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  2. It's been a moment since...

    Been at work throughout... when do I get three months off? (Then these f**kers still manage to book their “holidays” for the best dates)
  3. Compounds enough?

    I would say that is age dependant. That worked fine for me 20 years ago but now that I am in my fifties 2 x week feels like too much unless I back off
  4. this thread is derailing into a silly conversation, @ali jumaa please start a thread with your questions in. I will be culling all the redundant comments in this already heavily populated informational thread.
  5. Id heavily question if those doses of anavar will give you the results You want, to make any shutdown (and PCT) Worth it. I wouldn’t bother personally and would just do a test cycle etc. If you do any oral, atleast add in some liver support (tudca/nac) etc.
  6. if hypogonadism is a concern for you then do not touch steroids.
  7. Eddie halls new house

    A doctor? OK then. But still, it's not a huge mansion though.
  8. Eddie halls new house

    to be honest house needs a ton of work to update it to modern standards.
  9. Eddie halls new house

    i am one of those and my house doesn't look like that
  10. Compounds enough?

    Seems fine, If its just to keep you lifting then you could follow a programme like stronglifts 5x5 which focuses on the basic barbell movements. Designed for people new to the gym really but i don't see why it wouldn't work to maintain mass. They even have a phone app for it now. I got a good few ideas from here too; http://www.barbell-exercises.com/exercises/index.html
  11. Fat calipers?

    I get you now and what your trying to say. When you said it was shite and should be aiming for more of a loss, I was thinking 1lb a week is more than sufficient which it is. Unsure on the clen side of things as I've always use cut on trt dose. I always keep my cycles for bulks as I manage fine cutting on trt/cruise dose.
  12. Where can I find a decent bench

    https://mirafit.co.uk/mirafit-m1-flat-weight-bench.html They get them in stock every month -ish
  13. They are absolutely alive but what about their balls? are they still alive too There is no way to know
  14. Optimum Biotech

    Hi guys, very new to this forum. Currently on my last week running biotech optimum TTM 3ml a week split down to 1ml x3 mon-wed-fri, gains have been incredible! Weighed in at 65kg and now I’m near the end of the cycle I’m weighing in at 76kg, loving the results! Very clean juice with no issues, only side I’ve had is the occasional night sweat, mainly the day after injecting. Can’t wait to run another cycle end of this year/start of next
  15. Hey Guys , I am planning on starting an var only Cycle in a few weeks and wanted a little advice. I was planning on running the cycle for 6 weeks , starting off at 20mg first week, then 30mg the following week, and maybe increasing to 40mg the weeks after. I am a 6 day a week gym goer, 48yrs, 5ft 8 weigh 73Kg, and am pretty lean already but want to just take my gain to a slightly higher more lean / shredded level. I eat a very healthy clean diet already so everything is in place and just want a little boost to the shreds really. My Question is , when i finish my cycle , what is the best or most advised PCT after , i was trying to read up about this, and its so confusing , as some say no need for a PCT other say you need one for a month to kick start your body and hormones back to working on their own without the Var. So i am a little confused as to what is the best to do , i was thinking of taking a natural Test booster tablets after for a month or 2 , would this work ok ? Any help would be greatly appreciated..
  16. Compounds enough?

    So six working sets rep range about 6-8. Thinking of this alternating sqauts, lunges, ohp and pullups Deads, rows, dips and bench Thoughts?
  17. Where can I find a decent bench

    Iv not got one yet. I was going to get that cheap one from America but can’t seem to create a paypal account
  18. Where can I find a decent bench

    You sober yet? Which bench did you order?
  19. minoxidil to prevent hair loose

    But I think it can be wise to start using it when the cycle is over because the hair follicles are still active and they can be stimulated easier, but I don't know maybe steroids will alter your entire system perminantly which will make it worthless.
  20. Apocolypse Home workouts

    From the side it'll look like this (until the bar reaches Lu's chest).
  21. Apocolypse Home workouts

    My advice is to start in stages before trying something complicated to get the movement right. Start with a snatch pull from the knee: Get a grip wide enough so when you're standing the bar is either in or just above the hip crease. I.e a very wide grip. Push your hips back like a Romanian deadlift until the bar is just below the knee. This only requires a very slight bend of the knee. The really important point to remember is the position of the arms - the elbows should point outwards towards the ends of the bar at all times, and the arms should be loose. Do not keep them locked out. From this position push the ground away with your feet and push the hips up and forwards to meet the bar (not slam into it) as if you're forcing the ground away explosively. DO NOT pull the bar up. If done explosively, and the arms are kept loose, your shoulders will move slightly backwards away from the bar and the bar will fly up under momentum in a straight line. Your elbows will bend backwards and the bar will stay close to the body. It should look like this, if done correctly. Any questions, let me know.
  22. I imagine he could never decide (after reading reviews & the entire internet of course) and looks like this:
  23. I am sorry for all of you guys I really feel I annoyed you by my questions that never stop. But to understand me since that is my first time doing this and I know it is kind of dangerous and it has a very high potential risk and it is not advised by any good doctor in the world. It makes me think 10 times before making any step. I do really apologize for that.
  24. Camping

    Been lucky living in Devon (pretty close to Dartmoor) when at the parents' gaff and near the Lake District when at home home, so wild camping is pretty regular, did a bit over the weekend which was sweet. It's pretty much the same set up with tent, sleeping and cooking kit. But take a lot less clothes if wild camping vs campsite. Wanna try and get a trip around Sweden sorted in the near future and wild camp over there.
  25. Lunch ideas for people with manual jobs

    Tbh mate, I've not had a protein shake in years..... they blow my bumhole to pieces.... my guts became more and more sensitive to them over the years but they are a decent convenient source if you can handle them.
  26. Obese lazy bloke turning it around

    Today: Wide grip pull ups 4 Narrow grip bench (65kg) 12 (70kg) 9 (75kg) 8 (80kg) 5 Rope rows (50kg) 12 (55kg) 9 (60kg) 8 (65kg) 6 DB shoulder press (38kg) 12 (40.5kg) 7 (43kg) 6 Incline arrowheads (8kg) 12 (10.5kg) 10 (13kg) 10 Wide grip pull ups 4 Dumbbell curls (23kg) 8 Notes: Bench felt good, last set stopped short of failure. Shoulders a little weak on left side.
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