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Hi guys

I stopped my last cycle in march (deca, bold and test) and from July I started to have problems with my sexual drive and libido

I think that this problem is connected with my high progesterone and i need to decrease as soon as possible.

Can i decrease it with exemestane?


1) Low doses of exemestane (8-10 mg ed) but i don't know if it will work...

2)Low doses of winstrol (10 mg ed) and proviron (25/50 mg ed)


What do you think? Can i decrease progesterone?



Another problem is my high aldosterone. Can I decrease it also?




21 October

T3 - 1.03 (0,83-2.00) 

T4- 7.10 (5,13-14.10)

TSH-2,270 (0,270-4,20) 

FSH -4.57 (1,50-12.40)

LH - 7.30 (1.70-8.60) 

estradiol - 41.13 (25.80-60.70)

progesterone 0.45 (<0.05-0.149) 

prolactin - 6.62 (4.04-15.20) 

free testosterone 17.91 (1-28,58)

testosterone total - 637.9 (249-836)

SHBG 50.25 (18.30-54.10)

DHEA 13.27 (1.80-12.50)

Cortisol 16.37 (4.82-19.5)

Aldosterone 382.89 (13,3 - 231,4 )

PSA 0.429 (0.000-1.400)

Creatinine 102 (62.00-106.00)

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