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  2. I'd suggest training and eating mate
  3. The bioavailability will be slightly higher for the injectable, but by a very small margin...not the other way around Injectables are still 17aa Any thought that ouls delay absorption is incorrect. The crystals in suspension actually absorb at a slower rate and can keep the compound active in your system for longer. Base solutions are more dictated by half life than suspension Yes, I have used...alot...probably since 2013 There is no reason not to use same protocol as orals If you use inj dbol at 50mg mwf with a 4 hour half life I'll leave you to do the maths for how much is left in your system on a monday after 72 hours It is in no way optimal, alhough will still have some benefits
  4. How badly do you want a McDonalds?

    They closed the one at elk mill Oldham last night as the queue was back onto the motorway
  5. Gym Characters

    There a bloke that wears a thick padded fleece lined tracksuit fully zipped up headphones Wooly hat and weight belt, struts around then does one rep on a machine before off on his stroll again. Another older bloke in tracksuit bottoms formal shirt and shoes who just sits on a bit of kit without using any of them playing on his phone
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  7. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    „look how narrow i am there is no hope” you sound like you already have given up before you even started. Focus on things you can control : training, diet, rest. Not bone size, I mean c’mon man, my first thought after seeing this pic was: do you even lift mate?(No offence) Get big, keep your waist tight , be consistent and after couple of years you will get there.
  8. Have you ever seen the inside of gym? Not on YouTube or anything, but actually, physically been inside a gym?
  9. All I can say is ‘spot on’

    Typical left mentality. If you don’t agree with what they say then they’ll shout you down accusing you of being either stupid or racist or mostly both.
  10. Keep Pushing - Rest in Peace

    Na, no spotter. 4/06/20 : Bench Press; 5 x 6 (50kg). Testing how it feels, feeling strong. - I'm not feeling 'Lifter' status yet, just feel like some old knacked man trying to get back on it.
  11. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    Do some fu**ing shoulder press's with a barbell, dumbbell press's, side lateral and stop worrying about stupid s**t.
  12. Last days of Rome

    Too many regrets that I can't make up for unless I go back in time.
  13. Last days of Rome

    I'll regret pushing so hard on my last fart
  14. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    i have a thick waist though do u mean synthol?
  15. All I can say is ‘spot on’

    How bloody rude !!
  16. All I can say is ‘spot on’

    Tell her to put the kettle on. I’m popping over for a cuppa.
  17. Last days of Rome

    What do you mean "all ended"? If you mean the end of the world, I wouldn't have any regrets, there's no point.
  18. All I can say is ‘spot on’

    Aunt Jemima
  19. Last days of Rome

    The recent economic and social meltdowns have been witnessed by us all which lead me to think, what would be your biggest regret if it all just ended tomorrow? I think mine would be didnt see enough of the world.
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  21. How badly do you want a McDonalds?

    Maybe he got 2 portions of 3
  22. How badly do you want a McDonalds?

    I don't even queue for that, just go elsewhere lol Only queued once during this whole lockdown and that was for like 3 minutes outside a pharmacy.
  23. Never bothered trying the injectable version but if this is the case then yes......and yes lol
  24. MK-677 For Wider Shoulders?

    No need to worry or take expensive drugs like MK-677. How much will it cost to run a 30 week cycle of MK-677? You need to train your lateral deltoids with the use of steroids. I'm sure injecting test in the muscle will have some site enhancement benefits. Also, you can use a drug called 'formafill' , it is a site enhancement drug that increases the size of any muscle that it is injected in. https://anabolictv.com/2020/01/side-and-rear-delt-site-enhancement-formafill/ Big lateral deltoids coupled with a small waist will give you that wide appearance.
  25. Ok, so if injectable dbol is 17aa, then it’s potency over the oral must be down to it’s administration. Its getting boring now, don’t you think?
  26. I’m no biochemist either mate but if the chemical in anadrol inject is not 17aa then it can no longer be called anadrol. For example, taking the 17aa off dianabol creates equipoise. Nobody calls equipoise injectable dianabol.
  27. A lot of them like cuckold, so ‘made’ to watch while I bone the missus. Some enjoy a ‘clean up’ . I’ll let you research that term. Look up Dom as well. Mate, for someone asking this question you sound pretty ‘green’!!
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