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  2. Hi all, I'm 37, 6'5 and 125kg, not sure of bf but I have a 36 inch waist and 48+ inch chest. I've been training since I was 15,using AAS since I was 18 and have an extensive history in bodybuilding. I've been on legit TRT for 3 or so years now and haven't done any AAS since going on TRT. My protocol is: 125mgs Sustanon divided by 2 shots, one jag on Monday and one on Thursday. 500ius twice a week with my Sustanon injections 0.25mgs Anastrozole with my injections as I convert easily and need control with my HCG Recent blood results attached. My Prolactin is high which is annoying as I don't take any 19 Nor compounds, don't suffer from stress, did my bloods 72 hours after any Sexual activity. I am on Venlafaxine which could be the cause and I have been having ED for a while. I'm going to try P5P at 50 - 100mg daily to see if that helps Feel free to comment on my bloods report-c88a5ba7-9eae-4c0e-a477-45a3dddd5506403934.pdf
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  4. Athlean X

    like all them, they spend 10% of the time on the basics and 90% of the fluff exercises Some of the stuff is spot on but again like most of them they try reinvent the wheel and start telling you about all these exercises you should never do, e.g. flys - dickhead, was a bread and butter exercises for Arnie and many a bodybuilder over the years . Never once in 30 years had any issues with flys. His 3D cable crossover is a pointless exercise Same with behind the neck shoulder press, he says never do them, again its a bread and butter exercise for olympic powerlifters. Never do leg extensions? Its the primary movement of the quad No idea if he is on gear, I can't see it to be honest , That physique is definitely attainable natty (from some with good genes) and he's whole lively hood is based on him being lean and muscular so he's motivated . I can see him being in TRT though being 44 Fake Weights? some of the design of the plates look suspect indeed . That transgender simpleton Greg Doucette is calling him out on it I see
  5. You can get a modest boost from strength training, nothing crazy. Like +3-7 nmol/L
  6. My first show...why the hell not ;)

    Legs are in pieces after my leg session. Typical leg sessions currently due to home training are.. • Banded single leg hamstring curl • dumbbell hamstring curl • Barbell squats • split squat • sissy squats • calve raises Volume has increased slightly from the norm due to the weight I have access to. But it's working so far. Still got a decent amount of weight and equipment but no access to 500kg of weights Legs have managed to hold so far. Will post update below. Currently still on cruise will start my blast this week ready to nail this prep
  7. Adding whey to oats

    I do the same. But I just add semi skimmed milk after the dry mix and then put it in the microwave. Works great.
  8. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    How many of these s**t topics need to get made. Reminds me over the steroid sections “ how much test and tren” just add onto the other same topic posted yesterday or the day before.
  9. Have you taken 2-4 weeks complete rest from all training yet? That can fix A LOT of issues on it's own.
  10. Low E can have weird effects and i have seen the flushing before and even high BP. You do NOT want low E. It's better to have it a bit high if anything for health, well-being, libido etc.
  11. Nexus labs

    It’s this forums favorite lab tons of info about it on here
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  13. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    When I see them start employing some of the qualified medic volunteers and opening the £220 million quids worth of field hospitals. That's when I'll start believing the hospitals are stretched to the unprecedented levels the MSM are trying to ram down our necks daily.
  14. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    You're listening to the narrative/commentary rather than looking at the data. I've posted here NHS own figures up to a couple weeks ago that show hospitals are generally not any busier than they usually are at this time of year. Probably slightly less. If you Google NHS overwhelmed you'll find articles with headlines "NHS overwhelmed" from probably every year for the last 10 or more. Think logically. If the NHS really was at absolute breaking point due to Covid. You really think they wouldn't take on some of the tens of thousands of qualified volunteers eagerly waiting to help out. And they wouldn't bother opening up the Nightingale field hospitals? In the absence of those events, surely it's just common sense that they can't be that stretched.
  15. Honest recommendation from these

    Good choice mate. Used them for years and in their former guise as well. Found all of their oils to be of exceptional quality.
  16. Athlean X

    He has a lot of knowledge and provides legit information on rehab etc. But I cannot support someone who uses fake weights to mislead their fans.
  17. Just be honest with her. Low levels, effecting energy/mood (whatever your reasons are) etc, because testosterone levels decrease with age and you’re looking to improve your quality of life. Simple as that. No need to hide it like some taboo subject. It is what it is. If you have to explain TRT then just sit down and have a chat about it (replace normal levels, low dose), in comparison to a cycle (generally 500mg + etc).
  18. Hoarding

    Yep, massive hoarder here, I’ve hardly bought anything in the last year compared to usual (actually promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything lol) and I still have enough for Between 5 and 10 years lol
  19. Had the vaccine on Saturday. Had flu like symptoms last night which kind of sucked. Same restrictions still apply. I was surprised how loose the backgrounds checks were for the vaccine.
  20. Hair Transplant members here

    That’s not hair fibres. That’s probably that paint spray stuff. Hair fibres don’t turn into liquid
  21. National Lockdown

    I never tire of listening to all the brain dead idiots that queue up to mock and ridicule Wylde. When they offer absolutely fook all of any note or consequence themselves. But hey ho, that's another story. You know I'm always prepared to debate /defend any point or information I put forward. But what are you actually disputing here? My original point was it makes no difference if I end getting ill from Covid or not, it won't change the statistics and therefore my opinion won't change either. I've seen and can comprehend the data. The average age for a Covid hospital admission is 72 , the average age of death with Covid is 83 and with 2.6 existing chronic illnesses. Less than 2000 people of any age with no underlying conditions have died with Covid. With that and other information in mind I know I'm at very little risk from Covid . But there's always exceptions to every rule. I'm just saying even if I was to be one of the unlucky exceptions it wouldn't change my overall perception of the threat. In the same way if I get struck by lightning, I won't all of a sudden think it's a huge threat. If you'll tell me what point I've made here (or anywhere for that matter) that you disagree with, I'll gladly explain/clarify.
  22. Whole thread was orchestrated from the start for this very post.
  23. Hoarding

    Yeah thats very true quality changes all the time and on top of that having a surplus of loads of gear means I feel obliged to use the stuff I bought first even if its not as good!
  24. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    Ok, the BBC reported it, The Guardian reported it, loads of other news outlets reported it. The staff working in the hospitals said it. Who would you like to see report it before you would believe it? You Ketones latest incarceration by any chance??
  25. Hospitals and NHS Care.

    Apparently most people who get it are. I gave up smoking 15+ years ago and they didn’t think it was connected - just unlucky. I remained anxious about it coming back and the surgeon simply said, it’s the guys who keep smoking that I end up operating on again - even the ones that cut right down. Only stopping completely reduces the risk. Tell your mate to give his head a wobble. The other guys in my 4 bed ward all ended up with temporary tracheotomies - poor sods were choking all night - it was awful. I was lucky - lost about a quarter of my tongue and and all the lymph nodes out of my neck which damages nerves in your face and shoulder. Took a bit to get over but all good now - even speech fully recovered. Getting back into weight-training as quickly as possible after the operation was definitely a good move in ensuring a full recovery for the nerves, mobility and strength. I’m like it never happened now apart from the massive scar down my neck.
  26. Hoarding

    What labs out of curiosity?
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