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    In bold is the crucial information although i advise reading entire post Due to the amount of people that have messaged me personally regarding first cycle advise or critique my first cycle after having read my 'PCT... It's not that difficult' thread (linked at bottom of page) I thought i'd crank out another simple template to link to those asking me the same question over and over, a lot of the information will carry over from the thread i made on PCT but i'm trying to keep this thread exclusively the cycle part rather than PCT feel free to post any questions or comments below but bare in mind this is my opinion on what i believe to be correct, just like the PCT thread i made i'm not claiming its gospel I am just advising on the knowledge I have accrued on the topic hope this helps you guys out OK so to start with you are going to want to have: * Test enanthate, cypionate or sustanon 3 x 10ml vials (generally dosed 250 - 300mg per ml) * HCG 3 x 5000iu vials * Bacteriostatic water x 10ml * Anastrazole 4 x 30 tablets (dosed at 1mg per tab) * Tamoxifen 4 x 30 tablets (dosed at 20mg per tab) * Blue base needle / 23g x 1.25" x 100 (most sellers will dispatch in boxes of 100 and theyre cheap as chips) * Green base needle / 21g x 1.5" x 100 * Luer lock syringe barrel 2.5ml x 100 * Alcohol injection swabs x 100 OPTIONAL - * Femara 1 x 30 tablets (dosed at 2.5mg per tab) See bottom of page for keywords why 3 vials of testosterone and how should i dose it? typically the first cycle advised to new steroid users is 10-12 weeks and personally i believe 10 weeks to be slightly too little and 12 weeks to use an uneven amount of test so that you will be leaving oil in a punctured vial for a prolonged period of time increasing the risk of contamination so if you do opt for the 12 weeks id probably consider chucking the remainder of test rather than using leftovers to start up your next cycle i like to advise 15 weeks of medium release esters like test enth, cyp and sust as i find it's around the week 14 mark that gains start to stagnate and given this is your first cycle and will likely yield the most dramatic results assuming diet, training and rest are on point you want to strike a balance between maximising your gains, minimising recovery and side effects isnt that too much AI to have on hand, how much will i need on cycle? as a guide i advise you to take 0.5mg anastrazole ED and adjust as needed however you will want enough anastrazole to provide 1mg every day of your cycle from day one until the day you start PCT, will you require this amount? highly unlikely but there are exceptions oestrogen control is the most individual need of a male using AAS, we can safely assume that 500 - 600mg of testosterone for a newer steroid user is ample however the percentage at which that testosterone aromatases we cannot predict i for example need to take 1mg of anastrazole ED for anything over 500mg of testosterone, some guys this would completely crush their E2 but others require even more AI or sometimes the inclusion of a SERM you basically need to trial and error your dosages ideally with blood work but its fairly easy to 'feel out' your required dose if you know the signs of both high and low oestrogen this guide is pretty accurate for sussing out where your levels are at if youre not willing to pay for bloods - http://www.superiormuscle.com/forums/steroid-articles/59096-estrogen-handbook the reason for having femara (letrozole) on hand is the same for any cycle, this is your silver bullet for gyno and oestrogen related side effects if youre oestrogen is wildly out of control and you are developing puffy nipples letrozole will blast your E2 down low enough to stop majority of cases in their tracks, the chances of you requiring letrozole on 500mg of testosterone per week is slim to none but as i always say 'it's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it' why anastrazole and not exemestane? anyone who knows me on this site knows im a strong proponent of aromasin over arimidex for a whole host of reasons however for new steroid users who do not understand how their body responds to steroids and aromatase inhibitors it is a lot easier to rectify mistakes with anastrazole than it is exemestane if you push your e2 too low with anastrazole you can rebound it back up fairly quickly and adjust as needed, with exemestane you get no such privilege and you can end up spending a long time waiting for your e2 to rise again which will have a negative impact on lipid profile, joint integrity, mental health, libido and overall gains how do i mix and run my HCG? you want to pin 500iu twice weekly spaced apart by roughly 3 days, i usually opt for mondays and thursdays my ratio for mixing i like to use is 1ml of bac water per 5000iu of HCG which results in 10 units (5 small lines on a 1ml insulin syringe) being 500iu of HCG in regards to mixing and storing see my PCT thread - https://www.uk-muscle.co.uk/topic/254358-pct-its-not-that-difficult/?page=1 how and where do i inject my gear? http://www.spotinjections.com/index3.htm for a first cycle i recommend glutes only, a nice big muscle with decent circulation and low risk of hitting any nerve clusters the twisting and turning can be a problem for some in which case id advise shooting quads but there is a slightly larger margin for error in regard to hitting nerve clusters and puncturing large veins as a rough guide you want to imagine a cross separating your glute into 4 quadrants and you are injecting the upper outter quadrant here is a video on a simple glute injection - why do i need tamoxifen for on cycle, i thought i only need this for PCT? tamoxifen will bind to the oestrogen receptor at the breast site and be your first plan of attack against uncontrollable gyno sides, much like keeping letrozole on hand you will first resort to tamoxifen if you are unable to control gyno symptoms on cycle on the maximum therapeutic dose of anastrazole again it is highly unlikely that any of you will even require 1mg of anastrazole ED on just 500mg of test let alone need more than that in the way of SERM or stronger AI but as i mentioned above its always better to have it and not need it rather than need it and not have it as a brief guide to those highly sensitive to oestrogen you run your 0.5mg of anastrazole ED on cycle, if you find you are suffering elevated E2 sides then you up the adex to 1mg ED, if are still suffering from early warning signs of gyno (itchy, puffy, sore, sensitive nipples, enlarged areola) then you add in tamoxifen at 20mg ED until symptoms subside, you can then choose to taper off the tamoxifen or stay at this dose and run it right through your cycle and PCT the effect that tamoxifen has on IGF is largely blown out of proportion and its real world effect on gains is minimal assuming you are some sort of EXTREMELY oestrogen prone individual and even the above is not sufficient you would then sub in letrozole in the following manner - http://forums.steroid.com/educational-threads/236880-all-you-need-know-about-gyno.html the above thread is the silver bullet for gyno, the likelihood any of you will require this protocol for just 500 - 600mg of test per week is practically nil, i personally have never known anyone require such an aggressive protocol for a first cycle should i use dianabol as a kickstart or should i front load my test? neither, this is your first cycle and we want to keep things as simple as possible, that includes managing sides, if we start throwing in compounds like dianabol then adjusting AI and SERM dosing starts to become more complicated as not only do you need to find your dosing for each whilst on dianabol and testosterone but then you also need to readjust once you come off the dianabol youve spent the last X amount of years building muscle on as little as 30-70mg of test per week, 500mg is more than enough for a first cycle with no bells and whistles should i pin my test twice per week for stable bloods? unnecessary on the medium chain esters, one 2ml shot per week will keep your levels stable the only reason to consider pinning twice per week is injection practice but personally i do not advise it here is your first cycle layout in an easier to digest layout week 1-15 test e - 2ml / 500mg E7D arimidex - 0.5mg ED HCG - 1000iu (500iu E3D) 3 weeks post final shot of test start pct - please see the above 'PCT... it's not that difficult' thread even if you are following a different PCT as there is plenty of valuable information in there for new steroid users Keywords: testosterone enanthate, cypionate and sustanon - test enth, cyp and sust anastrazole - adex, arimidex femara - letro, letrozole human chorionic gonadotrophin - hcg
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    PCT... It's not that difficult

    In bold is the crucial information although i advise reading entire post This has been done and stickied before but I get asked on a near enough daily basis by those planning their first cycle or more worryingly those who have already started their first cycle "what should i do for pct?" or "does this PCT look ok?" so without further ado i'll try to keep things short n sweet the cycle itself is what's shutting you down so where better to start than to do our best to minimize suppresion HCG 500iu pinned on mondays and thursday (1000iu per week total) from your first shot of gear until 3 days prior to starting clomid video on preparing your hcg which must be stored in the fridge once mixed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBcRZte98-g oestrogen is far more suppresive than testosterone yet many will preach to only use an aromatase inhibitor if you start getting itchy nipples (signs of gyno) this is a ridiculous indicator of when to use an AI imo as high oestrogen doesnt always present in the form of gyno and if allowed to run rampant will definitely make recovery that much harder not to mention all the other health risks associated with elevated oestrogen you should use an AI from day one of your cycle, preferably aromasin as it has little effects on lipids unlike arimidex and letrozole plus it's a suicide inhibitor so there is much less risk of rebound I generally advise people to run either 12.5mg aromasin or 0.5mg arimidex ED from the start of their cycle and adjust from there, the chances of driving oestrogen too low whilst on 5 times the normal amount of test that a male produces is relatively slim as the body likes to maintain homoeostasis between oestrogen and testosterone, test rises = oestrogen rises *Please note first time steroid users who do not understand how their body responds to steroids and aromatase inhibitors it is a lot easier to rectify mistakes with anastrazole (arimidex) than it is exemestane (aromasin) if you push your e2 too low with anastrazole you can rebound it back up fairly quickly and adjust as needed, with exemestane you get no such privilege and you can end up spending a long time waiting for your e2 to rise again which will have a negative impact on lipid profile, joint integrity, mental health, libido and overall gains* here's a good guide for how to gauge where abouts your oestrogen is - http://www.superiormuscle.com/forums/steroid-articles/59096-estrogen-handbook ideally we'd all be getting bloods done but if you've overlooked PCT then id be surprised if blood tests were high on your list of priorities here is a rough guide of the start times for PCT after your final shot: "Below you'll find starting times for your PCT based on the active life of each compound. The active life is the duration of time it takes for the exogenous hormone to be absorbed, utilized, and expelled; no longer being bioavailable. Keep in mind that active life is an approximation which is dependant on dose, ester, as well as the individuals metabolization of the compound ; but for the moderate user, these are as close to precise as you'll find.Anadrol /Anapolan: 24 hours after last administration Deca : 21 days after last injectionDianabol : 24 hours after last administration Equipoise : 21 days after last injection Fina: 3 days after last injection Primobolan depot: 14 days after last injection Sustanon : 18 days after last injection Testosterone Cypionate : 18 days after last injection Testosterone Enanthate : 14 days after last injection Testosterone Propionate : 3 days after last injection Testosterone Suspension : 24 hours after last administration Winstrol : 24 hours after last administration" the above chart has loose estimates at best as it doesn't take into consideration how long you've been on or what dosages you've used but assuming you've ran test enth at 500mg every week for 12-15 weeks id advise leaving 21 days after your final shot before starting PCT during this time you continue to run your HCG at 500iu twice per week until the last 3 days prior to starting PCT when you cease HCG usage you then run Clomid 100/100/100/50/50 5 weeks total Nolva 40/20/20/20/20/20/20 7 weeks total Aromasin 25/ followed by 12.5 EOD 2 weeks total /100/ represents 100mg ED for a week OTC supplements that assist in PCT - Vitamin d3 5000iu Vitamin c 500mg twice a day AM/PM (1000mg total) mix up 30 grams of EAA powder in a litre bottle of water and drink throughout the day in between meals, do this every day for the duration of your pct and also sip a EAA drink during training and if you havnt already been using it on cycle now would be a good time to start using creatine during pct your body will happily dispose of all that hard earned muscle if you don't make the environment perfect for it to justify holding onto it, do this by keeping intensity high but sessions slightly shorter, train no more than 4 days per week ideally 3 with a days rest in between each session, drop cardio for the duration of pct, eat in a very slight surplus, keep your protein high and get plenty of sleep (ideally sleep without setting an alarm and wake up naturally) Dave Crosland's take on PCT - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEOfjebN1qs Dr Michael Scally radio talk - http://www.rxmuscle.com/2013-01-11-01-57-36/blue-collar-muscle/10119-blue-collar-radio-with-shelby-starnes-john-meadows-01-31-14-this-week-john-and-shelby-talk-to-michael-scally-an-expert-on-anabolic-steroid-side-effects.html if you are are unsure on how to run your first cycle (dosages, compounds, timing ect) then please see my "first steroid cycle... it's not that difficult" thread -
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    This one is far from clear cut, all I'm providing with this thread is some information for you to go off and experiment with the amount of AI / aromatase inhibitor you require on cycle, I will also loosely cover SERM's or selective estrogen receptor modulators for use in gynecomastia prevention Ok so what are aromatase inhibitors and why do we need them? "Aromatase inhibitors (AIs) are a class of drugs used in the treatment of breast cancer and ovarian cancer in postmenopausal women and gynecomastia in men. They may also be used off-label to reduce increase of estrogen conversion during cycle with external testosterone. They may also be used for chemoprevention in high risk women. Aromatase is the enzyme that synthesizes estrogen. As breast and ovarian cancers require estrogen to grow, AIs are taken to either block the production of estrogen or block the action of estrogen on receptors." a healthy male between the ages of 20-30 will produce on average 7mg of testosterone per day or 50mg per week there is obviously variation to this figure for a whole host of reasons such as genetics, drug or alcohol use, certain diseases and conditions, stress... the list goes on, but on average most males will produce somewhere around the above figure now at this amount of testosterone a certain percentage aromatizes into oestrogen (ive heard the figure 10% but i've found no exact data) "Aromatization is a process that occurs naturally in the body to convert testosterone into estrogen. The reason for the name is because the enzyme aromatase performs the conversion. " the balance between T / E is called homoeostasis and the body is tuned in a manner that in healthy males just the right amount of each is present, so what happens when we decide we want 10x the amount of testosterone our body produces naturally? the body fights to maintain that T / E ratio and as a result oestrogen shoots right up outside of the healthy range along with the exogenous testosterone (the body has no mechanism to decipher the difference between endogenous and exogenous so reacts accordingly as if it were your body producing that amount) so we implement an aromatase inhibitor in order to keep the E2 within healthy range even whilst testosterone is at supra physiological levels there is a whole host of side effects that elevated E2 can bring in males: 1. Gynecomastia/Male breast growth The growth of male breasts is called gynecomastia. When estrogen is present in high levels in men, the cells in breasts change their behavior. They begin to grow and this leads to the breasts becoming larger and more firm instead of the distinct pectoral fat deposits most men have. This condition can occur in around half of boys in puberty, but if it continues into adulthood, there may be an underlying reason. 2. Low sex drive Men who have high levels of estrogen may have a problem known as erectile dysfunction. This means he is unable to maintain an erection. Any man who is experiencing sexual problems should talk to his doctor about a possible hormone imbalance. 3. Infertility A man’s fertility is determined by the number of sperm he has, the movement of the sperm and whether they can survive long enough to reach and fertilize an egg. Men who are exposed to high levels of estrogen have a higher rate of infertility than men who are not. This is because estrogen lowers the sperm’s mobility. 4. Stroke risk Because excess estrogen may cause blood clots, if a man has too much estrogen in his system, he may be at a higher risk of having a stroke. 5. Heart attack The bodies of older men produce less testosterone. This causes a hormonal imbalance with estrogen becoming more dominant. An imbalance like this is often overlooked as a possible cause of cardio disease. 6. Prostate problems High levels of estrogen in men can cause differing results. Some studies show that excess estrogen may cause prostate cancer, but once the cancer occurs, the estrogen may have some anticancer effects. 7. Weight gain High estrogen levels in men can cause weight gain and that weight gain may cause higher levels of estrogen. It is a cycle that is not easily broken. so since we are looking for the benefits of raised testosterone whilst avoiding the negatives of raised oestrogen we use an aromatase inhibitor, so what are the most commonly used (3rd generation) aromatase inhibitors and what are the therapeutic doses? PMC full text: Int J Clin Pract. 2007 Dec; 61(12): 2051–2063. doi: 10.1111/j.1742-1241.2007.01587.x Copyright/License ►Request permission to reuse Table 1 Efficacy of aromatase suppression by three generations of AIs Drug Dose % Inhibition First generation  Aminoglutethimide (1,3) 1 g 91 Second generation  Fadrozole (100) 2 mg 82  Vorozole (5) 1 mg 93 Third generation  Letrozole (100,101) 2.5 mg 99  Anastrozole (100,102) 1 mg 97  Exemestane (100,103,104) 25 mg 98 AIs, aromatase in source - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2228389/ "Although aromatase inhibition by anastrozole and letrozole is reported to be close to 100%, administration of these inhibitors to men will not suppress plasma estradiol levels completely. In men third-generation aromatase inhibitors will decrease the mean plasma estradiol/testosterone ratio by 77%" NOTE - they say "third-generation aromatase inhibitors will decrease the mean plasma estrdiol/testosterone ration by 77%" they didnt specify which AI as theyre all of such similar strengths of aromatase inhibition and makes little overall difference to plasma estrodiol levels source - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3143915/ with all of the above said my real life experience of all of the 3rd gen AI's has noted a noticeable increase of E2 inhibition whilst using letrozole over arimidex or aromasin once it has reached peak plasma levels what are the external side effects of elevated oestrogen? High estrogen sides Acne, water retention (Bloat), moon face, very small testicles, scrotum hanging too high, soft testicles, extreme oiliness all over, soft erections, sensitive nipples (sore, itchy, burning, enlarged aerola) Low estrogen sides Dry skin, dry lips, good morning wood no wood when its time for sex, loss of wood while having sex, loss of sensitivity, dry gland (penis), white gland, hesitation just before urinating, night sweats bear in mind these are only some of the external side effects and people can still suffer from a wide array of negative effects of elevated E2 without displaying any apparent ones, this is why blood work is highly advisable at the very least when first starting out to get a baseline of how much you aromtase and how much AI is needed to keep you within range why in some cases is there a need for selective estrogen receptor modulator on cycle? " Selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) are a class of drugs that act on the estrogen receptor (ER).[1] A characteristic that distinguishes these substances from pure ER agonists and antagonists (that is, full agonists and silent antagonists) is that their action is different in various tissues, thereby granting the possibility to selectively inhibit or stimulate estrogen-like action in various tissues. " there are certain scenarios where someone may opt to implement a SERM into their cycle namely raloxifene and tamoxifen alongside their AI the reason the two (aI and serm) are used concurrently is because SERM's do not actually prevent any of the circulating E2 but rather block its effects on certain parts of the body generally a SERM will be used as a safety net for those that have previously developed glandular growth (gyno) which will be more susceptible to elevated E2 or with certain compounds where the user hopes to keep an elevated level of oestrogen such as with metandienone commonly known as dianabol which is often tooted as yielding greater strength gain via excessive water retention from elevated e2 although I do not agree with or condone this ideology as the same could be said for all aromatasing compounds with only a serm on board we are merely protecting the breast site whilst allowing massively elevated E2 levels to still cause all of their negative health effects around the body (listed above) it is for this reason that your first plan of attack should always be an AI, you implement a SERM when you are struggling to control glandular growth (gyno) i've heard the interaction between SERM's and AI's renders AI's useless? this is a common fallacy thrown around forums, the interaction between tamoxifen and anastrazole and femara causes a blood plasma reduction of 27% in anastrazole and 38% in femara the reason this happens is because tamoxifen speeds up the process at which your liver processes the arimidex and letrozole all you need to do is merely adjust your dosage as needed to allow for the slight reduction in potency. It is also worth noting that there is no interaction with raloxifene or any of the 3rd gen AI's Also there is no interaction between tamoxifen and exemestane (aromasin) Doesn't nolvadex inhibit your gains? tamoxifen does have a slight impact on IGF-1 that is overstated on internet forums, the overall reduction in IGF-1 is massively trumped by the use of exogenous hormones and will result in no notable decrease in overall gains which AI do you recommend? aromasin for the following reasons * zero impact on lipids * suicide inhibitor * no interaction with tamoxifen * no oestrogen rebound note - first time steroid users who do not understand how their body responds to steroids and aromatase inhibitors it is a lot easier to rectify mistakes with anastrazole (arimidex) than it is exemestane (aromasin) if you push your e2 too low with anastrazole you can rebound it back up fairly quickly and adjust as needed, with exemestane you get no such privilege and you can end up spending a long time waiting for your e2 to rise again which will have a negative impact on lipid profile, joint integrity, mental health, libido and overall gains it is for this reason that i advise new steroid users to use anastrazole (arimidex) in order to get a feel for how much overall AI they require and then switch to aromasin in future cycles (use table below to decipher the equivalent doses) I've been using X compound, what is the equivalent dose of the other common AI's? for a rough guide think of 2.5mg of letrozole as 2mg of arimidex or 50mg of aromasinletro 2.5mg (1 tab)adex 2mg (2 tabs) arom 50mg (2 tabs) letro 1.25mg (1/2 tab)adex 1mg (1 tab) arom 25mg (1 tab) letro 0.612mg (1/4 tab)adex 0.5mg (1/2 tab) arom 12.25mg (1/2 tab) this is by no means concrete however for myself and others I have advised, this table has been for the most part effective in the conversions where do i get blood work done? https://www.medichecks.com/find-a-test/test/Oestradiol-blood_OEST/ how much AI do i require? Oestrogen control is the most individual need of a male using AAS, we can safely assume that 500mg of testosterone for a newer steroid user is ample however the percentage at which that testosterone aromatases we cannot predict i for example need to take 1mg of anastrazole ED for anything over 500mg of testosterone, some guys this would completely crush their E2 but others require even more AI or sometimes the inclusion of a SERM you basically need to trial and error your dosages ideally with blood work but its fairly easy to 'feel out' your required dose if you know the signs of both high and low oestrogen this guide is pretty accurate for sussing out where your levels are at if youre not willing to pay for bloods - https://www.anabolicarchitect.com/topic/5530-estrogen-handbook/ in closing I wrote this entire thread out this morning and for me to write out all of the relevant information I felt necessary in determining your approach to on cycle E2 control it took me the best part of 2 hours only for me to delete the entire thread with a keyboard shortcut i was unable to reverse after going through somewhat of an outburst that wasn't helped by the fact I'm 4 weeks deep into a TTM blast and a heavy caloric deficit, I managed to get majority of my thoughts back on 'paper' for you so apologies if some sections appear rushed (copy and pastes of previous info I've put out) or I've missed certain points please feel free to fire any questions below as I have an overwhelming feeling I've missed some of the information I had written out this morning (i was literally on the last line of text when I deleted the entire page by mistake)
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    nWo's T3 FAQ

    So I've noticed that T3 is a very asked-about drug on these forums. I've been messing around with thyroid hormones for quite some time now and done a LOT of research and reading about them, and as I've discussed my experiences in recent months on these forums I've been asked a lot of questions about the various aspects of thyroid hormones, T3 in particular. I like to think myself knowledgeable on the topic and have been labelled so by several other forum users here, so I figured I'd make a write-up to answer some of the questions I get asked, or have seen asked, the most. I'll try my best to make this FAQ as clear and concise as possible for the layman to understand - an informative article meant for the general public is confusing and therefore useless if it's full of complex information that's hard to understand for someone who isn't well versed in the matter of thyroid hormones. It's frustrating when loads of technical jargon is thrown in seemingly just to make it look like the author is all-knowing, so my aim is to avoid bamboozling my readers. There are a lot of myths surrounding this drug, many of which have been long debunked by scientific research and testing but yet they still stand on some areas of the web, so I've taken it upon myself to help identify these myths and state what I believe to be the facts based on hard evidence and the experiences of myself and others. Naturally, some of the ideas here are going to fly in the face of seemingly popular current knowledge - however, I'm just going by my experience with this drug, my research and the good feedback I've gotten from others based on their results after I've given them advice, and will provide evidence and data where necessary. If you disagree with my interpretation of something here, feel free to disregard it and use your own judgement, other approaches do work (albeit to an overall less efficient degree IMO) and you may indeed find that a slightly different approach sits better with you I'll be updating this FAQ with any new ideas and discoveries in my ongoing research and guinea-pigging of myself and my mates If there are any other questions I haven't answered that you'd like to see added or simply answered separately, feel free to comment. Please note that this will be a very long post, so I'd advise bookmarking it for future reference. This forum unfortunately lacks the features (anchoring, correctly functioning 'spoilers' etc) for me to clear this up to access certain questions more quickly, so sadly I can't make it any shorter or more accessible. DISCLAIMER: The following is just advice. While T3 is generally a safe drug when used sensibly, it can be harmful and even deadly when used incorrectly. Use at your own risk and seek the advice of a qualified medical professional should you be concerned about your health before, during and/or after using thyroid drugs. What is T3, and how is it of use to bodybuilders? T3 is a thyroid hormone, and the main regulator of metabolism. In short, the higher your free T3 levels, the faster your metabolism and the more calories you burn as a baseline. When free T3 levels are low, the pituitary gland signals the thyroid gland to produce T4, which the body then converts to T3. Synthetic T3 was (as with most drugs used by bodybuilders) designed as a drug for medicinal purposes, in this case for thyroid replacement therapy in those with thyroid problems. Bodybuilders have been using T3 for several decades now for its effects on the metabolism. The most popular use of T3 is to increase one's TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure, i.e. calories burned) during a cutting phase or contest prep, and it does this very well. Synthetic T3 is also proven to improve the way we process nutrients - it increases protein synthesis/protein turn-over rate and is also thought to improve the metabolism of carbohydrates. This obviously helps us during a dieting phase - however, because of this, the use of T3 is becoming increasingly popular during bulking cycles too. With the improved nutrient partitioning facilitated by T3, fat is less likely to be gained. The increase in protein synthesis also allows us to benefit more from a high protein diet, which in a caloric surplus can lead to increased gains. Thyroid hormones also, in general, contribute to growth and development - seeing how us bodybuilding folk spend most of our time in a state of development and growth, it's not hard to see why high Free T3 levels can be of use to the bodybuilder whilst running a bulking cycle. I'll talk more on bulking cycles later. Why T3, rather than T4? Isn't T4 used for thyroid replacement these days? Yes, it is. The reason for this is simple - when we use T4, the thyroid won't convert it to T3 when there is already enough T3 in our system (unless there's a problem with the thyroid being overactive in its conversion of T4 to T3, which is at the root of most hyperthyroid conditions). This is great for thyroid replacement therapy as it ensures that T3 levels won't go too high, but for bodybuilders who are aiming for high T3 levels, this isn't what we're after. I also talked about the improved metabolisation of nutrients and so on with T3 usage - well, when we give the body T4 to convert to T3, it'll be our natural endogenous T3 and we won't get these extra benefits. T4 needs to be used in quadruple amounts compared to T3 to get the same amount of T3. Based on this, in my experience, I've found 75mcg of T3 alone to be more effective than a comparable stack of 37.5mcg T3 and 150mcg T4. This was to be expected as, again, the body will only convert as much T4 to T3 as it needs to maintain normal metabolic functioning in those with healthy thyroid function. T4 is generally thought to be the superior choice if you're stacking it with Human Growth Hormone since they work synergistically, though that's a whole other topic and T3 is otherwise the better choice for the GH-free bodybuilder. A combination of T3 and T4 may even work well for the HGH user, though this isn't something I've bothered to look into so don't quote me on that! Will T3 usage lead to thyroid damage? Generally, no. Reports of thyroid damage from T3 use are extremely rare. Conversely, there are an astonishing number of studies that have proven that thyroid shutdown never actually occurs, and regardless of duration and dosage (within sensible limits) full thyroid function returns to normal within a few weeks in pretty much all cases. Studies date back to as early as the '50s, such as a study by a guy named M Greer, that found that people misdiagnosed with thyroid conditions had their T3 withdrawn after long term use (some as long as 30 continuous years) and had their thyroid fully functioning again within 2-3 weeks of cessation. Full article on this here - it's a pretty lengthy article, so here's the meat of what we're looking for: The belief as to the reason that the thyroid is never really shut down, is because the thyroid gland was designed to go through periods of inactivity; when the levels of T3 in the body are low, the pituitary gland will send a message to the thyroid to produce T4 for the body to convert to T3. It's not producing T4 24/7 and invariably sits dormant for extended periods of time - it's designed to get working quickly after being inactive. The only likely reason it takes a few weeks to seemingly recover thyroid function is that, after the cessation of exogenous T3, there are going to be extremely low levels of T3 in the body, and it's going to be a gradual process to build it back up to acceptable levels again because the body won't want to just shoot its natural T3 levels back up immediately - it'd see this as a bit of a shock to the system, and the body doesn't like quick, dramatic changes. Is T3 catabolic? Do I need to use AAS with it? In short, the answer to both these questions is yes - however, I feel that the catabolic element of this drug is highly overstated. T3 will make you look flat at higher doses on a deficit, and when people see this they assume they've lost muscle. However, when you raise your calories again (particularly your carbohydrates), you'll regain some fullness pretty quickly and realise that the muscle was never actually lost. The above isn't to say, though, that T3 isn't cataolic. It's mildly catabolic on its own, and is exacerbated when things like cortisol and a caloric deficit triggering overall weight loss are thrown into the equation. However, let's look at T3's mode of action - it increases both protein breakdown and synthesis. With T3 on its own, the breakdown of proteins (i.e. lean tissue) will outweigh the synthesis and you'll experience muscle catabolism. If, however, you introduce AAS (and we don't even need that much, as we'll look at shortly) then the breakdown/synthesis balance becomes fairly level and we no longer experience catabolism. If we then add in a caloric surplus with plenty of protein, the scales are tipped on to the side of synthesis, and T3 actually aids anabolism. Hence, it can be utilised for more favourable results on a bulk, i.e. improved lean gains and a decrease in the rate of fat gain. We'll talk more about this later, but for now let's look at the dosage of AAS we need in conjunction with our T3 (we'll use the old staple, testosterone, as our example drug here). I recommend, if we're talking about testosterone usage, the formula of "mcg of T3 x 5 = grams of testosterone" to ensure the counteraction of the catabolic effect of T3. So, for example, taking 50mcg of T3, 250mg of test should be enough. Obviously, other steroids or pro-hormones can be stacked with, or replace, testosterone - the point was that you don't need as much AAS to counteract the catabolism as a lot of people might think. Something I've also heard a lot is that trenbolone as well as clenbuterol can both combat the flatness that T3 can create during a deficit, which makes sense as these compounds tend to harden up the physique and bring more blood into the muscles, but never having tried this I can neither confirm nor deny. I also recommend at LEAST a gram of protein for every lb of bodyweight you carry. I've never been an advocate of massive amounts of protein, but with T3 I truly believe you'll benefit from a very high protein diet - not only is it essential to get plenty of protein to favourably swing the balance between the increased protein breakdown and synthesis T3 will cause, but because more protein generally becomes usable by the body when using T3, then generally, the higher the percentage of your diet that is protein (meaning less carbs and fats), the more likely you are to lose fat and less likely to store it (some people may disagree with this claim, which obviously is fine but I feel it obligatory to at least provide what I feel is a well-performed and relevant study (here) to back up my view). When should I take T3? How often? Take it first thing in the morning once a day and on an empty stomach, regardless of the dose. T3 is thought to have a couple day half life, so makes no sense to split the doses. It also makes even less sense to take it multiple times a day when we consider that it's best taken on an empty stomach because calcium and iron will interfere with the absorption of the med. Best case scenario is to allow at least two hours before ingesting food, though I've found that you can get away with waiting a bit less than an hour. If you're eating a meal low in calcium and iron, you can take your T3 with it - just note that even pretty small amounts of iron will affect the absorption of T3, whereas the threshold for impaired absorption of some nutrients and meds by calcium is thought to be around 200-300mg of calcium. If you enjoy a cup of coffee first thing and can wait at least half an hour before eating breakfast, go for it, but no more than just a splash of milk! 250mg of cooked rice also has only around 1mg of iron and is pretty low in calcium, so it might be a good meal to start the day if you're not able to allow a gap for whatever reason. Just be aware that some sauces will contain iron and/or calcium, as will many meats and veggies, so it'd be wise to do a search-around and see what you can and can't have based on what you like. How should I dose my T3 whilst cutting? Do I need to ramp up? I always recommend 50mcg as a maximum dose if it's your first cycle. I'd recommend 25-50mcg as a dose for metabolic optimisation and stabilisation, the latter of which really comes into good use during prolonged dieting when metabolic slowing would otherwise occur. 75mcg at a push in some cases, but it'd be wiser to just drop a few hundred calories from your diet instead if it was for cutting. T3 should be used to optimise one's metabolism, rather than being used as a fat burner in itself. The tendency whilst dieting is for the body to reduce your Basal Metabolic Rate to conserve your body's stored fuel, and using a replacement dose of T3 essentially stops that from happening. There are also other benefits you don't get with your own T3, such as improved carbohydrate tolerance and greater protein synthesis rates when used with AAS, which is also why I like to use a high-replacement dose when I'm bulking. Typically, I'd say start with a dose of 25mcg, and bump it up a little every few days until you reach a max 50mcg dose. Do you recommend high doses of T3 at 100mcg or more? No. I used to, but over time I've come to realise that it's not worth it. Do I believe such a dose is safe? If the person is healthy and they monitor their symptoms, then yes, absolutely. I've followed the work of late thyroid specialist Dr. John C. Lowe for a few years now and he regularly had some of his patients on 100mcg of T3 (yes, T3 - not T4) or more - their health was monitored and they felt good on these doses, and of course their thyroid function was great (some interesting reading here http://web.archive.org/web/20101224224855/http://drlowe.com/QandA/askdrlowe/t3.htm). I've tried up to 150mcg myself, felt very good on it and my TDEE was obviously high. On a previous cut, I added in an extra 25mcg every three weeks. By doing this, I didn't have to lower my caloric intake at all - I kept my intake consistent, and by adding in the extra T3 as I dropped bodyweight, the would-be lowering of my TDEE due to the decrease in weight was counteracted by the increase in TDEE by the introduction of more T3. In other words, my TDEE was pretty much kept constant throughout the last 10 weeks so there has been no need to adjust my calories to keep losing 2-3lbs a week, week-in week-out. It definitely worked well. ... ...so why don't I recommend it if it works so well and is safe? Well, I've noticed over time that I seem to gain weight back quickly when relying on high doses of T3 to lose it. When I thought about it, it makes sense - weight loss via hormonal changes, is always going to be reset if those hormones are reset. So, in other words, the results are temporary unless you stay on that high dose permanently, which I'd of course never recommend. As I said in the previous question, T3 is best used for metabolic optimisation/stabilisation purposes. Do I need to taper down at the end of the cycle? Not in the way that most people think. If you gradually lower the dose, you're still supplying the body with T3. When you're still supplying the body with an adequate level of T3, the recovery process cannot begin, and even 25mcg can be an adequate amount that will mean no more thyroid hormone is needed and so the thyroid won't need to get back to work. When we factor in that the half life of T3 is thought to be around a couple of days, it makes more sense to cease the cycle and the levels of exogenous T3 in our blood will gradually decrease as the days pass. So in effect, there's enough tapering down going on anyway. However, there's a more efficient approach than coming off completely. Coming off completely will leave our metabolism at rock-bottom since there's 0 thyroid hormone and if we're not very careful, we risk the chance of gaining back fat. So how do we go about ending our cycle? We run a low dose of 12.5mcg for 2-3 weeks from the end of the cycle. Running a continued dose of 12.5mcg of T3 at the end of the cycle sort of acts like a post-cycle therapy. 12.5mcg is enough to provide a bit of T3 to the body and keep the metabolism half-decent, yet at the same time isn't nearly enough to replace what the body normally produces. So, the thyroid gland has to get back to work to make up the rest and the recovery process can begin while the 12.5mcg keeps an acceptable level of metabolic function going. As I said above, there is no need to taper down and it would be a waste of time. Just drop down to 12.5mcg from day 1 after the cycle, and run it for 2-3 weeks. This time period will allow the thyroid to recover to normal levels whilst providing a baseline metabolism during the early stages of the recovery. IDEALLY, you'd get bloods done after this few week bridging period to see where you're at and make sure you're recovered. Here are my experiences with this protocol by way of blood test results: Before ever using T3: Serum TSH level: 4.28 mu/L (0.35 - 5.50) Serum Free T4 level: 18.5 pmol/L (10.3 - 22.7) Serum Free T3 level: 4.7 pmol/L (3.5 - 6.5) All normal After a year on T3, having been on 50mcg for the last month: Serum TSH level: 0.15 mu/L (0.35 - 5.50) "Abnormal" Serum Free T4 level: 5.7 pmol/L (10.3 - 22.7) "Abnormal" Serum Free T3 level: 6.1 pmol/L (3.5 - 6.5) Exogenous T3 causing suppression of my TSH and T4 levels due to replacement, 50mcg appears to be a high-replacement dose for me and is higher than my normal level theoretically meaning a boost in TDEE 3 weeks later, 3 weeks of running the 12.5mcg protocol: Serum TSH level: 3.81 mu/L (0.35 - 5.50) Serum Free T4 level: 15.6 pmol/L (10.3 - 22.7) Serum Free T3 level: 5.7 pmol/L (3.5 - 6.5) Despite still being on 12.5mcg, TSH and T4 are normalised, albeit possibly mildly suppressed due to still being on 12.5mcg. T3 levels fully recovered and higher than before T3 was ever used. I'd call my recovery a total success based on the above. I ate at what would normally be maintenance for me and gained 2lbs in weight between the start and the end of the protocol. I'd advise eating a bit below maintenance for the first week of the protocol. Note: Here is some blood work of another UK-M user (thread here) who recently tried this protocol, suggesting full thyroid recovery: TSH: 2.07 (0.27 - 4.2) Free T4: 16.1 (12.0 - 22.0) Free T3: 7.1 (3.1 - 6.8) What should my diet be like when I start the above recovery protocol? The metabolism will be fairly low on 12.5mcg. In order to ensure that you don't get fat in the 2-3 weeks it will take to recover, you need to stay at what would normally be a mild deficit for you, so you need to plan this wisely. Some prefer to maintain the deficit for a few weeks until thyroid function has been restored, whereas others like to gradually increase their calories over the weeks as thyroid function returns to normal and TDEE gradually increases. Some people like to use iodine supplements, such as sea kelp, to help recover their thyroid function. Iodine deficiency generally leads to poor thyroid function, so this idea makes sense and sea kelp is dirt-cheap. Shouldn't you check your temperature to establish how much T3 you need? This is an approach that has been talked about by some experts of the past. I won't go into detail, but in short your temperature is generally an indicator of thyroid function, and the temperature measurements are used to ensure that you're taking the right amount of T3, as well as to establish whether or not you've reached the point at which thyroid function recovery will take a few weeks rather than a few days to return to normal. Here's my issue with this approach. Firstly, a lot of people, myself included, discover that certain (or all) types of AAS influence their body temperature. So, given that T3 is generally used with AAS for bodybuilding purposes, this can obviously skew the results of these measurements significantly. Secondly - and this is somewhat linked to my first issue - is that, if you're going by these readings, it seems to be suggested that most people need 100mcg of T3 just as a baseline replacement dose! This is insanity if you ask me. I had bloods done whilst on 50mcg of T3 just to satisfy my curiosity - my free T3 levels came back right on the high end of normal, not far off what would have been considered hyperthyroidism, and TSH and T4 came back suppressed meaning that the thyroid was no longer working to produce T4 since there was more than enough T3 in the body already. So in other words, 50mcg for me was enough to be a high-replacement dose - I'm a tall and pretty heavy lad, so it's of no relation to the theory that less bodyweight = less of the drug needed. Others I've spoken to who have had bloods done on similar amounts have had similar results. Besides that, I've heard of women getting the impression from temperature readings that 100+mcg is needed as a baseline even at their low bodyweights. Also, it's suggested that once you reach a certain temperature, you'll start experiencing thyroid shutdown and should come off to prevent recovery problems - this is completely unnecessary, for reasons established earlier in this FAQ. So yes, I'm going against what qualified science professionals have said since steroids weren't factored in and I always advise using AAS with T3. Instead, I'm going by my own, and several others' I know, practical experiences and saying that doses of 50mcg or maybe lower are indeed useful. I'm sure pretty much every thyroid specialist you'd ask would also tell you that doses of above 50mcg are going to see your free T3 levels start going out of the normal range, unless you're an elderly person with abnormal thyroid function. I've heard of the 2 days on/2 days off approach - is this useful? Not really. The idea behind this approach is to avoid adaptation by the body to the amount of T3 you're talking - by taking your T3 two days in a row, and then having two days off, you get a high level on day 1, an even higher level on day 2, and then it gradually lowers by about half over the next 2 days before being raised again. This up and down dosing is thought to stop the "homeostasis" response and keeps the body off-balance, i.e. not allowing it to adjust to the T3. I firmly believe the above, however, to be unnecessary. I've personally run the same dose for several weeks and seen no "adjustment" effect whatsoever - the results after the extended period were the same as they were on the first week. I've also known of several people besides myself to run the same dose for several months and not "adjust" to it. Fellow UK-M'er SelflessSelfie has ran 100mcg for 8 weeks straight and can confirm it's still as effective on week 8 as it is on week 1. I believe the adjustment theory comes from steroids generally being adjusted to by the body, but T3 however is different. There are also probably some that have said that the same dose will lose its effectiveness after a few weeks - however, I'd imagine that these people haven't taken into account the drop in bodyweight and subsequent lowering of TDEE during T3 use. So, to summarise, the 2 on/2 off approach works, but is unnecessary. It'd be easier on your system and produce identical results to just use a regular daily dose rather than doubling up for a couple of days and then having a couple off. I'm prepping for a contest - is it a good idea to use T3? Absolutely. However, it's worth noting that, as discussed above, T3 may make you look temporarily flat whilst cutting, so it's not ideal to be on a significant dose when it comes to getting on stage. I'd strongly advise coming off the T3 at least a month in advance, following the recovery protocol (info to follow) and then have a timely refeed to allow yourself to fill back out. Really, if you're not in tune with how T3 works for you, might not be the best idea to use it during contest prep - gain a bit more experience with it first. Is it okay to use underground lab (UGL) T3 rather than pharma? I've known many to use UGL T3 and have great results. It's certainly effective. However, you're taking a bit of a risk. Just a bit of a risk, but a risk nonetheless, and the point of this article is to make you aware. T3 is taken in mcg. That's a 1000th of a mg, and needs serious regulation to ensure completely accurate dosing, something that UGLs generally don't have in place. Granted, in general, some of the best UGLs do a good job of getting their dosing on point, maybe out by a mg here and there but this isn't going to make much difference with most drugs. However, with a drug that's taken in mcg's, there's always the potential for a dose that's way off the mark. I consider 200mcg to be a pretty safe upper limit and you can get away with taking more T3 than a lot of people realise. However, all it takes is for someone working on tabs in a UGL to mess up, accidentally slip another half a mg in there and all of a sudden you're taking 500+mcg in one sitting. Overdoses like this can lead to thyrotoxic crisis or "thyroid storm", which is considered to be a life threatening medical emergency that can lead to irreversible heart damage or even death. Now, it's an extremely rare case, in fact practically unheard of, for a lab to screw up T3 dosing to the degree that it can cause such a huge and lasting problem or even kill you, and chances are that you'll be fine using a trusted/reputable UGL. However, the risk is always there, and this FAQ is here to make you aware of the risks, and I'm not here to bash any labs but one of them is particularly good otherwise and a reputable lab, yet I and several others I've spoken to have had problems with their T3 being WAY overdosed. So just goes to show that even reputable labs get it wrong when it comes to mcg dosing. I mostly go pharma grade with T3 so I know I'm gonna get what I'm intending to take, but I've used UGL labs in the past with good results. Certain pharma brands are some of the cheapest you can pick up and are available from tried and trusted online pharmacies. Always look up the reviews. You've discussed using T3 whilst bulking and I've seen others mention it - any advice? As I've indeed discussed above, the use of T3 during bulking cycles is becoming increasingly popular. It increases protein synthesis and turnover rate and is thought to improve carbohydrate metabolism, and when combined with a high protein diet and AAS can lead to improved gains and minimised fat gain. I've known several people to use T3 during a bulk cycle and they were very impressed with it, whilst I've also known a couple to not be so impressed. I think, though, that some people run maybe 50mcg and think they can go gung-ho with their diet and not put on any fat - this isn't the case. Whilst you're taking a decent dose, it will help you keep the fat at bay, it will only help - it won't stop you getting fat eating twice what you'd normally eat on a bulk and getting a ridiculous amount of carbs and fats. It should be taken to optimise your metabolism and aid protein synthesis. I believe 50mcg to be the sweet spot for bulking. This dose is well tolerated by most and optimises your metabolic function and protein turnover. T3 makes me hungrier! Is this normal? Generally, if you're experiencing increased hunger on T3, you're using a dose that increases your thyroid hormone level significantly and I'd recommend a lower dose whilst dieting. T3 improves the body's ability to process nutrients - when used at the correct dose, this will generally mean less hunger due to the fact that the body is getting more of the micronutrients it needs from your food and macronutrients are processed more efficiently - this though can be overridden by taking a dose that increases your TDEE by a considerable margin therefore increasing your body's requirements for food. Appetite suppressants like Sibutramine or ECA can help, but lowering the dose is the most advisable approach. I blast & cruise with my steroids - can I also run a low dose of T3 whilst I cruise? Yes, you can. In fact, I run 32.5mcg between blasts and have found it to work well (you may wish to run 25mcg to be conservative), eliminating the need to "reverse diet" after finishing a blast cycle. This is a good dose to keep your free T3 levels at normal levels and the metabolism decent. As we've established, running T3 for long durations has no lasting effect on the thyroid. I tend to drop my calories down to maintenance whilst I'm cruising as well as consuming more normal levels of protein - a gram of protein per lb of bodyweight or a bit more works well. Speaking of blasting and cruising - would you advise using T3 to cut during a cruise? Absolutely. Slightly off-topic, but I prefer to cut during my cruises these days, saving my blasts for building muscle. I cruise on 250mg of testosterone - I've ran as much as 150mcg of T3 on this dose and I've not experienced any notable level of muscle loss. As I've already stated, I think the catabolic element of T3 is way overstated and almost non-existent when a good dose of AAS is thrown into the mix, but then I also gave a sensible guideline above because not everyone will be able to maintain on 150mcg and a cruise dose of test, and indeed a lot of people won't even be able to tolerate such a high dose of T3 and I certainly advise against using it. However, a sensible dose of T3 on a cruise dose of testosterone will absolutely aid a mid-cruise cut without sacrificing muscle mass where protein intake is adequate and training is good. Be prepared for increased muscle flatness due to glycogen depletion, of course. I've heard of people using T3 for a post-contest/post-cut "anabolic rebound" - good idea? I've had experience with this myself and think it's a superb idea. Let's look at the idea behind the "anabolic rebound" first. After being depleted of calories for a considerable period, when you switch all of a sudden to a high calorie diet again the muscles act like sponges. They'll suck up water, retain glycogen and the body will generally be in a state in which excess nutrients are absorbed and used for lean tissue as opposed to fat gain. That's the theory anyway, one which a lot of competitive bodybuilders apparently swear by. Here's the downside of the above, though. After an extended period of dieting, chances are the metabolism is going to be running low. This means a low TDEE not leaving us much room to play with in terms of calories, and poor partitioning of nutrients. Overall, this can negate the anabolic state that the body would have been in whilst "rebounding". This is where T3 really shines - it keeps the metabolism revving and, as I've talked about already, helps put the body in an anabolic state when combined with AAS and a caloric surplus. If done correctly, within a week of finishing your diet and reverting from a cut to a bulk, you can regain as much as 15lbs of intra-muscular water, glycogen and a bit of lean tissue, and be looking fuller AND leaner. As for how to do it correctly, you literally just transition straight into a bulk. You can find instructions on how to bulk with T3 above in terms of recommended doses and nutrition. The whole "rebound" effect is generally thought to last a couple of weeks. Do with that information what you will. I'd of course recommend you stay on AAS whilst continuing your T3 use, so maybe extend your cutting cycle to allow the bulk - either that, or if you're going to cut during a cruise as I discussed above, then maybe cut at the end of your cruise so you can start your blast by way of a rebound bulk. Will I experience strength loss whilst using T3? I've noticed that this one is purely down to individual response and happens in a dose-dependent manner, so you may or may not. However, the more of a deficit you're in, particularly if you're running low carbs, the higher the likelihood that you'll experience general muscle weakness and loss of glycogen retention within the muscle which will both temporarily lessen your levels of strength, and if you're running 100mcg or more then you'll very likely experience an increased level of glycogen depletion even in a small deficit. Might not be the best of ideas to use T3 on the run-up to a powerlifting or strongman comp (which I can't imagine most people would want to do anyway since staying lean isn't usually a priority for a lifting comp prep), but other than that any strength loss should indeed be temporary. Isn't T3 bad for your heart? If you have a pre-existing heart condition, I wouldn't recommend you using T3. This abstract 20 year observational follow-up study (full paper is available at ResearchGate but you need to be a member and request the full text) does demonstrate that there is no increased risk of atrial fibrillation, cardiovascular problems or death associated with long term T3 use with sensible dosing - however, this is no guarantee that nothing will happen to you if you have pre-existing conditions, as T3 does increase cardiac output in a dose-dependent manner, especially the longer you run higher doses. You should ideally have gotten your cardiac function fully checked, and have it checked regularly, if you're using performance and image enhancing drugs either way. You shouldn't have a problem if your heart is healthy, though. If you do start getting symptoms that you wouldn't normally experience, such as recurrent palpitations, tachycardia (abnormally fast heart rate) etc, then discontinue your use. However, I believe T3 to be less stressful on the heart than stimulants, such as ephedrine and clenbuterol as used in cutting cycles - it's quite telling that these two meds were taken off the market because of their adverse effects on the heart, whereas T3 is prescribed all over the world, with an abundance of research behind it, and the doses prescribed might not be as low as many think. Just be careful, especially when combining T3 and stimulants, and stop using everything if you feel something isn't right with your heart and run the recovery protocol as detailed above. Problem should quickly disappear with discontinuation - visit your doctor if the problem still persists after a week or two. I do find that the longer you run a higher dosed cycle then high blood pressure may become an issue, and when this happens the more likely it is that side effects like palpitations and so on are likely to start presenting themselves, but running sensible cycles like this for a few months at a time generally hasn't been a problem for myself or others I've spoken to - those with a healthy cardiovascular system should be able to run T3 for the entire length of any steroid cycle of a sensible duration throughout the entirety of the cycle with no issue unless you're running very high doses, but I must stress that if you start getting cardiovascular side effects then drop it. Ignoring the problem could potentially lead to permanent damage of the heart/cardiovascular system. Any issues should subside over the next few weeks after cessation if the use of T3 is ceased when the problems first start arising. Blasting a very high dose for a few weeks also tends to be very tolerable for myself and others I've spoken to, but as I've pretty much stated above, I've noticed that the higher doses seem to come with side effects the longer you run them, with the side effects coming in quicker the longer you run them. I can run 150mcg pretty much side effect free for a few weeks, then I start noticing my heart rate increasing, palpitations, feeling hot and a bit tight-chested - the symptoms went away once I discontinued the cycle, though it's obviously not good to get to this point at all, so I'd never run a high dose for more than a few weeks again, and as I've said above I don't recommend using T3 as a fat burner, only a drug for metabolic optimisation at a high-normal replacement dose. If you're after a large boost in your metabolic rate, I'd actually say it's safer to run a mild dose of DNP than it is to run a high dose of T3 (this is another topic, however, and I'd strongly advise you to research DNP fully before considering using it). Can using T3 cause hair loss? In short, yes. The link between abnormal thyroid hormone levels and the effects on our head of hair is well documented. However, it's also well documented in the matters of thyroid replacement that once your thyroid levels are returned to normal, if the problems were thyroid related then it's highly likely that your hair problems will subside (how long this takes will depend on how long your cycle was, though I've personally done an 8 week 150mcg cycle for example and noticd my hair regrowing within a few weeks after running the recovery protocol detailed in this FAQ) . I personally notice significant hair thinning and pattern baldness on higher doses of T3 (75mcg upwards), which are reversed when my T3 levels are normalised. As with most T3 side effects, this effect comes from having abnormal thyroid hormone levels in the blood as opposed to from the med itself. Hair loss can also be caused by low levels of T4 - since taking T3 suppresses T4, if you're experiencing hair loss as a side effect, you may consider running T4 along with your T3 on future cycles. I've seen a few posts around the internet that suggest that Finasteride (AKA Propecia or Proscar) can be used in conjunction with T3 in order to combat this hair loss - however, this is not the case. Finasteride simply stops the conversion of testosterone to DHT, the primary cause of male pattern baldness, via the prevention of action of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. Since hair-related side effects from high thyroid levels are in no way linked to DHT levels, Finasteride will not work. What about other T3 side effects? The potential side effects of T3 generally come from there being excess thyroid hormone in the body (i.e. hyperthyroid symptoms) as opposed to coming from the actual med itself. The potential sides are listed HERE, however, they're only potential sides. Myself and many I've known to use T3 in doses of 100+mcg have generally found our T3 usage to be mostly side-effect free or at least tolerable, but as I've mentioned the longer you run these higher doses then side effects can start creeping in - towards the end of a lengthy high dosed cycle I started to notice hair thinning and palpitations, for which I would have came off anyway but luckily I was already approaching the end of the cycle, and these side effects subsided once I lowered the dose to a maintenance dose of 37.5mcg. I advise you to keep note of the potential side effects and cease use of T3 if you become aware of any cause for concern. Of course, if the side effects persist, see your doctor. One side effect that does bother me with T3 is heat sensitivity or intolerance. If you're prone to this side effect (you'll feel considerably warmer than normal at all times, and generally feel weak and dizzy in hot conditions) then you may wish to avoid taking T3 during the summer months. I'm normally a lover of the hot summer months but on T3 I just can't seem to tolerate the hot weather. Another is susceptibility to headaches - I'm normally fairly prone to them anyway, but on high doses T3 I was getting them pretty regularly. Just to reiterate - the higher the doses and the longer you run them, the worse the side effects tend to get. A sensible dose of 50mcg should be very tolerable. I'm approaching PCT - when should I come off the T3? I'd advise coming off the T3 a couple of weeks before you start PCT, using the recovery protocol discussed earlier. In my view, it's a bad idea to have your metabolism recovering at the same time that you're also trying to restore your other hormone levels, in terms of maintaining your current body composition. Protein synthesis will be poor at this time as it is, the last thing you'd want is to make it even worse by going into PCT with a slowed down metabolism and even worse protein synthesis. Will I still get fat drinking alcohol whilst using T3? In my experience, yes. Alcohol supposedly slows down all other processes in the body in order to prioritise ridding the body of the alcohol - this seemingly includes the metabolism, even with exogenous thyroid hormones circulating in the body. Drink cautiously
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    I’m curious who actually lifts on here because I suspect there’s about 20% of active posters who actually do, the rest is just here for cock or @anna1 journal pics or blast gear recreationally. Poll is public so anyone who says yes and has no pics is getting called out to foooook To be AM verified I need to have knowledge/proof that you lift. List below will be updated as and when I can AM verified members: @4NT5 @Abc987 @AnabolicGyno @AncientOldBloke @adam28 @anna1 @Ares @babyarm @barksie @bornagod @BLUE(UK) @CG88 @Chelsea @Cypionate @D 4 Damage @Damo1980 @DappaDonDave @Deltz123 @Devil @dtmiscool @Dr Gearhead @Eddias @Fadi @Floydy @Flubs @Frandeman @Frost_uk @gamingcrook @gman99 @Haunted_Sausage @Heavyassweights @Henda83 @Huntingground @herc @iamyou @invisiblekid @ironman1985bcn @Jack of blades @Jakemaguire @Jordan08 @jjtreml @Keeks @lewdylewd @Lifesizepenguin @Matt6210 @Mayzini @Mingster @mal @MBR @nWo @Oioi @PanamaPower @Pancake' @Phil6 @Plate1 @Pscarb @Sasnak @sean m @sjacks @superdrol @swole troll @Slagface @Sparkey @Stephen9069 @SwoleTip @The Warrior @The-Real-Deal @TinTin10 @Tomahawk @UK2USA
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    So I went through a stage of suicidal feelings and depression 10 years ago. It was pretty serious. I gave serious thought to hanging myself. It's easy to do. Well, it would be if I really wanted to do it. I'm not joking when I say I put a belt round my neck and started hanging myself from a door in my house. I started feeling it and couldn't go through with it. It was at that point that I thought, well if I can't go through with it because it isn't in my nature, I'll have to face the fact that I must live until i die of natural causes. So here I am over 10 years later. I do have times when I'm very down, but I also have some small plans for the future. For depressive people, you can get thoughts which make it seem like there's no way out, everything's bad etc. you just have to try to block those thoughts out and keep putting one foot in front of the other. And something else that comforts me: at least I'm trying. Yes, I'm scared of failure, of not having the life I want, of getting very depressed again, but all I can do is try, and what's more I don't want to kill myself and leave my loved ones behind to deal with the death of their brother, cousin, friend, etc. It's selfish. If I killed myself it would be selfish, because I would be leaving life purely because it's easier than trying. I'm in work tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it, but the alternative is worse. Sitting at home using up money fvcking my life up. Better to stay active, especially when you're the depressive type. Thanks for reading, I hope anyone with depression or suicidal feelings can relate and maybe feels a bit better. I hope.
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    Natty benching 140k

    https://www.captiongenerator.com/1064222/Steve-the-Potato/ Best one ever ??? @The-Real-Deal It's good in it ?
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    Fallen off the wagon for taking progress pics as training since late last year has been quite inconsistent due to various issues but probably the most recent pic a few weeks post comp and my butt ballooned and think it welcomed the extra food I was getting in Now I just want to keep the extra size when I diet down again as last year it just seemed to disappear when show time came!
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    There is a caveat to the title of this one; 'It's not that difficult' provided you adhere to the advice I'm about to give however there is obviously a point of strictly damage control as you try to balance excessive goals with health that out the way, let's get to it so firstly I want to state I use two different terms where side effects are concerned as many of you may have noticed and that is 'internal sides' and 'external sides' what do i mean by this? 'external sides' are what I deem to be largely moot in regard to your overall health and instead a concern of aesthetics such as: Gynecomastia - the development of breast tissue in men Acne - excessive oil production of the skin, break outs of spots, white heads, cysts and pimples, weeping skin Male pattern baldness - loss of hair typically around the crown or along the hair line toward the crown there is others such as increased body hair growth but these are the main three and typically everyone will suffer at least but not limited to one (if you don't consider yourself lucky) 'internal sides' are the real cause for concern, when I say this I am referring to everything under the bonnet that will need some form of testing to reveal, these sides are of concern to your health such as: Hypertension - high blood pressure Atherosclerosis - the formation of plaque along your arterial walls Cardiac remodeling - typically by way of left ventricular hypertrophy Hepatotoxicity - liver damage Impaired renal function - kidney damage Hyperviscosity - thickening of the blood there is others such as esophagus damage through chronic acid reflux that can lead to throat cancer but these are the main six and typically everyone will suffer from at least some level of one of the above with prolonged or long term usage, as with anything typically the longer the abuse the more likely you are to develop more of these side effects and or exacerbate the ones you already suffer from so how do we fix all of this? simple, don't take steroids (even that's no guarantee for some of them) but you wouldn't be here if you didn't have at least an interest in using PED's so I'll give you some damage control methods instead first and foremost and this is an obvious one, if using no steroids eliminates most of those risks then understand it really is a sliding scale of causation meaning the more you use or the longer you use it the more likely you are to develop side effects so try to get the most from the least in terms of gear, using more than you need will only accrue more side effects and water, trust me on this, I have experimented heavily on myself many times to say this with total conviction secondly and the most important to counter virtually every internal side effect, do your cardio, there is nothing cool about not doing cardio, this is literally the yin to the yang of steroid use, all the positives of cardiovascular training are exactly what steroids will predominantly damage (cardiovascular health) so do your cardio and if you're a hard gainer / under eater just eat more so now lets break it down I'll quickly gloss over external because honestly for the message I'm aiming to deliver ITT I don't care about your aesthetics, I'm trying to improve your health with this post and it's already going to be a long one Gynecomastia keep your oestradiol in range particularly during a cruise, in the UK we measure this as somewhere between 28 and 155pmol, pre steroid use blood work is the best way to decipher your natural amount on a blast of high aromatizing gear consider a SERM like tamoxifen to directly block the breast site Acne shower more, use epsom salts in the bath a couple times a week, get tanning (natural or sun bed although this comes with its own set of risks) clean your diet up and failing that consider supplementing with finasteride although you'll need to do your own research on this as this isn't a side effect I personally have ever had to combat and in those that I have helped typically the first few recommendations I made will resolve it Male pattern baldness wash your hair with nizoral shampoo and leave it in to soak for 5 minutes, I use this year round and have noticed some hair retentive benefit however if its in your genetics to go bald steroids will merely speed the process (some more so than others, comment below if you want advice on this) or alternatively you can again supplement finasteride but I am not in a position to give advice on this medication right that's the externals out the way now onto the important stuff I'm not going to list this on every single side effect but be aware the smartest and number one way of lowering all of these sides is to drop the dose to true testosterone replacement or completely come off, take this into consideration depending on how badly you are affected Hypertension high blood pressure, honestly you have no excuse to allow this one to become chronically elevated and you are a fool to knowingly allow it to do so, this is one of the sides of steroids that will kill you in the short term if you ignore it for long enough, you'll end up having a stroke or heart attack ways to combat this: lower the dosage, particularly if running high aromatizing compounds / wet drugs that can cause you to hold a lot of water, clean your diet up, lower the refined foods and high sodium processed foods (note: unrefined sea salt at a stable dose will not cause hypertension in those that do not already suffer the condition) a natural or prescription diuretic can be implemented depending on how bad water retention and or blood pressure is, I would try hawthorn berry as a first port of call and in 99.9% of cases advise you to come off before using a prescription diuretic, you can also use a beta blocker like propranolol or an ace inhibitor like lisinopril both of which you will likely need to be prescribed and at this point you are just spinning plates and should instead come off, blood pressure meds should only be a consideration for those with elevated blood pressure even whilst off cycle or on TRT ways to monitor: blood pressure monitor and test yourself weekly whilst on gear (TRT, cruise, blast, cycle) Atherosclerosis / poor lipid profile plaque formation around the arterial walls, this is the slow burner that'll kill you in the long term if left unaddressed, as above you'll end up having a stoke or heart attack which can be through elevated blood pressure due to reduced pliability and tightening of the arteries or in some cases you can get a piece of plaque break off and float round the body and jam in the brain, heart or lungs ways to combat this: eat a 'clean diet' supplement with psyllium husk at 10g daily pre bed mixed in with some yogurt or a protein shake, drink with at least 250ml of water, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (at least your five a day), limit or ideally eliminate to the best of your ability processed and refined sugars and fats, eat oily fish 2-3x per week and avocado or extra virgin olive oil 2-3x per week (never spend a day without 1-2 servings of healthy fats) supplement with fish oil, vitamin K2 and citrus bergamot and most importantly as always DO YOUR CARDIO! 3-4x per week for 30-20mins and proper cardio, get a puff and sweat on, not just a stroll round the park which you should be doing anyway ways to monitor: blood work Cardiac remodeling your heart growing larger than it should be causing irregularities in contraction frequency and weak pumping of blood ways to combat this: don't use gear or train, yeah sorry for the crap answer on this one but its just pure damage control and considering ceasing gear use and high intensity training should things grow out of hand, pardon the pun, a lot of people end up on pace makers as a result of this due to the heart contracting at a weird and irregular pace so that is I suppose a way to combat it but hopefully you notice it and act before it gets that bad ways to monitor: ECG Hepatotoxicity liver toxicity, you'll know with this one, if you've ever took the piss with 17aa (oral) steroids you really know unquestionably what liver toxicity is and as such it's a difficult one to really damage but nonetheless it's foolish to push it as oral steroids will jack up your cholesterol badly so the less time on them the better, it's a double whammy with orals as the liver is responsible for dealing with cholesterol in the body so not only are you increasing your LDL and lowering your HDL with the oral usage but you're also hampering the body's way of dealing with it ways to combat this: limit time on orals, drink plenty of water when running orals (aim to keep urine as clear as possible for the entire day), supplement with NAC and tudca, keep a clean diet (refer to above for my definition of 'clean diet') ways to monitor: blood work, like I said you will really know when you are stressing your liver and in most cases the turmoil of liver toxicity will force you to stop before any major damage is done (the liver is the most resilient organ of the body and can regenerate itself back to full health from as little as 10% functioning tissue) Impaired renal function kidney damage that can potentially lead to CKD / chronic kidney disease, serious s**t this one and becoming more common as of late with the abuse of higher dosages, diuretics and ignorance toward blood pressure and more importantly the other potential causes for kidney damage such as being excessively muscled, extreme protein consumption whilst suffering from impaired renal function, filtering of UGL gear full of heavy metals and contaminants and using high nitrogen retentive drugs (steroids) ways to combat this: tricky one and I will more than likely come back and edit this as this is something I am currently researching but so far I can say, keep an eye on blood pressure (as you should be), increase water consumption, limit dosages, primobolan is mild but don't run it year round as its main benefit over other steroids is its effectiveness at nitrogen retention and consider supplementing with astragalus at 3-5g this is not cheap but if you do get blood work back with elevated egfr, act on it and spend the cash out of the pot you had aside for growth hormone since GH wont do much positive for muscle growth despite the name but CKD will chew your muscle up like there's no tomorrow so which one of those supplements will aid you more in your long term growth? ways to monitor: blood work Hyperviscosity thickening of the blood, elevated hemoglobin or RBC causing the blood to develop a syrupy like consistency, MASSIVE increased risk of strokes and heart attacks, this like high blood pressure will kill you in the short term if left untreated ways to combat this: donate blood quarterly, you should be doing this regardless, you are saving lives and provided you use hygienic practice with your injections you are putting no one at any risk of any sides no matter what steroids or dosages you are taking so donate blood every 12 weeks forever, you can also supplement IP-6 which will keep your iron down and subsequently your RBC and hemoglobin, in severe cases you will need a phlebotomy which is therapeutic drainage and disposal of blood ways to monitor: blood work right so that's that, your list of damage control whilst on cycle, that's not to say you are 100% safe running the above by any means and if you do have an medical concerns you are unable to get a handle on then go see your doctor and be entirely honest about everything you have done, are doing and the blood work or side effects that revealed your poor health, this isn't the time to hide it from the GP if things are getting out of control so order of importance 1. don't use gear and or come off of it if you run into significant sides effects you are unable to manage 2. cardio year round 3. clean diet year round 4. don't becoming excessively heavy (250lb+) whether its muscle or fat it's a strain on your body 5. everything else I advised above when I was saying "blood work" here is what I am referring to https://www.medichecks.com/hormone-tests/sports-hormone-check-plus of course run more follow up specialized blood testing based off of poor markers for example if everything is fine but your RBC is elevated then aim to correct this and then run subsequent exclusive hematology testing until rectified by default get blood work taken 2-3x annually. If you want me to divulge on anything further then post your questions below and really guys I cant hammer this enough, DO YOUR FU**ING CARDIO this is without doubt the number one thing you can do to counteract the negative effects of steroids outside of stopping oh and the less you can use nandrolone and its derivatives like trenbolone the better, I cringe when i read about guys that run tren every cycle, these people although having the potentail to make the fastest progress in the short term wont make the most progress in the long term as your health will catch up with you running tren every cycle, take it from a guy that loves the stuff and have even gone up to over a gram of it and now I've used it once in the past 18 months with plans to fully eliminate it in the not too distant future with orals, nandrolone and it's derivatives it truly is the less the better. really let that sentence resonate with you. more and more people are dying prematurely as a result of steroid abuse, f**k your genetic predisposition cop out, why isn't there natural body builders dying with enlarged organs, from heart attacks and developing kidney failure, wake up, it's just a complete cope to think this isn't steroid related stay safe, ST
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    Natty benching 140k

    Were you aware you had @AestheticManlet taking a bath behind you when you took this?
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    Public service announcement since I'm currently quarantined with tight breathing (probably not CV but just to be safe) Guys you need to stop panicking so much about your gains. I get the gyms shutting is a major disappointment for many of you but there is people out there that are literally going to lose their livelihoods and loved ones. It's time to get things into perspective the skeletal muscle tissue you've grown is nothing more than trivial bullshit and going to the gym is a hobby. I get your passion but seriously losing 1-2-6 months training is f**k all in the grand scheme of things particularly when you consider the potential loses on the cards for some. I have had several major injuries in my time in the gym from ruptured pecs, hamstring, torn vmos and triceps and a completely wankered spine, some of which requiring surgical intervention and many months out of the gym followed by even longer of inferior training sessions. What I can tell you with certainty is 90% of your progress will come back within no time of returning to training So you really shouldn't stress yourself out further unnecessarily as the increase in cortisol will only hasten the atrophy and do nothing for your desire to train. Kevin Levrone used to take prolonged periods of time off from the gym out of choice and it never did him any harm. Just shift your focus for a bit, spend more time with loved ones, give those quarantined due to vulnerability a call to break up their isolation get some books, movies, tv series or a games console. and if it's really doing your head in that much grab some home gym equipment. There's plenty blokes locked up managing to maintain a decent amount of size with just body weight movements, throw in a pair of dumbbells and some resistance bands and you can maintain even more. Oh and ffs stop taking drugs.. you're not making decent progress with no gym, you're hampering immune function and carrying added water weight that further hampers respiratory function come off or drop to TRT levels, use this time to get your injuries and health markers tidied up. you can either focus on the potential positives of time out of the gym or dwell on how s**t it is and just make your life even more negative, it doesn't change how long this is going to take.
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    UKM pub names

    The Loaded Barbell (nobody from UKM actually goes there) The Solitary Kebab - @drwae drinks there on nights when he's not cruising on 4,000 The Cheat Weak - @EpicSquats favourite hobby The Gainz Killer - @TERBO found there Ye Olde Overthinking Overtrainer - @imtoosexy owns it The Half & Half @anna1 likes it there The Fruit n Nut - @BLUE(UK) eats there The Klansman's Retreat - @superpube and his little band of maties The Sleeping Policeman - @Tricky when he's awake The Jabmore Inn - @Matt6210 is the landlord The Dick Whittington - @PSevens2017 opened this when he realised the streets of London are NOT paved with gold The Informed Choice - @nWo regular place The Bull - @sjacks favourite The Perennial Traveller - @IronJohnDoe owns it Truckers Retreat- where @Frandeman goes to feed on fresh flesh The Private Booth - where @Sasnak takes his family for Sunday lunch The Rubber Duck - @rbduk is slightly dyslexic and thinks vowels are a waste of time Peptide City - an expensive bar owned by @swole troll R.G. Bhajis - a post-modern fusion place frequented by @AncientOldBloke The Cum and Go Motel - @Gary29 often seen there The Fox and 12 Gauge - @Huntingground drinks there Wetherspoons Budget - @vetran 's meat market The Trouble and Strife - @benji666 watering hole The Bold and the Bald - @Cypionate favourite joint The Brutal Truth - @simonboyle enjoys the odd tipple here The Angry Businessman - @Henda83 calls it home The Holey Condom - @Kazza61 uses it to preserve his a la carte Catholicism The Lurk and Pounce - @ThatsLife seen there frequently The Affable Welshman - @Stinking Dylan Ubers it to and fro from there daily The Misogynist's Retreat - @Tomahawk loves a visit every few days The Non-Participant - @TALBOTL insists on only drinking (non-alcoholic cocktails) here The Boris Johnson - Where @jjtreml lives. Similar to Boris, he was born in the US. Also similar to Boris, Tremmy believes that old/weak/broke/stupid people should be left on a hill overnight to die The Canadian Lumberjack- @Endomorph84 used to go there but now he prefers The Cover Model The YouShouldJabToo - @Jamiewilliamsss favourite watering hole. In this place EVERYONE must jab or the ones who do won't feel quite right. Most of the pub convo revolves around sides. The Accidental Voyeur - @Jay500 visits this sandwich bar regularly, but he doesn't enjoy it Sorry if you didn't get a mention. Will add you when I next get insomnia.
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    I've had a home gym for years and it really suits me. When I go to gyms I get to preoccupied with others using bad form or fvcking about or hogging equipment. Training at home absolutely nothing can take your focus or interfere with your plan. I started with a multi-use bench, a bar, couple of dumbbells and a few weights - now I have this:
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    Who's got the best glutes on UKM?

    It's still in my attachments so there you go! Gluuuuuutes!
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    Sick, Sick Money

    But can he bench 140kg for reps and sets?
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    Great article on Training Frequency

    this is an excellent article written by a good friend of mine (and former coach) Scott Stevenson (he also created the Fortitude Training System) it gives a great explanation of why training a body part once a week is not the best way to grow...... http://www.elitefts.com/education/training/bodybuilding/integrative-bodybuilding-are-you-training-enough/
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    ... thought I'd revive it once again; shame we lost the previous one. Always a great source of motivation and great to see how everyone's getting on with their goals!
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    Yeah, to be fair, Ken did do well to post this all by himself. Well done, Ken.
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    Nice mate. Found these in my dads cupboard. Had no idea he was into the gym, but doesn’t explain why he’s still a fatty!! Just need some bands and I’m good to go.
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    swole troll

    All the gear and no idea

    right so I'm particularly short fused at the moment after months and months of cutting and everyone and everything is getting on my nerves so i felt it time for a rant as the title says ALL THE GEAR AND NO IDEA this is something that's picked away at me for years in the gym, on social media pages and groups and of course forums I'm of course referring to people that have got their grubby little mits on a steroid source and cherished this as the sole provider of gains that will make up for their weak mindset, lack of drive, discipline and ability to push themselves both with the weights and the knife and fork part of the problem of this quick fix culture comes from not paying your dues as a natural, much like the spoiled rich kid that has no concept of hard work those that hop straight on when they join the gym (within 6 months of) OR train for a certain period of time but with no desire to educate themselves on progression and nutrition I firmly believe you should be getting at least a couple of years training natural in before going on (i dont care about your exceptions to the rule, this is my belief) earn your right to be enhanced so that you get the most from the least. during this time you will see your noob gains whereby you can do anything and grow and progress and then things get a little trickier as you progress through intermediate and late intermediate phases where you will need to learn about periodizing training, deloading, overreaching, volume and intensity adjustment ect in or to keep growing and getting stronger. forums in general are surprisingly the least bad for this phenomenon of guys running 2-3 even 4g of combined hormones looking worse than a guy on 50mg of hormones (natural), I say phenomenon because most of the time these guys are a skinny fat 6 foot tall 190lb or less guy running these insane dosages that if you had any level of training and nutritional knowledge they'd be absolutely PILING the weight and strength on at half the dose. I'm telling you now you are on a path of cycling on to look like a late intermediate natural to coming off and looking like an early intermediate over and over and over I've seen it in facebook groups with guys posting pictures every year looking like its all from the same cycle (that's the only time they post) when really it's from repeated cycles increasing in dosages in most cases if you fit this description you are a laughing stock amongst those that have paid their dues and earned their right to cycle and as such see continued progression from the 4 corner stones of progress that ALL must raise in tandem with time; nutrition, sleep / rest, progressive overload and AAS for some reason this forum has been rife with crap like this lately and people asking s**t like "whats the best dose of x to take" "how many iu should i use" to which I answer none because you are either clueless, getting too far advanced for where you are at in your development, lazy or (most commonly) a combination of all three pay your fu**ing dues, I don't want to see some skinny little kid in Hello magazine saying "steroids ruined my life" with someone who doesn't look like they've ever set foot in a gym talking about running grams of gear whilst an 'expert spokes person' breaks down the average hormone production of a male in comparison to your skinny ass shouldn't be using dosages.
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    swole troll

    Swole Troll's DHB review

    DHB, Dihydroboldenone or 1-test cyp this was my first cycle with the compound DHB: 500mg Test: 375mg (i used a tbol kickstart but for the sake of the thread im going to focus exclusively on when i stopped the tbol and the DHB kicked in) the lab i used was Nexus and as such i cannot comment on the pros and cons of other labs which in most cases is irrelevant but in the case of DHB and the pip for example the lab behind it is relevant as this side can vary greatly from what ive read and been told so first things first this stuff will more than likely crash even at 100mg per ml 4 of the 5 vials needed to be heated in order to re-suspend the hormone to do this is no drama and ive had to do the same with trenbolone and NPP in the past and personally ive always just held the vial by the cap and blasted the side of it with a hairdryer for 2-3 mins and the result is this right is crashed, left is after 2 mins on the hair dryer (you can stick it on a low heat on a stove top instead but i pin first thing in the morning in the bedroom where i got the mrs hair dryer to hand) this also results in a much smoother and thinner oil which will help with any potential pip which leads me on to my next point DHB is renown for its savage pip however with this particular lab i shot approximately 30-40 shots and only had pip twice this pip was very painful but i dont believe DHB to be the sole culprit of how bad it was and instead the fact i was using shorter pins than usual and pinning my quads which i believe caused a subcutaneous leak that resulted in pretty bad pip other sites i used (as well as quads more than the 2 times i got pip in them) was lats, delts, glutes and ventrogluteal, all of which were pip free gains wise i was in a caloric deficit the entire cycle and managed to hit multiple barbell and dumbbell PBs (some machine stuff too but who cares) DHB doesnt do much in the way of aggression like a strong androgen might but you seemingly come in session after session stronger, in a caloric surplus this would of course be amplified. appetite wise id say you get a very subtle boost but obviously nothing crazy like its close relative equipoise as i was able to maintain a 1000kcal deficit with no cheats the entire 10 weeks ive used this compound, i was just hungrier for clean foods and as such enjoyed them more. you will notice a slight increase in body heat, nothing like trenbolone but just a constant kind of warmth and i noticed i was waking up with some sweat on the bed sheets but again literally nothing compared to trenbolone. muscle fullness is a tough one to call as i keep saying i wasnt in the best circumstances to be really full however i can still judge a compounds efficacy for this regardless and DHB is good for fullness, great would be tren, nandrolone and orals which i will now compare to many call DHB 'tren light' or 'tren without the sides' which i disagree with this is an excellent compound and probably my favorite 'milder' compound however it is not comparable to tren both in positives and negatives nor is it for orals and nandrolone, they will make you stronger faster and give you that really jam packed glycogen retentive look where your delts look like theyre about to explode, DHB of course fills you out but with 19nors i can be on fa carbs and look very full if i was pushed to give it a comparison i would say a nandrolone light crossed with equipoise. finally id like to touch on an individual side effect that from the people ive spoken to that have used this drug it does seem really quite rare but i got some bouts of depression during my time on DHB which after speaking to someone in the know that pointed out to me that it could be the DHB it became MUCH easier to handle and since i saw the whole 10 weeks through with no thoughts of stopping you can see that its not really that bad, i just did end up feeling a little blue every now and again on it and by nature i am not someone that suffers with anxiety or depression so to sum up Pros * solid strength gain * decent fullness * subtle but welcome appetite boost * low on overall external sides (I will get blood work done in a couple of months time and post up in here) Cons * low mg per ml * has a habit of crashing * pip can be bad if you balls your shot up * SOME people may suffer with some mild depression in closing i categorize compounds as mild or harsh and generally the better the gains the worse the sides mild being the likes of primobolan, equipoise, masteron ect harsh being trenbolone, nandrolone, orals ect i stick DHB at the top end of the mild compounds, it has minimal and manageable side effects and great gains when compared to the other milder drugs but it is not as powerful as 19nors or oral steroids remember there is no free meals with the stronger stuff comes harsher sides both internally and externally so dont compare every compound to the strongest ones because if you always use tren, nandrolone and anadrol youre not going to be in the game as long as the guys stepping back a gear and accepting cycles of slightly milder results for less internal damage.
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    i coached him in that before picture we got 3rd at the UKBFF Britain Juniors, he is the most dedicated Bodybuilder i know, a good friend and one hell of a nice guy. Plus you can see the progress year after year something a hell of a lot cannot say....
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    PLEASE KEEP ALL QUESTIONS REGARDING TOPICS IN THE RELEVANT INDIVIDUAL THREADS this thread is designed merely as quick access So here it is guys my series of threads designed to take you from knowing little to nothing about proper usage of PED's and ancillaries all the way through a cycle and post cycle therapy in what I believe to be the most efficient and safe way of doing so, all consolidated into one thread of three links for easy access Please don't assume that the title is all that the thread contains, there is lots of slightly off topic but still relevant information to running a cycle, using AI's and running a PCT to kick start the recovery process at the end of it also even if you feel you have all the information you need, if you've made it this far then please have a look through the threads below as you may learn a thing or two that you previously overlooked First steroid cycle - Controlling E2 on cycle - Post cycle therapy - to reiterate please do not post your questions on the topics listed above in this thread, post them in the threads: steroid dosage, timing, compound ect - "First steroid cycle" thread aromatase inhibitor, SERM's (for use in gyno prevention) dopamine agonists ect - "Controlling E2" thread SERM's, HCG, OTC counter supps that may assist in recovery ect - "PCT" thread if we can keep them in the relevant threads then i feel it will have a broader outreach with consolidated information plus it will keep the clutter of this thread to a minimum feel free to post any off topic questions and comments down below
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    White Shaming

    Im black and I'm bored of this s**t. I've never seen myself as lesser than or a victim. There is some truth to the matter but it's nothing that I'm gonna lose sleep over. We live in the greatest period of time ever in the history of mankind as far as access to goods, opportunities etc. And s**t like this does more bad than good, just divides people more
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    Right so this will be a lengthy one but this is a lengthy topic in this guide I'm going to go over some basic programming information for a 'powerbuilding or hypertrophy specific' approach. Now you cannot exclusively train for either size or strength to any notable degree hence I included powerbuilding as I'm not going to write out a more complicated powerlifting approach as that is a topic in it's own right so instead I'm going to go over some guidelines for those looking to get bigger and stronger firstly let's discuss the principles Frequency: the amount of times in a week you stimulate or train a muscle into protein synthesis / the adaptive response to progressive weight training, some like a high frequency approach due to the argument of muscle protein synthesis only lasting for 48hrs at most in natural trainees meaning that if you bench on Monday by Wednesday evening your pecs and triceps have gone through the full adaptive process and are back to baseline ready to be stimulated again. Now most might conclude from this that it would make the most sense to train as frequently as possible in that case assuming the goal is purely hypertrophy (strength training has a more CNS adaptive and fatigue based response dependent on intensity) however there are several reasons why one might choose not to including motivation to train the same body part multiple times per week, tendons take a longer time to recovery than the more vascular muscle tissue, in the enhanced muscle protein synthesis is elevated round the clock, getting a better mind to muscle connection with higher sessionly volume due to pump and lactate build up which leads me onto my next topic Volume: this is the amount of work you do for a given body part, for instance 30 sets of chest work by way of 3 sets of 10 different exercises or just 30 sets of the same exercise and anything in between is the training volume, programs oriented toward hypertrophy largely differ by their weekly volume distribution (we'll touch on this more later) volume requirements generally differ for different body parts, a very crude rule of thumb to keep in mind is generally a larger muscle will respond well to higher volume whereas a smaller muscle will respond better to less volume but more frequency think a lower body session hitting nine sets for quads twice per week for a total of eighteen total sets vs bicep curls for three sets, three times per week for a total of nine sets many will argue training volume to be the primary driver of hypertrophy, I firmly disagree with this and would instead put a bigger emphasis on progressive overload which leads me to the next point Progressive overload: the process of increasing the total tonnage lifted per week, to put it simply doing more weight on an exercise for the same reps you did last time or doing more reps with the same weight that you did last time. I believe mechanical tension to be the easiest, most measurable and effective form of building size and strength, this is why many beginner programs seem more (wrongfully labeled) powerlifting based with a 5x5 approach on some core compound movements multiple times per week focusing on a session by session increase in weight. As you become more advanced this becomes more difficult so you need to be a bit more instinctual and reactive to your training rather than focusing on what the beginner should be which is a big drive on ALL pathways of growth; high volume, high frequency, progressive overload and high intensity which leads me onto my final point Intensity: the percentage of your 1 rep max, constantly misunderstood as 'train really really hard' by the misinformed if your max bench press is 100kg, that is you are only able to hit a single rep with 100kg then bench pressing 80kg is an intensity of 80%, you don't need to be overly concerned with intensity as someone not looking to compete in strength sports or simply pushing their strength to the max as there is many paths to the same destination of hypertrophy and therefor you can ease off the gas of one as another becomes exhausted. Think a heavy block of training, deload and then a block of higher rep, shorter rest period metabolic work, since your soul goal isn't to get stronger you don't need to be so tightly tied to the fatigue management of intensity. Above is some of the different principles of muscle building, apply them knowing that each has an energy debt from your energy reserve, the newer to training you are, the weaker you are which means overall intensity is lowered and therefor you can push the other variables since intensity is the biggest cost of recovery a one rep max is as intense as you can train by definition and this would quickly lead to regression, burn out and or injury so with that out the way lets lay out some popular templates and describe how each program utilizes different variables and why Full body training this approach is favored by beginners for the reasons I mentioned above, the strength level is lower therefor volume, frequency and progressive overload can be pushed whereas more advanced lifters may struggle without some complex periodization that I'm not going to get into in this article as we're then trickling down the powerlifting programming route which I'm not covering ITT so how might one lay out a full body program well I'm only templating here so I'm going to use stronglifts as I believe this to be about as optimal as you can get for a rank novice trainee irrelevant of long term goal workout A squat 5x5, bench 5x5, row 5x5 workout B squat 5x5, overhead press 5x5, deadlift 1x5 following a two weekly A, off, B, off, A, off, off, B, off, A, off, B, off, off, repeat approach nice and simple, aiming to add 2.5kg to each lift as you successfully hit 5 sets of 5 repetitions, if you fail a weight three times you deload the weight by 10% on your next session and build back up. Upper Lower this approach can be utilized by the late beginner all the way up to the early advanced lifter, it uses a twice weekly frequency as opposed to the full body three times weekly frequency therefor there is a larger period of time for CNS and connective tissue recovery a simple template could be Upper; bench press 4x8-12, row 4x8-12, overhead press 4x8-12, pull ups 4x8-12, tricep extensions 2x10-15, bicep curls 2x10-15 Lower; squat 4x8-12, romanian deadlift 4x8-12, leg press 4x8-12, leg curl 4x8-12, calf raise 2x10-15, cable crunches 2x10-15 you would typically perform 2 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 2 days off you could of course have an upper A and an upper B with the same 2 variants for Lower to offer some more diversity / exercise selection in the program essentially the layout is just making sure to cover a vertical push, vertical pull, horizontal push, horizontal pull, arm extensions and arm flexion and two quad movements, two hamstring movements, an abdominal exercise and a calf exercise. Push, Pull, Legs for the slightly more late intermediate to early advanced, this follows a 6x per week frequency per month vs the 8x per week frequency of an upper lower some program this as 3 days on, 1 day off, 3 days on, 1 day off however for anyone of any appreciable level of strength this approach will require frequent deloads otherwise you risk overtraining and or overuse injuries a template could be Push; bench press 3x6-8, chest press 3x10-12, overhead press 3x6-8, machine shoulder press 3x10-12, chest fly supersetted with side laterals 4x10-15, tricep extensions 4x10-15 Pull; barbell row 3x6-8, chest supported row 3x10-12, weight pull ups 3x6-8, close grip lat pulldown 3x10-12, rear delt fly supersetted with shrugs 4x10-15, bicep curls 4x10-15 Legs squat; 3x6-8, romanian deadlift 3x10-12, lunges 3x6-8, laying leg curls 3x10-12, leg extensions supersetted with leg curls 4x10-15, hanging leg raises 4x10-15 as mentioned above you could either do a 2 on 1 off approach similar to the upper lower rotating through push, pull, legs or you can do a constant 1 on 1 off approach Body part split for the late intermediate to the late advanced, this follows a once per week frequency allowing for maximal recovery of central nervous system, connective tissue and muscles. if you take this approach too soon in your training career you are absolutely leaving weekly progress on the table as irrelevant of volume (baring injury) you WILL be ready to hit a muscle again sooner than once every 7 days a template could be Chest and triceps: incline bench 5x5, dumbbell bench 4x8-12, chest press 4x8-12, cable fly 4x15-20, dips 3x8-12, tricep extensions 3x15-20 Back and biceps: Barbell row 5x5, weighted underhand pullups 4x8-12, wide grip lat pulldown 4x8-12, cable low row 4x15-20, barbell curls 3x8-12, dumbell preacher curls 3x15-20 Shoulders: overhead press 5x5, dumbbell seated shoulder press 4x8-12, shoulder press machine 4x8-12, rear delt fly 4x15-20, side laterals 3x8-12, shrugs 3x15-20 Legs and abs: squat 5x5, glute ham raise 4x8-12, leg press 4x8-12, leg extension 4x15-20, leg curl 4x15-20, cable rope crunches 3x15-20 you would then do a 5th day of calf, ab and arm top up training since frequency is so low and these are such small muscles you can train more days per week and these muscles with a higher frequency. The idea with this approach being to demolish a muscle group to your full ability and then focusing on rest and recovery leaving you completely fresh and ready to train that muscle again 7 days later with a much lower risk of CNS fatigue, overuse injury and mental drive to train. now bare in mind these are all just templates and you can of course jumble them up with rep ranges, frequency, intensity and exercise selection in fact I encourage you to based on your individual needs and restrictions for instance a routine I often default back to is Bench, chest and tris, Rowing movements for back and bis Squats, quads and core work Off Military press, shoulders and tris, Vertical pulls for back and bis Deadlift, Hamstrings and core work Off Off as my legs take much longer to recover being bigger and stronger proportionately to my upper body musculature I need a full weeks rest in order to get the most out of my quad or hamstring training whereas my pecs and lats are ready to go much sooner which leads me to my closing points you should train to the highest frequency you are able to recover and progress on as this will net you the fastest long term progress. advanced program does not mean advanced results and in most cases it means slower or inferior results if the program design is not matched to your level of development ie a beginner will be leaving progress on the table by performing exercises for a muscle group just once per week whereas an advanced lifter will burn out with injury and fatigue trying to perform an exercise for a muscle group three times per week (again unless carefully periodized) right I think that about wraps it up please fire away below with any questions or help with program design
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    Don't be 'that guy'

    Don't be 'that guy'. I do my best to help people out based on both my experience over the last 10 years or so of both training, nutrition and later, steroid use. I don't confess to know it all. On occasion, if the person has the right attitude, I will coach people. I need to make clear, I don't do this to generate any form of income. I often offer to do it free of charge because I enjoy it and people have helped me in the past. My revenue streams have little to do with bodybuilding. However.... I recently offered to help a friend (for free) whom I had previously competed against (and beat) as he doesn't have a great deal of money and was in a bad place. For context, he had competed a couple of months back and had gone completely cold turkey post show due to his lack of disposable income. He would often hire a coach for 6-8 weeks of his prep, then drop them post show. That's fine, each to their own. But immediately post show is probably one of the times of year where you need to pay closest attention to your health. He was yo'yo dieting, struggling to deal with getting softer and wasn't in a good place mentally. Having spent some time talking to him he revealed the fact he had gone cold turkey and divulged his drug protocol pre-contest. I won't go into specifics, but there was a lot of thyroid hormone and no AI until 2 weeks pre-contest at a rather high dose. It was fairly obvious what was probably going on hormonally. When i asked him about his bloodwork he then revealed that in the last 5 years of competing, he had never, ever, had bloodwork done. This is just plain stupid, irresponsible and largely selfish when you have a young family. Contests will come and go. You're health will not. It is paramount. Don't be that guy. If you cannot afford to get bloodwork at least once a year (or are too afraid to go to your GP (do not mention steroid use)), but are spending money on tren, orals, growth hormone, SARMs... then you are an idiot. Plain and simple. If you cannot afford to keep on top of health post show, do not compete. Don't be that guy. Another example is a 19 year old i speak to who is based in the states. He is on a phenomenal amount of drugs with no fixed source of income. He recently asked me for advice for looking 'as shredded as possible' for a Halloween party.... I mean.... I literally face palmed. But look, that's fine, he was going as the bearded bloke from the film 300 (i know they all have beards, Gerard Butler). So he wanted to be shirtless. My initial advice was 'get leaner'. Anyway, I gave him a basic carb depletion protocol with sodium / potassium manipulation to dry him out. I later found out he used dyazide instead and had severe edema following the party. Don't be that guy. My point here is, and I've been there so don't get me wrong, people need to get their priorities straight. You cannot keep hammering drugs at silly doses and not expect it to have a deleterious effect on your health. Even worse if you are not getting bloodwork to at least know what's going on. I do see a lot of guys here getting bloodwork and many have sent me there results asking for input. That's a great approach. But if you fall into the other category of bodybuilding or fitness hobbiest, please take a good hard look at what you are doing. TRT or cruising in your early twenties is not sensible. If you want to be competitive, cycle 2-3 times a year and test the waters at a local or regional show. Validate whether you 'have it'. Most of us don't, whether that be physically or mentally. In 10 year your outlook will be different to now. In 20 years it will change again. Look ahead, not at right now. Don't be that guy.
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    New MOD

    Aloha just to clear any confusion as I know it's not always displayed so clearly on the mobile app I have joined the moderator team here on uk-muscle I recently stated that I felt if offered I'd likely decline due to the high influx of direct messages I receive asking for advice but as you can see I changed my stance on this reason being is those DMs help one person, which is essentially private coaching whereas contributing to moderate helps the forum as a whole just like creating threads about your question does as your situation is seldom unique so if you have a question start a thread in the relevant section and allow others to chime in, feel free to tag me if you specifically want my opinion on something but by and large unless it is forum moderation related I will not be answering DMs to the nature of 'does this cycle look okay' 'what exercise do you recommend to bring my legs up' 'what's best to treat gyno' ect.. all the best ST
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    MONSTERS of Bodybuilding

    @SonOfThor wins hands down
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    Coming to end of my cut it's not been the best but I'm sort of happy with my condition. Currently sitting at 19st that's a stone and a half loss so happy with that @Sasnak @BLUE(UK)
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    After bulk
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    Proposed infanticide more like. When we got home, house (inhabited / infested) by 26 and 25 yr old daughters) was a frikkin tip. Empty pizza and burger boxes strewn all over the ground floor. Used clothes overflowing the laundry basket. There was no shopping, let alone a "Welcome back" hot meal. Had to tidy the overflowing bins, hoover, mop, cook, etc so thats it's liveable again. 10 million sperm in one ejaculate and it had to be THEM! No wonder they're fu**ing single - they're at the bottom of the barrel in terms of suitability and desirability. The little one (forgot her name): "Dad can we have a BBQ today?" Me: "Sure. Bring your boyfriend. Oh that's right, you ain't got one" f**k it, I'm booking a late September hol right now by opening a new tab.
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    Re-Feed & Re-Lose

    Thought I'd share an article I wrote and presented on other forums back in 2009. I hope it would be of some benefit to the more serious bodybuilders on UK-M. Leptin- The Fat Regulating Hormone When you diet for a bodybuilding competition, your main aim apart from having the proportioned beef is to make sure that that beef is well primed. Chiselled, cut, shredded, ripped, call it what you will, the beef has to be 95% lean or leaner. Now that's an anatomy book ultra-sharp razor look. So you're happy dieting along when weight and fat loss come to a screeching halt. What caused it? Some bodybuilders continue to loose, but instead of looking sharper, they begin to look flatter. Why? Two questions that need to be answered before we proceed. What caused the stoppage in weight and fat loss? It was the fat regulating hormone leptin. It sounds like some sort of tea you drink, but this is no tea. This is what testosterone is to a bodybuilder wanting to gain muscle mass, the only difference is that this powerhouse of a hormone deals with fat loss. Without testosterone you can't build substantial muscles, and similarly, without leptin you cannot shed the fat off to show those built muscles to their maximum ability. Now to the second question. Bodybuilders who continue to lose weight yet look flatter instead of sharper are mainly loosing muscles instead of fat, and what’s left of their muscles has been deflated by a lack of muscle glycogen. The ratio has shifted to where the body is now cannibalising itself for its own survival. This should be a wakeup call to any dieting bodybuilder, that the balance of the macros as well as the total caloric intake is not right. However since this article is about re-feeds, I'll get back to talking about our powerful friend leptin. Leptin is mainly made by our fat cells, their number as well as their size has an effect on the rate of its release, (this will become clearer soon). A small amount of leptin comes from our muscles, (nothing to write home about though). So why is leptin made and released into our blood stream? Leptin presence in our blood stream helps us with regulating our appetite, gives us that hunger feelings, as well as regulating our food intake and how fast we burn it for fuel. So the lower leptin levels fall, the higher our appetite and cravings become for all the goodies we were having when we weren't dieting. Take heart in the knowledge that this is not some weakness on your part that you're craving the goodies; it's not all in your head no. This is the real deal built in physiological defense mechanism our body uses to stay alive. After all, its survival and therefore your survival; and not coming in ripped for a bodybuilding contest is its ultimate and only goal. So now we've established that less blood circulating leptin = to more cravings and as we shall soon see, a slower metabolism. A higher level of leptin therefore, signifies a faster metabolism where fat loss can occur. Take home message so far: don’t let your leptin levels go too low, or at least recognise their effect if or when they do. So as you persevere with your low, and with some bodybuilders, ultra-low caloric intake, your leptin begins to act on your master gland the hypothalamus, which in turn tells your brain to control your appetite up or down. In the case of our near starving bodybuilder, the message sent throughout the body would be to trigger a voracious appetite as well as slow the body's metabolism down to a crawl, where little or no fat loss will take place. It sort of defeats the purpose of what our bodybuilder has set out to achieve, doesn't it! It's only when leptin levels return to within a normal and acceptable range that the strong cravings for food as well as the painful hunger pangs go away. Well then, how would our well-meaning bodybuilder raise his or her leptin levels so as to kick start the fat burning process again? Some will go all out on a binging craze where they will demolish any food in sight. As I will explain shortly, this would not be in the best interest of our bodybuilding friend. You see leptin is a fussy and a highly selective fat regulating hormone. It likes and has an affinity to high blood glucose levels. What this means is that our bodybuilder would be served better if he or she consume the majority of their calories from good sources of carbohydrates. Protein, fats, and fructose do not play a major part in boosting leptin levels. Also, fats are best kept to a low level during this high insulin periods so as to prevent any of them from been driven away into adipose tissue. Protein is best reduced to 1g per lb. of bodyweight and fructose kept low since they have no major impact upon leptin levels. Refeeding intensity and duration depends on few factors, namely: how hard you've been dieting and at what percentage fat level you're at. The leaner you are and the harder you've been dieting, the longer and more intense the refeeding would have to be. Calories should be higher than your caloric maintenance level and the duration should span from 12 hours and up. Don't forget, your main aim is to raise your leptin levels. If your body fat level is at 10% or lower, refeeding should be done about twice a week. If on the other hand your fat levels are between 10-15%, refeeding ought to be done once a week to once every 10 days or so. This is not an exact art and everyone responds differently. In a nutshell, this is not different from a gym workout where if you incorporate high intensity, then by necessity the volume has to drop. On the other hand, if the intensity is low to medium, then one can afford to raise the volume. You may choose to refeed for a whole week, where the more moderate approach in eating would apply. OK, so you may gain the smallest amount of fat due to the refeed. However, looking at the benefits ahead of you should far outweigh any fat gained during that small period. So what exactly awaits you that make this whole body tricking so worth it? For starters, your dead metabolism will be revving back up like a muscled supercharged V8 machine. Your hormone profile will be back in balance once more. For the gentlemen in you, that means the almighty testosterone would be back on track to serve your muscles well, with fully reloaded muscles full of skin bursting glycogen, and on another front, to lend a mighty blow to the muscle demolishing king of all, the Cortisol hormone. For the ladies in you, a raise in Leptin spells a return to your reproduction hormones where your regular monthly cycle is back on track. The stoppage of this monthly cycle should never become an issue to our sisters in the sport, and regular refeeds should be employed so as to prevent such an occurrence from ever taking place. Any disregard to this issue will result in decreased bone density and further accentuate any risk of osteoporosis. Here’re two sample meals; one made up of high carbohydrate low fat low protein (HC-LFLP), whilst the other is made up of LC-HFHP. I’ve put up the link in order for you to check the whole study with its final results. HC-LFLP BW 60kg. Cal 600 Carb 70% 105g Fat 15% 10g Pro 15% 22.5g Rice with roast pork: Cooked rice 300g Roast pork 30g ½ egg Sweet sauce, 2 tsp. 1-2 small cucumber 1-2 spring onion Look how different this 600 calorie meal is compared with the first one (above). LC-HFHP BW 60kg. Cal 600 Carb 20% 30g Fat 50% 33.3g Pro 30% 45g Rice with fried fish: Cooked rice 90g Fried fish, 180g Sweet chilli sauce 2 tsp. Now check this out for some deeper analysis/ for the difference in the levels of blood glucose, insulin, and changes in leptin concentrations in response to HC-LFLP and/or LC-HFHP meals as presented above. http://www.tm.mahidol.ac.th/seameo/2006_37_4/25-3770N.pdf Okay, I know this is not the time but, since many bodybuilders are always talking about bulking up to add some serious beef, I advise you to take heed that leptin becomes more and more desensitised in delivering its message to the brain (basically what you have is a leptin resistance similar to an insulin resistance), where even though the hormone is available, it’s no longer recognised by the cell receptors it calls “home”. Result? Fat, plus other health issues! Solution? When bulking, eat real food! Bulking is not, or should not be your magic ticket to KFC and MacDonald! Oh nearly forgot…, just as you give yourself ample time to trim down, please give yourself ample time to increase your weight. A majestic Boeing 747-400 takes its time to line up with the runway…. for that perfect landing! Finally, refeeds should not be interpreted as a wild card in the gym, where the temptation to raise the volume and intensity would be detrimental. Failing to control one's self by going all out would really be defeating the whole purpose of this powerful tool we have at our disposal as bodybuilders. Always look forward to the week ahead after your refeed, because that's where visual improvements would be realised and felt and where euphoria won't be far behind. I wish you a safe landing Champions... Cheers Neuron. 1999 Aug; 23(4):775-86. Leptin Differentially Regulates NPY and POMC Neurons Projecting to the Lateral Hypothalamic Area Neuron, Volume 23, Issue 4, 1 August 1999, Pages 775-786. Amongst others. Fadi.
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    as promised for those that follow my log how i overcame the 'external' negative side effects of oral hepatotoxicity just to put in some context i was on my FINAL try at harsh orals (anything other than anavar) as the side effects in the past have hit me full force and made my life unbearable every time i took: anadrol, dianabol, msten or superdrol the sides i would get without fail were: * acid reflux * headaches * appetite suppression * lethargy * back pumps i would be suffering from all of these within just a couple days of taking any of the above with even as low as 20mg of dianabol well im now almost side effect free on 30mg dbol daily and im upping my dose to 40mg tomorrow based on this i will go through the above list and list how i handled each Acid reflux i was most happy to crack this one months back on the tail end of a tren cycle when i just couldnt shake the acid reflux and after a s**t load of reading i discovered that acid reflux (outside of a medical condition) is almost always caused by an underproduction of stomach acid in short it is primarily handled by consuming 250ml of kefir morning and night however there are other factors that come into play / ways of treating extreme cases which i advise you to read through ITT Headaches this one is a bit boring / simple but ties into how you will cure the above hydration! and i dont just mean glugging liters and liters of water (although you should be throughout the day) as this alone isnt hydration you also need plenty of electrolytes, most of you will already be getting enough potassium (assuming you eat a pretty balanced diet) however most of you have wrongfully labeled salt or sodium as the bad guy yet this plays a vital role in your hydration, gut health and sports performance so i advise you to salt all meals with an unrefined salt i use this particular brand - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Magic-Salt-Himalayan-Fine-Pink/dp/B01BHTPFA2/ref=sr_1_8_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1547216462&sr=8-8&keywords=pink+salt aim for 4-6g of unrefined salt per day for more reading on the benefits of salt read my posts ITT (6th post down) Appetite suppression this isnt a dead cert as we all react differently to different compounds however you shouldnt 'need' this as the gut health maintenance and liver stress reduction which we address further down should keep your appetite intact but if you wish to boost it i advise you to take either 500mg+ of equipoise with your cycle, this makes for a great third compound to any cycle imo and really shines as an appetite stimulant as well as some extra anabolism with minimal sides obviously this isnt always something people wish to do (bump their current cycle up by half a gram) and to those i advise GHRP 6 pinned 100mcg 20 minutes pre meal, do this with every meal you can afford / desire to except breakfast where you should be able to rely on your natural appetite after each meal (except for your evening or liquid meals) consume a digestive enzyme i use this brand to good effect - https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR12.TRC2.A0.H0.Xlindens+digestive+enzymes.TRS0&_nkw=lindens+digestive+enzymes&_sacat=0 this will ensure you are able to process your food as fast as possible and of course aid in what will be a hampered digestive system from the alkylated oral steroid use. i do NOT advise you to use MK677 although this will have a positive effect on appetite it has a habit of causing lethargy which is part of what we are trying to fix with this protocol lastly on suppression / digestion i advise you to drink 250ml of orange juice with each meal as this will increase stomach acidity and give the liver a steady flow of fructose (its preferred carbohydrate source) and plenty of vitamin c which contributes to protecting liver cells which leads me onto the next point Lethargy so the way we will tackle this ties in with the appetite suppression as they're both part liver stress related (the appetite is also digestive issues but we've covered this) nice and simple on this one 250mg tudca AM and PM for a total of 500mg daily 1200mg NAC PM (taken away from your oral steroid dosing) plenty of water as covered above (really aim to keep your piss as clear as you can all day) i consume around 5 liters of total fluid, on a training day this is bumped up to 7 due to periworkout fluids and in terms of actual stimulants I've noticed a requirement for about a 50% increase in my caffeine consumption I've gone from consuming on average 300mg caffeine per day to 500mg there is certainly still a level of lethargy there but with this approach it is MASSIVELY reduced when compared to how I've been in the past literally napping all day and dragging my ass through work and life in general to the point it was actually having a strain on my relationship Back pumps easy since basically all that we've done above will sort these with the addition of 5g taurine daily. so to summarize I have reduced what was once crippling side effects from all harsh orals to about 20% of what they've been in the past by doing the following: * plenty of fluid (4-7 liters depending on body weight and how much you sweat) * 4-6g of unrefined salt daily (salt in food does not count toward this number, aim to limit this to a minimum) * 250ml kefir consumed first thing in the morning and again before bed * 250ml orange juice with each meal * digestive enzyme after each meal * equipoise or GHRP 6 used as needed (see above for dosing) * taurine used 5g daily * 250mg tudca taken morning and again at night with 1200mg NAC alongside the evening dose also worth noting when I say I've reduced sides down to 20% of what they were I am referring to lethargy only the protocol above eliminated ALL other external side effects for me my appetite is ravenous, I get no back pumps even with high rep squats or back extensions, my digestion is great with no gastric bloating, no headaches and I have no acid reflux at all the only external side I'm still suffering from is a bit of lethargy but it is reduced by about 80% from what it has been in the past I've spent years suffering sides from orals I love them for their quick strength and size gains but honestly going in this cycle was probably the third time I've said "If I can't get the sides under control I'm done with orals" well now the only thing that'll limit my usage is how internally side effect heavy they are but externally as I mentioned above I'd say total sides are limited to about 20% of what they have been in every past experience try it out and let me know how you get on but make sure you follow every step as they all have a purpose and many covering several side effects hope this helps, ST
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    As soon as I walk in the gym, gashes start frothing, I shout 'Stop your grinning and drop your linen', the birds do, then I get them to line up for a pump. Oh s**t, just realised this is the wrong account, was meant to be logged in as IronJohnDoe.
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    The real Swole troll exposed

    lost my hair because of mast jaundice from anadrol fruity because of my poor e2 management f**k you guys this could happen to any of you..
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    Post your pecs thread

    Don’t really work pecs they just grow effortlessly lol now let’s see some man boobies
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    I have finally re joined a gym. This was because by way of coincidence, an old friend from my old gym happened to be walking near me and noticed me. He asked where I had been and I was honest about what happened to me over the last year and was actually honest about my past,what happened to me in my early twenties {parents abandoned me and put me in a care home and sodded off to france when I first got ill } , well I told him some of it anyway. He actually started to cry ,you see we had been working out for years and I never told him a thing. Even lied that I was going to be with my family over xmas so none of the lads knew I was alone. So anyway we both went to this nearby cafe and had a chat and he persuaded me to come down to his gym tomorrow. I did so, well kind of... I got there but chickened out of actually walking in as I knew it wouldn't be just him working out there as he told me most of my old gym had joined it. So I just hung around outside trying to summon up the courage. In the end he and someone else I know came out and basically dragged me in there !, there was seven people I knew in there and they all came over and were shaking me by the hand and slapping me on the back. They even didn't do any piss taking at the state of me!{haven't trained for about a year and been in lots of meds, been unable to get out of bed some of the time as well}. Then a very big bloke came over and introduced himself. He is a personal trainer and the chap I met the day before had spoken to him about me and my situation. The chap yesterday said we would get on and we do. Had a session with him already and plan to see him again . He has devised a programme for me, as my back and fitness is a mess so he wants my posture better before I start seriously weight lifting again and Iam not ready yet to start really pumping iron like before. There is some weight lifting involved but only 3 days a week, and quite restricted. goblet squats rather than barbell squats for instance. The other 3 days Iam just doing cardio, As with my illness good for me to get in the gym every day or else I start getting suspicious of people there. just been down there just now and it feels great to be back at the gym.
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    When I was 34 I was dating a 16 year old. We walked into a bar/restaurant one night holding hands and this bloke at the bar shouted “nonce” at me. Then a couple of other blokes started hurling insults, calling me a peado. It didn’t really bother me but my gf got really upset as it was ruining our 10th anniversary of being together.
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    Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Morning! So back after around 2 months away from the gym first session was legs just kept everything light and high reps (12-20 ) can’t do anything heavy anyway , can’t believe how weak I felt checked my weight for the first time after months and though I thought I had put on a few kilos I’m still at 57 kg Goals this year : fix everything lol mainly grow my skinny legs and see I can trim my midsection but I ‘ll leave the latter for later current condition pics below have a great day everyone! x
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    swole troll

    juiced celebs

    God help us if the first thing that springs to mind is performance enhancing drugs looking at that transformation
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    From about 4 weeks ago, little flat. Now looking to push weight back up until December time
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    Anna’s log the sequel lol

    Little time today so shoulders press on smith machine 5x8 incline bench with dumbbells 4x15 lateral raises 4x20 face pulls 3x15 triceps pressdowns 3x15 pushdowns 3x15 single arm alternating grips 2xfailure core work have lost 1,4 kilos so far . Well first days are easier I still have a long way to go lol would say another 4-5 kilos to look half decent but I’ll take it as it goes have an amazing weekend everyone! x
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    swole troll

    Mega doses used by elite lifters

    as a warning because i know big dose threads have gotten a lot of animosity lately, this is just examples of what people out there do sometimes use, people at the top of their game that have made the decision 'I am willing to shave years from my life for my goals' i myself go anywhere from 700 - 1.5g depending on compounds, duration, goals ect so dont be that knuckle head that browses this and thinks i condone or promote even the doses i use personally let alone those outlined in this thread that out the way here's some info ive gathered from various private and public forum browsing on some elite level powerlifter usage the reason i list PL doses is because its less popular and less in the light like bodybuilding where you just get people creating random s**t online for shock factor (think ronnie coleman or arnolds cycle) , the cycles i post below are admitted usage be it from posts on forums before they were as successful, facebook posts, relayed info or in interview Stan Efferding posted by someone who trained with him (cannot remember / didnt save the users name) posted on getbig 1,5g Test 750mg Tren 1g Mast 1g bold and various orals as needed (all high end PL heavily abuse orals) Dan Green posted in FB comments between dan and another poster (i personally didnt see this post) 3g Test 1g Mast 1g Bold 1g tren 150mg var daily Sam Parker admitted in interview with dave crosland 1g Test 1g Bold THIS IS A CRUISE he went on to say he runs up to 6g on a blast and hundreds of units of insulin per week Brandon Lilly put this out as his recommendation in the initial prototype copies of the cube aimed at lifters of all levels Weeks 1-6 Testosterone Cypionate: 500-600mg Nandrolone Decanoate 300mg Anavar: 50mg per day Weeks 7-10 Testosterone Cypionate: 1000-1200mg Nandrolone Decanoate 600mg 14 days out Add 50mg Trenbolone Acetate EOD Add 50mg dianabol a day Lilly has ran higher than this himself, talking on a reddit AMA about going up to 100mg of dianabol per day on cycle the above is just a blanket 'average' cycle he put out for those running the cube method into a meet Scott Mendelson is extremely tight lipped about his doses so dont have much on him in interview with dave palumbo recently he admitted to using 500mg anadrol per day and finally Chris Duffin was pretty active on the forums before he got big in powerlifting, use to post up on bodybuilding . com, reddit and outlaws which i will directly copy and paste "I?m a little hesitant to write up everything for couple reasons. This isn?t for everyone, is not what I recommend, and I?m still experimenting. Much of my performance has been from the sheer amount of work I put in and with messing with the larger dosages this year I don?t have the capacity to train balls out like I used to (although I still train a lot if you follow my logs). HOWEVER my gym, family life, and professional life have all grown so much in the last few years that I simply don?t have the time to make it to the gym as frequently, as long, and I?m usually doing a ton of coaching when I?m there now. So I'm just figuring out how to put all this together and what works best in the end for me.So a little background and context.I had deadlifted 4x bw in comp before ever going on.I set a #4 all-time multi total my first cycle on 4 years ago (and my last multi-ply meet)I am chasing some very aggressive goals and I have some major issues that are only getting worse. I may only have a few meets left that I can try achieve my goals at before the issues become insurmountable.Here is some basic info. Sorry I?m not going to lay all this out in an ?how to? approach and there is a lot of detail and timing that is important so don?t try to duplicate without knowledge.Off season175-250mg test and maybe some anavar in the 100-120mg rangeGH 20iu (pulsed preworkout only 4x a week)Slin 20iu(Humalog preworkout only but timed to not interfere with GH and combined with special shake of carbs, creatine, amino?s, potassium that is drunken with it and during workout)IGF1LR3 & PegMGF (alternate between the two immediately postworkout along with herbal Glucose shuttling sups to upregulate after GH and Slin)GH releasing Peptides taken non training daysWith this I can train like crazy and recover from it and if I do the work I can keep the progress rolling like when I?m on cycle. The pulsing approach keeps my blood sugar in control nicely versus the more frequent doses of GH most people do and seem to get better recovery with putting everything around the workout.CycleLast meet 4 weeks ago I was up to the following by the meet3100mg Test700mg Mast Prop700mg NPP700mg TrenI only ran two weeks of orals since I have bigger meet next month2 weeks Winny/Drol @ 100mg eachCurrently @ 3 weeks outI added my GH/Slin/Peptide combo the last 4 weeks on top of everything aboveWill be dropping all that in a few days to give my 3 weeks to get weight and bloat in control3200mg test1400mg Mast Prop (bumped to 1050 then 1400 over last 4 weeks)1050mg NPP (just bumped)700mg TrenTwo weeks ago I added orals (5 weeks out)120mg Tbol120mg Var75mg Winny3 weeks out (next few days) I will be dropping Var and Winny and adding1000mcg Methly TrenAgain these dosages are fairly new to me this year. Just trying to see what I can tolerate, what the pros and cons are, and?. I?m all in, I don?t have many more shots at what I want to hit.Had a liver function Test 3 weeks ago with AST 40 & ALT60. No anti-E or other ancillaries just relying on Masteron and over the counter PES Erase Pro.My first All-Time raw record set earlier this year was much lower dosed.Was only an 8 week cycle coming off GH/Slin/Peptide coast cycle.at end I was at1500MG Test1100mg Mast Prop700mg Tren700mg NPP600mg EQ240mg dbol (180/240 the last weeks only)120mg Varone last note.... I probably spend more time on Var than off over the course of a year." cant emphasize this enough, this isnt my fu**ing advice, this is purely for those interested in what some people are willing to do to achieve their goals these people not only are the genetic elite with incredible work ethic and determination but also push every variable they can to the extreme; training, food, rest and recovery and drugs as outlined above also dont use this thread to feed your denial about your use, gear is unhealthy period, to use extreme doses to justify your own is like a 20 a day smoker saying im fine because there is people out there smoking 60 use what YOU want to use to reach your personal goals in exchange for the potential negative side effects to your health. lastly 'who cares what they use?' me and many others, diet and training advice is out there in plain sight in the abundance, gear is more of a fitness industry faux pas so its nice to have all stones unturned in what people at the top of their game are doing
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    Beef cooking in street

    I was riding my bicycle and a fellow in a motorised carriage beckoned to me. He suggested that he would like me to perform fellatio upon him. I politely declined, but he was quite persistent in his advances, I declined again, a little more firmly this time, and I continued on my journey, thinking to myself, what a strange gentleman. A short while later, I happened upon the fellow once more, and decided to make my position very clear using the Swiss army knife I always carry on my person in case of situations thus. The fellow finally got the message that I was not interested in performing fellatio on him and carried on his merry way. Spirited debate in the streets! Who'd have thought it? Alas one is always ready to stress one's point of view to one's fellow man.
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    The world's strongest vegan has smashed the old vegan bench press record by 9kg and it now stands at a whopping 54kg! Onwards and upwards for the vegan muscle monsters! On hearing the news, the current non-vegan bench press record holder, Kiril Sarychev, was heard to say "that's very impressive for a vegan, most aren't able to walk down the road unassisted". Marvellous stuff, marvellous.
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    HCG: mixing, storing, dosing.

    HOW TO MIX AND STORE hCG. The water you need to reconstitute hCG is bacteriostatic water. Calculating hCG: There isn't a specific ratio of ml to IU. It depends on how you mix it. It's quite simple. If you dillute 5,000 IUs hCG with 5ml of bacwater, the end result is 1,000 IUs per ml. Divide the same 5,000 IUs with 10 ml and the end result is 500 IUs per ml. Therefore, a large part depends on the concentration of hCG per ampoule or vial. Mixing hCG: Items needed: bacteriostatic water (not the water/solvent that comes with the kit) and some 5ml empty sterile vials or some syringes/slin pins. 1) Open hcg/amp with powder 2) Use a syringe to pull out 1ml of Bac Water and put in amp with hCG 3) It will instantly dissolve 4) Take syringe and add the mixed hCG solution to the sterile vial 5) Swirl gently and you have 5000IU's of hCG 6) Then draw 0.2ml (1000iu) and inject 7) put the rest in the refrigerator 8) Only use as much bac water as you need, too much may have a detrimental effect when the reconstituted hCG is stored. 9) For multi dose vials of powder (IE 5000iu) simply flip off the lid, draw up 2.5ml of bac water and squirt into the vial, then every 0.5ml or 50 on a 1ml slin pin will be 1000iu. Addendum: 2) 1ml is a guideline, you could just as easily add 2ml then adjust 6) accordingly (IE: double, 0.4ml). •The reason your discarding the amp of solvent is because its made for a single use. •The most common side affect associated with hCG is gynecomastia. The concurrent intake of Nolvadex with hCG prevents gynecomastia, prevents/minimizes leydig cell desensitization and continues the stimulation of pituitary LH once hCG has been discontinued. •hCG will last up to 6 weeks if mixed with Bac water instead of the solvent it comes with. •You can keep the mixed hCG in vials or syringes in the fridge till use. hCG DOSING: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a peptide hormone that mimics the action of luteinizing hormone (LH). LH is the hormone that stimulates the testes to produce testosterone. When you take AAS LH levels decline. The absence of an LH signal from the pituitary causes the testes to stop producing testosterone, this causes you're testes to shrink Based on studies with normal men using steroids, 100iu hCG administered everyday was enough to preserve full testicular function without causing desensitization/saturation associated with high doses of hCG. A more convenient alternative to the above recommendation would be a thrice weekly shot of 250iu hCG, or possibly a twice weekly shot of 500iu. However, it is most desirable to adhere to a lower more frequent dose of hCG to mimic the body’s natural LH release and minimize estrogen conversion. The above protocol is by Eric Potratz Another protocol is the blast method, this can be used if for some reason you haven't ran hCG on cycle. This is often used towards the end of a cycle and/or the run up to PCT. Much higher doses are used, anywhere from 1000iu-5000iu. An example would be 2500iu - 5000iu shot 2-3 x wkly for 4wks. I do have some scientific evidence that a 6000iu shot increased testosterone by 50% but did not alter the T > E ratio. In fact some athletes have used hcg at 5000iu weekly while coming off cycle to successfully balance the T > E ratio. I think it's worth pointing out that in clinical studies it was shown that a single 10000iu shot desensitized the leydig cells for 96hrs. From my latest research (taken from a recent article by the Endocrinology Society) i am now using and advocating the protocol of 1000iu injected once weekly. Here is the science behind this protocol: An in vivo injection or an episode of LH secretion induced by GnRH, results in stimulation of the side-chain cleavage enzyme with the subsequent release of testosterone within 30-60 minutes of LH stimulation. The acute response to an injection of LH is dramatic in some species such as the rat and the ram but is much more attenuated in the human. This testosterone response lasts approximately 24-48 hours. If human chorionic gonadotrophin is used as an LH substitute, the kinetics of the initial stimulation are similar to LH but a second peak of testosterone secretion is evidence with hCG and occurs 48-72 hours after the initial injection. This biphasic pattern has been attributed to the observation that between 24 and 48 hours after an LH or hCG injection, the Leydig cells are refractory to further stimulation by either hormone. The second phase of testosterone secretion after hCG but not LH is associated with the longer half-life of hCG in comparison to LH. The hCG levels persist in the circulation and, following recovery from the refractoriness, testosterone levels increase. This observation has significant clinical importance since, in many men, a single weekly injection of hCG will suffice to maintain optimum testosterone responses rather than the frequent practice of giving injections of hCG two to three times per week. The stimulation of leydig cells with large amounts of hCG rapidly reduces their number of receptors, this phenemenom is termed down-regulation. Although these changes decrease testosterone levels to just above diurnal maxima 24-48hrs after initial injection repeated stimulation does not yield the same results. A single injection of hCG is followed by a long steroidogenic response characterized by two phases of testosterone secretion. Studies show that this second phase which can last as long as 8 days can increase testosterone in plasma by 2.2 x above maximal diurnal secretion even though hCG is no longer present in plasma. The results indicate that hCG injections can be given every 6-7 days due to the prolonged steroidogenic response. It is advisable to start this protocol around week 2-3 in the cycle and continue till the start of PCT. hCG and gynecomastia. HCG can cause gyno, this is probably due to hCG's ability to increase the dynamics of the CYP450 enzyme, the aromatase enzyme is part of this family so it's possible to note a marked increase in aromatase activity, this should not prove to be a problem if you are already taking an AI on cycle for estrogen management but it is something that you need to be aware of. hCG use and the P450 cytochrome: Firstly a little basic info on the P450 enzyme and why hCG use on cycle is extremely beneficial: The CYP450 (cytochrome P450) enzyme system is a key pathway for drug metabolism. Many lipophilic drugs must undergo biotransformation to more hydrophilic compounds to be excreted from the body. The majority of drugs undergo phase I metabolism (e.g., oxidation, reduction) by CYP450 enzymes, this is especially indicative of anabolic androgenic steroids and endogenous steroid hormones. We all know the importance of incorporating hCG into our cycle, this is just another good reason to use hCG. In laymans terms hCG increases the dynamics of CYP450 which in turn increases the rate at which drugs can be metabolized, which in turn increases protein dynamics. Basically by the action of hCG on P450 dynamics it also increases pregnenolone which is the precursor for all other steroid hormones and has many benefits, one of which is that it serves to keep/restore a natural hormonal balance within this key pathway even if the HPTA is suppressed, it also has energizing, anti-stress benefits, elevates mood through the raising of NDMA activity and reduces excess Cortisol, so if we can increase this steroid hormone with the use of hCG, we should. For other examples of hCG protocol please refer to the link below. https://www.uk-muscle.co.uk/steroid-testosterone-information/13764-here-docs-protocol-hpta-recovery.html Thanks to Patmuscle for this video showing mixing and subcutaneous injection technique. http://www.medicalvideos.us/play.php?vid=689
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    Chelsea's 2018 Prep

    I won!!!!!!