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Lean bulk advice please guys

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Hey all,

Could use a little advice re diet if anyone could chip in please.

Age: 33

Weight: 13st7

Height: 5'10"

BF: 20% (measured by elec scales, not calipers)

Ive been overtraining lately I think so my new routing will be 3 lifting sessions a week starting tmrw consisting of push, pull & legs with abs & cardio days in between. I will try to do 40 mins of cardio (65% of max) probably fast paced dog walks every day which I read from one of Pauls posts previously.

Dont tend to measure my chest, arms, legs etc & just go my the mirror, scales & the definition of my abs as a guide to my progress & bf so cant offer stats in that area right now.

Ive had a very disruptive year to my training due to personal reasons and have been around the 18-20 % bf for the last 12 months.

Have used AAS on 3 occasions (massive learning curve - trial by error I guess, but have learnt an awful lot on this site since dabbling!) but not used for the last 6 months.

So..... My question is: I want to lean bulk for the summer & learn along the way a better diet regime I can use all year. My bf has been too high for too long so when I bulk, although I put on weight easily & gain good strength & muscle I still have far too much body fat. Always around the 18% whether on AAS or natural. I used to always be 11% or there abouts and very ripped. It's like those days are a thing of the past! & not through want of trying!

Should I LOSE the fat NOW & then bulk, or continue eating the high carbs,fats & protein that I am currently & throw in some cardio every day.

Ive read on here people advising to get there bf way down to 10-12% before bulking up. Is that good advice?

And should I be following a carb cycling type diet for my goals or even a Keto style diet for maybe 6 weeks then onto a carb cycling diet after that & can carb cycling diet be used all year round?

Thanks anyone if you can help me out of my 'rutt!' ;-)


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