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  2. Tastiest sauce for chicken?

    Firecracker chicken, you will get on pinterest. One of the best sauces ive tried for chicken.
  3. any one done a upstairs extension ?

    When thinking of values, if all the houses on the road are the same or very similar design, extending won’t add much value. If on a road where all houses are very different, it will likely add value, for example all houses are big and you buy a smaller house with land and bring it up to size. Problem in OP’s case is that it’s lost garage or rear access space to accommodate the existing extension. So some gain is reduced.
  4. 2020 worst year ever ?

    C'mon you know that answer
  5. 2020 worst year ever ?

    2008/2009 was pretty bad in terms of the recession. I feel 2nd half of 2020 and probably most of 2021 are going to be pretty dire economically. Lots of unemployment. The last 2 years of my life have been the worst for my personally. Divorce, injury, issues with mental health, but f**k it, I'm still here and ploughing on. Globally, nothing comes close to the World Wards.
  6. 2020 worst year ever ?

    He means shut up mate.
  7. Your dick will get shrivel and fall off
  8. 2020 worst year ever ?

    What do i think will happen or what do i think you about you wanting to know?
  9. 2020 worst year ever ?

    Well played, sir!
  10. Weights in house upstairs

    It's alright having them up there, it probably equivalent to having 2 or 3 people up there but I wouldnt be dead lifting that's for sure, no bouncing them on the floor like a badbwwoooyyy
  11. Weights in house upstairs

    Depends how strong your floor is
  12. Weights in house upstairs

    Anyone thinks it’s okay to have heavy weights upstairs? At least 200kg worth of weights. Don’t want the floor to go through
  13. any one done a upstairs extension ?

    Houses that have been extended round my area mate have only been making around another 15k on top of what the ones none extended have been going for, if I was to spend 30k on mine that I could possibly get 225k as it is then you do the math... If we move then it will be in the next 4-5yrs
  14. Today
  15. Don’t bother with drugs you don’t need them at 18 plus judging by your pics no offence but you got plenty of natural growing to do . Make the most of it while your young
  16. White Shaming

    A century ago Irish used to be considered by the English and Americans to be a different race to English or Caucasian, a combination of African and a primitive stone age race and closer to chimpanzees than to humans.
  17. As far as I remember, from the last test, my lipids were all in range but my HDL only just so at 41 mg/dl. I wasn't exercising at the time however. I tested my TC on my Benecheck meter and it was 3.3. mmol/l so that's at least somewhat encouraging. I've got a new panel ordered from Medichecks, bloods, hormones, LFT etc. I'll post it up when I get it and run another one when I'm back and my cardio is in decent shape again. I've put on a stone and a half since the lockdown - eating lots of crap and boozing.
  18. 2020 worst year ever ?

    What do think???
  19. White Shaming

    yeah exactly my opinion is being white English is a good thing, it's a bonus like you can add +10 to the lottery of life for that (at least with the current world perception maybe in the future that will gradually change). But there are still so many other factors. Rich parents? +10. Poor family drug addict abusive parents -10. Mental health problems -10, 5 foot tall and micro penis -10 etc . it's like this You can't just look at someone and say "you're white so you're privileged, you're black so youre a downtrodden victim of society" it doesn't take into account every factor in the person's life. It's offensive to both people as whites are told they're privileged when maybe they're actually not and also blacks are told they must always see themselves as poor downtrodden people which I wouldn't like to see myself as. Racism exists for sure, my black friends experienced some bad things which I didn't. I also know that I got some things easily abroad for being white English (job offers, attention from girls). So I am aware this can sometimes be a bonus in life. But I take it as a whole like one of the many parts of the lottery of life. One of my black friends left university on £60k a year starting salary for their first job. They got some really good things in the lottery of life (extroversion, confidence, supportive family etc)
  20. Per4m Whey, Who's tried it?

    I've never heard of it but a quick Google shows it's not cheap As above it's highly rated so I'd snap it up if getting a bargain
  21. White Shaming

    I wrote a message about my experience. Everything in that was true such as light skinned people and skin whitener is popular in most countries, girls in lots of countries like white English men, I found many job opportunities easily etc. You said I come across as an idiot and that I had a bad mindset. You didn't give any explanation for that and also I don't have a mindset I have facts based on my experience. I showed you just a few pictures to prove to you that my words are in fact true and based in reality not based in a mindset. There is no need to keep people's images and some of my private convos there once I showed them to you to make the point so I then deleted them after I knew you'd seen them. The point is made now. So whilst you can keep complaining at my words now you know they're based in facts and reality which you can't change only complain about and wish it wasn't true. Since from my pov all you seem to care about is self victimising "oh I am the poor white man I am so sad it's not fair blacks and Muslims have it so easy and my life as the white man is so sad" and this is so weak and pathetic imo as well as not true. You didn't like the fact I said white English guys have it great in this world and abroad because that goes against your self victimising image. And sorry I didn't know you're not into girls, next time I'll post boys for you. The girls I know are very attractive to any red blooded heterosexual male but you know each to their own. I hope you're not older than 20 or you've really messed up in life.
  22. 2020 worst year ever ?

    Would anyone like to hear what im certain we have coming next or shall i keep it to myself?
  23. Change of diet before test cycle ?

    I got a new phone and had the topless photos in a folder I posted some before. when I used the cloud from iPhone to huawei when I got a new phone a couple of weeks ago I lost them all, I'm gonna start taking new topless photos from today I don't know how much body fat I'm carrying I'd guess 20% I was gonna try shed a little before my cycle but the 2 blokes I train ( which are fatter then me) got on it so they was askkg me And it seemed to make sense to do it same time, to be fair I don't really care about abs I just wanna be bulky I'd be happy looking similar to arron lambo to be honest
  24. Per4m Whey, Who's tried it?

    Not used it myself but it gets great reviews. Apparently the flavours are great. Knock yourself out!!
  25. White Shaming

    There was a case in cheshire i believe where a white man was told he didn't get the job in police and was because they needed a BAME He sued and found out his scores etc were better and the only reason he didn't get it was because he was white and straight He won
  26. any one done a upstairs extension ?

    Are you really losing money if you get 10+ years out of it then only maybe lose a bit
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