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    Photos of people’s best physiques

    From 5 years or so ago
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    Dark Ghost.

    Bored now..... if it reappears I will instantly ban the person who made it. HAPPY EASTER If you feel this is abusing MOD powers please email [email protected]
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    Prophet Mohammed - Teacher Suspended

    Of course the teacher should be sacked. No way should he be showing pictures of paedophiles to school kids.
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    The Forum

    It is clear the forum is not as it once was, this is mainly down to people creating a number of accounts to be all clever and funny after being banned, up to now I have not done anything and given them the benefit of the doubt but from now I will ban any account that I believe is a duplicate. Along with this, the forum used to be a great resource for guys and girls to come and get information, these days it seems that anyone asking even a simple question get slated in the guise of 'a bit of banter' this is off-putting for new members to join. If you feel you can answer or add something useful to a thread then, by all means, post it, any posts that create an argument about labs that gets to heated like the dark ghost thread this week everyone who is involved will be banned, no warning, you have all been here long enough to know the rules and your all adults. It's the internet treat it as such.
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    What’s your go to cheat?

    Square, circle, r2, r2, triangle, circle, r1, l1, x, x, circle, r1, l2, r1, triangle, x, circle, square, square, r2, r1
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    Photos of people’s best physiques

    I competed for 25yrs these are some overtime. Don't look like this these days unfortunately though...
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    Benching like a T, complaining of shoulder issues, claiming he's not benched in months, training with only cables and machines leading up to this and goes for an incline bench 1rm after a balls out failure set of 6 reps with 180kg right before this with no weight jumps between 180kg to 220kg. Play silly games win silly prizes.
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    sean m

    Possible emergency.

    Is she driving with her head out the window ?
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    Council tax

    These people are not counted as adults for Council Tax: * children under 18 * people on some apprentice schemes * 18 and 19-year-olds in full-time education * full-time college and university students * young people under 25 who get funding from the Skills Funding Agency or Young People’s Learning Agency * student nurses * foreign language assistants registered with the British Council * people with a severe mental impairment * live-in carers who look after someone who is not their partner, spouse, or child under 18 * diplomats
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    Council tax

    OK. Turns out that my council tax will be half that since it's based on the 1991 value of the property. @wylde99 You're about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.
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    Oh no, the Muslims have been upset again. Better bend over backwards for them and grovel for forgiveness. How about telling them all to fvck off. If they don't like it, tough. Fvcking hate the scumbags.
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    I've been saying this forum has lacked logs for quite some time now so figured it was time to put up or shut up. As the title suggests this is hopefully a rebound from lockdown atrophy, which I arguably didn't go about the right way but this past year has been brutal for progress. Around late December just before lockdown I managed to get up to about 260lb relatively lean and hit some PBs: front squat 180kg x3, strict overhead press 120kg for a single and barbell row 180kg for 8. my all time S/B/D maxes are 260kg/ 165kg/ 260kg but I am a long way off that at the moment with training sporadically at friends houses or using some pig iron in my living room. I decided to cut from the moment the current lockdown started spending about 6 weeks with no test at all (I'm entirely hypogonadal at this stage), not the best idea but I needed a goal to work toward and getting bigger and stronger isn't feasible for what I have access to at the moment. Current condition The picture on the left was boxing day IIRC, the picture on the right was 2 days ago. Current training Monday: Bench and deadlift Tuesday: Squat and Bench Thursday: Pull Friday: Arms I'm doing 40 minutes of LISS on a stationary bike post wo and going for around 5 hours total of walks per week I'll go into more detail on training with my updates and of course this is going to change once the gyms reopen and I'll resort back to my typical Push, Pull, off, Legs, Arms, Off x2, repeat routine. Current diet Carbs: 450 (typical sources: sweet potato, parsnip, carrot, baked potato, rice, semolina and oats) fat: 55 (typical sources: oily fish, eggs, red meat) Prot: 245 (red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese and a very small amount of whey and EAAs) I get plenty of fruit and veg in a day also. dropping about 1.5-2lb per week any time weight loss stalls I increase the post wo LISS by 10 minutes and remove 60g of carbs. Supplementation Multivit Fish oil ZMA Vit k2 Niacin Vit d3 Metformin B12 Curcumin with piperine KSM-66 the noopept and caffeine are intermittent as I'm a VERY heavy coffee drinker Almost everything I supplement is geared toward the deleterious effects of PEDs, They are FAR from a panacea to any side from gear, they merely help and very modestly so at that. The only exceptions to this are stimulants and my intra drink of 10g EAAs, 4g LoSalt, 50mg caffeine, 15g fructose and 15g dextrose mixed into 2l of water. Gear Malay tiger clen is the best I've used, the malay gear I wouldn't touch after @GMO 's infected glute story and pic many years back but the clen is weirdly decent despite their otherwise questionable rep. Gear wise I've predominantly used nexus for the past 2 years with a bit of southern ghost here n there. As I mentioned I came off entirely just after Christmas, stayed off for just over a month and a half before going onto 150mg test for a bit, then bumping to 300mg and then just last week I added in 525mg primo (150mg per ml x3.5ml per week) Clen is currently dosed at 20mcg daily, this will ratchet up by 20mcg fortnightly until at a maximal dose of 100mcg which I will stay at for a week or two and then stop entirely. As is the usual with my logs for anyone that's followed in the past, I've tried to bring you up to speed in the OP and I'll post weekly updates on training, diet and progress. Any questions fire away.
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    Can low test cause...

    Well low test can definitely cause you to make s**t threads. That's a definite.
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    Donny dog

    Big fors back to gym blog

    If you’re going to sleep around noon and waking up at 5 and claiming that’s 15 hours sleep I don’t see how you can possibly go wrong when injecting steroids into yourself......
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    Photos of people’s best physiques

    Here's my collection I think I reached the best form after the previous quarantine last year... maybe not the same as contest form, but pretty close and a lot more mass (competed at 72kg - now have 80kg) And also the last 3 are just about 2 weeks ago.
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    Dark ghost

    People wonder why forums are dying a death. Can't even discuss decent UGL's anymore without it turning into a 10 page slag off fest. If people want to leave feedback, Good or bad then that can only be good for us all. Just because every single bit of feedback for DG is positive there is no need to bitch, hate or cry like a baby if you can't source it. Plenty of decent labs out there for everyone to source but why derail threads that are here to help, not promote? Years ago when UGL's first came along we all looked out for each other and if a very good lab like this came along, people were genuinely happy and would be glad for others who could source it and we would share our experiences and results, these days it's just petty jealousy and conspiracies at it's worst and pointless bashing without so much as seeing a vial they are mouthing off about let alone trying one. Move on from it guys, seriously or stick to facebook and not a BB forum. Danny
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    You didn’t drop her in the gutter she was shagging her ex whilst leading you on...glad you finally grew some bollocks and moved on. I personally love a woman with a great body, huge tits, the face has to have that look? (Hard to explain) and she must have a nicely waxed cock n balls! The type you find in the Trans section of Adult Work.... if ya know what I mean.
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    sean m

    Funny as fu##

    Young yob on the bench, with his 2 mate's "spotting " . Jumps up high 5s mate's and Jumps about punching the air, shouting got it . 100kg. When someone pointed out the 2 plates a side....were 10s, so only 60kg. He put on 20s, paced up and down huffing and puffing, did the big arch with feet on the bench to get in position . Laid on bench still arched, mate's helped unrack... Weight dropped so fast i think he may have broke a rib, spotters couldn't lift it back up to rack it,only enough for first yob to slide out from under the bar. I tried not to laugh, failed.
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    Donny dog

    What makes a good gym IYO

    Slim and attractive females in their early 20’s on the reception desk who will smile at me in a manner that makes me think it’s absolutely nailed on I can give them a knee trembler in the sauna as soon as I give them the wink. A complimentary towel so other member know when I’m handed it that I’ve hit the big time and affluent enough to pay for the platinum membership. Spacious changing rooms I can parade around naked in admiring the other penises on show and making comparisons of my own physique amongst the other middle age males who are also in there so they can convince themselves they’re making a concerted effort to shed the excessive weight that now clings to them after 20 years of too much cider, generally okayish food choices and a trolley full of recreational drugs. A moderately well equipped free weights area that has dumbells up to 50kg that nobody in the gym will ever be able to lift due to not having the required amount of determination or commitment to the lifestyle of someone truly trying to make physical changes to their appearance. A swimming pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi that’s basically nothing more than somewhere to pass a bit of time and hopefully catch a glimpse of a sexually frustrated middle age woman who’s in respectable enough shape for her age to be able to be having an affair with one of the young Pt’s whilst the baby Range Rover her husband is paying for is parked outside as he’s working away for the week and banging his PA. A cafe area that charges exorbitant fees for reasonably healthy food that members can sit down with at a table with their twattishly poncey gym bag prominently displayed in another attempt at showing of their ostentatious wealth. And all for about £120 a month for the privilege. Thats literally my idea of hell. And the sad reality of my life.
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    Prophet Mohammed - Teacher Suspended

    Teacher should get compensation and job back. "Outraged community" should get the gallows.
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    Covid planned

    Can you just keep this s**t in one thread and use one username please? And if that one gets banned too.. just take a hint maybe? What kind of whopper thinks to themselves "huh, got a bit of time to kill.. reckon I'll just casually sign up on a bodybuilding forum and try to start an argument over covid." Go for a walk or something mate, christ
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    Second cycle?

    If you are not a troll.... Which I seriously doubt, then a libido is wasted on you anyway, so you don't need to worry about it.
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    HRH Phil the Greek condolence page

    @wylde99 It’s about time you took your s**t elsewhere. You have obviously run dry of contributing anything remotely pertinent, or useful, to either this, or any ensuing thread on UK-M. I suggest you sign-up to mumsnet.
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    HRH Phil the Greek condolence page

    Nothing wrong with the thread. It's the utter lack of respect for a 99 yr man who lived a life of duty and service with dignity that doesn't sit well with me. The jokes are fine. The black humour is welcome. But the snide comments from some make me a little bit sad to be honest.
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    11st 9 top pic. Slightly heavier bottom one.
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    Gyms opening in a week!

    If it helps anyone I've got a home gym and been training all thru and still look like s**t
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    I’m gonna do this when I get my second dose in a couple of weeks. I’m gonna get all sanctimonious and tell other people how much better I am than them. One of the wife’s friends declined the vax in January. She got an early invite cos she works at a gp surgery. Couple of weeks ago she got covid and was really ill, ha ha. I can’t wait for my opportunity to take the piss out of the silly bint. There’s even a new word for folk like me “Vaxhole” .....and I’ve got a great idea for rolling out the vaccine passport. Rather than us who have had the vaccine being issued with a health passport, simply tattoo “Unclean” on the forehead of those who haven’t. The army of vaccinators can do this when they’ve finished vaccinating. I’m writing my idea up and sending it to Boris
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    Brilliant. That's the 4rd funniest thing I've seen on here
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    a great Briton

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    Good point because that’s what most gyms do???? So you can squat 240kg natty yet you’re scared to contact a gym about opening times? Fors makes more sense than you. I hope they’re closed. It’ll serve you right for being a flange.
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    HRH Phil the Greek condolence page

    He will be sadly missed by casual racists and sexist male chauvinist pigs nationwide. He was a great man and a wonderful lover.
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    First day back at the gym thread

    I was up at 4:30 this morning buzzing for it, felt like I was about to go to a rave. Got in there, sweet, sweet, camel toe everywhere, kettlebell swingin and squatting. Hit the shoulder press, followed by the cables, the pump! I came. Oh how I have missed you. Come on people, let's hear your tales....
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    Council tax

    It's a criminal offence not to pay CT. Fines are admittedly low, but it DOES go to magistrates warrant, then bailiffs and there's a real danger of an entry being placed in your Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, thus scuppering your chances of getting any job with real responsibility or decent remuneration. In a cash-strapped society, most councils opt to enforce all the way. (What Ar Wylde, bless his THC-infused socks) is referring to is "Freeman on the land" bollocks and any magistrate won't entertain arguments from this perspective simply because Freeman's first tenet is to not recognise the established court system.) In short, either pay the fu**ing council tax or spend a month sharing a cell with an intelligent, charming, sophisticated chap called Bubba who will affectionately call you "mah lil puppy". And when you get out (with a sore, lacerated bum infused with the spunk of all of Bubba's mates), you can always go on the dole to get a council tax exemption plus wash cars, deal drugs and mend fences for cash. By that time, all your loved ones would have f**ked off, citing reasons of incompatibilty. Your best friend and constant companion will then be a crack ho - @PSevens2017 a pic please as a warning. You and your new best friend can then share needles whilst huddled around a lit trash can on a cold November, discussing what to nick and where to sleep that night. Knock yaself out. In other countries, you'd get a bullet to the head for not paying the government.
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    HRH Phil the Greek condolence page

    I liked him. He was a flawed human like the rest of us, and didn't pretend to be an over sanitised beacon of purity on all issues like you have to if you don't want to be cancelled by leftist twits these days. RIP Big fella.
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    How Big is yours

    As I said mine is 9ft x10ft at minute but snug still have this space behind it if I clear stuff out
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    Photos of people’s best physiques

    Guys are all looking good Here's a few of different stages of weight and condition... I'm 30 years old, and 183cm.. So 6ft. Sit lean at around 85kgs (I did diet too hard during this tho, and lost far too much lean tissue, but it was a lesson learnt) In my off season/bulk I sit around 105-110kgs And now since covid/lockdown iv been sitting around 95kgs and my current condition and shape. Looking to get back on a big cycle soon, try keep conditioning and push back to 105ish.
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    Any ex muscletalk guys here?

    Wow nice work! Yeah I know what you mean. It has to be healthier too, I am also 50 this year, I look around at older folks and I don’t see too many over 300lbs, in shape or otherwise. I threw myself into cycling (bikes, not PEDs) and honestly expected if all went well , that I would come out looking like a racing snake, but one without diabetes hopefully. I gave up on the concept of muscle and strength, I ate a Keto diet for the short term Blood Sugar advantages, didn’t give a toss about protein, I just wanted the weight off, and as I said, ironically I looked more muscular at the end. Than I had in a long time, although much smaller obviously. I much prefer this weight now, I still think being huge and strong is great, its just not for me any more! Not that I was anything special at all, but I mean in terms of goals, I have a great gym I use now, and I enjoy training at home for the most part, obviously lockdown dictates that too. I documented my progress on Instagram, so had have this handy before/after thing I put up at 6 months, plus’s one from a couple of months later Everything is just easier at this weight, eating, moving around, getting clothes to fit, breathing... you name it!
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    Lots of gender reassignment was postponed
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    So what's the deal with ROHM

    The guy on Facebook pushing biomed was selling fake Rohm that’s probably why he’s slowed right down with Rohm. The label change was made purely to take out the counterfeits which were circulating heavily up north. The people behind the lab are still the same bar one person, the manufacturers are still the same!! And the ‘fancy’ products were made because the lab needed a bigger product list as before the label change it was just outdated. So more money has been invested to bring out these products. Plus They’ve always made primo ? Yes there was a bad batch of test e that caused pip a few months back but the lab held there hands up to that. Many of the top ifbb pro’s in the UK are using Rohm currently, the likes of JP, Jamie johal, James H, Kuba, Samson D to name a few !!! So no idea where all this ‘bad reviews’ stuff has come from. Again other labs tryna bring down a solid lab that’s stood the test of time.
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    Females gym clothing

    Problem is women do want men to notice and desire/be attracted to them. They know what they're doing wearing such provocative clothing. But they only want that response from the 1-2% of men THEY find attractive. An ugly/normie guy starring at them is offensive. Honestly it's best just to train at home.
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    Gym of course but I enjoy riding my motorcycle , cooking , spending time with family . Simple things in life is what pleases me .
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    Home Gym Equipment

    Nice one, Thanks fellas. All these ideas are decent. I think the Rogue & Younix are a bit on the pricey side for a garage gym but not ruling it out as this set up will likely be the last lot of gym equipment I buy as we're not planning on moving again. If anyone is interested i'll add some pictures of the gym build in the home gym thread as and when it happens..
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    Oh, the irony...
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    HRH Phil the Greek condolence page

    It's not very impressive though is it. If you're basically living your life as a vampire and you die in your 90's. That's like taking steroids and only benching 80kgs. Look at dracula for fvck's sake, he drank human blood and was basically immortal. P.S. If you truly think drinking the blood of the youth makes you live longer, you really are smoking way too much super skunk. You're slipping into schizophrenia.
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    How Big is yours

    Being creative with space, bit of floor planning can go a long way.
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    It's the dips mate. Sour cream mostly.
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    Photos of people’s best physiques

    Who was most frustrated, you or your boyfriend?
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    Painting UPVC Windows

    We had our windows painted, just be aware beforehand (we were not) that once they are done you won’t be able to see through them anymore, and not much sunlight will get in.
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    They found the evil bitch

    It bit someone’s face off? Then bit someone else but without removing their face? Why do they repeat (several times) her name, age, occupation, employment history, education history, description and location and value of her home, her husbands name and age, her fathers name, occupation and employment history? Any of this relevant? Or are they just ensuring that every nutter who reads this and decides to dish out some vigilante justice has all the details they need?