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  3. IPAMORELIN understanding check

    Even if stacking and pinning 5x daily you are looking at maybe 2kg increase in 6 months
  4. Shut up idiot I been banned twice And I Didn't cry like a fu**ing girl
  5. Invictus labs

    Prince Harry's doing all he can now he's out of the royal family.
  6. Or there's a possibility it's all test in the blend.
  7. Why would you take a prohormone on TRUE TRT? It'll likely raise all your health indicators and be less effective than real steroids. The guy in the shop sounds like a right cheese grater.
  8. Kobe Brynt.....

    I thought you were going to say Megan and Harry when her maj kills them off. More chance of them going first at her hands
  9. Sitting.

    I sat for 5hrs straight once and ended up with aids I use to work in healthcare and I remmebr the nunber of claims for physio for back, wrist shoulder pain etc... All from employees working at a desk all day, not from being active. It's not just sitting that's the problem it's the slouching, tucking forward position and so on that creates these chronic problems. Stand up desks FTW
  10. The end of my bellend mate
  11. Are u seriously that thick? Who the hell said iv been training for strength all that time!!
  12. If its never ending then your not cycling are you mate.... Show us we're you piss from
  13. Don't forget it took you over 10 years....
  14. Squats lower back pain

    The squat is a whole body exercise, your core (including lower back) are all working to stabilise the weight. Do you squat lowbar? If so your back will be doing more of the effort than a high bar or front squat. Bracing for a lift is easy. Take a reasonable breath. Hold it, and while holding it tense your abs like someone was about to punch you in the stomach. This keeps the midsection tight. Personally i never squat past 90', and have pretty much always squatted lowbar. I do front squats now and then.
  15. Keep being sick

    If you were on orals i would say they may be contributing, but i dont see that stack effecting you like that. Do you eat late at night? Perhaps try nothing but water an hour before bed.
  16. Throwing Up BCAA

    You done too much, too fast. Deadlifts increase blood pressure, its not uncommon to feel light headed after a heavy set. I would never superset them with anything, your trainer sounds clueless. I would find someone else.
  17. If u also wanna be on my block list all u got todo is ask
  18. Me, Fight me if you disagree
  19. 200KG ACCOMPLISHED!!!! #dont forget that is more than double my bodyweight!!
  20. Watch out for the snitches @Frandeman, @PSevens2017 and @Crackerman just got minus points from the swoll because of them, and i dident even threaten anyone!! also they took down the forum about never ending cycle! I was actually going to refer back to some of that advice! As i dident read it all and cant remember what i did read...
  21. Sitting.

    Wylde, this post is 5 hours old?!?! What are you playing at, son??? Has someone hacked your account? Calm your TFL though, friend, sitting isn’t that bad for you. As long as you’re able to get up and move about you’ll be fine. I’d be mindful about sitting for multiple hours per day without movement (long distance lorry driving). Not great for the heart or waistline . We are designed to move, jump, climb, lift, roll etc. Exercise daily will benefit us in many ways. Always love what ElChapo wrote about cardio. Not word for word but, cardio is by far the best supplement out there that benefits sleep, heart, lung, blood pressure, mental health & can reduce risk of heart conditions, diabetes, obesity, cancers. The biggest killers there are. Plus, it’s free. Wylde, you get me fam. Keep moving, swinging those ekegs
  22. Yesterday
  23. He clearly is, guy is a mong with no business advising on these things.
  24. Out of date

    Wouldn’t hesitate to use.
  25. Out of date

    Would use. Good ol AP testobolin. First gear I used.
  26. Not whilst @Pscarb has been around it hasn’t
  27. Sphinx Pharma

    My expiry was 12/22 mate.
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