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Bench day

Bench day 130kg 1x9 1x8

Barbell row 105kg 2x10 (pretty sure it's a pb)

Dumbell chest press 35s 2x12

Dumbell shoulder press 30s 1x12 1x10

Side raises 2x10

Cable flies to 2x20

Triceps push down 2x20

Ez curls 21.5kg each side 2x8 (pb)

Seated low cable row 1 off the stack 2x8

Felt good today heaviest bench since my injury power was there but set up was f**ked on my first set leaving me fatigued for the second one.

Looking nice and full but I need to up the carbs as I'm burning out at the end of the sets now.

Pec feels good

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Deadlift day

Goblet squat 20kg 5x5

Front squat 70kg 3x5

Block pulls 175kg 1x8 1x12

Leg press 6 plates each side 1x20

Split squat 20kg 3x8

Seated calf raise 30kg 2x12

Leg press calf's 40kg 2x20

Seated good morning just the safety bar 2x15

Reverse hypers 25kg 2x15


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Upper day 2

Barbell over head press 70kg 3x8

Incline dumbell press 34s 2x12

Dumbell flies 24s 2x10

Side raises 18s 2x10

Ez curls 22.5 each side 2x8

Skull crushers 22.5s 2x8

Barbell rows 110kg 1x8 (pb) 1x10 (pb)

Seated cable row 95kg 2x10

Felt a pull on incline dumbells it's a bit sore now but no bruising or swelling so hopefully it's nothing I'm pushing these pretty fast the most I ever done on incline dumbells is 40s 

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Did a extra lower day but not much

Front squats 70kg 3x5

Deadlifts 140kg loads of triples a 180 and a 200 heaviest pull off the floor in ages felt good but I shouldn't have done it lol

Then did some reverse hypers and some mobility stuff

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Squat day

Squats 165kg 2x8

Deadlift 155kg 6x2

Leg press 6 plates and a 5 each side 250kg 1x20

Seated calf raise 32.5kg 2x12

Calf's on leg press 50kg 2x20

Reverse hypers 27.5kg 2x15

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Bench day

Bench press 135kg 2x8

Barbel row 112.5kg 2x8 (pb) 

Dumbell chest press 40s 2x12

Dumbell shoulder press 32.5s 1x12 1x10

Cable flies 6 on the stack 2x20

Cable side raises 1 on the stack 2x20

Dumbell curls 15s 2x10

Triceps push downs 9 on the stack 2x20

Seated low row full stack 2x8 

My bench form is still off still some wobble but my best ever for 10 reps is 140 and that was on 500 test with 300 npp I'm only on 500mg of test now and only 88kg so I'm very close to previous strength levels 140 goes on the bar next week and I'm having 2 sets of 8 out of it.

I need to increase the calories I loaded on carbs last night and I'm still going flat/burning out I feel hypo right now. I just had some intra workout goodies arrive cyclic dextrin peptopro and some citrulline I've found this a excellent stack in the past I may even chuck 5iu of novorapid in to push things along 

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Had to bring deadlifts forward a day as I'm getting inked for 4 hours tomorrow not ideal as I usually have a pretty tight back the day after bench but it went well.

Goblet squat 20kg 5x5

Front squat 75kg 3x5

Block pull 180kg 1x8 1x10 pretty sure it's a rep pr 

Leg press 6 plates and a 15 each side 270kg 1x20 (pb)

Split squat 30kg 3x8 (pb)

Seated calf raise 35kg 2x12 (pb)

Calf's on leg press 60kg 2x20 (pb)

Seated good mornings 30kg 2x15 (still trying to get a feel for this but pb lol)

Reverse hypertension 30kg 2x15 (pb)

the log book is being beaten on almost everything during every session at the minute so I'm progressing through this training block very well but this is just the start the next 6 weeks will be challenging as I'm climbing my way back to previous numbers but as long as I pick achievable progressions and keep taking those baby steps all will go well. I'm felling very positive on how I'm approaching my nemesis  (the deadlift) the block pulls are allowing to use heavyish loading with good volume without leaving my lower back trashed and also work on my position and improve my bracing technique after next week the blocks are going 2 inches lower and I'll drop back to a lower weight then climb back up slightly heavier.

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