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  2. Been pinning Triumph 500mg for 8+ weeks Adex 0.25mg EoD Overall, Feel really good, libido is through the roof, mass is stable, strength is stable, no depression and so forth. But what da hell is in my bloods?
  3. Infection?

    Mans not hot, mans never hot. Stop worrying man.
  4. https://www.google.gr/amp/s/www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/other/health-benefits-of-sea-salt.html%3fisamp=1
  5. How bad is salt for you ?

    I'm afraid I really don't think that's true. The actual mineral content difference between sea salt and table salt is miniscule IIRC. Do please post any evidence I may be unaware of though. I generally use low sodium salt due to the higher potassium content (1:1 sodium:potassium content), noting that potassium levels are also of significance here.
  6. Rep ranges

    Oh yeah it is hell but progress seems to have stalled on squats so I just trying something different.
  7. Who is a tight tw*t with there likes

    Pitty there wasn’t a limit to pointless threads created
  8. Dimension Labs

    Going to buy all their ancillaries for an upcoming TRT cruise <350mg. Can't seem to find their Tbol on the site that I'm sure a lot of you use. They're only stocking Triumph so not sure if Dimensions do the Tbol? Test E is nicely priced too so will also use that.
  9. Chelsea's Journal - Size and Symmetry

    Hey @Chelsea , can I come over and count your reps once as well ? Thanx in advance x
  10. Dimension Labs

    Haha fvck that's what I meant 7.5mg Mrs must've been doing my head in whilst I wrote that
  11. Coconut oil is bad for you

    Its great . I use coconut oil and almond oil for my skin and castor oil for eye lashes , hair and nails . I’m done with expensive crappy cosmetics its amazing
  12. How bad is salt for you ?

    Stan has a great video on sodium. Apparently limiting sodium intake is one of the biggest mistakes athletes make. In short: more sodium = less risk of cardiovascular diseases, better performance/strength, better recovery and fuller muscles.
  13. Coconut oil is bad for you

    Why you wacko ? try it . Although with the cold you have there coconut oil will turn very thick . If it doesnt , its been processed and it ‘s not the real deal plus it has great antiseptic qualities . Use it when you’re done showering ( and while still wet ) and rub it on your skin . You’ll gradually see a great difference
  14. Infection?

    Just an opinion. But I think your over reacting. When was the jab. Feverish is a lot worse than a cold and more than just a lil hotness.
  15. Coconut oil is bad for you

    I use it on my face twice a day since accutane dries my skin out a bit. Been doing it for 3 years now. My skin has never looked better.
  16. Coconut oil is bad for you

    You are literally nuts
  17. Not new but returning..

    Well hello ! Welcome back x
  18. How bad is salt for you ?

    natural sea salt is very good for you, avoid refined salt as much as possible
  19. 5000-6000k a day and not gaining weight!!

    pfff natty, you've been hammering the creatine mate. cheater.
  20. Coconut oil is bad for you

    I blend it with almond oil and I use it after every shower ( its great ) but I never cook with it . x
  21. When to take blood sample?

    Usually around 48 hours post injection to get a peak reading.
  22. Gentech test 400 - G2G?

    Brought some TM gear. Hopefully thats just as good
  23. Coconut oil is bad for you

    Just started using this instead of extra virgin olive oil in my cooking, now i find out that it is actually bad for you. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/jul/09/coconut-oil-debunked-health-benefits-big-fat-lie-superfood-saturated-fats-lard
  24. Blood results

    Definitely work to get your hct down closer to mid 40s if you can. Will likely take more than one donation, however you can do this by using different names. I currently use two aliases along with my real details which allow me to donate every 6 weeks if I need to. Just remember to use different donations centres with each name
  25. Fadi's 30kg of humility

    Reminds me of the Cosgrove complex I used to do when I started prep last time... it'll probably put me on my arse
  26. Well , its the first time I’ve heard of there being too little consumption . Thanx for that x
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