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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys! Thought I'd start this thread up to post personal progress, content, answer any questions etc. For those of you who don't know me... I am an Online Physique Coach, one half of JJ Physique, physique sports enthusiast, YouTuber and Musician. Thanks in advance! Joe
  2. To give a bit of a history of me. GPC European champion 2015 Open 125s. British record holder in the deadlift. Former squat British record holder. I've been diagnosed with sleep Apnea which has caused some issues with sleep deprivation which came to a head lately and I was blue lighted due to an anxiety attack where my throat closed up. Since diagnosis I've been able to deal mentally with the situation and will be moving forward from this point. Until I get my CPAP machine for sleeping I'm basically operating on little sleep and an oxygen deficit. It's fine now I am aware of this as I can plan around it to get sorted out. Due to some stresses my appetite was hit and I lost a couple of stone..but in fairness it's there to lose. Never been hugely fat but definate carried some. So my rebuild plan is simple. Drop more fat and focus on bodybuilding movements to target some weak areas and to allow some injuries to heal. After this point I will build my lifts back up again (clean) and once the oxygen issue is sorted get myself as fit as possible. I was up at around 135kg but with a decent amount of fat. This time I'm aiming for filling out the 125kg class with a much leaner and fitter physique and then go from there. I keep a video log as by day I'm a strength and conditiong coach with multiple World, European and British champions under my belt. Now it's time to turn the knowledge to me. Below is a link to my channel..please do subscribe as there will be educational content on there as well as my rants and training tips for power. I'll post below the first few vids of my new training style so you can if you can be arsed follow the training cycle.
  3. I know this might not be that best thread for this but I just wanted to get this out there. I'm a 17 year old student in London and I've been lifting for about a year now but my journey just started. I figured most YouTubers already have the physique but not many start from the bottom and show us their journey. But that's what I'm trying to do because looking back when I very first started I really wanted to find someone who I can relate to. I found Hayden Hanlon and another channel called Abdi Fitness, and they both have good content but they stopped posting . I just want those who are starting out to have someone they can relate to rather than look at someone and hope they'll get there one day.My first video is just a short intro where I played around with the editing of some videos I had so I know the angles aren't great but I'll start posting new high quality content soon, when my deload phase finishes.Subscribe if you want to see the new content, showing how I train and talking about how I balance student life, gym and other content.
  4. Hi! I´m 33 years old and from germany. I went in the gym since 16 years without success. In this moment I started a challenge with two friends of me. We want to become fit in the next 12 month. So I want to improve my english and become fit in this forum. :-) For this challenge we will start with different strategies. My strategy is to use the know-how of some fitnessyoutuber from germany. So I will not read studies or books. I want to keep it simpel. My transformation I will document here. I will show my training plan, my foods/dietitian and every few weeks some pics of me and my transformation. I´m in this forum to get more motivation and informations. So I would be happy if you could help so. I want the best body after the next 12 month and beat my bros. For the transformation, pics and plan I will start a new thread. THX