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    Had to fill someone in last week

    Wednesday just gone, me and the lads finished work and went straight the pub as you do. Anyway we're just stood there, minding our own business. Having a bit craic about how all this BLM business is getting out of control, next thing you some vegan looking c**t jumps off his pedal bike, comes storming over going on all "you racist bastard" I tried to calm him down but he lost it, swung for me and missed. Gave him an open hand slap and his legs crumbled Hit the deck and started crying. So we threw his bike on him and left. What a melt.
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    Women use sex against you as a weapon, step out of line, no sex, get drunk, no sex. So I would go without, show zero interest, might take a while but she will come looking for her hole, here's where a lot of men fail, they jump at it. Knock her back, no arguing, just say no interested and go to sleep, do that for a couple of months and you can be rest assured she will be like wtf? I'm meant to knock him back. Soon as you take that power away from her she will want it more.
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    What would you do?

    I’ve had years on this forum with members taking the p*ss out of my spelling and grammar ,hope they leave me alone now
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    I don’t argue with my wife. We sit down and calmly discuss the issue until we both agree she was right.
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    So to be clear, People will not be wearing face-masks in overcrowded pubs, where social distancing rules are totally ignored. Nor will you need to wear one in overbooked restaurants. But you will have to use a mask in half empty shops. Makes perfect sense. ...And they wonder why shops on the high street are going out of business.
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    That cups so clean
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    So you finally got some good news and you still manage to turn it into a reason to moan
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    You were verbally abusive to someone, so its seems justified. I think it's fairly obvious and the decision seems fair and logical . I think this would be a good time to focus on making some real life friends.
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    Great camp last night with mates for my 40th. Not another person seen after 3pm.
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    Eddie halls new house

    Watching his vids/adding to his views.
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    Hows your gyn prepared ?

    I can tell you what I’m doing with mine; We won’t be 24/7 for at least the first two weeks. Whilst we can be, when the rest of the industry isn’t, it could backfire on us or make us look irresponsible. We won’t operate a booking system as our size means we won’t be at the cap per 100sqft based on previous usage. We will be cleaning every 1-2 hours depending on usage We will ask members to wipe down equipment when finished We have installed hand sanitiser stations around the club Our bathrooms / showers are all individual and private, so will remain in use We will only run outdoor classes, depending on demand and weather to begin with All equipment is spaced 3m apart and marked in zones with tape Entry is contactless already
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    Do you all live in one room or something?
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    s**t anavar

    Are you sure you're not getting anavar confused with corona virus??
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    You liken it to food, one of the other cornerstones for growing large amounts of muscle. 4000kcal will only get you so far Sure little variables can be tweaked (same as with gear dosages) and you can grow a bit more but you're not going to be able to get to 140kg if you cap out at 120kg eating 4000kcal, the food simply has to increase for you to get heavier at a certain point. Everything has to be progressive; food, training and drugs eventually Drugs should be the last variable to up but they most certainly will need to go up in the end if you want to continue to grow muscle. And with those saying they've grown off less than they have before should refer back to the food analogy If you can maintain on 4000kcal and you jump to 6000 then you will grow, but if you were to drop back to 5000 you'd still be growing even though you're eating less because it's still a surplus. I'd honestly think this was all quite obvious? You lifted more to get bigger You ate more to get bigger And when they stopped working you increased your hormonal profile to get bigger (started taking steroids) This equation for getting massive only stops when it's no longer feasible to increase and or your health becomes of concern.
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    Your on drugs if you think people can do 165kg from 0 within a year natural
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    Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

    Neither Roy Jones or Mike Tyson exist. They’ve both been dead for years. The fight itself will be computer generated imagery. The peadophile elite are putting it on to raise tv revenue money and spread subliminal illuminati propaganda via advertising between rounds. Come on Wylde, keep up.
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    Ultimately Shredded

    What a load of shite.
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    I took a beating today

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    It's linked to your account so you scan it and itll come up with everything in your file, name address photo etc and tell the system your in and what time and what time you go out Figured everyone knew this
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    ITV - WTF?

    The statue's tits aren't big enough.
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    Where do you buy your sups ?

    Haven’t purchased any for ages. Doubt I will again and this includes protein powder. Spend the money on decent food imo. Might be different if you are at a more advanced level.
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    I find this mask and attire not only ticks the mask box. It also keeps people well over 2m away too. Simple solution.
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    Eddie halls new house

    Saw this video a few days ago. Amazing house. Will be ridiculous when he finishes everything he's planning to have done to it. Comes across as a really decent fella, very down to earth. Fair play to the guy, has done absolutely incredibly.
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    Never Hahahahahahhahahaa You won't go anyway your fat and drunk
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    It was supposed to be the 4th, now its the 27th
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    Do you have/had a dog/puppy?

    Pupdate: picked her up yesterday Eyebrows on fleek.
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    Totally agree with @Bensif and @swole troll The problem is it is not simple to answer the question, there are far too many variables to consider. Essentially gear does not increase muscle mass without calories and muscle will not increase without training, out of those three the easiest thing to do is to take steroids. So what a lot of guys do is increase the mg of the steroid they use a week and end up taking more than they can ultimately use as the nutrition and training are lacking, this is why in my opinion you get guys on closer to 1g a week that does not look like they train when they are wearing clothes, a clear indicator of this is when they are asked about training and nutrition they immediately claim it is nailed For someone like JP increasing the overall mg per cycle would be true mainly due to his optimal nutrition and training approach, for most other people this is not true and would probably find they could actually grow more muscle with less gear if they spent the time looking at a more optimal way to train and eat for them as an individual, rather than just follow the crowd.
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    Will covid 19 go away

    We all owe @wylde99 an apology he's been correct the whole time with 5g
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    Sage advise Gyms close again

    Sage can go f**k themselves.
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    Covid - long term plan

    Here in Warsaw the entire city chosen Camp 2 Mask only inside shops and transports, people care about cleaning their hands by themselves, you can order at the bar table and stay there chatting with random people, in bars and restaurants no masks, no social distancing people hug, kiss, shake hands and generally nobody gives a s**t, life is almost like it was before in here, and guess what? I didn’t get anything nor the people I know nor the people that work in the places where I hang out (yes they shake hands to the regulars, hug people, kiss etc etc like life “before” too. I’m not saying the virus ain’t real, not at all I’m well aware of how it crippled my beloved country (Italy) and also Spain while I actually was in Madrid when it boomed. All I’m saying is that in another place people are being less alarmist and things are still running fine, so I don’t want to go for conspiracy theories because I’m not the type but it makes me rise an eyebrow and think why here (Warsaw - Poland) we not all dying even if restrictions are almost non existent? Food for thoughts
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    Conspiracy theories

    We are being Depopulated. These are the Georgia Guidestones ??? Number one rule... Keep the population of Earth under half a billion ? Put up in Georgia in 1980. And funnily enough it was once, One the biggest slave trade states in the US ? The stones basically have 10 rules chiselled into them, describing how the ‘New world order’ is planned. Then boom, You have one of the most rich and powerful human beings on the planet, Wait for it.. pushing a global vaccination, And has been quoted saying how to reduce population growth!? So how could one manipulate something and make 7 Billion people step up and take this which may lead to a shorter life span, or infertility in both men and women. Which will in effect could stop child birth and accomplish what the Guidestones tell us. Could someone possibly create a fear? A panic? A false global meltdown? To usher in new laws and restrictions if you don’t get tested? To see if you have this ‘scary virus’ the media portrays to be terrifying.. Yet not many people actually do know someone who’s had it!? And everything since day one has contradicted itself and not added up. Is it just another thing to add to speed up total one world control? Create as many outlets as possible to divide and conquer the average joe? 5g towers plonked absolutely everywhere. Noticed how you can’t go anywhere anymore without seeing big ugly towers as high as they can get them, decorated with big white panels!? Adding further unrest to our communities, Having people argue over wearing a mask or not wearing a mask. Funny looks and extra judgement everywhere you go. Throwing in Shamima, Abit of Maddie Mccan, Cancelled holidays, quarantines, Certain lockdown parts of the country. Even accusing the Russians of tampering with our politics. Just to spice up and try get the people down some more, create sides amongst us. So I think people need do some critical thinking and see straight through this bullshit we are being told. And if you want to wear a mask then fine, but don’t worry about those who don’t want to abide wearing something that will over time only effect their immune system some more. So if you have one on and I don’t then surely yours will protect you, And maybe keep your distance if you are scared of my breath particles !? ??‍♂️?? #Thinkabartit #dontbefooled #thursdaythoughts #covidblind #Scamdemic #MADWORLD2020 #hoodwinked
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    It makes ugly women attractive too. Please post a pic
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    I am a foodie and love cooking and I like Claudia Roden, (Middle Eastern ), Gennaro Contaldo(Italian), Nigel Slater (all sorts), Ken Hom(Asian food) and Asma Khan. These are the regulars whose recipes makes an appearance in my dining room. I also pop up to London to various baking houses as I have a big love of making bread. Would be over the moon to visit any of the above chefs restaurants, however my purse wouldn’t stretch that far...... maybe a coffe and a bun or a starter ?. I can make their food though so no complaints there. Love to feed and water a crowd and See them having a good time round the table. Bread pic, made by me but recipes by Richard Bertinet and Nigel Slater.... in before TLDR ... can’t help it.... so sue me...ha ha...
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    This is how conspiracy theories start
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    1980's dodgy supplements

    I purchased some from a sports shop when I was about 15. 1989 I think. Can’t remember what it was called but it contained a muscle building compound callled “Lodus 7“ Few weeks later the supp was featured on one of Esther Rantzens consumer programs. A concerned mum had reported it to the program and was worried what her son who was also my age was taking and if it was dangerous. It was sent off for analysis and Lodus 7 was basically vegetable oil. It cost me about four quid. I remember thinking how I’d wasted my money because I could have got 40 Benson and Hedges for four quid back then.
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    Why is GRENADE so expensive?

    Because they convince mongs like us that it’s quality and will get us hench. Gym industry is mega bucks mate. Lots of people are into their health. Companies capitalise. I couldn’t justify buying spread for £6-£7. £2 on Asda crunchy peanut butts is my limit. I remember ‘Muscle mousse’. Easy way to convince mongs like us is to tell us to whip some of this pointless, overpriced stuff up, decorate it with s**t and post a pic on social media. Its a bit like optimum nutrition whey. Does taste nice but £40ish for 2.24kg? Get fcuked
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    Favourite gym wear ?

    Same. All from sports direct. Cheap..... just like me! @Jamiewilliamsss that tren hard t-shirt is for losers; seriously mate. If you’ve bought it, leave UKM and never post again. Thanks It’s like guys turning up to gyms in the Summer (or at anytime actually) in skintight leggings under their shorts.... to train indoors????
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    Favourite gym wear ?

    Ive seen one called Gym Shark.. or something like that. It seems to have been designed so that people can let others know they go to the gym because you’d never tell by looking at their physique.
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    Decent lifts?

    I wouldn’t want her/them to be chasing numbers at that age. Technique is key, actual weight will sort itself.
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    Dimension one rip 200?

    As long as you can trust the source. Buy Steroids from the Best source you can and I’m sure it’ll be good to go.
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    Once gyms do open, you'll then move onto moaning about the booking system ....threads will be 'when will gyms be open PROPERLY'
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    How to gain mass

    Years of progressive training, progressive eating, resting and progressive drug use. No one single compound or stack.
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    Any chubby chasers?

    Do you train to attract women? If so, you’re far more likely to attract men.
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    This is actually good advice. BLM are very similar to children having a tantrum/meltdown because they didn't get their own way. Ignore them and move on.
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    Twice so I do have experience but all I did was pay a bailiff some money I owed got a receipt then took the money back of him and when there was trouble in a pub once when the bar was shut I went behind the bar and carried on serving a policeman was called so I punched him took his helmet of him put it on my head and carried on serving but this was a long time ago since then I have successfully got full custody of my children so it evens it out imo
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    Conspiracy theories

    No, I value what little intelligence I have. Not losing it watching / listening to them nut jobs
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    This is like a GCSE maths question... "Fezz888 is going to start his first test E cycle for 12 weeks. He is going to start 400 mg every week. If the vial is a 10 mL bottle and it is 300 mg/ml how many bottles does Fezz888 need?"
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    Face Masks Mandatory from 24th Of July?

    Given the spelling and punctuation.. I'd wager that's a copy and paste job. UKM's resident big brain gracing you with 'his' knowledge! Again!