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  2. Tren Flatness

    @Cronus yes exactly the same scenario like your friend.. For which steroids you guys would swap tren ? I mean if you can‘t take tren what would your combination look like ? Test mast or test eq for example.. ?
  3. Says between £70 and £113 month on their website. I imagine that’s probably for like 4 x 1ml ampoules plus needles/syringes etc. Not cheap.
  4. Can you get someone pregnant while on PCT?

    Never trust ovaries mate. Also, before you make your decision as to whether or not you’re going to be involved with this kid, bare in mind that anything that bleeds for a week and doesn’t die is evil. Move house, change your number and delete your Facebook account... the CSA will be demanding money for a kid you’ll never see. Uncle Jamesy knows about this sh1t
  5. Prescribed hcg

    Ended up going with roseway labs ( recommended by Dr savage ) delivered for £108 ?
  6. Today
  7. Best Meat UK

    Party pooper lol That's probably stopped at least 10 people including me putting in an order
  8. Tren Flatness

    This dosent sound uncommon mate. I don't and can't run Tren because its f**ks me with the worst insomnia ever, but I knew a lad who experience the same on a bulk. He'd look very flat during the day and then after his meals, before bed, he'd look full like he had put on 10lbs...
  9. Who's “TRYING” to play the xbox?

    Really shouldn't say that to a cannibal
  10. Anyone into hand grippers

    Mate check the label.... if it reads ‘Royal Mail’ then you know who’s been receiving the ‘special delivery ‘
  11. Or doing some press ups perhaps?
  12. Trannies are not men you fool
  13. Yesterday
  14. Who's “TRYING” to play the xbox?

    You could use the time cooking some chicken
  15. Anyone into hand grippers

    The CoC grippers are top quality - had a couple for circa 25 years and whilst the novelty soon wore off for me personally there is no denying they are a decent bit of kit. I notice @SteveGardener still has a live journal on here - there isn’t much that fella doesn’t know about grip training if you want any advice.
  16. Calories

    Is there anyway to somehow eat less to gain weight? I'm 84kg and I'm barely even putting on weight while eating 5000 calories if I eat less I start to lose weight . I don't have excessive activity or anything so I don't understand why I need so many calories to gain weight . Long term goal of mine is to be about 100kg but to be at this weight I would have to eat what 7000 calories maybe even more?
  17. Who's “TRYING” to play the xbox?

    Soon you will have to be Covid vaccinated to play, that’s what I heard
  18. Who's “TRYING” to play the xbox?

    Xbox one s . Sure it’s not your connection ?
  19. Who's “TRYING” to play the xbox?

    At least im occupying my time when the world is at a standstill, on the other hand u are probably still searching the web for seedy photos of men with horses
  20. Who's “TRYING” to play the xbox?

    Xbox x/s xbox one or 360 dont suppose to be working, i presume you have a different one?
  21. Tren Flatness

    Dam you bulk on 4000 calories at 102kg? I'm 84kg ATM and struggling to put on weight with 5000 calories lol
  22. Dianabol any good?

    What is a ‘sted’?
  23. Dianabol any good?

    Early 90’s for me as well big boy..... never quite fully recovered either
  24. Why is "cardio" a must?

    Where did I say that leanness was synonymous with health?
  25. Who's “TRYING” to play the xbox?

    f**k me, the worlds ending.
  26. Why is "cardio" a must?

    You must be the one trolling lol.. Marathon runners aren't exactly shredded. Good amount of fat on them. Many don't even have visible abs.
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