Crazy 4000mg Caffeine Preworkout Challenge Guy

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On 1/15/2017 at 1:17 PM, Lew1s said:

I'm sure somebody on here a few years back was severely ill after his girlfriend used the wrong size scoop for making a shake for him or something and he ended up getting about 5 grams in one go. severe diarrhoea, racing heart and laying in bed all day, no thanks.

Nothing near as bad as this, but I got some trial pots of PNI PRODIGY pre-workout. they came in single servings, so one day i'm up for an early heavy legs day, so pop both bottles. had the most freakbeast workout of my life, calves pumped like balloons and energy for days. finished workout at 9am, straight into manchester for breakfast and to meet a friend. 


I ate so much food that day. my legs were pumped, I felt amazing until about 4pm when i chucked up hard. 

Calves pumped for the next 5 days, to the point it hurt to stand up or walk. stairs were a no-no. 

a few other people provided feedback on how amazing it was and it soon transpired that the labels were wrong. each pot was 2 scoops and not one, so i and a few others had bust 4 scoops of pre-workout and had the best workouts of our individual lives.

never again.

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