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Found 62 results

  1. I'm currently taking 1.5mg jabs 2 times a week of tri-sus 250,trenabol 100 and nandrodec 300 all prochem labs, any thoughts or suggestions??
  2. Hello guys and girls would just like to say i am new to uk muscle just looking for some help my supplier has changed brand from cambridge reasearch to this new company called on armour .... he says its his best brand that he has most reviews off. but to be honest a cant find a great deal of info on this product any light on this people would be amazing i have there dbol and test e 12 week cycle .....600mg of test a week with 30mg of dbol split in 10mg 3 times a day thanks alot
  3. Spent over last 2 years not training due to work commitments. Now I've got loads of time on my hands so decided to jump back on. Been training natural for last 3 ish months started gear again last 3 weeks Currently using onyx test 600mg 1 ml a week rotating quads the pip is insane but a good walk helps I'm 26 at 6'3 feet tall weighing 21 stone. I'm looking to tone up while loosing the fat I've lost 2 stone in last 2 month but my strength was being hit. I kept quite alot of size over these last 2 years but I'm nothing compared to what I was. Diet consists of high protein low carbs. As I been out of the game for a while I'd appreciate any advice any criticism
  4. 27 years old, done first cycle of test e on its own a fair few months back and had some good results with no issues! Had back injury which stopped training but now back on it and lifting ok! I.e. Leg press 450-500kg, bench press dums 45k, squats haven't been hitting heavy as precaution but 4/5 sets at 20 reps 60k! Wanted to do another cycle! A Friend told me test and mas would be a good cycle as want to have lean hard gains. Another friend has rohm ttm.. not sure on dose until he contacts me but would this be to harsh as second cycle! Done my research but need info more tailored to me by people that have experience! I.e a good dose not to harsh but ok for me, what cycle out of 2 would be more beneficial! Would I run an ai through course or just on hand.. another one I'd like to know is what are tell tale signs of oestrogen related sides? Any info would be great as want cycle spot on... nutrition wise I'm having oats and protein shake with fruit and peanut butter before work.. pouched eggs brown bread at work.. 2/3 portions of chicken rice/sweet potato veg during day, healthy dinner along same lines! Rough guide to daily intake and sit around 16/18% bf as I know mas is more beneficial to those of a lower bf!
  5. Entering my first cycle soon(after some planning and research), I have most of my cycle planned out and would like some opinions on it. Firstly the cycle week 1-4: d-bol 20mg Week 1-11: deca 300mg week 1-12: test e 300mg week 1-12: aromadex(based on what I feel I need) week 13-16: clomid (50,50,25,25) : nolvadex (40,40,20,20) I will be following a 2 a day training program that looks kinda like this: day 1: morning: chest,triceps,abs afternoon: legs,calves day 2: morning: back,biceps,calves afternoon: shoulders,abs day 3: off day 4: morning: legs, calves afternoon: chest, triceps, abs day 5: Monring: shoulders, abs afternoon: back, biceps, calves day 6: off day 7: off Diet will be on point as a have a dietitian in my family I know that I can increase the test e as most cycles I have seen the test e usage is more than the deca anyway. Could I increase my test e intake later during the cycle if I feel it is needed to counteract the deca? When working out twice a day would it be better to take dbol 10mg twice a day? or should I just smash 20mg in the morning? This is my first cycle so some criticism is to be expected. Your opinions?
  6. Southern Ghost DHB (dihydroboldenone), what are your experiences?
  7. Just needing some help / advice, any input is appreciated Stats: 23, 6ft, 95kg, 11% BF Looking to get fairly lean, maybe do an amateur competition summertime, i'm looking to do a cycle just to give me that extra boost! (not my first cycle) Dont need diet or training advice, just opinions purely on the below cycle (Fasted cardio ever morning & Weights after work) Test Prop @ 100mg / ml @ 1x ED - 16 Weeks Masteron @ 100mg / ml @ 1x EOD - 16 Weeks Anavar @ 50mg ED weeks 1-2 & then 100mg ED weeks 3-16 Also running some peptides, (GHRP-2 & CJC-1295 MOD GRF 1-29 W/O DAC, but dont need advice on these) Possibility of clen nearer the comp, just to give me that drier more vascular look Thanks
  8. Hi guys, first post and new to this site, I'm looking to start my first jabbing cycle, I have Tmt with 100mg tren 100mg masteron and 225mg test e per ml i also have more test e at 275 per ml + airmadex my intentions are to run it at 1ml of each per week stopping Tmt one week before test, then pcting on clomid. I'm 22 105kg 6ft my question is, is this enough? Should I add/ take away anything? thanks
  9. New kid on the block here. Finally decided to take the "plunge" and join the dark side after years of natty training. Purchased a vial of sust from a reputable source. 4 days ago I pinned 1.25cc in my right quad. Followed proper sanitation controls and aspirated. However, due to first time nerves and a bit of a shaky hand. I felt like I moved the needle about a bit once it was in. I also got nervous and plunged it in about 10 seconds. Pulled out the needle and it bled a bit. I can clearly see that I shot through a capillary close to he surface. All felt fine for about 12 hours. Then I trained legs and omfg did it start hurting after that. Fast forward 4 days and I'm limping about the place, barely able I bend my leg past about 60 degrees. Looks a little swollen but no redness/fever/hotness. I'm meant to be going away on holiday in a few days. My question is should I get it checked out by a doc before then as the pain hasn't got any better? Or am I just suffering from a virgin muscle and poor pinning technique. Thanks.
  10. Hey guys as it says I started my first ever steroid cycle this week... the cycle I'm following is below. I was speaking with a guy today who has been abusing steroids for years and he's told me to throw tren and decca into the cycle aswell. Now I thought ide come here for some advice as this guy seems like a nutcase but he does look like he knows a thing or two about the gear. The only thing that worries me about decca is the 'decca dick' I have a very high maintenance mrs . ? Below I've attached two pictures one of me now and one of what I'm aiming my body towards looking like, I understand hitting the gym and steroids alone won't give me that body. So looking for any advice you can offer towards achieving my goals. Ive also attached the cycle I'm following the only addition to the cycle at the moment is that I'm taking novladex 20mg a day for the first 6 weeks. Would you guys recommend I add or change anything about this cycle I'm only 2 days in so am I on the right track to achieve what I'm looking for? thanks in advance.
  11. Hi everyone, recently put a order in for Baltic D Bol (no more dimension labs d Bol left). Has anyone had any experience with this lab and or it's d Bol? will post pictures of needed when I receive them. Thanks im advance for any information!
  12. Has anyone tried medtech shredded looking for some feedback thanks
  13. Hi started my cycle it's my first week on tren ace and test prop WIL be doing 10weeks total dosages are 80 tren ace and 100mg test prop, pinning mon wed and Friday using Ai etc Last 6 weeks of the course I will be using winstrol and anavar might throw in clen too can anyone share there experiences on this course what kind of gains have been achieved ? How long til strength gains and mass gains noticeable? Cheers
  14. My current supplier is only stocking British Dragon EU at the moment and from all the bad things I've read I think its best to stay away from that. I've managed to find another supplier and he only stocks Cambridge research. Has anyone had recent experience with Cambridge Research anavar? They've been tested positive by AnabolicLab and contained 49.8mg per tab, but that was in July 2015. If Cambridge research isn't any good can you recommend something else.
  15. Hi guys just wondered if anyone has heard of the ugl Olaxx labs ? A few guys in my gym have been using their stuff since last year and now wont use anything else .im always sceptical about new labs so im wondering if anyone has any feedback .
  16. Hi guys! Thought I'd start this thread up to post personal progress, content, answer any questions etc. For those of you who don't know me... I am an Online Physique Coach, one half of JJ Physique, physique sports enthusiast, YouTuber and Musician. Thanks in advance! Joe
  17. I'm considering taking a cycle of clenbuterol to cut down my body fat. I plan on taking a cycle of test and dianabol in the future but in the meantime, would it be a good idea to have a first cycle consisting only of clenbuterol? Would I need any PCT? Any advice would be appreciated
  18. Hello again chaps, so so I jump back on cycle January 3rd 2017, which will consist of 500mg/week of test e and a 4 week kick start with dbol @ 20-30mg/day. Pretty standard cycle. I get my bloods done in 14 days time and if all comes back good which it should then we're good to go. My concern this cycle would be my programming, I'll be on for 12 weeks total before I hit PCT. Current split is a push pull legs fashion split twice a week. Would a typical bro split over 5-6 days be more beneficial for growth whilst on? Am I shortening my potential on cycle with a lower volume push pull leg routine? help a brother out men, what do you do when on gear? i was toying with something like Arnold's blueprint for mass or jay cutler's legacy routine or Y3T. But I've always steered clear from routine from
  19. Personal: So I just graduated high school and I think it's time to hit the gym. Ive been tall and slanky my whole life, my arms are quite small, but I am quite strong. I had a splenectomy at the start of this year due to rupturing of my spleen and because of this I lost 20lbs! I am 18 and 173cm tall and I weigh 156lbs I want to gain some muscle before I go to college, my close friend recommended me a cycle and it definitely sounds great considering it is my first time. I always have been athletic I do swimming and playing water polo. Cycle: I am planning to run Tbol and Superdrol (pro hormone) the Tbol I'm getting 2x100tabs (10mg p.t) and then Superdrol I'm getting 60tabs(15mg per tab). This also includes a PCT after of Nolvadex 30tabs X 20mgs running it 40mg/20mg/20mg Including Liv.52 60tabs = 2ed I want to run a 4 week cycle. And then 3weeks for PCT so in total 7weeks. Dosage: Tbol: 60mg ed for 4 weeks, taken evenly, 2@breakfast 2@lunch 2@dinner. Superdrol: 30mg ed for 4 weeks, taken 1 in morning and 1 at night. Thistle is the same as superdrol. Will I need Thistle in the PCT as well? What do you think about this Cycle. Goals: I am looking to achieve more strength with a substantial amount of gains, also I am looking to lift more. Hopefully gain between 10-20lbs ? Let me know. Regards, SaxMan
  20. Hello all, this is my first post on the forums: I just had a few questions regarding the use of dbol and my age. First of all I've been on a 20mg dose E/D for the past 2 days, mainly to improve my strength as I play basketball at a position which requires a decent amount, but also to gain weight. We don't get drug tested and felt like I should make the most of this. However upon reading on various other forums etc dbol seems to f**k you up pretty bad in the long run, especially at such a young age. Should I stop now before its too late or finish off my 4 week cycle. Diet is fine around 2500-2800 calories a day, 6ft 2 and 10 stone bang on.
  21. First off, I'm 18, lifting for about 2 years and 8 months, I know this is not recommended for anyone under 25, consider this me just educating myself on the subject, if i was to consider a 12 week testosterone cypionate cycle (inject) of 500mg per week, (250 twice) what side effects post cycle should I expect? I understand that my natural testosterone levels will decrease well below their natural levels and will remain like that after I cease the artificial hormones, does pct stop or at least reduce this? What sort of gains retention could I be expecting? I would appreciate educated and reasonable answers rather than being bashed for inquiring about this at this age, that k you. Also, if th result is an inevitable period of low test in my system, how long would this be for? And what would this mean for me? Thanks again
  22. Hey guys so I'm looking for expert advice... First things first growing up I high school I was always the tallest and Slankiest guy ever, this is my first cycle and I know oral only cycles are bad but it's my first time. I am gonna start with 30mg ed for the first 2 weeks, it's a low dosage but anyway, I will bump it up to 40mg ed in the last 2 weeks and then it's a pct 40/20/20. I want to know if this is good. I only have 100 tabs of tbol and 30 tabs of the pct. i also want to find out how many kg/lb I'll be gaining after the course of my cycle and if it will be any help to have creatine. P.S I'm a huge noob that has no clue so any proper advice will be appreciated.
  23. Ordered some test e, but got through this mega test 350 thing from the supplier. Not sure about it, apparently it's got 150 mg of test e & test c. and 50 mg of prop. It's a 10 ml vial. The dosage is where I'm really confused. I would have taken 250mg twice a week on the test e, but some ppl are suggesting a ml of this mega test thing which seems a lot. My first cycle, and I researched quite a bit into the test e, got my Nolva n clomid on hand and a.i just in case, but this thing I got through the post has thrown me. I'm probably getting my units messed up (not the brightest lol) but I just wanna know what you reckon is a decent dose. Cheers
  24. Hi , i'm going on a holiday to Poland soon. Also i have decided to undertake a steroid cycle. My question is, can i steroids over to the UK by plane ? Just for personal use!!.
  25. I want to run a tbol only cycle. I want to know what the liver toxicity and if I will need milk thistle, or will I be safe from drinking 2 glasses of water with breakfast lunch and dinner. Also, Can I run 30mg a day taking 1 at each meal for 33 days. And what is the best mg strength to take a pct with 30 x 20mg tabs? What can I achieve with tbol and how can I get thee best results?