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  2. Southern ghost

    More than likely buddy. Danny
  3. Always take your sample from the vein mate. Accuracy is key here, Danny
  4. ... Kevin Wendell Crumb?
  5. Today
  6. Don't do drugs kids

    Arrrrr the memories lol
  7. How Are You?

    it honestly crazy what a pill can do... I dont feel as bad like when I was on Quetiapine (cant spell it).. that Pill ragged me so hard I refused anymore, I liked being how I was.
  8. How Are You?

    Bro... I was a f**kin Animal... now look at me.... im a f**kin old f**ked Goose.... I cant even get up without making them 'Old Man' sounds.
  9. How Are You?

    It could be because my meds are blue? I think im dying but im only 30 and dont drink alcohol I need a Multi-Gym of ill die I need one to cheer me up and get me big again.. you know? How much is a 90kg Multi-gym? … ill buy one Sort me a Link... Is it waterproof? I think you Guys are cheering me up... or im just manically laughing at that endo thing haha
  10. Extra hassle I know but at least it will be accurate and that's the main thing when it comes to hormones and then you can adjust accordingly in confidence bud
  11. Can assure you shes a woman
  12. Yesterday
  13. UFC 254

    He smashed hin standing and ground.
  14. ichthyosis

    How do you know so much about it ?
  15. Used to use medichecks but they don't have the option to do a finger pr**k sample anymore, which means I need to pay extra plus the hassle of going somewhere to get bloods drawn.
  16. Don't do drugs kids

    Back when people focused on people, drugs and dancing, not their phones, Twitter and Instagram. Glad I grew up back then rather than now.
  17. Novice physique/bodybuilding

    Those photos were taken last Saturday, I'm in that shape now.
  18. UFC 254

    https://youtu.be/pWVZFGkv2nM Full fight
  19. Was Anna1 really a Greek girl or a bloke ?
  20. Novice physique/bodybuilding

    You was in decent shape in the photos. What sort of shape are you in computed to that at the moment as I would you may want to look at adding a few more lbs of mass before the cutting stack. Then I believe you could do well I the class you mentioned
  21. I got Covid!!

    People are generally giving out false positives if they’ve had Covid and they have cells/particles still hanging around. This would potentially give a positive result despite the patient not being contagious anymore. But, given you’re only supposed to be tested if you’re displaying one or more symptoms (outside key workers) these cases should be pretty low. The chances of displaying multiple symptoms and testing positive but not being contagious can’t be high. And now that we have better records of who has had Covid, due to testing, we can see if reinfection is possible it if it’s a case if a false positive... As someone said above, false negatives are far more dangerous. And there are plenty of cases of both. But it’s not tens of thousands. It’s a small percentage that means it’s within the margin of error for many tests if this nature.
  22. I got Covid!!

    It’s the Welsh government that put in place the retarded restrictions and they are not the ones in charge of testing in the UK. And apparently it seems that supermarkets took the decision to restrict the sales so drastically rather than apply common sense. That’s what the Welsh first minister has suggested - although he would say that given what a monumental f**k up the Welsh lockdown has been so far.
  23. Novice physique/bodybuilding

    Here's a couple from the shoot I trained for, and a living room selfie lol
  24. Novice physique/bodybuilding

    Can you share a better pic than your last bathroom selfie ? Ideally showing upper and lower body development No homo ... Well may be a bit of homo , its ukm after all
  25. Novice physique/bodybuilding

    I'm 5'10, 36 years old, 13 stone 3 around 10% bf, had cycled then blasted and cruised heavily from age 26-31, took a two year break (working 7 days a week) during which I didn't manage to recover my natural test, obviously lost my previous gains, now after two years back I've done a 10 week 250mg test blast followed by a long (lockdown) cruise at 125mg, and I've just finished 12 weeks of 500 test and 200 tren with 40mg Ed anavar on the back end. My ideal aim would be to add 5kg and drop a few % between now and April. I haven't yet got to the point I left at age 31, so there are still some 'muscle memory' gains to be extracted, I was up to around 1.5g a week at that point.
  26. UFC 254

    Link to highlights?
  27. I despise the whole argument, starving kids? in the UK? I call bollocks. I have known child poverty, I grew up in the 70s, Mum died, Dad had 4 very young kids to suddenly look after all on his own, he couldn't work as we were all so young (3 - 9) so as you can imagine a pretty damn tough situation to deal with and the welfare state was not as generous as it is now. Clothes falling apart, no heating or electricity as it was all on meter and no coins to put in it. Some bloody cold winters as well. But there was always food. Not great food but we were never hungry. If kids are not being fed it is because the parents have decided that there were more pressing things to spend it on which I am sure we can all agree is unforgivable.
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