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Applied nutrition ABE preworkout side effects

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Has anyone tried this pre workout yet? Ive used many preworkouts over the years but this one was seriously intense for the wrong reasons mainly.

I took one scoop and within 10 minutes started feeling dodgy. My face was tingling severely and felt really hot and had red blotches all over my skin. Then the tingling spread down my arms through to my legs and toes until the whole of my body was tingling. 

If i moved my arms or legs in any way i would get an intense tingling feeling and it lasted for well over an hour. However i still had a great workout with it once the tingling started to die down but wasnt worth the overwhelming feeling.

Ive used preworkouts with beta alanine and niacin before and experienced mild tingling but this felt like nothing ive felt before. Has 2g of BA and 80mg niacin per serving which isnt a huge dose.

Has anyone used this and felt the same? Im thinking maybe i should have shook the tub before use as can only imagine i got a huge dose of niacin or something

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