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  2. Cutting isnt easy

    Few questions mate , how long have you been cutting and on 2000 calories? How much were you eating before you started the cut, how much weight have you lost since the start of the cut ?
  3. Cutting isnt easy

    Get a coach mate and everything will get easier. Id rather invest in a coach rather then spend more on peds
  4. Yesterday
  5. I'm on a cycle atm of 200test c and 200 tren e....I'm trying to cut hard to shed pounds and tone up and I've kind of plateaued... I'm consuming about 2000 cals per day, that's 4 500 cal meals each day and I train pretty hard 4/5 days a week I'm sitting at 14st 2 and just hoovering around that this past few weeks...just cant get it any lower...my training includes cardio be it stair master, treadmill, rowing machine, air bike etc I haven't ever tried the likes of t3, clen etc would any these help me atall? I dont think I can lower cals anymore or I will literally be starving all day, plus with the training should I not be dropping anyway ? Would increasing the tren help in anyway? I have winni and sdrol bug was going to use them as I got leaner but would they get me any leaner from were I am now without killing my liver on top of the tren?
  6. Any chubby chasers?

    Chubby women put me off for life, I remember taking one to the pictures when I was about 15 I put my hand up her top and caressed her t*ts for over an hour till the film ended when they put the lights on to my horror it was her belly I had been feeling
  7. Curcumin, is it worth it?

    For those who are interested - Longvida is the best type of Curcumin. I've seen some conflicting information regarding curcumin, like it's bad for muscles, because it activates AMPK instead of mTOR. Same problem as NAC.
  8. Test e information

    Will just take over and continue.
  9. Anyone know wtf this is?

    The lot of it looks fcking disgusting, f**k eating that s**t, bolk!
  10. Add mast to npp test cycle?

    I've run Test/NPP/Var, Test/NPP/Anadrol/Proviron and Test/NPP/Mast - I can safely say the mental sides associated with NPP were significantly lessened when running Mast. In terms of physique Test/NPP/Anadrol/Proviron yielded the best results bar none. But I felt waaaay better on Test/NPP/Mast - libido was so high it was to the point of distraction!
  11. Cialis or Viagra?

    There's a couple online pharmacies based in India that are good. PM me if you want names.
  12. Questioning new coach

    I’m really enjoying it mate. Apart from the leg day, it kills me! Especially in this heat
  13. Been on test cyp around 7 weeks and ran out and couldn't get hold of anymore so got test e as its practically the same thing only real difference being a day or so shorter half life.. Will it take weeks to kick in again or will it just take over straight away as I've already been on cyp 7 weeks thanks
  14. Add mast to npp test cycle?

    I'll be using a similar cycle once gyms in Scotland reopen, will be taking 200mg of Mast E a week to help offset 19nor sides and alleviate any libido issues, I have asin too so obv not thinking of Mast as an AI replacement
  15. Any chubby chasers?

  16. Add mast to npp test cycle?

    Yeah i know I've just never f**ked with mast before just read about it. First cycle was years ago test 400 1ml a week Done a high. test low tren cycle , 2 high test deca cycles Was 8 weeks into 750 test 600 deca when rona shut the gyms down and i didnt train or diet for 3 months Literallt just started this cycle on Monday
  17. Questioning new coach

    I’ve modded my hst rep scheme along the same lines as your workout (what a whore!) and although at the moment Weights are pretty light - I’m loving the challenge . Must admit the temptation to add exercises is overwhelming, tempered only by the bloody time taken to disinfect/wipe down equipment! Still, it is a nice change - Hope you’re getting on well with it too!
  18. Any chubby chasers?

    She's full of ѕhit and he's her beta bux. Case solved.
  19. Add mast to npp test cycle?

    His point is this mate... It will be assumed (or at least hoped) that someone edging towards 2g of gear a week would have knowledge of the compounds in such an advanced cycle What's your cycle history mate?
  20. Why Carbs?

    If they can muster up the energy. I think I'm safe.
  21. Anyone know wtf this is?

    Tumour of the penis...
  22. I done a few days full body workouts and that killed my arms so i thought il try 1 body part and just take my time and go easy, done chest for 45mins, half hour on bench just to test the ropes! before lockdown id do 8 reps at 80kg as my warm up
  23. But hard training hurts and discipline in the kitchen takes, well... discipline... so much easier to just carry on eating whatever is to hand and easy, do a few bicep curls for the 'gram and swallow a pill. A work ethic is what you need young man, one of many things modern schooling fails to instill in so many young people. Seriously, I would actually enjoy helping you out in person, do some training with you and help you with food but I don't know you and I'm remaining anonymous so I'm afraid it's sarcasm and scorn on the Internet.
  24. Here is my very bad lockdown regression stats

    Yikes don’t know about doing 1 rep maxes so quickly. I did a 1 rep the other day and had to be off gym the next day because it hurt my joints I’m not ready for that yet
  25. Add mast to npp test cycle?

    My first post on here and I'm shot down in flames... i feel like I've been jumped into a gang
  26. Would like to think before that! Tried 1rm on bench yesterday and pulled off 80kg so not as bad as first thought
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