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  2. Favourite movie scenes

    You just copy and paste the link into a post (when using a laptop/PC rather than a phone). If you copy/paste a YouTube link on a phone you'd still get the link for people to click on but it wouldn't embed.
  3. Favourite movie scenes

  4. Triumph Orals (Bulk xx)

    Also great for sides.
  5. Wet DREAMS

    Why is everyone being so mean for? its not on mate
  6. Triumph Orals (Bulk xx)

    I'd stack injectable at a good dose each, but orals I find you can't stack at optimal dosages without being overly toxic.
  7. piana off his nut

    Feel bad that all this stuff about him is being leaked after he's died.
  8. Finally found a test e that agrees with me, no pip, decent gains etc etc Now the place I get it from is completely out of stock of everything! I have another source who is very reliable but he has brands I haven't tried / seen before, perhaps you guys can help me out here (possibly by PM), anyway here is what I have a choice of: Cyber Labs Teston 400 Octagon Labs Test 400 / 300 Onyx Test 400 / 300 Can't even get a source for the deca 400 I need :-O Any help on the above brands would really be appreciated.
  9. Adex v aromasin

    Aromasin all the way, found it so much easier to dial in and is pretty straight forward. Adex....well....
  10. Triumph Orals (Bulk xx)

    Even though stacking gives better results?
  11. Pics of said fake tits or you're not allowed to mention them bro, you know the rules.
  12. It's not just Sen. Pretty much 50% of this forum use triumph products and 50% of them big it up. Thats because triumph are one of the top brands in the uk and their stuff is well worth raving about. I wouldn't say every product is to the T as there's always room for human error or duff ingredients, but I'd certainly pick triumph ancillary over pharma, not for the fact that you get twice as much for the same price (depending on your source) but because I know very well how rife the counterfeit market is in the uk and Europe. Adex, t3, clen, androlics, somatropin, blue hearts, diazepam, viagra all coming into the uk from extremely good set ups in Eastern Europe. Packaging is mint. You would never notice the difference by eye. A good portion the pharma products on the uk black market are ugl. But the owners of these labs are fraudsters and liars. They give no f**ks to customer satisfaction or health. I'd far sooner trust the likes of sphinx, dimensions, tm, triumph, or any other brand that have put years of graft in the market building a reliable brand which people can trust. If you can get adex from a pharmacy then awesome, but don't think your blackmarket adex is properly dosed because it has a box with brail and a printed blister strip. It wasn't so long ago you could get real pharma sust and test e etc in the black market. Then boom it was all snide, orals and ancillary are in the very same transition by the looks of it. I don't really use much ancillary anyway tbh so I give little f**ks either way
  13. Holistic approach to getting 'hentch'

    I think attainability on gear is exceptional for a lot of people in many regards, but your mesomorph genes are exceptional and I would certainly let you spitroast some women on BBW Cupid with me, just for the 'banter'.
  14. piana off his nut

    watched this again as forwarded the video to a friend. i think it should be removed in respect of the guy TBH. RIP Rich.
  15. Today
  16. Holistic approach to getting 'hentch'

    Easily achievable
  17. Holistic approach to getting 'hentch'

    I don't have a physique of your quality so I'm mad in jealousy and you should feel ashamed, but I do adore your look (no homo)
  18. Any streams for ACE17

    Any streams later for Arnold classic Europe
  19. Temp is just 1 factor. 1 cold night can start it off and then it will continue to fall out of solution. Other factors are solvents and dosage. Their npp is dosed high and they are conservative with their solvent use which is why most triumph gear is so smooth and pain free. But it does have the downside of having t crashing easier. Just sit it ontop of a radiator for a few hours or in an oven at 100-120 or ontop of an electric hop on lowest setting till it goes back into solution. It might not crash ever again or it might crash after a week, you can never tell, hormones solutions are irratic and have a mind of their own.
  20. Photos of labmax of southern ghost 500mg/ml EQ. According to labmax site EQ will hold it's colour(bright yellow) in test 24hrs later. I like the concept of labmax but confess it's limitations against more conclusive but expensive tests. A lot of variables such as how translucent a carrier oil is and the effect on interpretation. The photos appear to show a pass. I test for my benefit, if this has any value to you then take it at face value.
  21. Knowing that it has been manufactured on multiple sites in multiple countries I wouldn't trust it at all. Even the old OG OP were no better than our tried and trusted british labs. They were just overpriced to compensate for fancy packaging and ampoules which let's be honest, are less convenient than a 10ml vial. Plenty of reports on ap orals not being that great aswell. But the name AP is popular and worth big bucks so I'm sure somebody somewhere will take the name on and apply it to their products at some point
  22. Can anyone recommend any good BB'ing gyms around Birmingham that aren't too full at peak times? Currently looking at Ironworks which is probably the most convenient to get to but concerned it might be overcrowded.
  23. JUICE Diaries Vol 1 - 5/3/1 Journal

    Form felt poor on all compounds this first week which in a way is encouraging because I still had decent lifts, I'm usually a lot better with form even if I haven't done the movement for a while so my goal is to improve this next week. Diet has been solid aside from yesterday where I probably went a fair bit over. I've been working from home but they want me to start going to the office more which is a bit annoying because this has been perfect for training and preparing food.. Now I'm going to have 1.5 hours less everyday due to travelling and will have to join a gym on the way back from work (luckily there's some really good ones) because there's no way I'll get back from work and then go back out and train after being out of the house for nearly 10 hours.
  24. Ansomone / Black tops/ Hygetropin

    Ansomone is pharma. Eastern pharma. Would be ansomone for me any day of the week. Black tops test well, but I've always used ansomone or pharmacoms pharmatropin.
  25. Right let's put this to bed. Tren colour means f**k all. Nothing. Tren can vary from light yellow to dark rust/red. Tren raws are the biggest factor in the finished colour. Sometimes raws make a light yellow, sometimes an orange. Again, no relation to purity. The second most important factor is the carrier oilused. groundnut or sunflower oil will give the lightest finished, a grape seed oil will Be slightly darker, and cold pressed rapeseed will give a very deep orange rust. Heat and 'oxidisation' isn't a factor. Pretty certain it's a myth. Yes excessive heat will degrade trenbolone, I'm yet to see any evidence of it changing its pigment like a fu**ing chameleon. Dosage yes will play a part. 50mg per ml will be lighter than 150mg per ml. But that can only be used as an indication of strength if it's the same batch of raws and the same carrier oil used. Which you would never know. And methyl tren solution is crystal clear.
  26. JUICE Diaries Vol 1 - 5/3/1 Journal

    Did bench yesterday for 10 x 80kg for my AMRAP set, didn't record the rest of the work out however I did try the neutral grip DB press for triceps on the incline and found it very good. Deadlift earlier 10 x 120kg on AMRAP. Back Accessories EZ Curl Supinated Row Cluster Set (70s timer) 70kg - 7, 7, 6, 3, 3, 3, 3, 5, 5, 5 Close Grip Pull Down 50kg - 12, 12, 12 25kg - 24 (dropset)
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