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    hey guys, thought I would update this thread I was discharged from hospital a week ago after 54 days, although extremely happy to be at home it has been a real struggle fitting in with normal home life after being in the hospital for such a long time I am focusing on living day by day after coming to terms I nearly died, I have a load of support from family and friends plus you guys that I am sure I will begin to make a good recovery. thanks for all your support over the last 8 weeks I truly appreciate it.
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    Got Randomly started on.

    More gear and food required.
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    Dbol tub short of tabs

    Take 8 less.
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    Gear makes me want to cheat on my girl

    Well pedro is probs ball deep anyway so charge on mate
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    Latest news, he has a 5% chance of recovery!
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    you are correct mate, it has been said multiple times the muscle size I have certainly helped and if I was not as big as I am i could of lost my life as the infection had to deal with the muscle before getting to the organs (simplified version) it certainly has changed my outlook on things.... I hugely appreciate the support I have received from the forum members but don't worry as I get better I will be back more as the grumpy MOD you all know and love I have been in hospital now for 6 weeks I hope to be home in the next 2 weeks....
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    BFP estimates please! :)

    The number's irrelevant, you'll get 5 different estimates from 5 different testing methods, it's all bollocks. Here's a very complex scientific diagram I designed to help you decide where to go from here:
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    Well, your avi pic and the pic you posted where you look like you're getting bummed by your missus have you looking slightly older mate, unless my eyes are fooling me, and although I am long removed from the UK, I seem to remember that license plates beginning with the letter "A" came out in 1983, which puts you and your boyfriend's caravan being made around that time, and even if it was four years old at the time, it woukd make the pic about thirty years old. So, just a wild ass guess really.
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    AMA 3.0 Turbo-Charged ft El Chapo

    Threads in danger of getting hijacked by people that are not @ElChapo , responding to questions aimed at El Chapo. Not this last particular issue, just been happening more frequently in general by 1 or 2. Thread is one of the best threads on UKM for ages.....dont ruin it.
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    Recent pic of me, flat as a pancake and unpumed first thing in the morning:
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    Got Randomly started on.

    you should have just punched your mum and confused the fcuk out of everyone
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    A woman stabbed while pushing her one year old in a pram is all you need to know about the mindset of these people. Anybody who suggests dialog and inclusion are the way to go needs to tell that to the one year old when he gets bigger. Hunt them. Kill them. No noise. No speeches. No publicity. Just quiet, anonymous deaths.
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    Let me back in Male Animal

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    It looks better IMO but I don't like change so I feel like moaning about it.
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    Join a Bodybuilding forum to ask about BDSM - makes perfect sense
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    Can't diet without veg

    What's with all of your autistic threads lately? Are you trolling?
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    Moving to Japan

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    Probably f**k a chimp to see if i could create some kind of super manpanzee/chimpanman or just some retard that like to climb trees. Become king of the manpanzees/chimpanmans/hairy retards.
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    UK-M 2017 12 Week Summer Challenge

    Morning weight 192.6 total loss of 32.4lbs enjoyed the process and I could of done better but I enjoyed life along the way and didn't take it too serious. Had loads of pizza and ice cream here and there but the pictures show me he chicken and salad routine was worth it. Plan is to cut until 4th sept for holidays so I've 4 weeks left to push to get to 185lbs for over all loss of 40lbs in 16 weeks my ankle is still injuried, I had steriod pain relief injections on Friday whilst I wait for surgery so I've been unable to run or do squats or deads. I miss squatting and running and know my progress would of been so much better but I just worked with what I've got for now and overall I'm pretty pleased
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    Dorian on the Joe Rogan Experience

    Im 30 mins in and its great. Something really intriguing about Dorian and lets face it, probably one of the most respected bodybuilders of all time because of what he achieved and how:
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    Not an easy topic to wvnk over tbh.
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    Dbol tub short of tabs

    Contact trading standards asap
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    Thanks Jatin, Don't forget you can download my collection of 174 Books on everything to do with Bodybuilding here including 5 other Lyle Mc Donald books. I keep adding to the list. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fx4ju6mn4vk4r3e/AACHk3ssTRlC2U_vaod5i8n9a?dl=0 Ideal to download on your phone/tablet to read around the pool on holiday
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    Mike Tyson & Steroids?

    Why do people just look at weight when considering whether people use gear? It's the logic applied by common lay people ("oh if he was on gear he would be huge" they say about the 170lb shredded to the bone guy on TTM Var and whatever fat burners). Weight really has nothing to do with it. He 99.9% used PEDS to aid in recovery, increase athleticism, increase power and explosiveness, aggression, the list literally goes on. Further, PEDS and steroids are SO effective that if he wasn't using, it doesn't matter how "freaky" he may be, he would struggle to keep up with people a bit lower than him in skill who are taking the drugs. he was the best in the world for a long time, do you really think he wouldn't use everything in his locker to maintain and push that. Just come to grips with the idea that 99% of people who make money or success from their body or performance will be using PEDS (most celebrity's use fffs and this is common/widely admitted). Leave the old ignorant mindset of "oh he's not THAT big so surely he's not using steroids" - thought we were all way past this...
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    huge and lean on double cream

    Dude just add ff milk instead of the water to your shake. What's the point adding water then adding cream? Plus you get much more extra protein from the milk than you'll get from the water/cream. I'd take what that guy said with a pinch of salt. If the secret to getting huge and lean was simple gorging on lots of fat then everyone would be huge and ripped! Myself along with many other have found the results of calorie over-saturation, all it does is make you into a fat fvck.
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    Open to critique.

    Never had the confidence to post photos in here. Start weight around end of March was 15st 2lbs currently sitting around 13st 9lbs. Inevitably lost some muscle but the fat around the stomach is what I'm happy with as I've always been a "chubby" fella. I'm quite happy at 41 years old probably looking the best I ever have. First 4 are before the fat loss.
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    Taking Steroids to Saudi Arabia

    I've got a trip coming up so I'm off to Saudi for a bit. Currently running 500mg test + 400 tren and I'm wondering if it'll be a problem taking gear with me? Also, I'm looking for the local Gay scene whilst I'm out there. Someone told me that Deera Square is where it's all happening, especially on a Friday, but I can't find any reviews on TripAdvisor, any help appreciated.
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    Mental sides from tren

    I have 3 girls all conceived on steroid cycles they are all healthy but my youngest that was conceived on a tren cycle finds great pleasure in catching an pulling the legs of spiders
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    How much of a sad fvck are you?

    I collected ex-wives for a while but had to stop because it was getting to expensive.
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    Dbol tub short of tabs

    In all my years of using AAS i can honestly say ive never once counted a tub of tabs. I bet he's well good at those games at the fare where you have to guess how many sweets are in the jar
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    What is the best for lean mass

    Double Cream
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    Here's the 1st squat routine as I've promised. I was hopping to put up the 5x and 8x/week routines, however based on the feedback I received from the forum, this lesser frequency of 3x/week, with its intended target of helping the lifter achieve a squat matching 2x to 2.5x his own bodyweight, will do for now as a starter program. Nothing in this routine is foreign to me on a personal level, so you can count on grounds been travelled and experienced before you. I made it slightly easier for you, in order to prevent any stumbling along the way, as I find nothing's worse than hurdles and pot holes on the road, when smoothness is all you need to get the job done, and ultimately reach your destination, be that the increase of no less than 20kg/45lbs by the end of the routine, or perhaps a longer term goal where you can see yourself smashing the 2x and/or the 2.5x bodyweight barrier. Olympic weightlifters do not squat with such a high weekly frequency because they've got nothing better to do with their life no..., they do so for two very valid reasons: 1. To reach triple bodyweight squat, and sometimes four times bodyweight, requires a very high amount of volume. And since one can only do so much in one session of squatting, it then stands to reason, that the only way around this dilemma would be to increase the frequency of the squatting sessions, in order to meet the demand that is high volume. 2. The other reason comes by default of a "want". In other words, what is it exactly that you wish to achieve with your lifting; how high a level do you want to reach? By answering these fundamental questions, one can not but arrive at the station called High Frequency, if the level one aspires to reach, happens to be very high up on the sporting ladder. So is the achievement of 2x or 2.5x/bw squats anything to sneeze at? Hell no! And the reason I say that, is because it all goes back to relativeness. Not every Tom Dick and Jane wants to go all the way, some are content with being stronger than 95% of the entire world's population..., now what do you say about a 2x to 2.5x bw squat huh! OK, enough with the writing, here's the real deal for you ladies and gentlemen, and I sincerely wish you all the very best with it. It would be very preferable to know your actual 1RM, as the above percentages are based on that. Please do not hesitate to ask questions, as for example, some might find they're fit enough to begin on week #3 instead of 1 or 2. We're not here to waste precious time, however at the same time, we need to ensure all grounds are truly and efficiently covered. All power to you. Fadi.
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    Coffee in the UK

    Has always irked me too. Simple answer, the British are fu**ing morons. No concept of flavour. If it tastes good (to normals) than it is "too strong" This is across the board, not just coffee. Instead we base our likes and dislikes on brand recognition. Starbucks and nandos are fu**ing everywhere, therefore I like it. I like it so it must taste good. I will pay whatever the f**k they want because it is so nice. It must be the best because it's on every high street in the Land. We will then refuse to venture into an independent coffee (or of course eatery) because we don't recognise the branding. Urgh that coffee shop is owned by a person, how cheap. I don't think I'll like it. The independent ones usually are no better. Because hipsters are proper dicks.
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    How would you invest £100k cash

    I'll spend on party, whores and loads of coke
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    Shag the wildlife.
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    UK-M 2017 12 Week Summer Challenge

    Right no fu**ing about. Both taken with no pump/no gym session that day for fairness. Final thoughts.. I'm much happier with how I look in the mirrors than in these photos lol but overall I'm quite happy with the results. Glad I entered as it gave me a reason to get leanish and now I'm looking forward to my next bulk because damn I need more mass. Total weight change here is about -15lb. Raw after pics: Front Relaxed Back Relaxed Front Tensed Back Tensed Before/afters:
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    Tell them they're ugly, keep them on their toes, they like that.
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    Sounds like she is detached from reality, most likely due to her obsession with facebook and living every single part of her life through it. A symptom of our social media obsessed society. Everything nowadays is a potential popularity boost for your facebook/IG whatever. What's the very first thing most people do nowadays when something amazing/horrific/beautiful happens? Reach for their phone and start staring at your screen, recording it for everyone else to see. Meanwhile you're not even experiencing it anymore, you're a fvcking cameraman staring at a phone screen. Weird cvnts.
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    This is how is done FFS Anything else is gay
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    Why why why steroids?

    I dont hide any drug usage wether it be gear or cocaine or smoke. My mum come round the other day I showed her the bar of pollen I got in the post. She used to smoke hash back in the day. A family member recently had a little powder problem and was quite a concern for my old man so to put his mind at ease I explained that cocaine is a hell of a drug and I employ its services on a weekly basis. Im a diplomatic cvnt you see. And everyone I know fromy nan to my old employers know I use steroids. I dont hide anything from anybody im a grown ass man and happy enough to tell anybody to f**k off if they have any issue with how I run my life lol. Way too long in the tooth to give the slightest f**k about what other people think of me or think about what I do. I try and be a decent human being if thats not good enough then well we all f**ked arnt we lol.
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    fu**ing help