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    Just Some Workout Log :)

    Hey, you guys. Hope all is well. Just want to start my own log on here, I hope that's okay. I just want a place wherein I can keep track of my workouts and progress, and at the same time have some sort of guide and a bunch of people willing to kick my butt when I'm losing motivation. Lol. I know that this is the best place to keep it on, as I've seen a lot of dudes who are very knowledgeable around here. So yeah, just in case I need any changes or improvements in my routine, please feel free to comment. I know my workouts are not perfect. Haha. Alright so a little about me: I am 23 years of age, a female. Started working out when I was 18 and over 200lbs, probably the heaviest I have been. Dropped all the weight in 2013 and got to 165 without using any supplements. I turned out alright with just working out and hitting my macros. But then life just got so busy, had my first child in 2014 which pretty much caused me to gain some of the weight back so I was basically on hiatus from all the training for a couple of years. I just recently got back to the gym and so far I think I am doing okay. I weighed 190ish after the baby, and I am now down to 168. I stand at about 5'7 1/2". Been religiously training for a couple of months now. However, I did notice that my weight dropping is a little too slow lately. In the past month, I only lost 2lbs and my weight continues to fluctuate from time to time. For my training regime, I hit the gym four times a week, when work (and mommy-ing) isn't too busy. Sometimes, just twice or thrice. When it's not hectic at all, I'm able to workout six days a week straight, Sunday being my off. It varies, and lately, it has been really busy so I was only able to squeeze in 3 workout days as of this week. My typical workout includes some cardio and strength training. And for my diet, I follow IIFYM though I try to get my macros from whole foods as much as possible. Still not on any supplements, other than this one from GNC (http://www.gnc.com/GNC-Womens-Ultra-Mega-Energy-Metabolism/product.jsp;jsessionid=MfPhYdqpMj3HqJyhhnD5hGC5LFNMKdgv5C2nFWRzpDftLfQ1v6SJ!795356609?productId=111826586&flavourID=59513666) - basically just a multivit that supports metabolism. I was using these thermogenics (http://www.gnc.com/GNC-Total-Lean-Burn-60-Cinnamon-Flavored/product.jsp?productId=2667934) a few weeks back but had really bad allergic reactions to the pills, so I had them exchanged for that one. Though I did sweat like crazy while I was on those pills and probably helped a tad on shedding off some pounds. Anyway, I am now really considering any other supplements that can help me get to my goals a bit quicker. So, if you guys have any suggestions, please feel free to share them. I'm a noob to supplements so that's another thing that I need assistance on. Alright, sorry this turned out to be quite a long read. Lol. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I'll keep you all posted on my workouts. xo