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    It really depends on whether you think you have a future with him, Buddy.
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    When I was 34 I was dating a 16 year old. We walked into a bar/restaurant one night holding hands and this bloke at the bar shouted “nonce” at me. Then a couple of other blokes started hurling insults, calling me a peado. It didn’t really bother me but my gf got really upset as it was ruining our 10th anniversary of being together.
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    Lending equipment

    This could be either a joint thread or my own. I have some equipment I can lend. It's not much but if it can help someone on here then I'm all for it All brand new is a trap bar deadlift and Olympic dumbell handles. I may also be able to lend a 7ft Olympic barbell. I'm based in the South East, Kent. All I'd ask is deposit for the market value of the equipment, that you'd get back once returned, I'm not charging for actually loan the equipment to you. The deposit is just incase you turn out to be a thieving c**t.
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    What do you want for Christmas?

    Health for me and my family. That’s all I want. I’ve had the stress of my wife being seriously ill as a lot of you know. She has recovered to date. I just want things to stay that way. Good physical and mental health is something we take for granted. If you could buy it someone for Christmas you would.
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    Get a solid 28 days of training in before the new year's lockdown
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    I’m sure there are more than plenty dogs in rescue centres requiring a home without encouraging breeders to keep breeding more.
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    Trump doesnt want the votes counting

    And yet he's started no new wars, reduced American troop presence oversees and reigned in North Korean missle tests. If Biden wins, i suspect Kim Jung will resume tests straight away to test Biden's resolve, then we'll see the measure of Biden because Obama backed down when he threatened the line in the sand over the Assad regime using chemical weapons and immediately looked weak. Also Trump didn't win the last election, Obama lost it because huge swathes of the US simply felt their voice no longer mattered and they turned to someone who claimed he had their ear. It's exactly why Brexit happened and Corbyn lost the last election. The common man felt he no longer had a voice in parliament. It says how far the Labour party had sunk when the common man felt more in common with an Oxbridge classically educated toff than the incumbent of the supposed workers party! The Democrat's are a joke if thr best candidate they could put up was a 78 year old man!! I can't believe there's no a charismatic Hispanic for instance in his 50s etc who could have won a landslide for them. Instead it's another seemingly cardboard cut out who will probably have a rubbish presidency and gift the republican party the next election.
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    I don't get too tied up in these kinds of discussions as everyone seems so married to their info source and seemingly those that compile and deduct from multiple sources tend to be singing a different tune to that of the government. Just consider that you have two categories affected by lock downs, one does of course (temporarily) benefit from them, one suffers as a consequence 1: covid 19 2: missed cancer screenings resulting in a predicted 20,000 preventable deaths, missed heart scans (I know someone personally battling with a 40% chance of survival from his burst aneurysm that went unnoticed due to coronavirus taking precedence), suicide rates among young men at a 20 year high, time sensitive tumor removal being postponed often to an ineffective outcome, borrowing that none of us will outlive the repayments of, the closing down of business' that some have invested their entire lives into potentially using their house as collateral, unemployment rates skyrocketing, mental health crumbling, public hostility and divide rife, the economy beaten to it's knees. is that really acceptable collateral to slow, not stop, the spread of covid 19? there will be families out there being told that their child will die due to a tumor that could have been removed had their chemotherapy and time sensitive operation not been delayed, but don't worry, he was a martyr to save that bloated 70 year old after a life time of vices. All this and for what? to slow the spread and wait for a vaccine which out of one side of their mouth they're saying wont work (see ludicrous anti herd immunity arguments) and the other saying it will work. Protect the weak, vulnerable and scared, let the rest of the world carry on as normal. I would gladly see my taxes go toward a benefit scheme for those that want to stay at home until the vaccine becomes available.
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    Don't do drugs kids

    Raves wouldn't be the same now everyone's too hung up on image bullshitting the perfect life....f**k that leave your phone behind drop an E get in the mix sharing a beautiful experience with strangers,float to the toilet for a piss and on the way bump into a random stranger who is now your best friend and spend 30 minutes telling them your life story and all your goals and ambitions....f**k me i miss those days
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    What was your first steroid cycle ?

    Mine was the same as yours vet except Friday and Saturday. Add 3 ecstasy tablets and half a gram of whizz
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    Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    No I’m not a tw*t but I do steal money out of her purse to buy steroids with
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    Any helicopter pilots?

    The Royal Arse Force doesn't count fella
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    C T


    Will make you fill out you t shirt pretty quick bro Better get some mediums ordered ASAP
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    My pet turkey is looking ill, we're expecting him to die, so the funeral (up to 30 people) will be held on Christmas Day at my house
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    Ok so here’s my before and after pictures of a 15 week cycle. Currently on my 3 weeks off before starting PCT. I lost loads of muscle and fat during the first lockdown as I was concentrating on cardio. Cycle consisted of 350mg test e PW, 200mg Masteron e PW, and 150mg deca PW. 1 injection per week. Could my training have been better? yes. Could my diet have been better? yes Am I please with the results? YES Thanks for looking garner
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    swole troll

    Gym closure email

    Of course the gyms will close. Every tren head in the UK can scribble out their shakey straw clutching letters to their local MPs about their mental health and how having access to a leg press and low row is vital but it'll simply end up in a desktop recycling bin with all the other nail salons, barbers, pubs, restaurants ect ect cries for help. Time to get good at press ups, pull ups and cardio again lads because you will be lucky to have access to a gym again this year imo.
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    What does everyone do for a living?

    I'm warehouse scum, have been since the day I left school. Not the best pay, however it keeps me in protein shakes, keeps a roof over me wife and kids heads, and clothes us all, so I'm very happy.
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    Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    First wife a lot. Second wife a bit. Third wife not at all. Got there in the end.
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    Two good sources often on talk radio are Mike Yeardon and Desmond Swayne They both nutshell the ineffectiveness of lockdowns as well as the monumental physical, mental and economic cost. You know there's some s**t awry when Theresa May starts making sense... (recently spoke out in the commons and Boris left the room) Even white said Fred are speaking out against it with really compelling arguments But to name some of the 'accepted collateral' for delaying covid: * 20,000 preventable cancer deaths due to missed screenings * 5000 preventable heart disease deaths due to missed screenings (I personally know someone fighting for life with a burst aneurysm that went unnoticed due to his routine screening being delayed) * suicide rates at a 20 year high and due to increase once the economic damage really kicks in * mind boggling amounts of debt * small business' across the UK going out of business * airlines at their biggest loss in history (which they'll need to reclaim) * 3,000,000 self employed rejected from the business relief and furlough scheme earning absolutely nothing as their business goes under On a personal level I know of a young lad that tore his ACL that resorted to a private op out of his savings due to the NHS quoting him 4 years! before he'd be considered and this kid is in his early twenties. All of this is to slow the rate of covid infection. Covid is dangerous to some like many respiratory conditions and many have lost friends, family and loved ones. But the last time I checked (few months ago) it was 24th on the most common causes of death in the UK To me this doesn't warrant all of the above cost to slow the spread.
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    New addition

    Commercial rates chest supported tbar row. Got it for 350 quid Will do a nice paint job on it at some point. Broke my back bringing in myself but now it's up I'm stoked to use it later
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    What are your plans for Christmas?

    I hear @Diesel86 is having a house party! I was planning on shitting in his pillow.
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    Dating someone much younger than you

    What’s the reason you’re still single then iridium? Apart from being a massive bell end
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    Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    High time I posted on this thread, better now than after lockdown After 4 years out I got back into gym and juice life in January this year. These are from a couple of weeks ago. 6 weeks into second bulk. 204lbs
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    Facebook w**kers - Official Thread

    Saw a bloke on my friends list earlier today write a post to thank his missus for cooking a roast chicken, and she was the first to comment with a love heart symbol! What's that shite all about, always wondered Felt like replying with 'hope you both work things out and start speaking again soon', but I may need a favour one day so best not lose a friend lol.
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    Will you vote Boris in again ?

    Didn’t vote for the cnut in the 1st place
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    Will you vote Boris in again ?

    I'm a firm believer that whoever you vote in, you will always get screwed over one way or the other. I don't trust any of these people.
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    2nd National Lockdown soon?

    I refuse to be "locked down" again, and i hope others do. Keep businesses open, let people earn a living and enjoy life. I'll be seeing my family over Christmas and can't wait. The only way this is going away, is if the people of this country make a stand and say no more to anymore ridiculous restrictions.
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    Whats your Worst date ever?

    Very Happy that I'm married now and found someone that puts up with me eating six meals a day, farts alot, leaves the occasional skid mark in the toilet and snores like a pig while sleeping. When I think back to my worst date this one comes to mind. Was talking to this girl for weeks on tinder, things seemed like they were going good, she said she was a manager in retail loved the gym, exercise, being active etc.. had lots of photos on her profile and she looked good and seemed like someone I'd wanna meet up with. Finally met up with her, she looked like she did in her photos but she gained an extra 12 stone. She wasn't a manger in retail she was unemployed, she clearly didn't do exercise or go the gym. felt frustrated and betrayed but kinda thought right im not be a dick here because I don't wanna stoop to her level. She was a cheeky fucker, cheeky to me and the staff at the restaurant. Never met a person like that felt embarrassed to be sitting at table with her. Started thinking and planning my escape, about 30 minutes in she said im going to use the bathroom, the second I saw the door close I ran out as fast Usain bolt. And I didn't pay for the meal. The end.
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    2nd National Lockdown soon?

    Yea mate drug dealers will be abiding by the law and following all rules of the lockdown.
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    Whats your Worst date ever?

    Not a date but a story, one that I’ve posted before. 1995, lads holiday in Ibiza. This smoking hot girl who I’d noticed around the pool in the hotel I was staying at came up to me and said that her friend was really shy but really liked me and would I mind if she introduced me. I looked at her thinking if she’s only half as attractive as you I’d be happy so agreed. She disappeared and came back 5 minutes later with her friend who turned out to be a gay bloke called Kieron. I was gutted. I did get on well with both of them for the rest of the holiday though. She was about as attracted to me as I was to Kieron, however
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    Whats your Worst date ever?

    I met this girl abroad once. She turned up and actually looked better than her pics. Date went well, even though food was crap, went back to hers...... Low and behold she had a willy. The previous bad dates they all had fanny's
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    What do you want for Christmas?

    Nothing. I'm an adult that can afford to buy what I want
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    Forced to stop cycle

    It's fuckin madness mate I got shouted at by an old lady for not wearing a mask on a deserted outdoor train platform the other day She actually walked the full length of the platform to stand within 2 metres of me to tell me as well I'm a decent guy, and I respect my elders...but they've also gotta earn respect So she got told to f**k off
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    Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    No This is my opinion.... If you want to f**k someone else, dont be in a relationship unless your partner is into swinging or being open . Minefield that though and i could never do it I dont associate with guys who secretly cheat on their mrs behind their backs either . If he is willing to f**k over the person he sleeps next to every night, he is not a genuine person and would f**k his friends over too . This is even tougher when youre friends with her as well and he makes you cover for him Whenever i resent being stuck with one person I just think back to how miserable I was as a single guy . Random pussy on tap all the time got boring after a while . Total lack of substance, and totally shallow . Was shagging two girls a night at one point but was still lonely . I was also on tren. Go figure
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    What are your plans for Christmas?

    Yea I get up and down it just over 90 mins and sunrise is 0857 Christmas Day so hopefully a quick blast up it and back down home for 10am for my kids coming down to enjoy Christmas morning Santa. Love the mountains over here. Can’t wait to get up more in the snow and ice in January time usually
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    Do a good deed.

    Funny, I try to do a good deeds, just the simple things, let someone out at a junction, let someone in front of you at the checkout with less stuff. I let women walk in front of me or hold a door. Stuff that takes nothing to do but can have a positive impact on someone's day. I did a good deed a bit more than the above the other day and I was amazed at how shocked the person was that I'd stop to help them and I just wondered is it just me or do others do it. Years gone buy it was the norm, people would do things to help others, why has this stopped?
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    Total respect for having the decency to think of others at a time like this. Thanks buddy and I’m sorry for your loss. Danny.
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    Hope everyone here is all good, haven't posited in a while, had a look through some of the threads and nothing has changed lol, same usual suspects who can't swallow their pride, still think (Well, say) it's about protecting us from a Virus, dear oh dear. Well the 2nd wave is here/coming The government have surpressed everyones immune systems by mask wearing, social distancing, lockdowns and constant hand washing. Its not rocket science that many more will die this year and be blamed on covid-19. They have worked all this out perfectly. Whilst fighting eachother whether covid-19 is real or not or whether to have a vaccine or not you are being distracted from the true enemy that are taking all our freedoms away under the guise of public health. The restrictions we have been placed under have clearly not worked and actually killed many more people (due to suicides and cancelled hospital appointments) than the virus itself. The government know this and are still imposing such restrictions. Pls wake up and stop fighting eachother and learn who is the true enemy. This is all causing mass division between all of us and has to stop. Your first question should be "why the government, the WHO and the CDC have downgraded covid-19 to a non highly consequence infectious disease on 19th of March of this year"....see link and pls stop arguing with eachother as divided we are weak, together we are strong....... https://www.gov.uk/guidance/high-consequence-infectious-diseases-hcid#status-of-covid-19 I don't want to fight and argue, I just want to issue one more plea that you refuse this Covid Vaccine and that you choose a side and be on the right side of History. There are only 2 sides and the time to choose js fast approaching. Hope you are all keeping Physically and Mentally strong during this Second Lockdown.... Which if you think will end on the 2nd December, lol.
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    Has Ketones been banned?

    Fell of a ladder whilst ‘wearing’ his wowzer. Now in A&E having it removed...... From his pancreas
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    What drove me to lifting weights is like what drove many others as well I reckon I got bullied in school all the way up to 2nd year then I started boxing and kickboxing and really enjoyed it, loved the discipline behind the sport and the training as well. Got inspired by all the rocky films and bloodsport kickboxer etc... Felt really fit but wanted to get bigger and build strength because I was a skinny kid. Started powerlifting 14 years old, had to lye about my age to use the gym lol. Then got more into bodybuilding whilst doing powerlifting as well. Now at 34 years old still doing a mixture of the two types of training whilst doing alot of cardio each week as well. To me training and eating healthy has never seemed like a chore, its always been something I love doing and look forward to like a way of life. People that bullied me in school I see them from time to time, there unemployed look like s**t and are doing f**k all with there lives apart from wasting away. What drove you guys?
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    Whats your Worst date ever?

    Sorry lads, my dump turned into 'a series of unfortunate events' due to having taken two loperamide pills this morning. I'll spare you the details though. Anyhow so this Timotei girl - i'm in her pub....calling her on the pubs pay phone...she answers.... Me: "Hi there, how you doing?" Her: "Hiya! i'm ok how are you?" Me: "Yeah, i'm ok. You up to much?" Her: "Nah not really, just, you know, chillin' out, talking to you!" Me: "Haha, yeah great stuff, erm....nice pub!" Her: "Eh?" Me: "Nice pub, your pub!" Her; (silence) Me: "You there still?" Her: "Are you being serious?!" Me: "Yeah" Her: "You're actually in Chichester? In my pub?" Me: "Yeah!" Her: (silence) Me: "You ok?" Her: (silence) Me: "Hello?" Her: (silence) Me: "Hello?" Her: "Sorry, i was about to sneeze. It's gone now" Me: "Oh, haha, ok" So then she came down the pub, we met for the first time, and we had a great evening! Lol, joking, she did come down the pub to meet me - with her f**king boyfriend!! She also brought about ten of her mates from college (she'd lied about her age, she'd told me she was 26 like me, i'm guessing she was nearer19). So there i was, best beige chinos, half unbuttoned black silky shirt with gold chain hanging in the middle of my hairy chest, trying my best to look mature and sophisticated like Robert Palmer, and she ends up being basically a school girl, with boyfriend in tow (who was about 2' taller than me by the way, good looking, blonde hair, well built). Her and all her mates looked like scruffy hippies. They had one drink, then Timotei girl told me they were all going to one of her friends house to smoke some weed and "would i like to come?" I said i'd better get going, so said goodbye and left. I then realised i couldn't drive 4hrs on the motorway as i was slightly pissed up so thought "i'll just stop in a b&b" Unfortunately, that weekend there was something going on in Chichester - not sure but might have been some kind of racing. Anyhow, not one b&b had vacancies. I ended up sleeping in my car. It was f**king freezing, i had no coat, i had nothing to drink. And to park over night cost me a ridiculous amount. Plus the fuel for something like an 8hr all round journey. It ranks up there as one of the worst dates i've had. We didn't keep in contact.
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    No you ain’t love

    I don’t really have one. I’m a 47 year old virgin sitting at a pc in my piss stained y-fronts. I have created the imaginary world that I project on here in my own mind like most people who post on ukm. Keep up Ken
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    learning MMA for a short man!!

    I’ve learnt to settle all potential violent situations I encounter through the medium of dance.
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    Don't do drugs kids

    Back when people focused on people, drugs and dancing, not their phones, Twitter and Instagram. Glad I grew up back then rather than now.
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    UKM Poetry challenge!

    I met a girl in the gym she was very very very thin i said you’ll do me i don’t like them fat she said go get fcked you ugly tw*t
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    UKM Poetry challenge!

    Move aside you bunch of homo’s!!! ‘An ode to the guvnor, @vetran‘ ’Our jolly gay mascot, Ketones is his name, Has challenged his brethren to a poetic game, The Guv’nor, arr Vet, was called unto arms, So sad he’s not here to sell us his charms, He popped into Consett to purchase some pens Got tempted by the Gloryhole in the local Spoons’ Mens! Our Geordie diamond came running from the pub Holding a Watneys Party 7 and ounce of ready rub, His face was bright red and looked covered in sweat, sadly ‘‘twas semen but we still love you Vet! The moral of this story, well I don’t know what it iz but I know I love arr Vet, even covered in jizz!!!! Edit - before I get pulled for it not being about bodybuilding...... Vet is the Guv ‘nor of UKM so it’s totally about BB (with a little bit of bukkake thrown in too).
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    Apparently people now have to keep two sheep apart.