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    Ever wonders into a gaybar

    I did once. Met the Mrs in there. We got 2 kids now. To think that I only went in looking for cock.
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    Oxon Jay

    Doing coke in work

    The real question is how did you have coke left after a night out? I did drugs for 15 years and this never happened once ever.
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    Iran doesn’t get pushed around by anyone. America doesn’t like the fact Iran stands up to Saudi Arabia, Iran nationalised their banks, Iran has 10% of the world oil and Iran refuses to trade this oil for US dollars. America are the issue with this world not the other countries the biased west media would have you believe
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    Meat / chicken everyday

    That's the longest "I don't know" we've seen here in quite a while.
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    TLDR will be at the end in bold I'm currently on week 10 of this EQ cycle that started with 700mg EQ and was upped to 900mg after 5 weeks alongside 750mg of test first monthish I had nothing more than hunger which REALLY took off around the 4th/5th week mark where I was hoovering up packs of rice just for fun I have this approach with bulking and hunger whereby if I think I'm hungry I think to myself eat a plain pack of rice or a piece of chicken if it's true hunger and this quickly whittles out the bullshit munchies rather than true hunger well after about a month on EQ I was holding myself up on that offer every time and eating plain chicken breasts and packs of rice more than once per day (on top of my scheduled intake) not mk677 blind eat the table cloth in a fit of hunger but more just a constant feeling and almost an improvement in digestion as I was always ready to eat as well, I'm not saying EQ is responsible for any kind of digestive aid per se but every meal was getting pureed in my stomach within an hour or 2 and I was hungry again with no bloat. strength... egh it's pretty underwhelming, just consistent slow progress that is largely just attributed to the ability to eat large amounts of clean foods whilst in an enhanced anabolic environment. fullness is okay, its more of a dryer look than I'd expect from a drug so close to testosterone, feels more like a DHT, like a mix between a MUCH weaker trenbolone and mast. It does offer some decent vascularity. pumps are great as is the ability to just chuck in heaps of training volume. I've been adding in a 2-3 extra sets per session every week and seemingly just lapping it up and recovering, always feel fresh even during my last exercises in a workout I'm typically a lower volume trainer around the 6-14 set mark but I've worked my way up to 30 with no excessive latter workout fatigue. cardio is notably easier as are higher rep sets. anxiety is definitely there, just feel more on edge and less at ease with my mind getting pretty scattered at times over analyzing irrelevant nonsense. other points worth noting is the oil is very thick and can be difficult to inject especially when pinning something hard to reach like lats or glutes, this gets old when you're pinning high volumes of oil through larger syringes. libido was great, I get this is going to be very person dependent and total hormonal balance but for me my libido has been superb. overall verdict and the TLDR 1. what it lacks in fullness it makes up for with vascularity and dryness 2. large work capacity increase (cardio and training volume) 3. hungry for clean (nutrient dense unprocessed) food all day 4. great pump 5. anxiety once I jumped from 700 to 900mg 6. barely noticeable change in strength outside of what the test is already doing 7. oil is very viscous and with a requirement to inject large volumes can become quite annoying particularly with awkward angled shots 8. healthy libido for me personally but this is largely irrelevant as it's so person specific 9. takes about 5 weeks to notice anything cosmetic or performance based (hunger and pump kicks in sooner) verdict: I stand by what I've said multiple times and this run has 100% cemented this opinion of mine: EQ makes for a great third compound after your test and primary anabolic or androgen, could be used for either cutting or bulking successfully but would require some strong will power during a cut. Lacks in strength and wtf fullness that 19nor's and orals bring. For it to be acceptable as a standalone It's costly due to the amount required and IME increases anxiety to a fairly uncomfortable level
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    Same could be said for half the members on this forum...
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    Eddie Hall reputation obliterated

    Makes sense when he already has the world record in the John lift
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    swole troll

    That's not a cruise

    "That's not a cruise, that's a cycle" the amount of times I've heard this proclaimed by steroid users as gospel based on no actual literature is far too frequent the definition of abuse of medication is any use of said medication outside of a prescribed setting (including exogenous hormones) so whether you take 50, 100, 125, 250, 500 or 1000mg of testosterone that wasn't prescribed to you at any time of the year you are abusing AAS no matter what your unqualified definition is. No doctor would ask for the dosing to define whether or not it was a self administered cruise or cycle, they would simply say you were abusing steroids reason being is 'cruise' is just a term made up by steroid users to describe an arbitrary dose of steroids lower than the dosage used for a more increased rate of performance enhancement (blast or cycle) the idea behind a cruise is to strike a balance based on that individual's risk vs reward assessment of blood work and health markers returning to a more acceptable level whilst maintaining maximal progress. Testosterone replacement therapy or TRT on the other hand is a medical practice by which a medical professional replaces your clinically low testosterone levels with exogenous testosterone in order to bring you back within the reference range which here in the UK is somewhere between 8nmol and 30nmol (slight variation between clinics) this is completely unrelated to a cycle, a blast, a cruise or any other recreational steroid user terminology. until I see some sort of formal literature I will always hear cruise simply as a form of lesser abuse there is IFBB pros and elite level powerlifters running 3-4-5 grams of gear on a cycle and dropping to anywhere from 500mg to as high as 2000mg between these cycles (I know of one that does blast on 6g and cruise on 2g) at what point in their drug abusing path did their cruise tick over from a cruise to a cycle? honestly it's just semantics like claiming someone's joint containing more cannabis than the other guy's is no longer a joint but now some other nonsensical made up drug user term. Here is some definitions that I'd think we all agree on: Cycle or blast - a period of time whereby synthetic hormones are administered outside of a clinical setting in supraphysiologcal dosages in order to gain a performance and physique enhancing effect. Cruise - a period of time whereby synthetic hormones are administered outside of the clinical setting in order to better improve health and blood markers whilst maintaining maximal muscle mass and performance achieved by the previous cycle or blast. Testosterone replacement therapy or TRT - a medical practice whereby someone suffering from hypogonadism is prescribed a replacement dose of synthetic testosterone in order to bring their levels back within the reference range.
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    Started off good, middle was a bit boring, and the title gave away the ending
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    Doing coke in work

    Tell me where you work and I'll come down and blow it up your arse with a straw on your break... No homo.
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    As @swole troll has said, bunk gear is hard to come by, there’s so many decent Uk labs out these days you’re hard pushed to find fake gear buttttt I’ve seen you do two posts, 1 with some sis mtren and another with what looks like sigma mtren. So congratulations, In a sea of good solid labs, you’ve managed to fish out the few labs that everyone would agree are bottom of the pile
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    Sex with 18 year old girls??

    Bled out, took one fist too many
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    Sex with 18 year old girls??

    I can't help but think that if @drwae is still trudging his way through this thread that he's probably lost his erection by now. I know I have.
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    Sex with 18 year old girls??

    @drwae forgot to mention this girl doesn’t know she’ll be having rohypnol dropped in her rum & coke. The only thing she’ll be consenting to is being offered a drink. Also, this will be the last thing she remembers before waking up on the grass verge at the Eclipse Leisure Park.
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    This is also the case for Wetherspoons staff.
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    One night stands

    Grindr might suit you mate Plenty on there want c0ck
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    swole troll

    ‘Feel Good’ steroids

    high dose test, let your oestro run as high as you can without sides and add in a DHT like proviron or masteron you'll feel tipsy levels of mental well being and your cock will be covered in friction burns
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    Hack for cheap bloodwork

    Thought I’d share this as it may be of interest to you guys. Have found a way to get test levels checked for just £7 and if you fancy adding on cholesterol and liver function just £12 total. Not exactly a comprehensive health check but better than nothing and also useful if you want to check gear potentcy. use the website thriva setup new account and customise your plan to what you want to check (testosterone, liver, cholesterol) and then when you go to checkout use code THRIVABLOG. Cancel subscription once blood work results received rinse and repeat with different emails. they use the same lab as medichecks so will be just as accurate (county pathology)
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    Wrote off 2 cars in 1 week

    Alzheimer's more like
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    I'm not right wing, I'm very pro-green. But her and her parents and movement are propaganda spewing tits. She's being used a s a puppet by her parents. Nothing she or her 'group' have said is true. Read their manifesto. They're socialist laying claim to the climate issue to try and guilt trip and back door their political beliefs. It has nothing to do with children (she's 16, hardly a child) or anger or anything else. It's bullshit being fronted by a child so that everyone can day "why are you guys so mean to a little girl". This coming from a dude who doesn't drive, who recycles, who has minimised his footprint and fossil fuel usage and makes the effort to be a part of the change needed. Not right wing. No group affiliation. Just someone who believes in science and hates people trying to force their political beliefs on anyone else. We're already making great progress in the battle against climate change. We don't need this divisive bullshit taking away from it. It's caused more issues than its helped. So bored with people saying "you're just bullying a child" bollocks! If someone, regardless of age, is trying to make claims and push a shitty political policy on people under the guise of helping the environment, then it should be shown for the bullshit it is. Simple. Who here saying "it's just a kid" had read their manifesto or actually looked in to who they are? Be honest.
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    Don’t get it fellas. She’s simply a kid who is concerned about the future of the planet - why all the anger?
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    How are we here (srs)?

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    Apparently they identified him by his ring. Imagine if all that was left of you was your arsehole. And why do the Americans know what each of them looks like and who it is/was attached to!
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    Doing coke in work

    This is basically you saying you haven't the endurance or mental fortitude of every single nurse in the country who works nights.
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    I just stalked your profile too! If you keep taking the bait then what do you expect? I’m sure swole troll has better things to do anyways. Now be quiet or me and @PSevens will come round your house and bum you (no homo)
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    Sex with 18 year old girls??

    I was doing it in my 30's and I didn't die so crack on.
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    Anyone suffered mental health problems

    The doctor will tell you he now understands why you are depressed and tell you he would be depressed too if his cock was that small.
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    swole troll

    What’s your diet like

    I'm using insulin on training days and maintaining a fairly lean 115kg body weight that's why fats are limited on training days. normally I stick to circa 50-80g daily from healthy sources but outside of essential fat and for health purposes fat is the most expendable macro nutrient by FAR in regards to performance and muscle growth I always tell people if you're bulking you want 1g of protein per lb of body weight, as low fats as you can healthily manage (your sources need to be tight to push this v low) and the rest carbohydrate
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    Advice on Abscess please

    Can i just thank everyone on this forum for pushing me into the Hospital. I have been told my a Doctor here that any more delay could have cost me my life, and im still not in the clear yet.. I am going in for urgent surgery. I am expecting to go in shortly. I will have to be put under a general anesthetic, (this scares me...) I have a badly infected Abscess that needs cutting open and draining. I have always had a fear of going under anesthetic and have managed to avoid it for 3 decades, sadly avoid i can no longer do. Guys, i did everything that i normally do. I showered before the injection, i use alcohol swabs on the injection site, i use a brand new Green Needle to draw up the oil and i use a Blue needle to inject. I have never had a problem before. facebook really did fu** me up. Thank you so much Guys, i am still unclear on what to expect after the operation, tbh i am just concentrating on one step at a time. I guess i will not be competing this year either Shelly x
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    Been some well thought through, intellectual contributions in this thread. Here’s mine....
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    Ever wonders into a gaybar

    Have you ever attended English classes?
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    Do you understand homosexuality?

    We had a meal at the rugby club, soup starter which wasn’t very nice. I commented that it “tasted like spunk”. Really regret saying that.
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    To all UKM non-lifters (most of this forum). Wishing you a very happy new year. Good health to you all. If you’re a roider, please consider increasing cardio and educating yourself on how to look after yourself as best as possible while you choose to use AAS. Daily cardio for 20/30 mins minimum daily is nothing. Get yourself out of breath. So many benefits to improve blood pressure, cholesterol, heart health, mental health, weight loss, better sleep, reduce risk of other harmful conditions such as diabetes, cancer. Get some fish oil in you on a daily basis, K2, citrus Bergomot, Vit D in Winter months, multi Vit but most of all, cardio. Full salad
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    swole troll


    and use less trenbolone it's designed for animals going to slaughter for which longevity isn't of too high a concern
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    Reminds me of the pictures of starving kids for band aid, like a guilt trip to cure poverty, never worked then. Now stick a kid on the front line in the fight against climate change, won't change a thing. Governments are rotten to the core and won't allow change. Get the usual shite from them about not using plastic bags and how we need to do more whilst doing fcuk all. That said mate nothing against her I've kids younger than her and a grandkid on the way so if she can do some good fair play to her.
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    Oblivion, is that the new Photoshop software
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    old daily driver

    I bet the 18 year old girls are leaving snail trails all over it...
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    Sex with 18 year old girls??

    Times running out for me i would be happy with a 50 year old
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    People talking about how "stupid" and "moronic" Iran are for misidentifying and shooting down a civilian passenger plane but they're not the first to make that mistake. The US themselves shot down an Iranian airbus (flight 655) killing 290 civilians at the end of the 80s. Talking about stupidity, I doubt anything will ever come close to matching the military incompetence of invading a sovereign nation, overthrowing it's regime, occupying it and plunging it into a decade + perpetual state of civil war that has led to hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths on mistaken intelligence that said nation possessed "weapons of mass destruction" and were planning an "imminent attack". Everything the US gets involved in militarily turns into a giant clusterfuck. Iran now being painted as the bogeyman. This latest US offensive was apparently to "protect US lives". What a load of bollox. Iran poses no threat to western civilians. In fact they've probably done more to safeguard western civilians in the last decade or so than all of our own governments put together. Iran has been/are instrumental in fighting against the Wahhabi Sunni militant groups in Syria, Iraq and the wider region. Those groups are the threat to US and western civilians. 9/11, the 7/7 bombers , the Manchester concert bomber, London Bridge attackers, San Bernadino mass shooting, 2015 Paris attacks (138 killed) and countless others all perpetrated by individuals either connected to or inspired by Isis, Al Qaeada or other Sunni extremist groups. If Iran is such a threat to the west where are all the attacks carried out on the west by groups connected/backed or inspired by Iran ?? The country in the Middle East that is by far the biggest threat to western civilians is Saudi Arabia. The country responsible for spreading the extreme Salafi-Wahhabi ideology across the region and around the world and backing and funding the above groups to destabilise it's neighbouring countries. 15 of the 19 9/11 plane hijackers were Saudi nationals. Yet somehow the Saudis are the west's greatest ally in the region
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    Anna’s log the sequel lol

    How’s my little perv ? not much to report honey, just working every day trying to grow for the moment. Main focus on legs x
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    Good this place has survived...

    I prefer WhatsApp groups full of raging homos and weirdos.
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    Good this place has survived...

    That’s because some of us have gone underground
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    Indeed we have, here’s mine. I’ve had no burglaries to date. Sorry, no idea about the camera.
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    I believe we've been over this before. All you need is an A4 printout of @sjacks sellotaped to your front door. Also instead of spending thousands on a security system spend £15 p/m on a good home insurance policy, like a normal person.
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    fu**ing hell you spout some shite .. for anyone who can't be arsed to read that it's baically .. 1. sweeping opening statement about a very small portion of the war 2. mass copy and paste to try and back up points of his one small portion of the war. 3. somehow manage to bring brexit in to it because he's still bitter about the election .. the EU formed in 1993 you prat, nothing to do with the war, dont be so disrespectful.
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    We (The Europeans) need a stronger EU that can articulate and protect European interests. The only way to limit European dependency on USA is to build and strengthen EU institutions through combined economic, diplomatic and defence policies. ... Oh right, Brexit... I for one support our great American overlords in whatever course they may take us. Donald, wow.
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    One night stands

    Thanks for the tips Can someone on here lend me some photos to use please
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    Motherfucking politicians messing with our lives again. Why the f**k couldn't Trump and the General just have met in a park and slug it out after school? Why do we have to be involved and affected in their playground games?
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    Lloyd H

    Good lab for masteron

    Is this for real Just like saying why are we all using steroids if we ain't competing or need them? Theres plenty of reasons to add mast into a cycle regardless if hes "competing" or " needs it". why not stick to the topic and suggest a lab you've used mast with, instead of questioning it with a pretty daft question.