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Diet help please

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okay this is my problem i've been on a low(ish) carb diet to get my b/f down to 15% before i start my cycle. Im now at that level and just want to alter my diet so i can start making gains again.

Im still natty for the next 2 months!!

So here is one days eating......dont be to evil will you!!!lol

6am- muscle milk p-32g c-16g f-12g

7am- 5 e/w + 1 w/e p-35g c-13g f-11g

10.30am- tuna, spinach, mayo + 2 sl w/m bread p-80g c-27g 12g

1.30pm- chicken, broccolli + j potato p-78g c-42g f-16g

4pm- protein shake p-50g c-18g f-6g

6pm- train

7.30pm- protein shake p-50g c-18g f-6g

8.30pm- steak, broccolli, gravy p-88g c-66g f-24g

10pm- casein protein p-36g c-6g f-1.5g

total p- 449g c-182g f-82.5g

so there we go............look forward to your replys???


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