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    Condolences to Fadi

    Hey dad, You’ve held my hand when I was small, and I really thought you were some giant from another planet way back then. You were the hero of my childhood, and you were still that same hero until..., until I lost you today dad! Grief, grief visited me today, it was an incredibly difficult day for me today and..., and I cried, I cried a lot dad! I know you know I’m not weak, for my tears of grief were never a sign of weakness, nor some lack of faith, they were simply the price I had to pay for loving you dad! You’ve taught me to be polite; you’ve taught me to be considerate of others, you’ve taught me well, and I’ll forever be thankful and grateful for the effort you’ve put in in bringing me up. My words will make you proud; words I’m about to share with my second family, the one I’ve told you about, the one who took me under their wing and treated me like one of their very own, it’s UK-M dad, it’s UK-M! UK-M, today was such a difficult day for me, emotionally draining to the extreme. So your words of condolences, in this bitter moment for me have deeply touched my heart and moved me to tears. Words of condolences are not some ritual, but rather an expression of sympathy, they are not just empty words – they are expressions of true feelings. Thank you so much for standing by me at this difficult time; thank you for your sensitivity, compassion and humanity! Your gentle sympathy and kindness, I will remember with great affection and gratitude always - UK-M! Thank you.
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    I went out and got fu**ing twatted, peter and the test tube babies played down the local boozer, was a riot, some thieving whore bird pinched .8g of flake out of my crombie, I knew it was her, she denied it, 20 mins later her boyfriend was at the bar next to me opened his wallet and low behold there was my green baggy of powder sticking out. After a few choice words about what I wanted to do to his cheeks I got politely told to leave, so went back down the local to find all hell broken loose police everywhere with a few of my pals on the floor, I ended up getting fu**ing pepper sprayed which feeels fu**ing FANTASTIC if anybody is interested. Made it back inside the pub for a cry and few shots and a while later ended up down her majesty’s royal harbour to my favourite clubs, just in time to watch the owner clean spark out his own doorman for being mouthy bloke must be about 22 stone just laid there out cold having his picture taken by all the locals. Pulled bare fanny, I mean bare fanny. Took a few home, ordered more cocaine and beer and snorted the good stuff off of all the tits that were about. I became director of a little lesbian scene before eventually taking 1 and the mrs to bed, got a double blowie as standard then finished off in the mrs while her mate laid next to us watching. Shes just finally f**ked off, iv still not slept and I’m off to London in 3 hours to spend 3 nights with my other mrs. fu**ing hard graft all this pics heavily edited for obvious reasons. Get me back in MA
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    I had tiny nuts to start with now they are almost non existent, iv f**ked well over 100 birds and never had 1 even comment. Had one bitch say “was that it” after I nutted in her after about 3 minutes. I was like you just drank a bottle of wine and you’re being f**ked in a flat in Margate on a pull out bed in a strangers living room with a duvet that doesn’t have a cover on it. What the f**k are you expecting. As as you can probably guess she’s fat now and a single mother. Thats if she’s managed to keep the kid alive all these years. I doubt it
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    More to life than this...

    Have you considered buying a boat and becoming a pirate?
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    Feeling happy yet sad.....

    Today in the gym although I didn’t feel great I went for it on standing OHP with 130kg freeweights. Now whilst I felt happy with that as only been back training since Sept 26th, I’m also sad as I am determined to do 140kg before Xmas which will be a PB and I’m fast running out of time. Any gym ‘happy yet sad tales’? @Heavyassweights we already know that you were happy to lose your virginity last week but sad that it was with your brother Dave. Hopefully we can keep this thread gym related. @Heavyassweights Story is gym related as it was in the gym showers.
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    Would you hold a grudge 20+ years on

    Paul Greer still owes me £5 from 1987.. Gave him some mountain bike bits on trust he paid me the next day.... Still waiting... 30 years later Paul if you're reading this.. you're a cnut..
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    1 cycle but it is 12months long
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    Condolences to Fadi

    Fadi's just replied to one of my posts with this sad message: "Dad just died 30 minutes ago mate, but I promise to look into your question tomorrow if you don't mind Sir. Thanks for your understanding mate" Still gracious and courteous even at this time. Really sorry for you and yours mate Brian & family
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    How would you handle This?

    As this video is public, the police should be knocking her door and arresting her for racism just as they would if the racism was the other way around. Strangely I don’t see the usual racism brigade calling for her to be prosecuted. It really should work both ways to show that it simply is not tolerated.
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    Red yeast rice is like a mild statin,( same chemical) Fish oil, Pine bark extract (anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, improves circulation) PDE-5 inhibitors ( cialis/viagra), CARDIO (#1 heart health supplement/strongest effect), control your BP/Lipids, don't crash E2 or have it very high. Don't be overweight, extra size increase workload and high body fat increase inflammatory activity in the body. Try to live as stress free as you can, get good sleep. Offthe top of my head^
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    Anna 's log

    Chickening out of the chest pics Heavy ?? ??
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    Dead lee

    Dallas McCarvers Autopsy

    Was well fcuked up for his age, shows massive doses, test high as fcuk, heart size of two men, apparent and probable very high dose GH and slin use, What we started to look better can take over into obsession if your not careful. Whats worrying is these don't show on the health checks, enlarged hearts and organs etc, people Dont even cycle anymore encourage B&C or laugh at others just borrowing a bit doing an oral only cycle, long term users won't tell you the real truths about there health believe me you have to look after yourself. Hopefully will be an eye opener to some especially the young guys here. it's definitely opened mine, this is a very detailed report iv never seen anything like this I'm glad it's been released.
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    Genetic toolkit - would you try it?

    Just emailed the scientist, He states that at this moment in time, the best he could do is modify @Natty Steve'o DNA sequence, so he has the upper body of a beagle. When I asked how big the beagle body would be, he said....not 15%
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    115 ish (still) less muscle than ive had in the past but very nearly the strongest ive ever been
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    Stupid movement but would still sit on nearby bench or machine watching and wishing my face was buried in her arse
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    Mind your own fawking business OP and stop looking at male arse in the gym k den
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    Natty Steve'o

    RIP Cheggers

    Hope so, they buried him !
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    I'm getting fat before Christmas
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    Purple aki spotted

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    It's easy mate, head back to your daughter. It's even easier when you say your gf has issues with you seeing her, and she's so young, what happens when she's bigger? Imagine this - your daughter, a lot bigger than today, asks you "how come you never spent time with me Dad, didn't you love or want me?" And your answer is "of course I loved you, but I just wasn't man enough to stand up to my girlfriend, and she didn't want me seeing you." Get the fcuk back to your kid and don't look back.
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    Naim ... rest in peace my brother!

    You're no longer with us, but you'll forever be in our hearts ... may you rest in peace you legend of a man ... may you rest in peace brother ... I'll never forget you, for you've given me so much to remember you by ... Legendary weightlifter Naim Suleymanoglu, also known as "Pocket Hercules," has passed away last week Saturday at the age of 50. Peace/Salam.
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    More to life than this...

    Yes I do have a suggestion. I'm flying out to Lebanon in 4 days' time, how would you like to come with me? After spending 40 years of my life in the West, arriving here in Sydney in 1977 at the age of 12, I've come to a solid conclusion that, all young westerners and/or, ones who are going through such an "absolutely down and out" type of a feeling as you've expressed in your OP, ought to have a real taste of what it's like live in the Mid-East for a bit (not go on some holiday). I guarantee you that a dog in Great Britain, has more dignity than a human being in the middle east, where I'll be travelling to in few days to visit mum. I can tell you frankly (and yes I'm getting very emotional about this whole thing), that if UK-M doesn't hear from me anymore soon, it'll be because I opened my mouth when it should've been tightly shut, especially right now with all the new developments that are taking place as I type these words. So yes brother, it is your right and privilege to feel some lack of contentment, but I ask you to reconsider not only based on what I wrote above no, but also re-examine your situation by focusing on the positives that are going on in your life, like your eyesight for example. Some people are blind...,they can't even see what you and I are sharing through our communication right now. Others could see perfectly, but understand none of it. You are in neither of these boats, yet in a blink of an eyelid, you could very well be. Reconsider and re-evaluate your blessings, as most if us have a PhD in crying over spilt milk...,please be better than us by rising above it all, and proving your mastership over your adversities. That's a solid human being, a solid and unshakable Champion. I wish you all the very best with your life..., cherish it whilst you have it. Cheers.
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    I've kept quiet for 2 years now. I got into BB when I first met her 7 years ago. She went to the gym 4x pw and so I joined. She hasn't been the past 2 years. The reason I keep quiet about it is because no good can come from commenting on it. (In fact, no good can come from any type of communication with a female.)
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    Black Friday deals

    I saved loads on black friday last year. I saved even more on boxing day and the new year sales too. I didn’t buy bugger all. My loss I guess.
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    If you want some BS, please stop reading now! OK, so you've decided to continue reading..., good. Mate, are you for real?! Let me put this in front of you so you can see it for yourself, because I most certainly did not write it, it was all you. Here it is: So that's the foundation this change of yours is going to be built on right! And it's not any foundation, because your aim now is to really hit it with this incredibly powerful compounds. Here's why I'm writing what I'm writing, and I'm doing it for no other reason than to draw your attention to one simple fact. This fact mate, is you need to have been training like a man possessed before contemplating the taking of what you plan to take. Am I being your friend now or do I sound like an enemy? Let's see. 1. I am neither discouraging nor judging you for taking whatever, that is your business. OK, so far that sounds more like a friend. 2. I want you to maximise on your gains and not simply waste your money after all this waiting you've been doing. We both know (and I challenge anyone to say otherwise), that gear works best when you've been working at your best. And not when you've been doing this: 3. I have nothing to gain and all to lose (perhaps create few more haters for myself on UK-M) by sharing my opinion with you the way I'm doing right now. You need to get your head down and go to work in the gym, and do likewise in your kitchen, otherwise you're kidding yourself Champ. You've been lazing around for 6 months, how about smashing it in the gym and proving to yourself who's boss around here, blast away with the compound movements just for 3 months, before you embark on this journey of yours! 4. So I'll leave you with this formula before I say goodbye to you and wish you all the very best: if you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results. Few words I know, but there's plenty of deep wisdom couched within these words that it'd take me few hundred words to decipher the deeper meaning for you, and this ain't the time. Cheers.
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    Bullying is just something kids do. I'm not going to blame someone for stupid s**t they did as a kid, we all do things we regret when we're young and our brains aren't fully developed. I was on a night out earlier this year and some geezer started chatting to me cause he thought he recognised me. He narrowed it down after a minute or two when he asked what school I went to - turns out he used to bully me in primary school and damaged my belongings, until my mum went up the school and sorted it out. He started apologising for what he did, and said if I want to smack him then he deserves it... I said "Mate... why would I smack you now? This was years ago, I've forgotten all about it! If you started trying to give me s**t now then obviously I'd kick your teeth in, but I ain't angry about some silly childhood bullying." I ain't even 30 yet either Lads that used to give me s**t at secondary school are now skinny ugly chavs living on Jobseekers Allowance as well, I see them about regularly and they won't even look me in the eye and I don't talk to them, more just silently laugh to myself and tell myself, look at them, then look at me... think I know who's winning.
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    Would you hold a grudge 20+ years on

    Smash up his beemer
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    For every coffee lover...

    Hey, cheers Calum! I promise you won't leave here without gaining something of value, so stay with me until the end if you can. In 1981 I had the worst and most severe calf cramp ever, post a weightlifting workout, and could not walk for about 1 hour. I learned a thing or two back then, and I've built upon that knowledge since that time. A former Olympian shot putter was training next to me, and quickly went over to a chemist/pharmacy and bought some K-Mag. My first lesson in supplementation to deal with muscle cramping was my introduction to magnesium. Granted here (with the K-Mag), it's a combination of two electrolytes, namely magnesium and potassium, with both been attached to the aspartate salt as a carrier. Mmm, did I get you over here to tell you about this small detail with magnesium? No of course not, your presence here deserves a lot more than that to me. So here we go... Coffee, yes this stuff that most of us love to drink, does have an indirect effect on your muscular contractions. However, for us to complete the picture, we need to add something else, something very important (and often neglected) to this equation. What is that "something"? It is the element of time. Yes time, and the crucial role it plays as it moves forward. OK, to recap so far, we have coffee, and we have coffee affecting the way our muscles contract, and why this becomes an issue of importance when time is factored into our calculations. Great, let's continue... Coffee causes a decrease in our intestinal absorption of the mineral magnesium, (amongst other minerals, however our focus is on magnesium today). What does this really mean in real life? Ah, that's where the element of time factors in you see. Drinking coffee over time, and we do do it regularly (like everyday right!), we increase our risk of a magnesium deficiency by gradually losing it from our body. OK, so it took Coffee + Time to = an effect in magnesium deficiency. Magnesium level in our body is essential if we are to maintain proper muscle contractions. It's a balancing act that all electrolytes have to play, and magnesium being a hard to get mineral (not too many foods have it in substantial amounts), we find ourselves cramping, with many of us having no real clue as to the real cause behind such an uncomfortable and at times, debilitating feeling. You see, had it simply been a case of yeh man, I drink coffee and I cramp up, it would've been very easy to associate one with the other, as in association means causation. Well we can't say that, unless (mmm), unless we factor the element of time in there. By including time, or the span of time, we may be able to get a much clearer picture of what would be really causing our muscles to cramp up "out of a sudden man!", when we now know, it's far from being "out of a sudden", as it takes time for our body to lose enough magnesium, or lose enough to create an electrolyte imbalance severe enough not only to cause us some serious cramping whilst working out, but also to cause those slight/weak muscular contractions most of us have experienced as muscle-twitches (whenever and wherever we may be). Another issue we may not be aware of (unless we have a measuring devise), or unless we're in tune with our bodily functions, is heart palpitations/arrhythmia. Oh Fadi, it's all doom and gloom so far man, what's next, stop drinking coffee right! Oh no, not right! Time for some good,( make that great) news UK-M. Who doesn't like chocolate? I'm a chocoholic myself, especially fond of my Lindt 90% supreme dark…, would have to be my all-time favourite. No, it’s not for you? OK then, how about some cocoa, would you prefer that instead? Let me share with you the King and Queen of foods when it comes to high magnesium content. Here we go … 1. Pumpkin Seeds are King here. 100g has nearly 600mg of magnesium. 2. Cocoa powder at the same weight has about 500mg of this mineral. Did you know that roasted pumpkin seeds have virtually the same amino acids profile as the incredible egg? Well they do, and their protein content (at 30g/100g) is nothing to sneeze at. Basically what I'm saying here is that this King of a food is one hell of a powerhouse when it comes to nutrients density, and seriously UK-M, you can never go wrong by including such a valuable player in your list of foods. The moral of the story here is this: let's not give up on our favourite beverage coffee, but let us also be aware that in order to fully enjoy its many benefits, physically as well as physiological through the powerful effect it exerts onto our CNS, we also need to balance it out, by including some of those special foods I’ve mentioned above. That is all really. Your time is very valuable to me, hence it's much appreciated, so I sincerely hope you've gotten something of value in return for it. Cheers.
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    I have just arrived back to the UK after having gyno surgery at the Noa clinic in Poland. From start to finish I can only say this is definitely the best decision I have ever made, Adam Kalecinski did the surgery, and I can honestly say I am delighted with the outcome! I will give a very brief summary from start to finish. I contacted https://europesurgery.co.uk, who asked for some photos of my chest, a couple of days later after the photos had been seen by the surgeons I was told I was eligible for gyno surgery. A selection of dates were given to me (all within 4 weeks of contacting) the next thing to do was to match up flights etc (but not book just yet). After I told them I wanted the 21st Nov, Dave at Europesurgery went ahead and booked that date, then came back to me and said to book flights and send flight details to him, also he gave me a list of accommodation close to the clinic which could be booked via hotel.com or most other hotel booking sites, he also offered me a self catering apartment owned by himself at £30 per night or 150 Zloty, so £120 for the 4 nights (I was there 5 nights but 1 night you are in the clinic). I opted for the self catering apartment, which is literally 5 minutes walk from the clinic (red arrow). Payment for this is done while you are there. Flights were booked (Ryanair) which cost £95 return. Airport parking booked at £40 for 5 days. The day I arrived in Wroclaw, Anna (Taxi lady) was waiting for myself and two ladies who were also going to Noa, she dropped the ladies off first and then myself, she came up to the apartment and showed me all the basic ins and outs of the place. She explained where the clinic was and off she went. After unpacking, I walked down to Tesco's which is in the Magnolia shopping centre just behind the clinic, there I got some provisions for the week. Tea/coffee sugar etc are already in the apartment. The apartment has 4 individual locked rooms, a shared kitchen and bathroom, room 1 has its own bathroom so best to ask for this one if it's available, rooms 3 & 4 share a bathroom. Room 2 is the cleaning lady's room, she doesn't live there. Each room has 2 x single beds, a wardobe and chest of drawers, a table and 2 chairs. A TV and DVD player, also most importantly decent wifi Towels are provided, so are all personal wash items (shower gel, hand wash etc). The kitchen has all items you could ever need for cooking, eating and drinking. A tall fridge freezer with individual room marked shelves is provided. Also a small lounge area with a sofa and table are at the end of the kitchen area, above are storage cupboards with DVD's books and a small selection of board games/cards etc. Whilst I was there for the 4 days, I only saw one other lady, who was basically only there for an hour before she was off to the clinic and I didn't see her again (she was having a face lift and needed to stay in the clinic a while after). All in all the apartment is clean, warm and has everything you would need for your short stay in Wroclaw. If you take your partner with you, they will love Magnolia park as there are 100's of shops inside, also KFC, Pizzahut, Starbucks etc. I had my last meal around 9pm on the 20th, it was nil by mouth from this point on. On the second day I had to at be at the clinic for 8am, upon arrival, I was amazed just how busy this place is, must have been 20 people in there, mostly British and female, Nose jobs are extremely popular! The first thing I had to do was fill out some forms, secondly I had a consultation with the 3 surgeons, Adam, Wojciech and Marta. Adam asked me to take my top off so he could have a look, he said as you stand infront of me I can't actually see anything, but on examining my chest he said that my glands were about the size of a pound coin, this was what I wanted removing as the leaner I got the more 'triangulated' my chest looked. He said there would be no liposuction, just full gland removal, he also said he would be doing the surgery, I have to add at this point you can choose whoever you want to do the surgery just let them know during this consultation, I would have had no reservations about any of them doing the surgery as they have all done 1000's of gyno ops, with years of experience each. After the consultation I had to have a short psychiatric evaluation with Ewa (Adam's Sister). At this point it was time to pay, I had taken cash (£1400 GBP) for the surgery and £20 for the blood test, I handed that over to the receptionist who put it through a counting machine, 2 minutes later she handed me a recept and that was it. Blood test was done and then I was shown to my room buy the receptionist, she said I was scheduled for surgery at 1pm (2 hours from then) and to have a shower and get into the gown. Next the anaestheist came in and put the cannula in the back of my wrist, not pleasant I have to say but over in seconds, she then put a drip up to keep me hydrated. Next Adam came to see me and asked me to take the gown off, still had my underwear on at this time luckily, he marked two blue circles around my nipples and took a series of pictures from the front and side. He asked if I had any questions, at this point I asked again about liposuction but he said there was no fatty tissue to remove just the gland tissue, he did say we do put about a 100mls of fluid in there to separate the gland from the muscle. At this he said 10 minutes to surgery. The operating theatre was opposite to my room, a nurse walked my to the theatre and asked me to remove my gown, at this point I was naked underneath and there must have been 10 people in the theatre mostly female, at this point I looked at the nurse and pointed out once the gown was removed my junk was going to be on full show, at this she covered my modesty with a green sheet. I climbed onto the bed, which is shaped like a crucifix and they strapped my arms down to it, next the anaestheist said something about 'you're going to have a good sleep' put the gas mask on my face and that was it, I awoke back in my bed with just a corset around my chest. No pain at all, just a bit groggy, so I went back to sleep for a bit. The nurse came throughout the night, checking the dressings and looking for anything abnormal or fluid build up, she also gave me a sleeping tablet and changed my drip twice. Eventually I was brought some food after 22 hours of nil by mouth, about 3 hours after surgery they bring you some water. Apparently everyone gets the famous ham,cheese and bread and a cup of tea. Next morning, Adam came to see me and checked my chest again, he said everything was fine and you are free to leave if you feel up to it, at that I was up and dressed in a flash. I had to come back at 9am each morning for the dressings changings but other than a tiny amount of slight discomfort everything was great. Before I left the clinic I opted to buy one of their compression vests at £60 GBP, Wojciech fitted it and explained it had to stop on for 6 weeks, even to sleep in. That's it really, It went so smoothly, I urge anyone who has any cause for concern not to worry. 2 days after the surgery, I went to the clinic for the dressings changing, then walked an hour each way into the old town part of Wroclaw and visited the Christmas market in the square which is huge. The total cost for everything was just about exactly £1800 GBP. Surgery £1400 Accommodation £120 Flights £95 Airport parking £40 Blood test £20 Compression vest £60 Food for week £30 Taxi back to airport (initial taxi there is free) 45 Zloty (£9) but I gave the taxi driver a 15 Zloty tip so came to £12. I changed a £100 GBP into Zloty but only used £30 worth in the whole 5 days. I had enough left to buy my Misses a nice big bottle of perfume in the Black Friday sale from the airport on the way home. Once again I am over the moon with the results! I honestly can't rate Noa highly enough. Thanks to @swole troll for all the info he shared about his surgery via PM and here:
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    Fvcking hell mate how narrow is your rib cage and shoulders ! Don’t get me started on the hips either, they’re wide as fvck!
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    Information about discussion

    Click on your profile (top right) Then click on 'see activity' Finally click on 'stuffed crust' or 'thin and crispy'
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    African Pygmy Hedgehogs

    f**k buying your gf anything that requires looking after, you'll end up doing it or it'll end up dead. You should be looking at perfume and skimpy under crackers......................... Maybe even buy some for her
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    Binge drinking on cycle never again

    Cool story bro
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    Anna 's log

    Hello ! So I tried this variation @Fadi feels good ! Am I leaning too forward ? Thank you in advance have a great day everyone ! x
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    its very individual i mean if it offers any solace Here are the top 5 contestants from the 1980 Mr Olympia: Arnold Schwarzenegger (66, still alive) Chris Dickerson (74, still alive) Frank Zane (71, still alive) Boyer Coye (67, still alive) Mike Menzer (died at 49, had known substance abuse problems) my advice if you WANT to take gear and err on the side of caution whilst still making substantial gains (this is purely opinion) 1. dont take tren or orals 2. do cardio year round 3. keep a high fibre, nutrient dense and low in trans fat diet 4. monitor blood press 5. stay at a health weight for your height regardless of how much of it is lbm 6. stay under a gram on blasts 7. spend just as much time cruising on trt (youre within the natural range on this dose) as you do blasting 8. keep blasts at 12 weeks maximum 9. monitor your blood work pre blast to make sure everything is back within normal range 10. have annual heart check up (echocardiogram or ECG) 11. stay well hydrated 12. stay away from alcohol and recreational drugs or HEAVILY limit them both in doses and frequency
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    f**k me that escalated a bit
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    How has Gymshark done so well?

    Gym shark helps people with zero gains let the rest of the world know they go to the gym
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    You don't need to bin her and you don't need to cheat. Men are too scared to be men anymore. Tell her straight "I love you and cherish the relationship we have but I'm a man with needs and desires and I'm going out tonight to smash some fresh gash because you're getting stale as a washed up old salmon" she then has the option to sort her s**t out and keep her man happy or not. Either way you can then go out and get spuds deep guilt free. Everyone's too afraid to be honest anymore. Live the life you want, people can either join you or they can f**k off. That's my view but always be honest with yourself and to others. Cheating and skulking about is for wimps and losers. I was a loser for along time myself, now I'm not just the winner in life, I'm a fu**ing champ
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    Anna 's log

    So , I was eager to see if those squats have done sth . i do see a bit of definition and a tiiny bit of bulging on my quads but nothing much yet .. waist is getting a little smaller ( measured it , its about 1cm down ) and overall proportions are gradually getting better @Ross1991 , feet pics as promised have a great day everyone ! x
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    How would you handle This?

    Don't hold back mate, let it all out. Now, breeeeeth.
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    August Ames Dies Aged 23

    1min silent wank at 11am Mourning should be at half mast
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    Important stuff first: Diet Diet wise you have to be pretty consistent if you want to look good (especially year round) some drugs can give you some leverage where you can slack here and there but ultimately you need to be on point high majority of time. I’d download Mfp app if you don’t already use it, very easy to track calories and macros. So 85kg (187 pounds) macros wise I’d be aiming for approx: 224g protein (1.2g/pound I follow this figure as nattys should use around 0.8-1g/pound being the upper limit) 112g fat (0.6g/pound personal choice here but you do need fat in your diet) Your carbs will make up the rest of your calories Protein and carbs 4 cals/g and fat is 9 cals/g. So 224g protein (896 cals) and 112g fat (1008 cals) = 1904 cals Take your calorie target subtract 1904 then divide it by 4 will give you your carbs to aim for. Iifym is a good diet to follow allows flexibility and long as you hit your protein target the fats and carbs aren’t as important (just rough goals) long as total calories add up and protein is met then all good. Ideally you should get weighed weekly and take pics when you do, easiest way to see the difference. Stick to the rule on cycle if you’re gaining over a pound a week don’t increase calories, if weekly weight drops below a pound add 200 calories (~50g carbs). It doesn’t seem like a lot of weight but over a cycle you’re talking almost a stone and it will be much leaner gains and you’ll look much better for it. If you start doing this now it will give you a good idea of the kind of calories you need to be consuming to maintain. Training Training is completely up to you, people grow from all different routines. Youre doing ppl 6 days a week atm, I used to do this myself and on cycle you can probably keep up with the volume. I haven’t see your routine so I can’t comment but you Ideally want to be hitting lifts in the 8-12 rep range. I tend to stick to 8 myself for compounds and 10 for isolations with a few exceptions for legs (due to home gym and lack of equipment mainly). Progressive overload is key, if you’re hitting reps and sets then increase the weight by minimal amounts (2.5kg compounds ~1kg isolations depending on type of plates you have). Gear Gear wise you can run what you want mate but personally I’d have ran 600mg Test for a first cycle then start stacking. Going for them higher doses straight off is really not necessary (why do 600test 600 deca when you could do 600test 300 deca for example I ran that last blast and gained well). You also don’t have to outdo your last cycle everytime, you can gain off running the same amounts as long as diet and training is consistent or you can slowly increase which is where using higher doses straight off isn’t great (could bulk on 600test 300deca, then 600/450/ then 600/600 for example). I assume you’re going to stick to the test and tren as you’ve started it already anyway. You also mentioned with orals that running oxys at 100mg for 4 weeks then feeling bad, I’d personally run lower doses for longer ie 50mg for 7-8 weeks. Orals can really mess you up on cycle I learned this last blast. They’re great for aesthetics as well and lower doses work just as well. Just my advice mate it’s based on purely personal experience not just echoing what you hear from people and the forum.
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    African Pygmy Hedgehogs

    Roast it in the oven or deep fry it Eat it with a knife and fork and shouldn't be too messy
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    Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Weight is 100kg.... Abs starting to come through
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    Beginner Cycle Test E & Boldenone

    The kids clue less isnt he. Maybe he needs advising to stay the fùck away from gear and not to advise others on something he clearly knows very little about
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    Mrs went down to Liverpool, so was in the house with the kids. Watched an old fast and furious, had 2 cans of Kopparberg. Things got wild about half 9 when I cracked open a selection box had a double decker AND an Oreo dairy milk. Finally got my head down about 10.30.
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    Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Currently 19 weeks out on contest prep @101kg
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    Because you're ugly, out of shape, and even the women you're in a relationship won't have sex with you.
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    The highest dose cycle you’ve run

    What about your blasts mate? How did they look?