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This weekend..

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Well friday went into work 23:00 walked in 10 doorman mixed with security gaurds at the door full of heavy metal fans around 3000 maybe... heavy metal bands blarring on stage not sure who....some members from thin lizzy were there I think...well it was littered in crap bottles kfc boxes food cigarettes every where spills all over the lamenet floor... money too.... so i spent most of the time mopping up after the mess they were making...then 2 am everyone started throwing up and the likes 3:30 they all left...the room looked like a tip...we were there for 8 hrs the four of us...

Then saturday was basically the same accept more people more mess more rowdiness more sick. Saxon were there played pretty good to be honest...finished 7 am saturday morning.... i had to be back in work 3pm saturday afternoon.. didnt catch a wink of sleep totally knackered loads of crap laying around... only getting Nat wage and stuff... Not such a bad night but hard work though to be fair

Just wanted a little rant about it hahah plus i been ill muscle fatigue lack of breath cant breathe really tired... i think maybe slight pneumonia?:P

right now sat down with 12 bottles of budweiser and fresh pizza :P

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