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  2. Lock down again

    Because the government are a bunch of pansies who caved to pressure to go into a lockdown. The original plan was heard immunity, however due to mounting pressure form peer groups they caved and now we're waist deep in this mess. Ofcourse they can't very well just say "ooopps sorry we ruined the country for nothing" so now they have to keep it going. If they had the stones to stick to the original plan in the first place we would be in a far better position.
  3. Cook Books

    Not as much as I hoped I would gain... But No Pain No Gain haha... That's the reason I needed a Cook Book... I need eat better meals. Its a step in the right direction
  4. Next Gen Consoles

    Rest assured that it won't be. It will have AMD RDNA 2 GPU which is inferior to Nvidia's RTX 30-series and that's just this year. Next year I bet Nvidia is gonna pump some steroids into their lineup and leave PS5 in dust even further. Consoles are poor man's gaming. Their prices are subsidized, but then they get their money and then some from selling games. Vendor lock-in, folks, avoid it whenever you can.
  5. Fight over game of pool

    I'm gonna politely decline.....no offence!
  6. Lock down again

    @AncientOldBloke will be minted after the Xmas period period. Midgets are in high demand for the panto’ season.
  7. Lock down again

    Just wait for the malaria and AIDS virus to come knocking on your fuvela door..... or even one of the many cartels dying to use European testicles in their Sunday lunchtime feijoada... You’ll be praying you stayed here big boy xxx
  8. As @TERBO has said, transfer from amp to vial. See my guide below: https://www.uk-muscle.co.uk/topic/347527-amp-to-vial-transfer/?tab=comments#comment-6513997
  9. Galenika test e

    I’m no expert with bloods but that seems a little on the low side? Then again it’s 36 hours post which might impact it. Have you ran similar doses of UGL test to see where that puts you at in the range when using 125mg mate?
  10. holy cow...from "ask a simple question" to "you're going home in a fu**ing ambulance" in less than 10 posts...gotta be a record even for this forum :-)
  11. Power to the PPL

    Pending 22.09.20 min walk to/from gym Push 50 (shoulders etc) min: 20/16kb single arm swings, 2x4/16kb (per side) one legged hand to hand pass (lower leg strength/balance), 20/32kb rockits 5x6/22db seated Arnie press - extra set felt good 4x7/60 & [email protected] (WM) Mach sh press/side.5x7/60 & 12/40kg Mach lat raise 3x6/65, 12/55 & 18/40kg dec chest pec-deck. 3x12/32.5kg single arm rev flyes 12/16 4x12/18kg twin handles tri sup push downs & pull-aparts 3x12/18kg hi->low cable x-overs 4x6/18kg overhead tri extns 3x10/11kg face pulls to o/h extn End timed session
  12. Power to the PPL

    Pending 21.09.20 min walk to/from gym Push 50 (Legs) min: 20/16kb single arm swings, 2x4/16kb (per side) one legged hand to hand pass (lower leg strength/balance), 20/32kb rockits 3x6/72.5 & 12/57.5kg Leg extns 15/(47 sled only) 6x7/50kg plus [email protected] (WM) Hack squat end timed gym session
  13. Galenika test e

    16.3nmol 36hrs post 125mg shot.
  14. Fight over game of pool

    10 years? Wouldn’t get 10 months
  15. Biotekk labs?

    Anyone heard or took this lab lads some feed back would be appreciated a mate of mine has some of there boldenone and a blend of test tren boldenone any feed back be appreciated if it’s shite he can always replace it with his source
  16. Cook Books

    Especially when I bake a cherry pie and stick my cock in it!
  17. Cook Books

    Good lad go for it I find it very therapeutic!
  18. Clenbuterol

    I’ve used it before thanks just my normal source doesn’t get anything anymore I’ve found it to be very good in the past and helped with fat loss and diet thanks
  19. Clenbuterol

    No as we’re not allowed to discuss sources etc. If you can’t source it I doubt you’ve used it before. It’s not as efficient as what people think it is. Why even do you want it? Let’s talk it out and fix you with out it.
  20. Hi everyone can anyone help with the best place to buy clenbuterol, as per the normal it’s a minefield out there thanks in advance
  21. Clenbuterol

    Hi everyone can anyone help out and advise a legit place to buy clenbuterol, as per the normal it’s a minefield thanks in advance
  22. All pharma gear is in ampules only... you can transfer amps to an empty sterile vial to make dosing easier.
  23. New cycle

    Hi guys somebody made a joke about using old vials and I replied to that joke with a sarcastic joke The gear is not expiered don't worry Yes test and deca. But is not a bit diffrent test c then test e ? And Is anadrol the first 4 weeks to. And yes last 6 weeks just test But looks ok ? If monday is 250 test andthursday is 500 ? Will not play up the level of test in the body ? Going up and down? Thank you for all of you wich replied to my topic. Yes I have old vials from 2000 and yes is "750 test and 300 deca ". Diesel86 Pharmacom:)
  24. HCG

    I do once per week @ 1000iu and find no difference over twice weekly, hcg has a double half life so gtg imo.
  25. Gym rant

    Deffo a virgin. I’m sure I saw the plank use the word “boinked” not so long ago ffs
  26. Hi, I just wondered if there were any TRT providers in the UK that have access to multi-dose vials for any of the Test esters? Or does everything come in single-dose ampules? (The latter to my annoyance seems to be what I have come across) B
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