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  2. Cypionate, meant to be so thin?

    what lab? had elixir test e that was very thin, was also SEVERLY underdosed. like 60mg ish per ml when advertised as 275mg per ml underdosed
  3. Most likely used a different oil to your test E No doubt it'll be fine. What lab is it?
  4. Eddie Hall reputation obliterated

    Phil squat will be next
  5. Today
  6. Hold up for a second mate, Training for 10 YEARS and still cant lift 200kg off the floor for one rep? I feel sorry for your clients. I know 65kg women who deadlift more than that. You have zero excuse.
  7. Strong Supplement Shop are leaving UK-Muscle

    Oh no...what happened mate?
  8. In all my years on forums anavar has a cult like status among people yet the tissue n strength gains appear to be better on virtually every other steroid without the risk of being fake and underdosed n highly priced. Women take it for a reason like lol but dont get me wrong id love to try it but im always looking at other orals for half the price b triple the power
  9. I've not had cyp before but I've had prop and it looks so similar. Is it meant to be so clear and so thin, like water? Test e is usually thicker and seems more yellow Just want to make sure ive not accidentally been given prop
  10. Early 80s Marco breakdown any ideas

    Macros ? was stuck at work writing it as trying to fix a tailgate harness
  11. Eddie Hall reputation obliterated

    I might get some got my next cut
  12. Remortgage and extension

    Just wondering if anyone has or know much on the side of taking some equity out of their house. I've had my mortage coming up to 4years now and plan on doing a upstairs side extension but was thinking to take out between 20 to 30k out the mortgage when it comes time to remortgage. Use the cash to do it and when it comes for the renewal a few years down the line getting the house revalued hoping to either break even or add some value on the house and getting some equity back. Has anyone done anything similar?
  13. Greta Thunberg without a script to read from

    She needs a boot in the doot
  14. old daily driver

    Tag line of your grindr profile? ?
  15. It looks like water based tren that’s all Picture may be throwing me off, but looks badly made, and like they’ve used BB in it as looks slightly oily
  16. Yesterday
  17. Looks fine. Try a few ml and see how it is
  18. Hcg bottle

    All pregnyl I've used came with 2 snap off amps. One sterile water, the other was HCG. I'd just mix 1ml water, decant into a sterile vial and add a further 1ml. I'd then split it into slin pins and freeze until needed
  19. Hypertrophy and conditioning phase

    If you’re roiding then you’re already taking short cuts. Don’t, however, take short cuts with application of form, intensity, food and recovery.
  20. Keep digging. Just a matter of time
  21. Who’s watching what on NETFLIX

    October faction , I'm really enjoying it
  22. Greta Thunberg without a script to read from

    Little fucka does my head in, she needs to stick to colouring in....
  23. Hi, I've got a few boxes of Pregnyl HCG. Ive posted pics before and some have said its fake. Plus, its not in a vial, its in a snap off. I want some HCG that comes in a bottle, can anyone reccomend a HCG brand which is A) in a bottle and real. Dont want to risk shutting the boys down with fake HCG. Thanks, Trio
  24. Deca can stay in your system for months...
  25. old daily driver

    I had to make up for my other cars somehow as they are too manly
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