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No limbs, no limits: Amazing limbless CrossFitter (video)

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When it comes to motivation, I believe it's more about intrapersonal communication than interpersonal communication or comparison. The battle is between you and the other you..., the one who when you least expect it, would tell you you can not; will not, and all because you are simply not good enough. Shutting down these negative mind chatter begins with you, internally, when no one  else is even aware of your deep thoughts. To leave that negative chatter box going, will not do you any favours, irrespective of any positive external influences. In fact, to compare yourself with an external would only serve to drag you down even further (if you have not first taken care of your internal negative chatter box). So we need to prioritise and focus on elimination before aspiration.

That's what I believe based on my own experience.


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