PCA British Finals for me in June

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On 10/11/2016 at 2:21 PM, FelonE said:

At the end of the day mate fvck what people say on here.  A lot of people have agendas and lab bash. If it works for you  then use it. 

I did a 9 week prep and came third on my first comp.....says a lot. Off to the British Finals in June......says a lot,know what I'm saying. 

Too many talkers and so called experts on here but what do they look like and what have they achieved?

Take it all with a pinch of salt brother 

Spot on mate and that doesn't just go for drugs. See too much "there is only one way to do this" about most things BB related, not just here but on the internet in general and even IRL. Sure, there are basic principles which should always be applied, but in general I'm never one to take someone's word for things and prefer to just try something myself and see what happens. Was just laughing to myself earlier cause I saw a bloke at the gym who, when I first started doing Arnold Presses a couple years ago came up to me and said "Don't waste your time and effort doing Arnolds, they're just a novelty exercise. Same with lateral raises as well, saw you doing them last week, pointless fluff exercise. Do heavy OHP instead, all you need." - looked at him, he still looks like a fat non-lifting c**t, whereas my shoulder development has come leaps and bounds after totally ignoring his advice.

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On 28/10/2016 at 0:32 AM, FelonE said:

Some stage pics





Only just came across this bud well done on the comp. You've just taken your physique to a different level since you've been on here well done :thumb

I'm looking to do my first show in June pca Hampshire I'm really looking forward to it but bricking at the same time. What class did you do for your comp? I'm not too sure of what class to myself such a head fuck.:lol:

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