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  2. Is this wages 'thing' really fair?

    As a country we need to be more financially savvy, people whinging there struggling on 80 percent of there wage with massive houses and nice cars on the drive. Where's everyone's savings I understand people on low incomes living pay cheque to paycheques but iv seen people who earn 3.5k a month after taxes whinging there struggling
  3. Cv-19 when will it pass

    Fair point, but locking down every few months and grinding the country to a halt isn't really a viable option either
  4. The bumming gloves are off!

    Yeah but she’s a man! Chicks with dicks!
  5. Today
  6. The bumming gloves are off!

    I saw your other post you've got a wife you big faker !!
  7. Cv-19 when will it pass

    This seems like a realistic time frame
  8. Coronavius Furlough leave?

    Strongly disagree.
  9. Next cycle to go with test?

    As noted by others I understand your concern but you don't need to be so worried about the 19nor compounds. I was shitting myself about deca dick but find it an incredibly useful addition to a cycle and in terms of sides practically benign. Yeah tren does indeed have sides - the worst in my opinion being heartburn / indigestion issues - so maybe save it for later.
  10. Coronavius Furlough leave?

    He's going to go back to being deeply repressed like the rest of us
  11. Coronavius Furlough leave?

    Was meaning the group sat at home would be made redundant, those asked to work, will be safe from redundancy but probably not the virus
  12. Next cycle to go with test?

    How do you find the mast help. I know about the others but have never tried mast. What does it bring to the mix for you ? Thanks.
  13. Coronavius Furlough leave?

    I’m currently bicurious and identifying as a femidominanthomo!
  14. Next cycle to go with test?

    I'd have to agree with you. I've ran nandrolones ie NPP and nandrolone decanoate. Ive always ran my test higher and never suffered from any Ed issues. Just be smart use ancillieries like adex some like to use caber while on deca or NPP but I've never personally needed it in all the years I've used it.
  15. Cv-19 when will it pass

    If that was the case I could honestly live with that. It's not knowing what is going to happen which is stressing me out a bit to be honest.
  16. Coronavius Furlough leave?

  17. The bumming gloves are off!

    What do you mean kinda??
  18. The bumming gloves are off!

    you're all a bunch of homo's we get it. kinda sounds like fun. but just calm the f**k down.
  19. Next cycle to go with test?

    you could just add some EQ to whatever your last test cycle was. EQ is useful cos its just as anabolic as test but less androgenic, so its "milder" in terms of s**t like acne, hairy shoulders, melon sized prostate. ive just tried EQ for the first time and its also a fairly useful AI in its own right. 600mg test with 300mg EQ gives me bloods on par with using arimidex at 0.5mg twice per week. your mileage will vary. was a very uneventful cycle as far as sides went as well. used 50mg var with it as well.
  20. The bumming gloves are off!

    I’ve moved on from traffic cones boy!! My ringer is like a prolapsed cow’s vagina!
  21. The bumming gloves are off!

    Another bitch that thinks he can handle it
  22. Cv-19 when will it pass

    Finally someone with a brain cell!
  23. Cv-19 when will it pass

    A great visual representation of how Covid-19 compares to other pandemics and other major killers such as Alzheimers and strokes. ( Yes, it's early but at least we have some data to compare it to) For example Swine Flu 2009 60 million infected Circa 300,000 deaths Edit from the guy who made the above - "IMPORTANT EDIT: When I made this video, there had only been only one death outside China, and the rate of new cases was slowing down. Now (March 11th) there are 4,500 deaths (3K in China), and the rates are speeding up. That's why in this video, I had tried to convey that the epidemic was nothing to panic over. However, given that this is now a pandemic, I would STILL say not to panic, but I would no longer claim "COVID-19 kills less people than the generic flu so it's no big deal" (as I had in this video). The current trends suggest COVID-19 is still growing exponentially, so it's important to take actions (don't go to large gatherings, etc. You know them all already.) that can slow the spread of the disease. We gotta make sure health care services don't get overwhelmed, especially now that this is a big concern for at least a dozen countries. "
  24. Cv-19 when will it pass

    The way you’ve done these calculations averaging out the deaths per month shows a pretty poor understanding on the mathematics of epidemics. You’ve not accounted for exponential growth at all in just dividing the total deaths by 3 if in January there’s 100 deaths globally in February Theres 1000 deaths globally in March there’s 10k deaths globally (these numbers are still pretty small right now to worry about right?) april 100k deaths may 1 million deaths june 10 million deaths july 100 million deaths.... Onviously the growth will slow down at some point as it hits the inflection point and runs out of people to infect so it won’t infect that many people in reality but it’s just to demonstrate how saying oh it’s only infected x number of people in y time so far so it’s not a big deal is a pretty stupid thing to do. I recommend giving this video a watch if you struggle with the concept of exponential growth
  25. Space station

    Visible again tonight. It is in geostationary orbit so we pass it as the earth spins. Sighting times are here: https://spotthestation.nasa.gov/sightings/view.cfm?country=United_Kingdom&region=England&city=London#.Xn8l7FOnydM
  26. Coronavius Furlough leave?

    Go on? I’d have a punt but I’ve guessed just about everything wrong about this virus
  27. Well you're right, mast is not as strong as test...but apart from 19nors not many compounds are My favourite cycle now is test/mast...upto around 600mg each. If you can't gain well on this there's something very wrong...unless of course you're an absolute monster If you dont wanna run 19nors or orals this is the nicest cycle you can possibly run IMO. ..from both a gains and sides perspective
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