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    Seems an appropriate time to post up my home gym again @BLUE(UK). Tier 4 - what's Tier 4??
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    Terry Hollands

    What a stupid fu**ing comment. if he qualifies to compete, why would he not? He can still try and improve/get a higher place, earn himself sponsors etc. Good luck to the man imo thats like saying why does anyone compete, most know they don’t stand a chance of being number 1 but it competing against yourself and to be in the finals of the whole world, again imo is a recognised achievement I don’t post much anymore but do pop in from time to time and what I’ve seen you are a massive bellend, just saying. Enjoy the rest of your day
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    National Lockdown

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    Naturals vs steroid users

    From earlier this year when we first got locked down at a friends garage. Flat pressing 160kg for a top set of 6-7 at around 90kg at the time 5C43EF7B-9CB2-41DB-846E-99D5B5F54AFC.MP4 and squatting 220kg for a top set of 10 at around 100kg. 2C2CBB8E-CC61-4AF3-A6D2-1FB30A7CE859.MP4
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    Naturals vs steroid users

    Alright f**k it, lots of talk of posting videos of bench but no actual posting. I'll go first, 190kg bench at 110kg bodyweight. Form isn't strict, but yeah. VID_28401121_101237_458.mp4
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    National Lockdown

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    National Lockdown

    Not at all Surprising. ... and more months of listening to people who never took it seriously from day 1, moan about the circumstances they’ve ignorantly helped create.
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    Someone even left the price on mine.....
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    he looks like hard though
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    National Lockdown

    Is the difference between people complying with the measures and people don't Here in Bucharest no sign of lockdown, past 3 months been like this: -Bar and Restaurants open just outdoor -Masks mandatory everywhere yes outdoor too and guess what EVERYONE complies. -Gym, barbers, shopping centers, massage places basically everything open except for clubs, cinemas, stadiums and casinos -All businesses open from 06am to 9pm then all close -Mobility banned from 11pm till 5am So people been mostly complying with restrictions in this 3 months and the infection rate is been lowered by half, police is been VERY active to make sure people DO comply and if they don’t FINES, but all in all we are living a semi-normal life, hospitality industry adapted and many places built semi-indoor heated terraces which makes you almost feel like you are indoor, yesterday I was in one of those it was so hot inside that I was in t-shirt Meanwhile in the UK people rant about having to wear masks only in the tube..... What do you expect?
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    I’ve had the covid vaccine

    I don’t think there was a chip in it,it’s safe
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    I think what many small minded people seem to forget is we keep getting further restrictions because they don’t follow the bloody rules. Why is Berta the 85 year old who hasn’t left the house for months dying of covid? Because her idiot daughter Gemma insisted taking Gary and Princess to see grandma.... Literally face palming at the stupidity on a daily basis. I’m sure someone will come along with the conspiracy crew etc, but conspiracy or not, if people don’t follow the rules what do they expect? Plebs collecting furlough saying ‘I don’t give a fook me mucker’. Honestly. Retards. Rant over.
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    Where’s that bellend that said home gyms are crap?
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    Merry Christmas

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas you miserable bunch of bastards. Now on a serious note, hope everyone has an epic day sharing it with their families ( whether you adhere to tier 4 I couldn’t give a monkeys!) It’s been a royally s**t year for most , myself included so onward and upwards as they say! All the best!
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    f**k me you do moan a lot mate . We are all in the same boat . We all feel the same . Some of us been training 20-30 years mate . Nothing we can do apart from do what we can at home . I get it isn’t the same as a gym but wouldn’t you rather just buy a few bands maintain what you got and continue once you get back in gym . I train 2 hours a day 6 days a week mate with no equipment and I have maintained my 17 stone frame through all lock downs . It isn’t hard . All I hear is excuses from everyone
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    National Lockdown

    My wife and two kids both work in Healthcare, 2 of them have had Covid jabs already and the other is getting hers next week. Both of them had Flu like symptoms for about 24 hours after the jab, seem pretty common. As far as Hospital Covid numbers go, the local infirmary was pretty much empty during the 'First Wave' but right now capacity has been reached and breached. In the last week there have been people dying on trolleys who could not get a space in the Covid unit. They have now made more beds available in what was supposed to be a new maternity ward. Next time you think about how you can get round the Covid rules to get to a gym, visit someone or make your pathetic excuse for not getting a vaccine try thinking about the poor [email protected] who are trying to mop up this fuch1ng mess. instead. Rant over....for now
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    Help me!

    I have the most astounding, completely side free, healthy, guaranteed to work weight loss stack. A calorie deficit
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    Any gyms still open?

    This ^^ Not letting anyone use my gym whilst we are mandated to be closed by law. Those people won’t be there to help when you get slapped with a £10k fine. They’re no where to be seen when they tear a bench, smash a mirror, break a machine, snap a bar... I could go on Just have to suck it up, reduce costs and wait for these shitty grants to come through
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    Can we leave this a week or two please, I'm expecting a delivery of led lights
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    Gym hoodies

    I found this really good mutant hoodie in the gym once. Was gutted when I took it home was way to small
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    If they follow your training/diet/gear protocol they most certainly will be.
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    New Year diet

    How many of you. Actually, scratch that. How many wife’s/partners of ukm members will be signing up to diet clubs like slimming world or online healthy diet food delivery companies in the new year? I won’t but me and @Henda83 are venturing into the online diet advice business, a subscription service giving tips on how to lose weight. Pm if interested. First tip for free below. Turn any can of ordinary soup into diet soup by simply pouring half of it down the sink and topping the can up with water.
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    Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas everyone, even nattys. It’s nice to spend a day at home with the family with nothing to do. A bit like every day.
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    Can’t wait till tier 6

    When they tell us we can’t look out of the window
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    Tier 4?

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    Just pretend you have big muscles like everyone on here does.
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    So basically, f**k off we'll do what we want?
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    Clubber Lang

    TRUMPS fate

    100% on all that. I honestly hope Trump runs again in 2024 to bite the Rats in the ass, as theyve done nothing for the American people in 4 years of all this BS. Imagine how good American could been if the Rats spent as much effort on their States working with a President that brought jobs back to the US, lowered taxes for working class, improved trade tariffs for the better, America would be booming! But, Trump isnt part of the political elite (swamp), hes an outsider and it scares congress. A person who doesnt take no for an answer, doesnt take a wage, and helps the working people of the country. They dont like that. I dont understand why people are against Trump, from what i saw he had the lowest unemployment rate (pre-covid), stock markets at its highest, better trade, didnt start any wars but reduced military numbers abroad, lowered taxes for the working class, backed law enforcement, continued the work of past Presidents (Obama) strengthening the boarders, worked on reducing prescription costs, the list goes on. So with all the above, can some liberal please tell me what he did so wrong? And why do you think a man with dementia who has done nothing in 47 years of politics is going to do better??
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    Sounds a good idea. But @KETONES would probably break into someone else’s house to use their computer just to post useless shite on here lol.
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    It's the old lemtard argument "If you've got nothing to hide why do you want privacy" All the individual rights and protections from the state that proceeding generations fought for, the sheeple are more than happy to give them all up in a heartbeat. . “Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say.” Edward Snowden.
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    National Lockdown

    you could join any forum and they would all come up with the same conclusion
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    National Lockdown

    Yet again you miss the point. For the THIRD time I will explain that you cannot simply just subtract last year death toll from this years , there are too many variables to consider and not a single statistician in the world give any sort of type to this level of correlation. The 76k deaths are those that have officially died from COVID. The fact of the matter is that in the absence of COVID they would not have died on that day. Sure many might have died anyway in 2020 due to advanced age but that is not a justification to say "ok bugger it they may or may not die, let's do nothing ". I take your point that the lock down measures are perhaps too draconian, unwarranted or ineffective . That is valid argument, but the a more fundamental point is which again I have to re emphasize what would the figure but if we sat back and did nothing ? We can argue about 76K as being EXTRA of not but this would pale in comparison by doing nothing as we not see due to the ease of restrictions in Christmas period . People criticise policies but are not familiar with maths behind the science, i.e. the infection period, days infected before showing symptoms culminating in a somewhat crude R0 figure What do you think these guys do at the WHO and CDC? They model and observe real world data based on the spread of covid and other historical pathogens. Half the stuff you read online is complete shite because these authors barely passed a GCSE in maths and their half baked views and analysis on the situation spread about like wildfire instigated by people like Wylde . An uncontrolled spread on COVID puts 1 person infecting 8.5million in 133 days. That is an extreme case of a closed packed community but it was observed in the field (R0 = 2.3 WHO data ). You can know of an excel spreadsheet to verify it if you want It is PRECISELY the action of WHO and governments that has dramatically reduced this R0 number down to 1.4 and now 1.1 . This is the issue of course with online "facebook experts ". They are uneducated mugs who think its just monkeys working on controlling this and know f'all about this type of modelling . So what do they do. They say "oh remember deases XXX, they said millions could died, yet only 1000s died " A stupid viewpoint as the original statement is predicated on the assumption that in an uncontrolled environment that is the expected outcome. It's a justification for implementation of a policy to nip it in the bud early , and rightly so. Sure they may well be other political and commercial aspects influencing the decision Of course with any major issue there will be many that don't disagree, that's to be expected and welcomed. It leads to a healthy debate and analysis but unless you have a entire census from EXPERTS in this field it is pointless to infer a ratio of for / against a particular policy whether it be lockdowns vaccines . The people (whether they are experts of not ) who shout the loudest and make youtube videos do not represent the consensus of the RELEVANT medical community . You average GP is not qualified on these matters of global significance. Its people like Wylde that cause the real damage suggesting people shouldn't vaccinate against any virus. Retarded and irresponsible
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    Any gyms still open?

    This is incorrect and I should know as I own a 24/7 gym... Initially it was recommended under the covid secure framework put together by UK Active that clubs were only opened during manned hours. Most gyms did this, including us. Mong
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    National Lockdown

    Too many ‘experts’ here that know their ‘rights’ instead of doing what’s ‘right’.
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    Nexus sust bloodwork

    Really don’t recommend medichecks. But if you injecting 125mg twice per week, and this was 36+ hours after your previous injection then this reading is entirely plausible. Ester does make a difference, as does injection frequency and bolus dosing. 250mg of sustanon, based on research, should give a reading for 60-70nmol/L 24 hours post injection. So 27nmol/L 36+ Hours post injection of 125mg seems plausible.
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    Depends what your metrics for success are. If lockdowns aimed to bring down infections and slow hospital admissions and deaths (from Covid), then they did work. However, if we hoped lockdowns would eradicate Covid, then the answer is no, they didn't work. Lockdowns pretty much just kick the can down the road. They don't fix the issue. And this is all before you consider the side effects of lockdowns (failed health care, education, bankruptcy & administration for businesses, huge national debt etc) - which may actually nullify any benefit in the long term.
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    A new Strain!

    We need MORE POSTS on here that contain very LITTLE CONTENT but use occasional CAPS LOCK in order to LOOK LIKE it contains something of WORTH.
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    This would mean you’re at home 24/7, therefore, not actually going to the gym!!! I’m stunned at this revelation! I think it’s ‘round and round like a roundabout’. ‘In and out like a jack-in-the-box’ bro Catford life for you, Danny. Sounds like you’ve ‘Hadenough’ of the din. Come stay with me if you like???
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    A new Strain!

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    A new Strain!

    Sorry to break it to you but wylde will be along in the morning with irrefutable screenshots from Facebook that show that your niece isn’t a nurse but a shill for the government. Best bet is to cut ties with her now but not before telling her you’ve been red pilled and know it’s a scam.
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    I've still got my basic set up...
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    Any of you runts want a free jumper
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    Is it too big for you bro?
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    Where Did It All Go Wrong

    What went wrong is they started treating perfectly healthy and fit kids and adults as if they're 80+ year old asthmatics on deaths door. They then shut vast swaths of the economy without a clue on how they would re-open them. To prevent mass riots they then created the furlough scheme, meaning that vast sections of the public are now supported by government money, with no end in sight. Then, when it finally became clear to even the most simple minded idiot that covid wasn't going to just vanish cause the pubs were shut, they came up with same half arrsed "tier" system which neither really supports the economy, combats covid or allows people enough freedom to continue with life. Now when some new "mutant strain" or whatever the fear mongering cnuts in the media are calling it now has came along, they're planning a 3rd lockdown, because it'll definitely work this time and not just delay the inevitable. Remember in March "It's just 3 weeks..." "It's just 9 weeks" "It's just over the summer holidays" "It's just until the cases die down" "It's just Christmas this year..." Wait out until Christmas next year when covid is still around.
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    Just think how bad it's gonna be for those of us who actually train.
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    Conspiracy theories

    I really wouldn't consider myself a conspiracy theorist in any way shape or form. But I do think I'm pretty good at applying logic. To give a bit of background. I was an idiot growing up. I pretty much stopped going to school at 14 and came out without a single GCSE. In my mid/ late twenties I fell into playing online poker by chance really, I lost money at first but after short period of playing, reading books and generally studying the game , after not too long I was a consistent winner. Within a few years I'd won a pretty considerable amount of money and invested a fair bit into property. In those few years, the poker and investments pretty much set me on the path to financial security for me and my family. Anyways what I believe made me successful at poker when playing against a lot of people no doubt academically way smarter than myself was my ability to think logically. Poker is fundamentally a game of maths and probability but the math side is pretty simple to grasp. Then its really a series of painting pictures and telling stories and I believe I was very good at working out whether a person's "story" did or didn't make sense. And that's basically how I form my beliefs ,what make sense and what doesn't, and I trust my instincts and ability to filter information. With this Covid BS it just doesn't make any sense. I'm not saying 100% I think it's all a conspiracy. It's possible it's just incompetence of monumental proportions but the measures being taken to combat a virus that on average kills people of 84 years old that are already chronically ill, just don't add up. In general we are not a country that really gives a fuk about old people, this has been proven even during the plandemic by our hospitals sending tens of thousands of untested old people back into care homes. Yet I'm supposed to believe that all these measures taken that have/are wrecking the lives and health of millions of people in their prime are to save very old sick people that I know already you really don't give a fuk about anyway?! To give one example and this is just one of many similar . Due to the measures nearly a million women have missed breast cancer screening scans. A disease that kills women generally in their late 30s and early 40s. (I believe) And this is happening all over the health system. How does it make sense to throw millions of people in their prime under the bus to possibly give people at the very end of their lives a few more months of life. Sorry for the novel but you asked the question. Lol Im not a conspiracy theorist but If it doesn't make sense I'm going to question it.
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    Tier 5 - A new Lockdown

    According to new reports, everyone living south of Birmingham will now have to enter Tier 5 as a new virus strain seriously affecting all ages has been discovered. Everyone is confined to their homes. You will not be able to leave the house for any reason. Coughing, sneezing and even farting is banned. All human orifices will be plugged up with rubber corks, or if not available, wads of Andrex tissue paper. Windows and doors are not to be opened. All food and other household items will be delivered by means of an underground "food and drink cannon" literally shooting food up the waste pipes of each house and directly out of the toilet. If residents aren't able to catch the items before they're blasted out of the bog and smashed to bits against the bathroom ceiling it's their own fault and the government will not be held responsible. Residents in affected areas will not even be allowed to contact anyone by phone or Skype in case the virus is passed digitally. We can't be too safe in these uncertain times. Best of luck to you all in the South.