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  2. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    As a personal protest I will reduce the amount of Chinese takeaways I have to two a week. Fvck em!
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  4. Thanks for the cuggle... It's made my feel so empowered it takes so many and get it wrong.
  5. The littlest things can make you happy

    Tricky ricky you have not replied to my comment, its been over an hour FFS
  6. I see Timid Toby been PM all his "friends" to gang up.. LOL a bunch of drug addicts. Eh see you couldn't handle the doctor and your lass. The funny thing is there wouldn't have been this kind of reaction unless I hit the nail on the head. But Ur definitely playing the victim to perfection. Psychopaths are born. Sociopaths are made. Complete rubbish. Psychopath only feel fear, hate, and excitement, it's comes from a parent or long term abuse/ stress... And NO ONE has just one psychiatric disorder a diagnosis is made by the prominent traits but there are always more than makes the diagnosis and stress can form additional ones. otherwise no soldier could have PTSD you moron. Sociopaths feel most emotion but at a greatly reduced rate. But to be clear Antiquated Old wuss ... I don't speak moron, so you shouldn't pretend to do intellectual. Another trait is Cracker when he speaks in Binary Absolutes, meaning everything he says is gospel and anything from anyone else is the worst. That's exactly what Donald Trump does... Another psycho.
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  8. You're pissed if you think its possible to work at 90% every week
  9. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    Hopefully not, i need my sweet trenbolone to freely find its way to my quad
  10. Other account out again Timid Toby
  11. The littlest things can make you happy

    What you mean cheap??? They are all selling for gold brother!! With the exemptions of 2.5kg dumbbells ec
  12. Sars 1 vs Sars 2 footprint/spread

    I hear him saying it when I read this.
  13. f**k all has changed in the electricity industry. Peeps still expect things to work when they plug something in or flick a switch. Still doing overtime too!
  14. What are we watching?

    Just watched a program about 90's music. Listening to an hour of music from the likes of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, N.W.A, Dr Dre, Eminem etc etc probably wasn't the right thing to do before bed as i just feel like working out in my awesome home gym again now.
  15. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    Maybe at minimum they could be made to learn how to cook and eat regular food, instead of living off rat s**t and bat noodle soup
  16. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    There ain’t gonna be a “whole world” response. The Chinese Government have produced propaganda that suggests they are not even responsible for the virus and that it didn’t originate in China. On balance it probably did but this cannot be proven categorically. The chances of Chinese authorities being brought to account are about as likely as Putin being brought to account for his state sanctioned extrajudicial killings in the U.K.
  17. The littlest things can make you happy

    They aren’t going that cheap. Dumbbells are selling£1.50 per kg
  18. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    They will do f**k all. It’s China not some poxy country
  19. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    I meant the whole world response not just UK
  20. Road to aesthetics

    You’re right to be fair I can just be a bit stubborn and set in my ways in terms of wanting to do certain excercises and not liking others, I guess I have better equipment than most people in this scenario so should be grateful. Monday Pull workout DB rows 42kg * 9/7 37kg for god knows how many sets let another 6 resistance band lat pull downs (these are kinda naff tbh but think I’ve got somewhere to put a pull up bar) 14kg concentration curls 3 sets then 2 sets 12kg concentration curls 2 sets resistance band curls to finish Today shoudlers Seated press 32kg * 14/9/8/8/8 lateral raises 12kg dumbells * 10/10/10 resitancr band raises 3 sets, I think these are actually better than the free weight ones, way better burn in the lateral delt and keeps tension of the muscle through the whole movement every night before bed I’m doing a set of pushups to failure because why the hell not, figure by the end of qurantine hopefully I can do an impressive number got 38 tonight
  21. Red Welts from HGH injections

    Thanks for the advice Pscarb, I have actually pinned subq before reading your post, however I have used a longer needle 1/2 inch instead of the smaller insulin needle. I have had no reaction to it this time again, so I think my issue was not pinning deep enough subq. Which is weird as the dermal layer is not that thick, I can only put it down to the 45 degree angle I pin at with the longer needle getting less of the fluid pushed back towards the dermal layer which might have been causing irritation. Just a guess though. Thanks for the reply Strong, yeah I have put on 1kg of water weight from the GH however I haven’t really noticed it around my body, but I am in a caloric deficit currently so my body isn’t holding on to as much water as normal. Are you bulking? If your eating a ton of carbs I could imagine you would get a bit more retention from the GH
  22. Without even looking i just found two 10kg weight plates in one of my cupboards, right now i can only compare the feeling to winning the lottery, hmmm chuck them on ebay for a few hundred or use then. Decisions decisions
  23. Pec Muscle Injury Help

    Just train around and rest it. Ime these injuries can feel like they’ll never resolve and then one day you wake up and they are gone. I’m currently just about over a shoulder injury I picked up last October playing Rugby. It didn’t really hurt when I actually sustained it. I certainly knew about it on the following day. By January I was about to book an appointment to see a doctor to go about seeing if I may have damaged something that won’t heal but I left it. Fast forward to now and it has more or less completely resolved. From your description it doesn’t sound too bad, it’s just going to take a while.
  24. I like you now, let’s have a Skype wank together
  25. Once life goes back to normal.. China

    We could bomb them. We did this in 1999 iirc. Okay, it was the Chinese embassy in Belgrade as part of a Nato assault, but at the end of the day an attack on a foreign embassy is the same as an attack on sovereign soil according to international law. It didn’t go down well with 1.2 billion Chinese people either. So in other words, nah, nothing will happen.
  26. I’m self trting I would never want to have low testosterone whilst trying to recover from anything. I’m the happiest I’ve been and low testosterone or zero will be mental torture as well as physical torture if you were to get this virus. My mental health is what fights everything in life. A positive mind set is everything.
  27. Sars 1 vs Sars 2 footprint/spread

    And the sperm that didn't make it
  28. @kitsa needing a cuggle from his mummy after that post
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