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  2. Conspiracy theories

    If this thread has anything to do with what's going on I find it interesting that the first time in billions of years of this planet existing, and hundreds of thousands of known human existence, we have decided to shut down the world over something that has allegedly killed 700,000 people worldwide when cardiovascular disease kills 20 million every year. Oh but this is infectious. So are many other diseases. And what can be confirmed in cardiovascular disease (because doctors can actually point a pencil at a projection on the wall of a hospital and show the disease) cannot be done with alleged COVID-19 deaths. No doctor in your hometowns guys can point to a projection in a hospital and say such-and-such died from COVID-19. They can only point to a medical legal document that has their signature on it and several empty reasons for their diagnosis, again not verifiable because there are an extremely small amount of the population who actually present with life threatening symptoms due to COVID-19. This is well known and something the government have been saying for a long time. So the rest are simply numbers to pad out the total figures to make it look like things have gotten no better and in fact have gotten worse. Those that have died FROM the disease are in their hundreds and maybe thousands, if the disease exists at all and these are the people who die sadly from the flu every year, people over the age of 60-70 and many of them have serious health issues to begin with that have nothing to do with the flu but helps the flu to wipe them out anyway. How do you get around that one? For all the diseases that can be proven and have known methods of treatment there is NO proof and NO methods for treatment for this. So where does 700,000 come from? Imagine the huge inflation of numbers from doctors and medical professionals we trust slapping COVID-19 onto patients that came in with a headache or food poisoning from eating that dodgy Chinese last week to find out, oh sh*t you are infected or more like, you've just become a pawn in rigging statistics to create the illusion this thing is far worse than what it is. All the while you just went to hospital to make sure you weren't going to sh*t your guts out after that dodgy chow mein. I don't believe half the sh*t that is out there and especially on the internet but when you're told to say goodbye to the life you once had, and oh by the way, it's for your own good I have to ask myself when did I get myself locked up, when did I start doing time, where is the evidence I was convicted of something. I'll question that until the cows come home and then I'll still be there banging on the barn door when the cows f*ck off in the morning as well. And so should everyone else. Because people on the street are ready right now to take your freedoms and stick a face mask on you and tell you your kids can't go back to school. Whenever in the history of our existence has that been acceptable? It's not even acceptable in war-torn third countries where witch doctors come seeking albino children to grind down their bones for magical potions. Even the locals in these towns think the witch doctors are beyond help. Sad thing is we got it pretty easy compared to other countries where there isn't the same oversight and rights and laws in place. Millions of kids are starving, millions of families homeless, millions jobless in countries WITHOUT benefit systems like we have, millions of businesses completely written off and WITHOUT support from government, many millions living with domestic violence forced to live with their abusive partners because they cannot get help and cannot go anywhere else. But hey, for the greater good, right? Call me a conspiracy theorist but that's SOME way of fixing a problem when you're actually creating a problem in the first place that only 5 months ago didn't exist!! Reminds me a bit like the wars on drugs and terrorism. Hey we're doing this for your own good but don't look over there thats not several hundred thousand incarcarated black men in prison for several years over trivial possession of cannabis. Hey don't look over here! That's not an entire neighbourhood of innocent Afghanistan natives killed by a Hellfire missile thanks to yours truly the US and UK militaries. Just look at the narrative! We are killing these innocent people to help you! We are locking up people over possession of weed to help you! We made weed illegal to help you! But hey now we will make legal again and it's like we never did all those bad things to all those people who are technically innocent just like they always were! The story changes all the time. And if it changes it's not true. That's not conspiracy. That's common sense. You're called a normal healthy individual to stand up and say hang on this smells like bullsh*t care to explain. Otherwise, why do we have rights in the first place? If I like living a life I've always known prior to this sh*t and that life was normal for everyone else as well then surely it's my right to say what the f*ck has happened to it? When did I get locked up and told there is an indefinite amount of time before I'm released and things are normal again? I never signed up for that. Did anyone else? That should be MORE THAN ENOUGH reason to realize that taking this sitting down is only going to make you a victim. And you're either compliant and subservient or you're at least holding those accountable in a decent and respectable fashion. Conspiracy theory? More like self respect, but that's just my take.
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  4. I really hope so mate. Cant even sleep. Have you had problems with caber yourself then?
  5. Extreme caber sides

    Should get better within a week. Sometimes it messes you up if you take it when you don't need it.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Fake Merck I didn’t order!

    I know it’s fake! Plain to see mate. An international multi billion dollar corp doesn’t make spelling mistakes on so called pharmaceutical grade packaging of Tren Ace they don’t even make lol I got a reply from the s**t source he claims it’s a mix up in the packaging department lol it came in a bubble wrap envelope ffs! With two alcohol swabs????? I guess they make up for the two missing amps! Avoid like the plague.
  8. Scaffolding Power Rack

    It’d save much messing about. much like folk could use jerk boxes in the same way if they have access to wood. Got a load of slabs? Use those If I was building something in the garden I’d use Wooden fence posts and kee-clamp railing to create what I want. Hopefully that’s given you a few ideas
  9. Digezyme

    I’m just using BulkPowders 150mg. I didn’t know it came in lower strengths
  10. New

    Do you play Rugby and are you from the East Midlands? If so and you are the same Chonk I know you can f**k off. If not welcome
  11. Post training virgin

    Oh i bet its a bitch lol, i have 1 Physio follow up left for my back mate which i was going to mention my leg while i was there but they are still only doing telephone appointments which ain't no good
  12. And also eat 10k calories and bench 200kg for reps on your first trip to the gym.
  13. Conspiracy theories

    Stop throwing this c**t bones man he might get bored and shut the f**k up
  14. Conspiracy theories

    Erm, okay. I’ll give it a miss but thanks all the same.
  15. Conspiracy theories

    You are treading a very fine line between stupidity and being a class one fu**ing idiot - that s**t on your hard drive will at best get you on a register, at worst see you signing in at the local police station/restricted movement/no access to the internet/outcast as a pariah/doing a stretch on the forties... ...or hanged from a tree on the village green. Have a word with yourself.
  16. Post training virgin

    My knees are knackered mate so I know that feeling as I'm a floorlayer and my acl is gone lol. Get yourself to docs mate no point running risk if you have been so injured before you don't want to risk going back there. Give doc a call tomorrow pal get yourself checked out may aswell get your health straight before hurting yourself in gym
  17. Folding power rack

    No experience with one but they seem a good idea. https://www.strengthshop.co.uk/wall-mounted-squat-stands.html Out of stock at the moment You could have it in your garage but then if you need to work on your car/motorbike you can fold it out the way. I've thought of buying one.
  18. In what way did it make you feel s**t mate? Any similar to how I tried to describe? Trying to figure out if this is normal or if I'm going to have to see a doctor, although I will be if it gets worse as today has honestly been the worst day of the entire year for me. Horrid
  19. Here is my very bad lockdown regression stats

    I did nothing until the last 4 weeks then started a bit of body weight stuff just to loosen everything up
  20. I was down about 20kg on bench. First time I picked back up a barbell after lockdown it felt heavier than 20kg I tell you that for free. I'm like 10kg down, which isn't bad give it 3 weeks or so ill be back and hopefully keep getting it up.
  21. Folding power rack

    Hey guys have a basic power rack in my home gym but it takes up a lot of room and is a problem if I am doing things like my capoeira class which is being run online I wanted to know if there is such a thing as a folding - out power rack and it seems there are a couple out there eg this one https://www.fitness-superstore.co.uk/body-power-deluxe-folding-power-rack.html Any expeirence with this type of thing guys thnkas
  22. British Dragon

    I'm using this stuff there cyp what.mak3s u say its from.moldova I've heard from.china and from Poland....
  23. British Dragon

    White packets 1mil.ampules mate site has info in web address im using bd cyp
  24. Scaffolding Power Rack

    Yeah I suppose you could do pretty much everything with a couple of sets of adjustable ones. Bench, squat, seated press etc just all different heights.
  25. Just do 5g first cycle and remove the guess work.
  26. Extreme caber sides

    Same. I thought it was the tren making me feel s**t but reading some threads on here it was definitely caber. I used to run it quite high too.
  27. one rip 200

    I know it.dosent are u listening ffs! I'm on one rip and no water retention which goes without saying
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