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  2. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    Most blokes take the moral high ground because they are either ugly cu**s and have no opportunity to cheat or afraid they will get caught. If you were away on an overseas business trip and some random hot bird wanted to come back to your hotel room get a f**ked and you are flying home the next day, the vast majority of blokes would.
  3. What are your plans for Christmas?

    Tight doesn’t come close. I don’t have anything to do with them anymore.... her sister has turned out to be a paedo. She’s 50 and has copped off with an 18 year old Turk she met on FaceBook. Filth
  4. Have you ever cheated on your Mrs?

    Well the thing is, there is this big misconception that rape can't be romantic, and it drives me nuts. Edit----- I probably shouldn't joke about that. Rape isn't funny under any circumstance........ Unless your raping a clown.
  5. Anyone got a personalised no plate

    It's no different to grown men wearing football shirts, with their name on the back.
  6. i want GYM

    That's enough Internet for today.
  7. Today
  8. What are your plans for Christmas?

    how did me and the UKM boys pin you down and take turns last weekend then?
  9. i want GYM

    ill sell your teeth for 50 f**king pence to a dodgy dentist.. i wouldnt even ask him why he wanted them... id just be like ''Here bro, dont mind the blood, just means their good quality fresh ones.. dont ask where they from your my alibi''
  10. i want GYM

    You are WHO YOU F**KING ARE!!!!... understand that... IF YOU!!!! wanna be a F**KIN SLUG!!!! and DIE LIKE A BISH!!!!! LIKE A F***KIN SLUG!!!!! EH!!!!! YOU WANNA BE!!!! A!!!! F***KIN!!!!! SLUG!!!!!... They aint even GOT F***KIN ARMS!!!!!!!!! YOU F**KIN SLUG!!!!! ICH BIN KING LEE!!!!!!!!! ICH ESSEN TOT TIER!!!!!!!!!! IM !!!!!! NOT !!!!!!! A !!!!!! SLUG!!!!!!!! ICH !!!!!!! NIEN!!!!!!! NEEE!!!! ........ errmmm.... SLUG!!!!!!! Sort it out or ill smash you in your spout.
  11. Cheeky kunt.... only 4 years until I collect my state pension... nobody’s executing me until at least 10 years of my tax deductions are paid back
  12. Anyone know of any sleep aids

    Phenergan 25mg x 3 - you will sleep but you might not be able to function the next day.
  13. Hcg Online?

    Yes mate, there are sources online, dont think we can discuss it here though.. but I would avoid any Pregnyl as its faked so much these days.
  14. Any of you guys had any success with buying hcg online and it was legit? I'm need hcg and can't find none only online im from the UK. Cheers
  15. Mountain bike trail riding

    Fair enough. Have you much experience!? What size and weight are you out of interest? It’s great fun I love it. Mainly do the blue and red trials. Northern Ireland has some of the best trials about so I’m fortune that way and a shuttle service to the top then just bomb down.
  16. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/dr-roger-hodkinson-covid-hoax/
  17. It entirely depends on your genetics. Some people will burn thorough the T very fast, others can get away with once weekly. Remember that steroidcalc is using averages/medians from studies, but everyone is different. That is why you can't guess what your T level will be just by the dosage, because we all metabolize at different rates. Even the injection site affects this ( Deltoids absorb faster and peak higher than glutes) Testosterone varies signficantly from morning to night time and even after eating, it's never super stable. Stress, diet and sleep will also cause big fluctuations. I always recommend twice weekly with long esters unless you are a slow metabolizer, but this is for HRT patients not for bodybuilding. In bodybuilding, it matters a lot less. I would do 50 mg x 2 weekly in your shoes, aiming for 700-1000 ng/dL and 20-40 Free Testosterone in American units and 20-60 pg mL Estradiol ( also American units)
  18. Home Enema’s!

    Couldn’t give a f**k about antioxidants mate . As for wet wipe I am not the one who has double my posts and been on here 8 years less than I have and post s**t all day
  19. Most people don't have issues, oral AAS can cause cholestasis which is basically impaired bile flow, this could cause digestive problems and is also the main cause of liver toxicity. TUDCA and UDCA directly prevent this problem. It might help with any GI issues you get as would taking the oral AAS after your biggest meal.
  20. A good read!

    https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/neuroscientist-wants-tell-you-whats-wrong-your-brain-1-180959985/ One for @TheAnimalLifter
  21. What was the ferritin number? It takes a lot of iron for a long time to bring it back up, i'm talking +3 months or more depending on the severity.
  22. Home Enema’s!

    Coffee holds lots of antioxidants....keep up ya wet wipe!
  23. Yesterday
  24. I’m about to squat heavy :(

    And they look mental doing the same thing over and over. Almost in a repetitively way.
  25. Aaron lambo

    I wonder when Aaron will comeback from his 19nor dream world?? He’s been gone a while!
  26. Home Enema’s!

    Why coffee .rather strange c**t. What’s next soup I have known women to do them but with water . It eliminates any mess for anal play ,
  27. Christmas present ideas!

    I just run it under a hot tap....
  28. Anyone got a personalised no plate

    Have you had it done??
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