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  2. 12 weeks bulking with Trenbolone

    Or he could lower the dosage get less sides if needed be
  3. First you have to get into ketosis. This can take up to a week. Then you need to keep it there, keeping carbs next to nothing. Put yourself out of ketosis and your back to square one. It’s just another fad diet. Eat clean and look after your body. Do some freaking cardio FFS.
  4. PM for straighteners

    It’s really quite refreshing isn’t it.
  5. Vascular

    Genetics, low bf, Tren, var. plus a good preworkout.
  6. Back to it

    Good morning and thank you for your reply, the link you post is exactly what I'm planning to do which is for now plan a home dumbbell routine which will be based around compound moves to build strength back. Basically at the age of 46 I've been in and out of gyms for years I've never held much body fat with having a high metabolism and have always struggled to gain weight other than when I'd be on a cycle. When not training I normally sit at 10½ stone which is my current weight. Goal is to get back at it starting at home with dumbbells then join the gym. Why home first is because I'm having trouble with my joints and feel home workouts would be better to find if its possible to start training again at 46 before spending money monthly at a gym. I do plan on getting back on a cycle but first looking for advice on the pros & cons with my age and my join pains, would it help me or make things worse IDK
  7. Bitches name

    id go with lenka, its a nice name and it has a strong K in it which would be quite noticable for the doggo and help with recall.
  8. PCT... It's not that difficult

    Both would be fine. Just be sure to mix and then jab straight away. Don't leave them mixed together in the same syringe all day.
  9. Bitches name

    German Shepard.
  10. Food sources?

    I’ll go then.
  11. I think more planning needed for your first proper go at this. 250mg Test a week and 8 MONTHS of stanzalol is not the best.
  12. Tren cough

    Taken it for years. Had the “cough” once. Used multiple labs. Lack of a cough has no correlation to the quality of Tren.
  13. Today
  14. Aching Balls

    The right bullock is actually riding high, so think may have injured it somehow. But probably look into the HCG. Thanks for the info.
  15. First online journal

    Warm up leg extensions and leg curls x3 Sumo hack squats 10,5,3,1 200kg 10. 6 Narrow leg press 240kg 20. 300kg. 15 Leg extensions 63kg 12. 8 Seated leg curls 57kg 12. 50kg 10 Laying leg curls 50kg 12. 50kg 10 Standing calve raises . Warm up bodyweight 3x 20 70kg 11. 60kg 12 Seated calve raises 60kg 12. 50kg 11 Ab work Cable crunches 86kg 15 91kg whole stack 12, 10 Straight leg raises 25 ,20,15 40 minutes cardio and pwo Slightly bit more warming up today day off tomorrow. Happy with results so far
  16. Tren cough

    Are you getting any other side's.. ? If you have had 3 bottles how are you looking in the mirror.....
  17. PM for straighteners

    Can bring some pre-workout samples too? Who says you can’t mix business and pleasure??
  18. The moment you inject a steroid you’re risking some unrecoverable damage to your HPTA, that is the gamble you take when choosing to use AAS. PCT or some kindof maintenance alongside TRT can make this fairly negligible in reality but the risk is still always there. Whatever cycle you do... what’s your plan for during and after? That’s the most important consideration if you’re concerned about HPTA. What are your goals? 250mg 6 months v 500mg 3 months.. That Could be a whole debate in itself. With the former, I’d argue “not necessarily” with less stress on your health. So many variables here. Slightly high doses for life? TRT is one thing but otherwise, there is good reason why people blast and cruise.
  19. PCT... It's not that difficult

    @swole troll I see. If I can get my hands on them, I probably would run it 3 weeks after last test jab as you mentioned, and run it for 7 weeks as per the duration of running nolva. Would that be ok? If both Ipamorelin and GRF1-29 requires 3pins at 100mcg daily, does that mean 6 subq pins everyday? Or is it possible to mix both in the same syringe per pin so that we only pin 3 times a day?
  20. @swole troll thanks for your reply. so your advice is that I should aim to hit 15% bodyfat (hopefully in 5-6weeks), then take my bloods again to establish a new baseline, and then maybe start a cycle if the new baseline looks promising? could I also attribute my current high estrogen levels and low test to my bf%?
  21. You all know this guy

    The gym that I go to has 24 squat racks, there hasn't been a single case where I would find all of them occupied at once, so for all I care you can fuᴄking sleep in one of them
  22. Tren cough

    Such a random and idiotic question..over the years iv used me fair share of tren...every 3 or 4 shots if am lucky..5... il end up gettin tren cough...but...iv jad 3 bottles on this cycle of rohms tren and not once have i succumb to liquid golds evil sensation of the devils cough! Other than a generic answer of (it could be fake)...which obv only my opinion is,highly unlikely..any words of advice from u god sculpted monsters
  23. First online journal

    cheers mate . I always seem to bounce back pretty quick
  24. I have read swole troll thread before, it just has basic simplified information for people who don't know anything about AASs and looking for a ready plan. I have tried using test only cycle, but just because I was so anxious about what will happen to me I stopped the cycle on week 4 or 5 and I thought I still need more education about them, although I know more than 99% of people who use steroids but I am more worried about the ultimate consequences; I feel I am too young for screwing my HPTA and studies did prove that people who have history with steroids have significantly lower t, it seems inescapable to cause some permanent damages; so I feel if I will do steroids why I don't just stay on forever with slightly high doses? what is better doing 6 months cycle of 250mg test or 500mg for 3 months? I guess the first one will give the same results or even better with less stress on my health.
  25. Yesterday
  26. SHBG

    Low SHBG is a lot better for building muscle then high SHBG, as more free test is available. Why do you want to raise it? Exercising more, generally being more active and some dietary changes will increase SHBG. Also certain meds can lower it In my opinion there is not enough research or understanding into why test levels can be so low when SHBG is low in regards to hypogonadism. Taking a normal albumin level into account then it’s got to be Something to do with SHBG regulating the negative feedback loop to HPTA but I've yet to read anything which explained this fully.
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