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  2. You can use if year round no problem but yes an effective time would certainly be whilst on gh to lower blood glucose or after insulin usage to resensitize. Personally I wouldn't use it in conjunction with insulin as it will make it a lot more complicated to control blood glucose and not go hypo, plus it's unnecessary since the insulin is already controlling your bg and lowering sensitivity regardless. So better to do what you want with the gh and insulin and then look to rectify after with blood glucose control techniques (fasting, cardio, low carb, metformin and GDAs ect)
  3. Ok, so I thought About this over night, instead of having to buy 2 vials and basically waste 8ml of the second. I could use it up and take 1.5ml each week, therefore il be taking a dose of 450ml a week. Does my pct look ok for that cycle or is it still overkill?
  4. Recommended high stim pre WO?

    No I didn't try it but I did hear that Amphetamine is what I'd heard, wouldn't put it past them Supplement companies have been known to spike their supps with pro hormones back when they were grey area.
  5. I can tell you now what is fckin up this forum

    Didn’t even know those people and programs are still around. Iv not watched tv in years
  6. My last injection on the long acting Nebido was 87 days ago. I have read on the Bayer website that Nebido's half life is around +-90 days (the scince says it can take up to 4 half lives to be cleared out of the system +-400 days). Last week I've started taking Clomid since I've droped off the TRT injections (all under doctor's supervision). 1. Is Clomid effective in this time period? 2. When should I expect my natural T production to restart? As I wrote on another post since last sunday I'm on Clomid (20mg *20 days and after 25mg 3 times a week). And after 8 weeks of that I'm gonna be on Clomid mono theraphy I'm kinda lost here, the doc says it will help no matter what. Info: 31 year old, 8 months on Nebido only (wasn't given HCG), 5 injections in total, last 87 days ago. Secondery hypogonadism, reacted good to Clomid previous time before starting injections (high T.t, free T, Lh & fsh).
  7. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    No mate.... Rob was far better looking. ..... ducking ‘auto spell’
  8. Clothing

    Very very few body builders wear them. In my experience and certainly my gym it’s the pencil necks who think they are stacked were them
  9. Mountain bike trail riding

    For your first bike I would opt for a hardtail. Cheaper, less to go wrong, easier to peddle and will improve you as a rider. Personally I would opt for a 29 inch wheel bike if your not into jumps. Covers ground faster and more efficiently. here is my cube 27.5 inch wheel
  10. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    Yes and yes.
  11. Today
  12. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    Lol each to their own. I cant say i can share my mrs, but if your Mrs needs mr Lovelyjubly alone then im up for it. If you pay we can even send you a tape lol
  13. Checking glucos levels?

    @swole troll hopefully you can chime in brother.
  14. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    Do you mean Ron Jeremy, plus when did he die?
  15. I’d rather watch someone else’s jizz dry on my missus tits
  16. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    Cuckold is big business in the UK mate... played the ‘bull’ in a few jobs over the last couple of years.. @frandeman loves a ‘bull job’ as well
  17. 300 test 300 deca

    Sorry fatty.... I promise I’ll leave you alone now
  18. 300 test 300 deca

    Go suck a dick bender boy
  19. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    Is that even a serious question? UK is well known as Cuckistan of Europe, that's why I'm never getting married
  20. 300 test 300 deca

    Sorry chunky.... I won’t keep asking for something you don’t have
  21. Im going back a few years.....as usual.... but one protocol was to use it during the ‘off’ period from insulin...... so would be used 4wks on/off. Is this of any benefit or is it better used when running slin/GH?
  22. 300 test 300 deca

    Why you still wanting pics of me fu**ing bender you mate
  23. 300 test 300 deca

    Prove it fatty
  24. Recommended high stim pre WO?

    It wasn’t a rumour, one of the owners did time for it.
  25. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    That must be awful..... I just walk around with mine flopped out most of the night! Love putting on a show as well.... I fantasise I’m the late Ron Jeremy being filmed making a porno and everyone watching are the film crew
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