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Found 4 results

  1. I am looking to become 'qualified' as a personal trainer and was wondering if anyone had any feedback or experience with NASM UK? I understand that NASM is one of the standard (if not gold) in the USA for training CERTS, but I am unsure about the UK version. They charge £999 for a lv 2&3 compared to just under £4000 that Premier Global & the Training Room are charging. Big difference. If anyone knows or has experience with the UK based NASM please could you give me some pointers - Will gyms recognize it & take me on (in comparison to the other UK dominant companies), would there be any downsides to doing it through NASM? Cheers!
  2. I was just wondering if anyone went to to go see the show this year and opinions on athlete standard?
  3. Hey guys I received organon/aspen sustanon from a reliable, I was wondering if someone experienced could tell me what they thought about the gear being real. If you guys need more photos id be more then happy to post some. Let me know what you think! -thanks
  4. Hi Guys, Simple thread to give users a chance to chat to some locals / see who is based where. I myself am 24 years old from Stockton on Tees / Middlesbrough