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  2. Alright guys So will be starting a cycle next week after being off since September , will be going for a lean bulker / recomp cycle so will be keeping calories at just maintenance or slightly lower, working out 4 times a week high volume /med weight and cardio 5 times a week. Thinking to run it like this : Week 1 to 13 Test PP or Test P 200mg PW Week 1 to 11 Npp 300mg per week Week 7 to 13 Anavar 50MG per day. Just couple questions - 1) Do i keep test lower then NPP or keep test same or higher to get the maximum gain? 2) Secondly ive been told to pin NPP 3 times a week compared to twice a week if so shall i stick to TPP or use Prop? 3) Lastly ive never ran anavar in my whole training life of 13 years so will be using anavar 50mg a day in the last 7 weeks of my cycle, do i take the 50mg tablet hour before workout or break it down into 2 doses of 25mg per day? Will be running hcg 250iu x 2 per week and stopping at PCT. PCT will be 2 weeks 100mg Clomid and 40mg Nolva 4 weeks of 50mg clomid and 20mg nolva. Will be using SG Gear and Pharma pct and HCG. Thanks guys
  3. 1000+ cal deficit (even at the tail end of my cut I'm losing 2+ lbs per week). Pretty stupid lol "I'd say after a bulk, eat at maintenance for at least 6 weeks so your body gets used to the new muscle, this will make it easier to hold onto it. Then do a slow cut. " This is exactly the reasoning I questioned and is why I chose to go straight from a bulk to a cut, so I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on it. My reasoning was that if you bulk for say 4 months and now have a desire to cut. You could eat at maintenance for 1 month to let your body get used to the new muscle as you say, or you could just use the maintenance month as another month of bulking. My thinking was that the month of bulking would 'solidify' the muscle just as much (if not slightly better) than the month of maintenance, as well as likely accruing new muscle tissue. Essentially, thinking that you should not bother with a maintenance phase and go straight into a cut, because any maintenance phase would have been better utilised just continuing to bulk. Any thoughts on that? I understand that many people on this forum will have much greater experience than me, so that's why I would appreciate your insight.
  4. Will BTC crash below 50K do you think?

    You could live 2 lifetimes in that s**t hole for 100k bro
  5. What crypto is good to buy do you think?

    I'm not thinking about any ALTs at the moment but tempted with a little bet on a BTC short.
  6. Look c**t. If you don’t wanna bet on it or get involved in the straightener then don’t post in here Know what i mean pal
  7. I've never done a proper cut in general mate. More so for the fear of losing strength and size haha. As you're not natural you don't really need to worry. I thought that you were natural and so this would be a bigger deal yes, but as you're not, just use this as a learning experience. Remember that muscle gain takes a while and takes time and hard work from your part. All fat loss is is a calorie deficit. How aggressive was the deficit you did and how long for? Also if you bulk and do aggressive cuts over and over, you'll be spinning your wheels. I'd say after a bulk, eat at maintenance for at least 6 weeks so your body gets used to the new muscle, this will make it easier to hold onto it. Then do a slow cut.
  8. Cheers mate, definitely something you learn to never do again. Since you have experience with aggressive cuts, how did you find the phase after completing the cut and transitioning into maintenance/bulk? I still have hope in the back of my mind that it'll all work out and even just eating at maintenance 90% of my strength will come back, but I'd rather put myself out of my misery now if that is not likely to happen. Specifically, what was the timescale for your strength/muscle to bounce back and did it fully recover easily, or did the latter stages of it feel as hard as when you built it the first time? If you're feeling impatient, hopefully I serve to keep you on track, cus I feel like s**t at the minute mate
  9. Definitely will be doing the same in all future cuts. Done 1 test cycle (during lockdown and only having access to a homemade bench and lightweight dbs) and currently cruising. Looking to transition into a blast again at the end of this week. Do you think while the severe cut has lost more strength and muscle than usual, that the muscle memory will bring it back all the same? Or has your experience with aggressive cuts been that the muscle is lost for good and to get it back is just as hard as the first time?
  10. What happened to the Israel/Gaza thread,

    It got to sexual
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  12. Best used intra wo alongside some salt n sugar for glycogen, mineral and amino acid replenishment. All of which will aid in recovery and hydration as well as stave off catabolism to some degree.
  13. Was moved to Male Animal section
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  15. Hey guys

  16. I'm in two minds at the moment, I need a bit more info.
  17. I will be opening a book once I have confirmation of participation from both athletes. Dark night already confirmed by the looks of it. My initial thoughts. JS looks a fairly big lad, should have a bit of power. But I have doubts re his stamina. If he can get to dark night early he stands a good chance. If goes past 2 i favour the dark night.
  18. You are not going to do much damage with one cycle of test so personally I wouldnt bother using either one of those. All you are doing is risking having unwanted sides especially if you are not planning to continue to use them after cycle. You could try something like Ketoconazole shampoo instead as an alternative. Also RU didnt do anything for me - maybe im just a non-responder but looking at others results its very hit and miss.
  19. Regardless of my opinion of both. You can be certain I'll ref it 100% fairly.
  20. That's fighting talk! You want some as well do you lad?
  21. Progress so far!

    Week 6 Still 70kg BW, Havent moved much recently.
  22. Who would of thought we would ever see the day when @MickeyE would be looked upon as the arbitrator in an argument? What a time to be alive!
  23. Moon face

    Lol!!! Deca gives me this all the time. I rarely need an ai but im considering using it ive had a bottle of triumph adex and havent opened it since i got it year and half ago might start at 0.5 a week and see if it helps any.
  24. TBOL kickstart length and dosages?

    fu**ing horrible affliction mate. Sounds like its nothing but whennu get it its horrendous and literally disabling. Ive done a walk home from the pharmacy dowm the road. Dowm was fine but when i hit the hill home i was walking like John wayne ?????
  25. Regal labs are great. They do other stuff as well
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