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    Yeah, to be fair, Ken did do well to post this all by himself. Well done, Ken.
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    White Shaming

    Im black and I'm bored of this s**t. I've never seen myself as lesser than or a victim. There is some truth to the matter but it's nothing that I'm gonna lose sleep over. We live in the greatest period of time ever in the history of mankind as far as access to goods, opportunities etc. And s**t like this does more bad than good, just divides people more
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    Nice mate. Found these in my dads cupboard. Had no idea he was into the gym, but doesn’t explain why he’s still a fatty!! Just need some bands and I’m good to go.
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    MONSTERS of Bodybuilding

    @SonOfThor wins hands down
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    Couldn’t be bothered to read the article but seeing as it’s a big fat c**t who wrote the article I assume she is merely jealous at least one big obese f**k actually managed to stop forcing copious amounts of bait down her fat bastard throat long enough to actually lose some weight.
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    My gt turbo. Owned it 10 years now. Full nut and bolt restoration.
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    I like to have a wank at 8pm every Thursday so it sounds like all the street is clapping and cheering me on.
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    I'm not sure Katie Price actually has a learning disability, she just comes across that way.
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    Posted mine in another thread a while back but here you go....
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    Have you ever thumped anyone

    Plenty times, currently almost a daily occurrence, GF needs to learn her place
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    Gone of the days where virtues such as mental strength and discipline are touted as solutions to lifes problems, just keep moaning on social media and self lower your male hormones with your behaviour and victim mentality until your a left wing estrogen dominant cuck. f**k this generation.
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    Is Boris for real?

    You’d have thought so. I’m amazed how many people claim that the gyms being shut is “bad for their mental health” despite the fact that for the most part of this lockdown we could all go out and exercise in the glorious sunshine. I went back to it (exercise) last week. All good for me. Stop fu**ing moaning and move on.
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    Space X is a lie

    At 12.00 noon look up at the sun and then call someone in Australia and ask them to go outside and see if they can see it too. If they can, the Earth is flat. If they can't you are a thick cvnt.
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    Pic was Wednesday 28th evening at approx 258lbs. Legs are big under shorts, working on back but arms are fookers which respond slowly but I will beat them into submission. I'm sure you have heard me moaning about this in the past.
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    I think I'm getting married!

    No she said her fellas some big muscle guy
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    Why is this even funny ? Bless the guy, he has learning difficulties. That's probably a big achievement for him and his mum is proud.
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    Being truthful on this mate, If a bloke is gay but lives his live in an otherwise normal manner not shoving it down everyone’s throat and just gets on with his life with the exception of having gay sex behind closed doors that is fine I have absolutely no issue with it each to their own but this recent trend of forcing their faggotry down every f**kers throats shouting from the rooftops about their sexuality and wanting everyone to kiss their arse and tell them how Great and brave they are and relate every negative thing said about them in any area of life as a criticism of their sexuality, those types I absolutely fu**ing detest.
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    Got about 400kg of weight plates. Have a power rack too but took it down as wasn't using it much and gives more space. Sorting out all the wires is on my to do list!
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    My mrs never questioned my steroid abuse and I’ve never questioned her heroine addiction
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    Is Boris for real?

    How would you get your food if all the minimum wage shelve stackers wernt at work. And in case you haven’t noticed they’ve been working throughout this whole thing anyway. idiot
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    They must not have read your order properly. They just saw your address "Dundee" and assumed you were trying to order heroin, and that you have no qualms about sharing needles.
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    Start of cut end of February at 232lbs/23% bf End of cut last week at 208lbs at 15% bf Plenty of room for improvement but I'm happy with the results as it was my first proper cut
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    Because they're insecure, hence the steroids.
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    Oh 5hit

    A man just died and people jokes about it? Wow... Disgusting really, some of you have no shame or any respect... OP I’m sorry to hear.
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    Is Boris for real?

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    Taken in the en-suite just now and posted whilst I have a dump. Six weeks into my “bulk”. Mainly carbs (lager) but remembering to record macros is difficult after the ninth can of Stella. Yes I’m pushing it out a bit. Need the “gut pumps” to pose. I weighed myself on Monday, came in at 229lbs. I’m 4lbs lighter than I was 7 weeks ago to the day when the gyms shut (today) and I could see my top ab. Muscle really is three times heavier than fat! Further progress pics to follow.....
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    In most cases I believe its social media, in the others its people not feeling they cant talk about their problems. I had a pretty horrendous start to 2018 where I had a breakdown and was off work for 5 months. Fortunately work paid for 10 private counselling sessions where I got back on track. If it wasn't for those sessions then I'm not sure I would have spoke about it at all and I dread to think where id be now. Funny thing is, when I finally did speak to people about it I was underwhelmed with the amount of people that had been in a similar situations and was overwhelmed by the amount of people that actually did and will listen. But unless you start talking; people aren't gonna know they need you to listen. I've had people come to me with their problems in the past, I'm told I'm a good listener because that's all I do, just listen. I don't try and tell them how they should feel and ill only tell them what to do next if they ask. There's a big stigma attached to mental health and id like everybody to know that they don't need to feel that way and I'm all ears for anybody struggling. Social media is a mine field, its atrocious. I use Instagram but despise Facebook. Its full of cyber bullies/ keyboard warriors who do nothing but spread hate. On the other hand you have people that use social media to portray their happy life when actually its a big façade. These types of people are their own worst enemies because they lust for the perfect life and want everything to be perfect because they cant be happy or contempt with what they actually do have, its a vicious circle. The youth of today don't know they were born!!
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    Any boxers on here?

    I had one bout in 1988. 3 one minute rounds. Got punched on the nose so many times my eyes were watering to the point that I could hardly see. Then the ref held my arm up and declared me the winner. I thought that if that’s what winning feels like I’d hate to lose so I never went back. My record is better than most boxers though. I retired unbeaten. 1 win, 0 draws, 0 losses 0 no contests. Quite impressive don’t you think.
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    Prepare for what? You're not going to war mate, chill out
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    Have you ever thumped anyone

    Was in a nightclub and an ex came in on the arm of her new fella. She came over to talk and then he followed her. I tried to be pleasant and he asked me what I did for a job. I told him and asked him the same. He replied that I wouldn’t understand what he did but to put it in a way that I would - he hired and fired people like me every day! The ex just said, what a cvnt, to him. I saw red and dragged him towards the exit. He pleaded with the bouncer on the door but unfortunately for him, that guy just happened to be my training partner! I took him outside and absolutely laid into him. Bouncer mate came out after a bit and told me he’d had enough. Went back inside to get my jacket, said to the ex “you coming” and went and had a great night with her. Bouncer told me next day he’d rewound the CCTV tape (VHS back then) and then it would have got taped over. Great mate to have.
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    It looks like you've had that fu**ing disgusting mug of coffee for even longer than the hat is that mould??
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    I can't believe this is a tranny

    Yeah the Adams apple would be a passion killer..... Imagine sucking her off, looking up and seeing that- it'd put me right off ???
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    I can't believe this is a tranny

    What were you doing looking up trannies at 3am? (cheers for posting though )
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    Oh 5hit

    My mrs has told that story to the bailiffs many a time ,he is propably fckin fed up of you
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    Cost me like a grand all 2nd hand. I don't even lift
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    Luke sandoe dead at 30

    I was one of the fortunate ones that could call Luke a friend, so i will not take kindly to anyone making comments that are insulting or derogatory to him, if any such comments are made they will be deleted and the member banned
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    You can’t. Not unless you are prepared to spend hundreds of pounds on it. Pointless anyway with ugl as there’s no guarantee that 2 vials will contain the same thing. If it’s testosterone you can test your blood for about thirty quid. If it’s tren then just keep jacking up the dose until you are a sweaty mess with insomnia and you are developing sexual urges for your next door neighbours Alsatian. If you do shag the dog then your tren is good to go.
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    Is Boris for real?

    All these people going on about the gyms being closed affecting their mental health in one breath, then saying let the old people stay in isolation while the young go about their business in the next. What about the old peoples mental health? They will be in isolation longer than anybody. Does their mental health count for nothing?
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    Is Boris for real?

    What made you think that gyms were going to be top of any lockdown exit strategy?
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    Gym open

    So because the lockdown was ‘successful’ and we didn’t need the emergency backup beds, it’s a disaster? Surely it’s a success? Imagine what you’d be saying if we needed them and hadn’t built them. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t ...
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    I tell her it’s the reason behind my humongously thick throbbing phallus that fills her beyond belief. nah I tell her it’s to keep my balls small so it’s more comfortable for me to cycle to work
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    I’ve suffered crippling anxiety and it isn’t fun. And I’m not ashamed to say I’ve seen a therapist. However, I do think it’s become almost a fashion to claim anxiety or depression. Most people don’t suffer anxiety, they’re a bit worried. Same with depression, they’re just a bit sad/miserable, even grieving. Big, big differences. Social media has created an awareness, not a bad thing, but also a platform for attention. In fact, social media has a lot to answer for in all of this. It’s also hard to over look then use of drugs too. Right from Alcohol, to Class As, Steroids and of course Weed, which all know is ‘harmless’ and cures AIDS... There are some genuine cases out there, but I think many just need to stop being a bunch of cry babies and toughen up a bit.
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    Get the basics right!!

    Just a quick post to urge guys to do some bloody research for themselves rather than just looking to be spoon fed by guys who've gained knoeledge from years of experience and years of research Read around the subject...find out WHY certain steroids have certain effects, how certain compounds effect our bodies' own hormones and how they interact with each other I know I'm not the only person who's getting sick of lads asking advice on 19nor cycles when they don't even have the basic knowledge they should have to run a test only cycle...and then when we tell them things they don't want to hear, insist we're wrong Scroll through the forum, every post contains information. Read @swole troll 's posts on each compound and first cycle advice And FFS if you want to do a first cycle, at least put a cycle together for us to help you tweak...rather than just "I wanna run a cycle...how donI do it" If your time's to valuable to do any research, then my time's definiteky too valuable to help you!!! Rant over...sorry, lockdown's makin me a bit ratty
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    Not me mate. I can get PSevens in to wind you up for a bit if you want. Consensus in the thread is that you do need to lose weight. Chins up fella.
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    @HadenoughI'm struggling to understand how a grown man who believes he is dedicated enough and knowledgable enough about diet to use steroids is unable to stop himself getting fat just because the gyms have been closed for a while?
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    Hi mate, could you get me a price on 5lbs of Dover and 5lbs of Lemon?
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    Uk-m pets what have you got?

    Pug here "Conan"
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    Will covid 19 go away

    Mate, fcuk off with that shite, bored with it now.
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    MONSTERS of Bodybuilding