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  2. When to introduce an Ai

    300mg plus for me
  3. Hi all, At what dose of test would you consider using an Ai? I'll be running bloods in a few weeks but are there any symptoms that I'd notice if I needed one. For example can you tell if you are developing gyno before it is visible. I'm a little paranoid about it due to all the chat on YouTube about it if I'm honest. Thanks
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  5. Take what these guys are saying with a pinch of salt and don't take it personally, if you have been given that advice its probably best to learn to live with it or risk it looking worse, does it cause you any discomfort? If no then maby grow your chest and it wont be as noticeable i don't know what to suggest, could be genetic have you looked into that? Asked any other male in your family if they have had something similar and do abit of research into genetic gyno or inflamed breast tissue men see what you find and keep us updated
  6. What happened to DLTBB?

    So, 2 years on I was correct then? Tekkers is inside as well. Foolishly boasting about sales on facebook and instagram. Oh deary me. Both are idiots but at least one of them sculpted an admirable physique. The other one looked like a potato.
  7. Keifei

    My favourite UGL of all time probably buddy (Keifei) Very good stuff mate, if legit Danny
  8. What happened to DLTBB?

    Davis would have been alright if he hadn't raised his hand to Eckersley's radio.
  9. Greenday

    Lead singers a bit of a basket case though mate.
  10. Borat 2

    I keep meaning to watch the first one... what's it about lol?
  11. Where to buy boiler + fitting

    If your boiler is older than 5 years and your house can be insulated with either cavity wall or under floor insulation theres a scheme in place called Eco 3 where you can apply for a boiler and the insulation to be supplied and fitted free of charge, it’s totally legit and is backed by government and funded by the big energy suppliers https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/eco3-innovation theres a lot of gas company’s that have jumped on it and some ask for a contribution of anywhere between £100 and grand, it’s Free you don’t to need to pay a contribution so research one in your area that dosnt ask for it .
  12. What look are you aiming for.

    He can’t be healthy. He does a lot for Strongman but he’s still a hell of a size. Would be good if he could follow Big Z and Terry Hollands and really slim down. His wife will thank him and so will his heart.
  13. Where to buy boiler + fitting

    I had one of those for 15 years at my last house and never serviced it until we were leaving (was in a bedroom so I didn’t want it on my conscience if something was wrong with it). The guy took it to bits and told me it looked brand new inside. Didn’t need a thing doing to it.
  14. What look are you aiming for.

    I know, his wife must have been so happy when he transitioned to 'land whale'....
  15. Where to buy boiler + fitting

    I second this. We moved in to our new house a couple of years ago and needed plumbers, electricians, kitchen fitters etc and MyBuilder was brilliant. Seems a lot of younger guys looking to get established respond on there and give good prices to get the jobs. Plus they want good feedback to be left on the site so they do a good job too. Didn’t get stung with any of them.
  16. Greenday

    Used to love Green Day, awesome music
  17. Best labs

    Pharmacom, used their teste250, teste300, teste500, tren ace, dbol, anavar, deca, all been spot on, never made better gains before than on 150mg of their tren ace
  18. What look are you aiming for.

    As I get older, Dmitry Klokov or thereabouts.
  19. Where to buy boiler + fitting

    Get a Worcester...reliable
  20. What look are you aiming for.

    This was Glen ‘the daddy’ Ross in his bodybuilding days...
  21. Where to buy boiler + fitting

    If you don't know a plumber, Mybuilder is pretty good. I've just recently had my mother's kitchen refitted, got the fitter, a tiler and electrician off there. Also had a new ring main in my own kitchen done by an electrician off there and parque flooring in my hallway. All very good jobs TBF. They have a feedback system a bit like Ebay. Decent prices and I've never had a bad job off there. Mainly Eastern Europeans but they're good grafters. Mybuilder the best one by far out of those type sites in my experience. Also another tip . Look for the boiler you want, don't buy it , then stick your job on my builder saying you will supply the boiler and get a quote to fit the boiler of your choice. That way you can gauge what the plumbers say about your chosen boiler before you buy it. I'll pretty much guarantee you'll get the boiler cheaper if you buy it yourself rather than get the plumber to get it.
  22. What happened to DLTBB?

    His physique was top notch!! shame what’s happened to him but guess he knew the risks
  23. Where to buy boiler + fitting

    I just re-read. I’m guessing from your question that some suppliers offer fitting. I’d be very careful, I’m guessing (and only guessing) they use sub contractors and pay them X amount per job, all ok if it’s straightforward but they’re not gonna go the extra mile for nothing. Use a well established independent plumber that values reputation. Be careful. Good Luck
  24. add/adhd

    Just an excuse to be a c**t IMO - how many of these posters from 2016 are still around? cu**s
  25. What happened to DLTBB?

    Mancmuscle I think. His content disappeared ages ago
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