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My new smaller diet

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I'm really struggling to eat, i have no idea why. It's really getting me down as i feel is holding me back.

Heres what i have planned, smaller amounts so hopefully easier to get through.

Meal 1- 8 30am

2 slices of white toast

6 whole eggs raw.

Meal 2-12pm PWO

150g chicken breast

120g rice.

Meal 3-I'm always really full at this time.....15.00

100g Cooked Salmon

100g rice

Meal 4-18.00

150g beef steak

120g rice

Meal 5-21.00

2 slices of toast

Mass shake mixed with 6 whole raw eggs.

This is what macros i worked out roughly on fitday, however the protein shakes i have have not been included which adds around 500 cals on top of what iv'e got here........





I'm probably going to add some oils in my shakes aswell, and maybe some natty peanut butter but i'm shopping tonight.

Do you guys think this is ok, i'm on cycle and this is all thats holding me back, at the begining i ate more than this so i have no idea what's changed..:confused1:

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I did think that but the strength iv'e had off it is unreal. My squat is up 40kg already.

Iv'e got 13 days left on D bol, but seeing as i think it may be this i might see this week out and sack it off.

So i'll be 3 weeks in my cycle, hopefully the test will kick in soon.

I know i used to eat more than this, even when i was training with less intensity and natty.

On the plus iv'e gained 10 pounds already.

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Just keep at it till the 13 days. Its only really kicked in about 6 or so days ago. You will benefit from doing another 13 days. It's just up to you if ou can handle the sides. I cant:confused1::lol:......

"Looks at dianabol and throws in bin....:D"

How nice these next 2 weeks will be:cursing:

May have to think about a different oral for my pct gap then. Thanks for your help.

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