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    I already am to women
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    OK UK-M, as you know, I wholeheartedly believe that men and women complement each other, instead of competing for dominance to prove who’s boss! Been married for the past 27 years, I find strength not only in my wife, but also in my five daughters. So I find myself surrounded by a home full of females, and I feel tremendously blessed for it. My oldest girl is 24, and my youngest is 4, Sumayah, showing her curly hair and cute face below: So now, let us begin with few of these idiosyncrasies between the sexes. Some you may be able to relate to, some not. I hope no one would be offended in the least for that was never my intention to begin with, and if anyone does take offence, I'm happy for a moderator to delete or close the thread. I thank you for your time. Fadi.
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    Is tren safe for me?

    So basically you just screamed at a few people and called someone names through a window........sounds to me like you're just a moron. Dont take Tren.
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    Writing a CV

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    Dead lee

    Is tren safe for me?

    Yep perfect for your type, all bosses, slow walkers and stupid customers need a good kicking now and again, it will be great for you.
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    I'm back, I also had a relapse

    Did 5 days in Algarve for BPM Festival and spent the whole time sniffing copious amounts of coke and ket and eating nothing but one portion of doner meat a day and a handful of pills (mainly Ikea's, absolutely banging BTW..) a day. Anyway, I lost a good 9 pounds of muscle and feel like I look natural ATM, just did my first gym session since getting home (full body) and I was as weak as a kitten. I actually might have gained an inch or two on my calves from dancing for 14 hours a day but that's up for debate. I'm detoxing for at least 2 weeks now (26th birthday at the end of the month) and back to actually consuming more than 50 grams of protein a day and lifting weights. Watch this space, I'll look good again before the end of the year. /deardiary
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    Wet DREAMS

    LeeDaPufter and the boyz
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    sean m

    Just got rejected :(

    Any chance she was just a normal /nice women that didn't want to get involved with a lad strutting around trying to boost his own low self esteem by begging for (probably fake ) numbers ?
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    been a long old year pic on the far left is from summer 2016 im around 115kg, next one in im around 120kg same year, then 108kg about 10 weeks post pec rupture and surgical reattachment back in feb this year and finally the pic on the far right i took last week and im around 108kg just with a lot more muscle than i was in the pec tear recovery pic ive not set one personal best this year and im carrying much less LBM than i was last year but SLOWLY clawing it back
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    What's your accent?

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    UKM Detectives.....

    Pm anna1 for more details on pretending to be a woman
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    Just got rejected :(

    You got amogged by a bird ffs. You goofed man. When she said no you should have instantly replied "ha I had a bet with my mate, I knew you were a fu**ing retard but he didn't listen" then turn around and shout to other side of the room "see I told you she as a mong she can't even hold a conversation the dosey c**t!" Turn back to her and say sorry love I'm looking for somebody with a bit more savvy your boring as f**k" and walk away. Dont ever EVER let some self righteous stuck up c**t burn you like that.
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    Sparring Comp?

    Here u gan pussys, stay out ma hood bitches. I think the door dents alil i feel like i shud of tried harder tho
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    How does it feel to be old ?

    Being old is worse than being young, but better than being dead. I felt and looked old at the end of my cancer treatment - chemo and radiation kicked my ass. Literally. Sixty plus pounds of weight loss, no muscles, no strength, no energy, no taste buds, no saliva glands, no fun. Now feel better than ever, so it's all good.
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    Sparring Comp?

    @LeeDaLifter lol jk Ill smash ya glasses you skinnyfat, inbred looking, scruffy mong U live in a dream world m8, biggest hardest smartest hahahaha Serious note, sort ya diet out, get in a gym, lift some proper weights, get rid of the chip on ya shoulder, clean your dump house, fix your door, sort your anger, stop offering people out on Internet. LOLS
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    92kg today
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    Sparring Comp?

    There should be an age and an IQ requirement - both have to be above 18 - so you're 50% qualified already mate.
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    Increase the tren and ride it out
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    Those that pay a fu**ing tention you'd remember a few months back I was in rather poor shape, lost most muscle but had some fat so ran dnp for a week with good results, was pretty small but good shape, after that I went back to lots of drinking and drugs, added with no training and stress and no sleep I'm literally in worse shape and condition than before I started lifting. You really do lose it fast when you try but no more! You hear me cry. Thats it. No more drink, no more drugs (hash and weed doesn't count) no more hangovers no more excuses! The drugs Delta labs t400 lol I joke I joke. Triumph E-npp blend 3ml per week in the fu**ing stomach son. Take it like a jab from mcgregor or don't take it at all is my motto. Iv got some xxxbulk tabs leftover so 1 of them a day with a tbol and a nolva to start with. In a few weeks I'll chuck in some superdrol. Iv ran sd at 20mg with no sides so thinking to run it at 40mg this time around. Training train what doesn't hurt till it hurts or till I'm bored. No pissing about, no pussy routines or rules or checklists in a fu**ing app. I'll pick things up and then put them down again. The food all you can eat buffet. Plant based vegan nutrition with a 'ain't no bulk like a big tekkers bulk' twist to it. With daily picks. Calories: as many as I can carbs: many fat: I'll try and keep it down but I ain't promising nothing protein: couldn't give a f**k. "But when will it end" I hear you all cry! It will end when my waist hits 34 inches, which I will measure my wrapping my cock around my waist. It currently overlaps at 32 inches. Im prepared to slap on some fat, it's inevitable. But I now have trusty dnp in my arsenal a week on that negates a good 3 months fat gain Ill post a few pics later, my old size from 2 years back and my current condition. Lets begin
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    What am i doing wrong?

    is your mum as smooth as you?
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    Breast milk suppliers

    WTF, are you for real? What if I don't want it through the mail, can I drop by and get it straight from the source?
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    Pierced the skin with a sharp implement and red stuff came out. I'd be f**king terrified
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    Abc’s Bulk: tren/npp experiment

    Right lads I’ve decide to go for it. I’ve been toying with the idea of combining the 2 for a while and been going back and forth but thought last night f**k it and jabbed a ml of each. I’m running tren a so if I don’t like I’ll just drop the tren and up test/npp Last tren e shot was 21st August. Was supposed to cruise for another couple of weeks and get bloods done but decided I wanted to fit the cycle in and get done before xmas. I donated a few weeks back so should be ok there. I also now have 3 weeks without boozing (went out on the piss Saturday to see the groves fight) so perfect for getting sd in. then end November right through to new year I’ll be out quite a lot so seems like a good idea to start now lol Been cruising on sphinx test 300 at .6ml so 180mg and happy with how I look! current weight is 13.13 this morning, probably about 14% bf at a guesss training is upper/lower 5-6 days a week and high intensity. I do abs on lower days cycle atm is triumph sdrol 20mg am before training 10mg around 6pm (never used before ) sis test e .4ml mon/wed/fri (finishing last couple of ml of sphinx ) triupmh tren a 125 .9ml mon/wed/fri sphinx npp 1ml mon/wed/fri this week I started yesterday so will Be eod until next week (just a little front load) and it’ll be 1ml tren .5 ml test diet I don’t really count exact but eat pretty well Monday to Friday then weekends I relax. Whilst I’ve been cruising/cutting I’ve been going silly at the weekends adding around 5lbs but won’t go as crazy on a bulk as you can’t rein it in through the week all I’ve added as of this morning is 1 extra crumpet with Nutella and a slice of bacon and my oats in shake has gone from 3/4 to a full scoop so I’d say around 300cals Above is me start of Feb after a long stint off 13.3 End of first bulk test/npp 8 weeks 14.11 Next cycle was supposed test/tren/winni 4 week kicker) to be a bulk again and I went up to 15.3 after 7 weeks but booked a holiday so turned it into a cut and ended up 14.4, pic below of first day away. Cycle length 13 weeks so a 6 week cut Ate f**k loads and added 10lbs, end of hols curremt condition below and now 13.13 as you can see I have slight gyno but started ralox 10 days ago @60mg ed to hopefully reverse it and am gonna try amorasin (triumph ) this cycle. lets see how it goes. I’m not really one to just set something in stone and stick with it so things may change throughout but it will stay as a bulk as it’s winter so no need to stay lean although I will try to keep bf as low as I can (although I do love my good and sick of being hungry) Just to note I’ve done no cardio for over a year and won’t be this cycle but something I need to start in new year!
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    "I'm too attractive for love"

    There was a similar story in Durham to that one m8 @LeeDaLifter
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    I wudnt get passed customs You would have to fly them here hahaha
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    Straight men are the biggest poofters

    I don't find cats attractive but I still get a semi when he sits on my lap and starts fu**ing about with his little 2 step jig trying to get comfy.
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    Trenbolone only first cycle @19yo

    Inb4 OP ends up like this
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    Trenbolone only first cycle @19yo

    What sort of 19 year old male doesn't want to f**k a bird???? fu**ing homo. @Frandeman you heard this s**t lol
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    All Hail the new King of UKM

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    Looks like the lad had a lucky escape, 6/10 chav demanding to be treated like a fu**ing queen
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    U want my log mate?

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    I Ordered tomorrow and it arrived yesterday mate. I had to stop eating and training while on their stuff coz I got too big and too lean
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    Anna 's log

    Morning all ! leg day today , squats , hip thrusts , deadlifts , abductions , kick backs . Feeling a little stronger every day . All the best to all ! x
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    Sparring Comp?

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    What ticks you off ?

    Greek birds that don't send nudes.
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    Sparring Comp?

    Only came on here to find me Dad... @FelonE
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    Sparring Comp?

    Fuckkkking hell!!!!! Your real!? your not just pretending to be this stupid dumb c.unt.... you actually are! Hahaha this is amazing! I didn't know some people had regressed so far through devolution. I guess that's what generations of inbreeding does though??
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    Going blind

    Most men I know are like this . No worries ..
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    Of course it will work mate, you'll soon have a chin to be proud of, but gum is a bit soft, so I will mail you a slice of my wife's roast beef mate, that'll keep you going for a couple of years.
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    Sparring Comp?

    I wouldn't mess with you to be fair Lee. Your skull is probably about 5 inches thick.
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    Tren .... jelousy

    Probably convinced yourself tren will cause mental sides which will in itself give you mental sides just think it's the drugs and hold your tounge, if you ain't got that control, drop it
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    I dont mind fighting as long as both parties have the same size/weight pillow.
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    Wet DREAMS

    bang on mate is this not something you can ask your mum?
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    Dead lee

    Post a Recent Picture Thread - Vol. II

    Took about 4-5 weeks ago, had to be black and white because the walls were pink in the gym sunbed room lol
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    Buying stuff from taobao.

    Didn't you buy some clothes riddled with bullet holes off Islamic State after they had been removed from public execution victims who had been shot whilst wearing Hera branded pullovers?
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    How does it feel to be old ?

    People die from it.