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Want to start cutting - advice needed, heavily confused

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Iv been working out for about 3 years. In that time I have built alot of muscle and I am quite bulky, thing is over last 10 months I have put on alot of weight (fat). I want to become more lean but maintain my muscle mass. I wolud like to burn about 10% body fat/

But what Im worried about is losing muscle, after all my efforts of building muscle over last few years i dont want to loose it.

I just got a new fitness assesment today heres my statistics, including the predicted average for my height,gender and weight:

Overall weight 90.00kg

Body Fat 21%

Fat Weight 19.00kg Predicted 14.00kg

Lean Weighr 71.00kg Predicted 66.00kg

BMR Estimated 2,076 cal/day

Last years results:


Body Fat 16%

Fat Weight 13.00kg Predicted 12.00kg

Lean Weight 67.00kg Predicted 58.00kg

BMR Estimated 1,935 cal/day

I have a strict diet plan, consisting of 6 meals a day each meal around 40 protein.

Example of 1 day of diet

Meal 1: Otmeal, Whey Protein, Fruit

Meal 2: Protein Shake/MRP

Meal 3: Chicken sandwich on wholemeal bread, veg, fruit

Meal 4: Protein Shake/MRP

Meal 5: Chicken, Brown rice, Broccoli

Meal 6: 0% fat yoghurt, wholemeal toast, fruit

I plan to use zig zag diet so Sun-Thurs calorie deficit of 500

Fri-Sat 500 calorie surpplus

Allowing me to simultaneously burn fat and keep muscle mass

Now I have a few questions

If I have a calorie defecit of 500 and burn 300calories on cardio will that be burning too much and put me in danger of loosing muscle. Loosing 800calories a day?

Zig zag diet effective?

Also I went and spoke to my fitness instructor at my gym and he said that I should do light weights at 50reps chest, bicep, tricep etc. I have for the last few years lifted as heavy weights as possible doing 6-8reps. Is he right? I am worried if i switch to this style I will loose all my strength and my end result looking thin and puny with no strength. Loosing my bulk look

Thanks for reading

Look forward to your advice

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Haven't read all of it, just skimmed.

Haven't heard of zig-zag diet. Looks similar principles to just a re-feed type thing. Will be interesting to see how you get on. Will you be doing cardio too?

As for light weight and higher reps. FUK THAT.

The best thing to build muscle is the best thing to hold onto it while dieting. Seriously tell him to go do some reading on some physiology or something. Nob.

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I would carry on training like you have (b0llocks to switching to light weights all the time) and gradually include cardio over the next few weeks (I say gradually to get to the frequency where you're burning fat but not too much muscle). With diet again that's an area of experimentation and I wouldn't get too wound up with numbers. The thing that's worked for me though is gradually lowering the amount of carbs I take in (again do this over a week or two; doing it suddenly will probably make you feel like sh1t), while keeping lean protein high.

Also psychologically I tend to stay away from things like scales and tape measures and let the mirror be my guide to see if cutting is going in the direction I want it to.

Hope that helps a bit.

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