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    Pure Gym Slavery Workout

    Next gym workout "Gassed like Auschwitz" "You'll be out of breath after this epic workout" "The Holocaust wasn't fun and neither is this".
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    Thread revival of the decade here like! Haven't been here in years and figured I'd update this while stopping by. 6 years on and we're engaged, the lad Is like a son to me and we own a beautiful home together. She's completely turned my life around for the better. Funny how things pan out.
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    But to answer your question You can ran the winni and var not separator but good will be to lower dose like running 50ng on with either yes, yes either Guys lots run tren, test and winni combo is good for yes get gains and like to be big
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    Working on your vocabulary and grammar will be more beneficial than working on your muscles at this point
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    Not the same guy, check out his watch.
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    Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Relaxed back (obviously) from 3 weeks ago... still cutting on 3k training and 2k rest days. If shoulders hold out until spring next year , the contest prep shall commence .
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    Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Some pics from behind my back today....been 110kg for the last 4 weeks. Bf is definitely coming off, Strength is increasing and libido is in ‘surprise sex mode’.... and NO ai... gotta love E2!!!!
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    How do you date girls in the UK?

    That’s a great culture to be in, what’s your problem You’ve got your mum and sister sending you girls round girls to sh* g
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    Can someone please delete me from UKM forever.... and stop my IP address from having access to this forum... Thanks in advance
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    Couple of grand to spend

    Your last sentenced stopped my thought process in its tracks.
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    Clothes rant

    Sixty percent of men in the U.K. are overweight or obese. Granted, many will be fat for reasons other than alcohol consumption, so let’s remove “beer belly” and just say “belly” Do you have any further useful corrections or observations to make?
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    Armed police shut down gym

    Armed police showing up to prevent decent people from making a living. What a time to be alive.
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    Aw, it’s nice when siblings get on...
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    Fml. If I was a mod this conversation would be moved to mumsnet
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    Big Ramy out of for Covid!

    I think Wylde is trying to point out that Big Ramy doesn't have Covid-19 at all as it doesn't exist and is clearly a scam thought up by paedophile, lizard people. I for one would pay good money to watch Wylde tell Ramy he is a liar.
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    What happened to DLTBB?

    36 months is harsh no? The amount of violent cu**s that never do jail time and they give 3 years to someone selling gear to other likeminded people. First offence too.... don't really get it. Seen him on other forums and he was always a decent lad. Hilarious bringing up the fact he had diazepam tablets without a prescription and we have dear Prince Andrew shagging kids on tax payer money. Police priorities lol laughable.
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    Anyone had Covid

    I am glad you aren't too bad buddy Any ideas on where or who you might of caught it from? Not had it personally but next doors little boy did, not that you would of known, he was on his trampoline day and night whilst off school and booting the football against my fence Danny
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    Probably because you’re suppose to inject into a muscle and you don’t have any
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    God I don't think I will be able to handle 12 weeks of threads like this Where is that ignore button..... Danny
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    Clubber Lang

    BlastinG year Round?

    cant stay on mid-high doses all year round, so i will cruise to make my next blast more affective, but also to give my jab sites a break, let the tissue recover. i also cruise to keep gains, stamina, libido, aggression between cycles. me and the wife dont want children, never have done. We're both into our training and have routines. We also like our independence, so children would ruin that. So if we dont want kids i have less reasons to go 'clean'. also, our days of parties and reccy drugs are long gone. I dont drink, dont smoke, dont eat junk, so steds is my poison so to speak. Im 40 and yet i have friends that still act like their in their 20s and going straight to the pub after work, or at weekends their in the pub which means after a few pints they'll get some sniff in. Before you know it they've probably blown £200 just on one days beer and sniff. Feck that. £200 of steds will last me months lol. the way i view it is im training weights 4x a week with cardio 3x, rest days. I personally think even with steds im healthier than those who do nothing, im healthier than those who just drink beer and sniff coke, im heathier than those fat fecks who sit at home watching TV while eating take aways every night. So i'll continue to use PEDS till im too old, then run TRT, or something serious pops up. i enjoy training, i enjoying taking gear and getting results, so why stop. Life is a one way ticket, live it.
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    Clubber Lang

    BlastinG year Round?

    ive been on juice constantly for the last 15+ years, touch wood im healthy. i know last year my GP checked my liver, kidneys etc, and everything was spot on in terms of results and levels. Zero red flags. he made my laugh and said this isnt a green light to carry on lol....... oh but it is lol.
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    Being sober is boring

    @Jackoffblades I stopped drinking many years ago. I then realised just how much of my time was taken up thinking about booze. Thinking about buying it, drinking it, walking the route to buy it, which shop I would go to buy it. How much I would spend etc. Then the physical part of it. Drinking with mates, alone, day after wasted, goals not achieved, not going to gym or Muay Thai/BJJ as I felt s**t/demotivated. Then I no longer had booze (Or all the rest of the mischief I used to put into my body) in my life.... what was I going to do??? Develop a relationship with myself (Nohomo). Find interests. You need to fill your time, mate. Watch comedy, read, learn to cook, You sound young. You have life. A body that can move, you can talk, s**t/piss into a toilet not a colostomy bag. There are plenty of things you have access to where you can improve yourself in so many ways that so many other people do not. Grab it while you can
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    I like the vibe, it's like being round R Kelly's house.
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    Why is white bread so popular

    Racist c**t white breads matter!!
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    Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Not happy, but better then where I was after lockdown and moving in the right direction
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    Armed police shut down gym

    I knew i'd seen him somewhere before...
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    Armed police shut down gym

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    Come on, its Wylde.. A Tinfoil hat.
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    New Lockdown Monday Announcement

    We're definitely not gonna die, but let's be scared anyway lads.
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    Test level on Dunning gear

    The way you put a capital letter at the start of every word makes me want to commit mass murder.
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    Competing ....

    I think most people who compete do it to test themselves and be the best they can be on the day, whether it is looking the best they possibly can or lifting the best they can. I was deadlifting with a couple of other guys in the gym one day and one of them mentioned competing. Ended up as an "OK I'll do it if you will" kind of thing and next thing we knew we put entries in. With that day as a deadline we trained and dieted like our lives depended on it for months. No way any of us would have got into the condition we did without that deadline, not to mention the fear of looking like a fecking clown if we got it wrong. Competing took our training and performance to a new level, can't ask for more than that.
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    40 dead from Covid in UK yesterday.

    The economy's fvcked and only 40 people died in the UK yesterday from Covid. In a nation of 60 million people. We need to open everything back up and go back to normal.
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    Being drunk gives me loads of motivation whilst I’m drunk. Being hungover the next day takes all the motivation I had the previous evening, plus a bit more away.
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    How f**king stupidly retarded

    Alot of people will remember 2020 for covid 19 or the Austrian fires or BLM... I won't I'll remember it for the year common sense went out the wundow The year that.... You had to enter and exit out of different doors, but could stand chatting to people once inside White American police targetted and murdered Black Americans (although since records began, more white Americans have been murdered than blacks Celebrating Winston Churchill made you a bad person and saying all lives didn't matter made you a racist It was safe to drink in bars before 10pm but not after The world's gone fuckin mad!!! And it's now the rational ones who are frowned upon for not buying into this s**t
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    What happened to DLTBB?

    So, 2 years on I was correct then? Tekkers is inside as well. Foolishly boasting about sales on facebook and instagram. Oh deary me. Both are idiots but at least one of them sculpted an admirable physique. The other one looked like a potato.
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    Has the UK lost it’s way?

    Said the fella who started a thread about having an itchy arsehole....
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    Seriously hench woman

    What a sinister looking b4stard she is... Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was one of my favourite films as a kid...still is actually
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    Triumph Results so Far

    Could just be the limited equipment in the lab?
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    Unacceptable relationships

    It has come to my attention that upwards of 200 gentlemen have been seen entering and leaving my mother's house on a daily basis for the last few years since I moved out of the house. These gentlemen were questioned out of curiosity by locals as to who they were and where they were from, and they all had one thing in common; they were all members of this forum. So, if you're reading this, and you have paid my mother a visit in recent years, would you kindly desist from having sexual intercourse with my mother. The amount of footfall through the house is wearing out the carpets, parking has become a nightmare for residents, and most importantly, the noise is disturbing the neighbours on each side. This isn't on lads. Please stop shagging my mum. Cheers.
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    BlastinG year Round?

    You’ve caused exactly: 79.4% liver damage 45.6% pituitary gland suppression 37.4% heart enlargement How the f**k do we know? Get some bloods done and get yourself assessed. Some people could blast 500 for years on end, some could blast and end up in cardiac arrest within a couple of years. All in all, if you’re blasting non stop and not giving your body a rest it’s not going to be good for you on your health markers. Also, way overkill if you’re not competing and making money from Bodybuilding.
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    UKM Poetry challenge!

    I met a girl in the gym she was very very very thin i said you’ll do me i don’t like them fat she said go get fcked you ugly tw*t
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    best British movie

    Scum. The rape scene terrified me as a teenager. These days I’d enjoy it.
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    fvck off mate no you're not!
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    Anybody buy Halal meat?

    You on a wind up? Cutting a cows throat and hanging it up by its legs that can't support is weight, so essentially hanging it up by broken legs and letting it bleed to death more humane. Think I'd prefer a bolt to the head.
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    New Lockdown Monday Announcement

    Some of you still aren't getting it are you... It is, never was and never will be about a Viru, protecting us from anything. There is a end goal, an Agenda, "The Virus" Is just the excuse to change Society and the World into their Image. When I da, I don't mean "Governments" people need to stop thinking any Governments are calling the shots, they are Puppets. Will you all be outraged and finally see it when all yours and your Loved ones lives and Jobs have been ruined, or when you are forced into taking the Vaccine? Hope you all have a nice weekend.
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    Trump’s Got It!

    The BBC like the rest of the MSM is just fantasy land propaganda machine. China bad, Russia bad, Iran bad. America good! Send journalists to war torn countries like the Yemen and try to make out the people there are really worried about Covid 19. Like they really give a sh1t about a poxy flu virus, with all the sh1t going on in their country. Only a muppet could believe the BBC and co are anything other than propaganda outlets.
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    Magic mushrooms

    Yes, done them many times. Used to live near the moors in the West Country. Every October/November time, me & friends used to go picking. They’re 3-4 hours of great fun in the right environment. We dried a load out once and bagged them up into small snap bags. The pubs during the Winter are very quiet in the West Country. We’d take these little bags out and help ourselves to little pinches of them throughout the night whilst getting pissed, playing pool, listening and dancing to old school Detroit techno on the duke box along with tracks like Blue Pearls ‘Take me dancing naked in the rain’, Adamski’s ‘NRG’, Stevie V ‘Dirty Cash’. The landlord would give us a lock in until 1am as we were his only customers on a Friday/Saturday night. He did ok out of it. We’d get pints of Carlsberg export for £1-20. We’d get leathered, be tripping, laughing out heads off and then stumble up the road to a mates house to stay the night. Get even more battered there. One Sunday we went looking for shrooms and drove into a farm. It was dead. We went to a field while one of the lads decided to try his hand at horse taming; bad idea. Me and another lad were watching when all of a sudden the horse gamer starts legging it to the van. He’s the driver. So we start running too. We were stoned so laughing as we ran. We got in the van and asked why he was running. He told us to ssshhh. As we were driving past these stables at a snails pace, we realised why he had started running..... the owner of the ‘dead & desolate farm’ was approaching us with a side by side double barrel shotgun. He asked us what we were doing. I said we were looking for a friends. He growled ‘no one round ere by that name, boys. Best you be on your way before you do yourself a mischief!’ I’d be mindful about using them to ‘cure’ anything that says it can especially when it says it can cure mental health conditions.