serious look at my steroid use. In the U.K. we have it easy but in Scandinavia the laws are stricter concerning steroid use and being new to the country I felt it would be best to follow these laws. This left me with two options, try a pct or go straight on private trt when I get there. I thought it would be interesting to see how much I can recover naturally so after some research I came across @swole troll pct that looked suitably strong enough for the job. I have to admit I wasn’t looking forward to the idea of clomid sides, shut down, low libido, etc but after so many years of pounding my body with gear I felt that a pct would do me some good, even if it wasn’t successful it would still give my body a much needed break before starting replacement therapy. At the time of commencing pct I was using up my last stash of test and was running 2g a week, so I knew I needed to wait a good few weeks to let the gear clear from my system. I waited 8 weeks whilst ruining 500iu hcg eod. I was very surprised at how quickly my testicles responded to the hcg and took this as a good sign that I still had some Leydig cells left after all these years. I also started running 8iu of hgh 3 times a week. This was to help combat muscle loss but mainly to help me psychologically as I knew I’d struggle with the loss of fullness aas gives and that coupled with all the other bad feeling pct can bring I felt hgh would help me get through it better. I also started using ashwagandha 500mg twice a day, Mucuna pruriens 500mg every morning, 10,000iu vit D3 a day and Orange triad + greens everyday (the orange triad isn’t cheap but within a week of using it I felt better than I had in years and an old stomach issue started to clear up so I think it’s worth every penny). After the 8 weeks of hcg I started the serms and I’m currently at the end of my second week with 3 more to go. I’m very surprised to say that I feel absolutely fine, in fact I feel better than I have in years! I have energy, my lifts have stayed the same, weight is holding and I like what I see in the mirror, sex drive is still perfect, balls are nice and full and I can actually shoot a load for the first time in years rather than a dribble. In all this pct is going better than I could have ever expected and I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens after the serms are dropped and if I can still feel this way. Once I’m over in Norway I’ll do bloods and then decide if trt is needed but right now I really feel like this pct is gonna do the trick and hopefully mean I can wait a few more years before needing to go down that road. Thanks to @swole troll for his brilliant pct thread, and I think your right about estrogen and clomid sides mate, iv kept the aromasin going and feel absolutely fine on 100mg clomid per day.
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    I do find it funny that people will take bottles of tren and hundreds of mg of oxy for months on end but my PCT is too much drugs Although I of course wish you all the best in your recovery I'd hold out on the celebrations of how you're feeling just yet. Not everyone feels bad on serms Personally I get zero sides from clomiphene and in fact you may very well find you feel worse afterwards, Specifically 6 weeks afterward when they are having no exogenous influence and you truly get to see how your body has responded to hcg and serm therapy. This is also the time I'd advise blood work to look at gonadtropins and testosterone levels. Good luck mate, keep us posted
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    Human growth hormone

    I’ve used it extensively. I’ve now been off HGH for a little over a year. I honestly cannot say I’ve noticed much difference bar being less tired. It does affect body composition, but it’s subtle and was most noticeable over the long term for me. It will make you fuller but it won’t do much for tissue growth. No real noticeable different in joints. I mean ‘magical stuff’? Hair and nails are more affected by diet. It’s just overhyped full stop.
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    I'm all over it and have been doing it for years. I have several set ups and have done a winter camp in an OMM 30L rucksack before. I have a basic Bivi which I've used on its own once. I have two tents, Terra Nova solar comp 2 (in pictures), it's basically a roomy 1 man but have shared it with the ex wife before. The other is an Alpkit Ordos 3 which is a spacious 2 man. I'm 6ft 3 so need the length. Sleeping bags I have 5. Couple of snugpaks (I'm sure you're aware of these if ex military) as they stay warm if wet being synthetic. The trade off is they are bulkier and heavier. The other 3 are down, a super lightweight summer bag (mountain Hardwear)(used in winter wearing all my clothes and down jacket), an middle of the road one (Alpkit)and a winter bag (mountain equipment). Last couple of years I've moved away from tents and got into bushcraft, I now go "wild hammocking" instead. The kit is bulkier and I'm taking a full size Bergen rather than a high street rucksack but I find it so much more rewarding and relaxing being inside a wood than up on open moorland. I'm going this Saturday actually.
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    LEGIT natties only

    Who would have thought that a thread that started with a photo of a strongman from 1930's would end up here??
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    LEGIT natties only

    Swole tip
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    LEGIT natties only

    In fact, f**k it. Wait for all the other excuses. 40 years old. 39 in these pics. (One may be 40, can't really remember) first one is with a monster pump and posing. Second is with a pump. MK was being used in the first one. About 86kg iirc at the time. I'm now up at a softer 96kg.
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    You will see slot of guys on here doing low test, moderate to high mast and moderate to higher Tren in an effort to alleviate side Effects from tren. IMO this is the wrong approach. Personally I feel tren shines best with a good amount of testosterone. More tren isn’t always better. 150-200mg pw will still yield very good results. In terms of Masteron, regardless of what else is being used I am big proponent of including at almost as a base at between 90-150mg depending on the person. More has a habit of drying the joints out and the cosmetic effects of a highly androgenic body are somewhat lost of those with more 10% body fat. For me, ~750mg test, ~90mg mast and 200mg tren (I like enanthate) is a zero side stack. I have no personally found increasing masteron has any impact on tren sides, especially the sleep and digestive issues that can occur.
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    Best labs currently

    For someone who "doesn't care what others think about you" I think that would contradict your 3 page response to @Pscarb Funny because its a bit like how you came into my thread and told me I was a lair for thinking I gained a small amount of LBM on my cut of 75mg Var and 250mg Test. Tells me I have no business running 225mg Test, Primo and NPP yet, you are running almost 1.5 grams of gear on first week back of training after 3/4 months, after making a thread about how well you are apparently gaining on 350test/350mast You are literally the biggest hypocrite on this forum by a mile... Now will proceed to tell me how sad I am for apparently "note taking" your posts, which makes you even more stupid than I originally suspected. See, there is this amazing thing called memory. I'm don't have any cognitive impairment and I'm studying at a master degree level, so I would hope I have the basic ability and retention skills to remember a sentence or two of what someone posts on a forum. Don't get butt hurt you snowflake
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    The most girly hands iv seen in my life.. Thought it was a Trap Pic
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    LEGIT natties only

    Should have known a natural thread would turn to s**t in no time on here.
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    Because leftists are generally a bunch of fat useless lazy bastards with absolutely nothing going on in their life. Rather than try and improve themselves they find it easier to just complain and protest about how their life is s**t due to everyone else "oppressing" them and how they can't advance with their career, not because they're shite at their job, but because of "institutional racism" , sexism or some imaginary glass ceiling.
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    Mickey Mouse Pull ups? An exercise that strikes fear into the heart of most gym goers and you dismiss it as Mickey Mouse? Truth is, most people don't do them because they are too difficult.
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    Here is to hoping a November date then. You'll be too fat and drunk to get out your chair by September to even pose a threat to him.
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    Impressive physique (WiP) but...

    Now that’s just bloody nasty...it’s whats inside that counts mate
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    White lives matter

    Making Britain great again!
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    Give it a rest mate lol. That’s all you’ve been banging on about for weeks, amongst your alcohol problem. It’s tiresome. They'll be open when they are open. My guess is August now. Although my gym opened last week regardless of the ‘rules’. They set up a big area out back with overhead sheltering and moved loads of equipment out there so technically it’s an outdoor gym lol. Although in reality it’s pretty closed off still.
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    Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    My gym is opening in 3 days. Cant fu**ing wait!!
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    swole troll

    LEGIT natties only

    Thread locked due to the general trend of childishness lately but to the members that do want to use this forum as it is intended (not a playground of insults) do not fret, there is a maximum of 12 violation points before you are permanently banned from the forum. Many of the repeat offenders are nearing or have reached this number of points so please continue to report any posts that violate the forum rules and they will be dealt with accordingly. For anyone unsure of the forum rules please have a browse of this thread: I will assume you have all read this now so anyone ITT that has received points due to posting violations I will not be replying to DMs regarding as to why you received said points. Sorry to lock another thread but as I said don't worry, this wont be going on for much longer
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    Was out every 2nd week before all this s**t happened this year. Only been at it just over 2 year and can say hand on heart I'm hooked. Done just over 100 hills, not all Munro's equally love the Corbett's, Donald's and Graham's ect. I've done 1 Wainwright so far but will be adding to that soon enough. My favourite mountain to date so far is Ben lui was supposed to do 4 that day but knee was giving me jip in the run up to it so settled on 3, managed to get lost in that hike was still out in a forest well after dark trying to find a way across white water, was about 10hrs out that day by the time I got back to the car.
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    LEGIT natties only

    The animal is being unleashed.
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    LEGIT natties only

    Nah man, I gave my word I'd post pics once you did, and you never delivered. Only reason I caved was because it was dragging on, and ironjohn intervened with a good point. And you still never delivered after I posted. Shameful. Obviously I'm gonna hide my gyno the best I can in my pics, that's just an obvious given. I do have gyno on that pic but the lighting and position mitigates it I was one of the strongest deadlifters at that gym at the time and any gym that I went to, everyone knows who I am when I go to gyms, I'm honestly not bragging at all because I'm not even national level or anything , I'm just being honest. And obviously if someone spots my gym from a video, my identity is compromised. I'd prefer to keep my identity private as much as possible on here. So that's why I took it down. Lets just leave it seriously, characterise me as the fat gyno guy. Its whatever. But I kept my word and you didn't.
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    LEGIT natties only

    10 pages and no cock pics.... I saw the video too, repped out nicely. I give SwoleTip benefit of the doubt if he said he can do 600lbs
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    Metabolism and Food Breakdown

    If someone isn't losing weight on 1500 cals, and needs to, and can't exercise, the solution is simple. They try 1400 cals for 3-4 weeks. And if that doesn't work they try 1300 cals for 3-4 weeks until they start losing. It's tough but it's the only option if they don't want to try drugs (which they shouldn't). The other thing to consider is whether their current diet is actually 1500 cals or are they under-estimating or cheating here and there? Just one biscuit adds 100 cals. Tell them to get on My Fitness Pal and starting working everything out very carefully.
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    LEGIT natties only

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    Adex with tamoxifen during cycle ?

    The pharmacodynamics are that, Tamoxifen can reduce serum concentrations of Anastrozole, however, in all the relevant studies this has little to no effect on Anastrozoles ability to reduce estrogen, so basically it is perfectly ok to use them together if needs be without being concerned that you won't get the full effect of the Anastrozole. Thus, in the on-going adjuvant trial, one can be assured that for patients randomized to combined therapy, full-dose tamoxifen will be received. In addition, the oestradiol suppressant effects of anastrozole appear to be unaffected by tamoxifen. If tamoxifen has any effect on anastrozole blood levels, such an interaction is clearly insufficient to reduce the oestradiol suppressive effects of anastrozole.
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    Best labs currently

    Pharma is the best unless it is UGL Pharma then it's not but then if its to pricey then don't bother....... This is my opinion and it is a MIGHTY opinion so there Now i am Done
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    Best labs currently

    This thread is hilarious. Several on here push labs or are labs. All acting like they're not. We see you. We also see why so many of you get caught. Stop bitching online and maybe you'll avoid jail.
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    Best labs currently

    Can we just close the thread now and leave it at If it’s not Nexus or Inone then throw it in your frying pan and fry your eggs with it as that’s all it’s good for. Thread closed
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    Why do I need a video to prove everything on here . At some point you just give people the benefit of the doubt. I don't have a 600lb vid but this is me reppin 5 plates.
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    New Triumph Range...

    The new triumph is brilliant. I gained 5kg just hearing it was coming back
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    Anyone else seen these...

    3 quid? Fvck off.
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    LEGIT natties only

    Greatest natural ever. Plus you know he’s natural because he says he is
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    Do you look at girls in the gym

    What day was for black people?