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    Show me yours and I’ll show you mine

    Disappointing thread. I saw the title and ran to put the heating on then spent half an hour posing in front of the bathroom mirror getting the perfect photograph.
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    White lives matter

    Anyone who puts a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach in an armed robbery in her own house probably deserves a bullet. Anyone who has child cruelty cases against him probably deserves a bullet. Two less scumbags on the street.
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    1. Force everyone to have vaccines 2. Only vaccines with tracking chips can be used. 3. Leaders must have s proven history of paedophilia. 4. Physical cash to be illegal 5. The only pandemics that are allowed are Plandemics. 6. Shite puns such as sheeple and remoaner must be used in every sentence. 7. The only news allowed is that which is shared on YouTube by people with diagnosed paranoid delusional illnesses. 8. Clips from YouTube conspiracy theorists must be used in every bodybuilding forum thread. 9. @wylde99 to be banned from the internet for the rest of his life and forced to go and do something useful with his life.
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    Cant even take my top off in this weather!

    You always pop in at the right moment lol how are you ? I swear I need to lose more x
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    F**king clapping s**t again?!!!

    Dead on 5pm - wtf is that all about? The fat slag across the road from me was first out banging a f**king frying pan with a spoon. Amazed it wasn't full of bacon and ice cream, the fat ugly lazy noisy bitch
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    I've trained since I was 14 and I'll soon be 59. I realised long ago I would never be Mr Universe but I think weight training comes with enough other benefits (health - physical and mental, strength, and looking good) to keep me going and interested. I honestly can't see any good reason to stop.
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    White lives matter

    Black people are still selling black people in Libya for slavery purposes. We don't hear f**k all about that, no, just the privileged black people that do not realise how privileged they are, but have a chip on their shoulder because they live in a developed country and want everything on a platter. I ask them to come and work with me for a couple of days covered in mud and soaking wet through so they can experience this white privilege first hand
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    Home gym pissing contest

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    Home gym pissing contest

    All your gyms look far too clean, almost like they’ve never been used Here’s my grubby little shht hole.
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    Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    Who’s owned a dog? What dog do/did you have? Photos? Name? I drove a 9 hours round trip today to view the little girl we’re getting. She’s 2 weeks old. Picking her up in August. shes a boarder collie cross beagle.
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    Do you look at girls in the gym

    There was none of them in the 80s
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    Do you look at girls in the gym

    What day was for black people?
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    It’s because they’ve got themselves a girlfriend then next thing you here from them is “hi guys I’m back it’s been a few years but getting back into it how’s everyone doing do you remember me ,what they really mean is she’s fcked me of that’s why I’m back on here
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    Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    I’ve mostly just accepted everything so far but is hard to see how they can justify opening pubs and not gyms. I find it even harder to see how anyone can justify anything opening while kids are still sat at home missing out on an education, and no one seems to care. Got a daughter in reception who’s been going back in 2 days a week for the last 3 weeks - there’s only 6 kids because the rest of the parents didn’t “feel it was safe”. Yet all I see is crowds queuing to get in primark, packed beaches and parks, people gathering to protest, traffic jams for maccies and people screaming for the pub. Wtf is up with people???
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    Oh I had this custom log hand made aswell.
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    Sadiq Khan has shown his hand

    By the same logic shall we get rid of Auschwitz concentration camp, the great pyramids of Egypt, or other ancient wonders of the world that were only built because of the exploitation of other peoples; for they too can be said to be symbols of oppression. I just think the whole thing is nonsensical.
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    Do some pushups and stop crying OP. Fvck's sake.
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    Brainwashed normie sheep thread

    Utter shite.
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    Nexus labs deca

    Jesus mate, its Steroids. Not milk!!
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    BLM Riots in the UK

    Looking forward to Hugo Boss, Under Armour, Lucozade, Sky Sports, Matchroom, Jaguar Land Rover and Beats dropping him for racism. Oh s**t, it's OK, it's black on white, we'll give him a pass.
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    BLM Riots in the UK

    This says it all. Obviously a lot of black people think like this, they've just used George Floyd's death as an excuse to finally show their true colours. "their" shops and economies? His fu**ing promoter is white.
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    How many squat racks does one man need?

    Added these two yesterday to my "home gym" 5 wall mounted and a yoke that doubles up in there now.
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    It was supposed to be the 4th, now its the 27th
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    The rest of it. Missing a lot of kit as I've lent it out to clients.
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    Oops drunk eBay shopping

    A few years ago my elderly father wanted a new radio to listen to Test Match Special on long wave like he always has done. I got his radio off eBay and took it round to him. Then for some reason whilst drunk one night I thought it would be really cool if I had one. I ordered a second. It didn’t dawn on me that I could get all of the stations on either of the 2 dab radios we already have in the house plus my car until it arrived. I mention this because I looked at it today in the garage, still boxed and unused whilst I was clearing the garage out. It survived the run to the rubbish dump. You never know when you might need some outdated electrical technology. This post was boring as f**k. Sorry, but it was the best I could do on the topic.
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    Recovery advice. Anabolic Window

    I’m reminded of a time years ago when I was working in a hospital, the police brought in this hells’s angel guy wearing the full kit - jeans, boots, leathers and loads of tattoos and full long beard etc. He was completely off his head and storming round the place and threatening all the staff. He was claiming his hells’s angel mates would find out where we lived and kill all our families etc etc. The staff were terrified. So I rang the police of the town where he came from and told them about the threats and the staff being frightened. The sergeant at the other end calmly said, do you think it would reassure your staff if I told you he drives around the town on a Honda C90 and that kids shout abuse at him every time he rides by? For those who don’t know what a C90 looks like...
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    Nips n belly button obscured so I’m out.
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    Fisher price.
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    Because leftists are generally a bunch of fat useless lazy bastards with absolutely nothing going on in their life. Rather than try and improve themselves they find it easier to just complain and protest about how their life is s**t due to everyone else "oppressing" them and how they can't advance with their career, not because they're shite at their job, but because of "institutional racism" , sexism or some imaginary glass ceiling.
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    Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    My boy cooper an absolute tank for a lab at 40kg , wife is friends with woman at vets who say she hasn't seen one as big as him and they get loads in. Can be be right arsehole at times but we all love him none the less.
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    Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    Awww thanks although Heaven or not, I do it because animals deserve much better than we humans give to them.
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    New Triumph Range...

    Mate, having a sugar daddy of Grindr doesn't count as "sponsored"
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    Start cutting then bloatlord
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    Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    One of these on the front door, Let everyone who thinks we're all doomed stay in the house for as long as they want, no one ever forced them outside before this. Why should others suffer because they're afraid of a virus.
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    Gyms will remained closed ffs!!

    I'll look forward to benefitting immensely from your training expertise (even though I was likely training hard before you were born). You on the other hand can look forward to benefitting from my expertise in treating mentally ill people.
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    If after those doses i look like you Ill ask for my money back
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    Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Hello, since I'm new to this forum, I thought I'd post some recent pictures of myself. I posted a question in another thread and already got help, so thank you very much. I'm from Slovenia, so sorry if my english is sometimes not as good These are taken about 2 weeks ago.
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    White lives matter

    A country where every woman's fanny is pixelated isn't for me.
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    White lives matter

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    Take your shirt off and it will remove all suspicion from his mind
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    Adult meltdowns you've seen....

    My next door neighbour is ex army he is about 36 He’s got the Afghanistan t shirt and walks around as if we all owe him a favour and he controls his mrs I have found a weakness in him though ,every so often on aThursday on bin night I put all my recycling bins outside his house not mine and he comes out ranting and raving booting fck out of them then goes back in and starts thumping the walls ,I am working on him slowly to have a mental breakdown
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    Here’s an insight from a firearms officer he first off resisted arrest. Secondly he stole the taser. He then ran so the threat wasn’t as great. However. Cctv shows him turning round and pointing the taser at the cop. At this point he can taser the officer and then get his actual firearm. Would I have shot him at this point? I probably would.
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    Guy falls asleep in a drive through. Get the cops called on him. Stinks of alcohol. Slurred speech. Fails a sobriety test. Fails a breathalyser. Is informed (all I might add, politely and civily) that he is being arrested for these reasons. Then proceeded to resist arrest, assault 2 police officers. Try and steal their weapons. Successfully steal a taser and assault them with that. Then flee the scene with said weapon. Further, he then turns to use the taser on the cop and is shot. What part of it isn't justified. If I'm honest, the drunk driver bit is enough for me to not give a f**k if he's dead. He's dead through his own actions. The cops could have shot him at any point when he was still fighting. They didn't. It's what's called a "last resort" Sick of all this bullshit. They also then burned the Wendy's down. Genius. Both cops body cam footage is online. With audio. You can hear everything. Like "let go of the taser" There's also the CCTV from Wendy's and cellphone footage. But let's just all push the victim narrative. Cops bad, arsehole drunk driver who attacks the police and steals weapons, good! When we marching?
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    BLM Riots in the UK

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    Should I buy this bike?

    No it’s black
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    Were avoiding a 2nd wave by successfully keeping the first one going
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    This generation is pussy AF, I miss life pre 2010
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    Sadiq Khan has shown his hand

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    Sadiq Khan has shown his hand

    statues and place names have to be the biggest threat to Londoners today, thank god he is taking action.