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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys, need some help with a bit of acne/spots I ran a test 400 only cycle, 800mgs a week, and used some drol last summer. It was my first steroid cycle ever, during the cycle I had 0 acne or spot problems, skin was super clean as it had always been and I'd never had acne before in my life. Although about 2 months after coming off, I used Tamoxifen as PCT, I started getting quite bad cystic acne on face, and some spots on shoulders and back. I used Benzoyl Peroxide and it killed most of the spots, now I just have a few red marks on my face and shoulders, but I am still getting spots on my face and a few on my shoulders (nowhere near as bad). How can I clear them up permanently as I've seen many steroid users that have 0 acne issues. Would Zinc help?
  2. My source has agp labs I've not heard of them and can't find info wether there gtg or not Anabolic generation pharmaceuticals
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Charlie and I’m 28. I work on board cargo vessels from where I’m writing right now as well. Might seem like an irrelevant private info but it will be relevant due to some factors like limited diet possibilities, free time etc. To start with a brief ‘history’, I was a coach-potato for almost the last decade and this year I hit 100kg for the first time (102kg [225lb] to be precise) which made me change my lifestyle, as much as I could considering the circumstances. I’m 185cm which would be like 6’ or 6’ 1’’. I guess 100kg would be acceptable for some but in my case we’re not talking about muscles, we’re talking about fat. I do feel like an intruder here since I have absolutely nothing to do with body-building but since I’m considering some steroids and need some help I figured out I’ll stop-by here even it means getting bashed by the whole community. I can handle it. So in January (about 4 months ago) I stopped eating junk which was part of my daily ‘diet’ together with most carbs. Not a strict diet but definitely a big change in food intake, especially on the calorie-intake side. I also started training, mostly cardio, running (around the vessel and ‘in-one-place’), some push-ups, sit-ups and other exercises which are a combination of the mentioned or similar ones. Later on I added some (light) weight lifting (about 15-20kg) with 5-6 sets of 20-30 reps. So nothing intensive but I have been sweating for the last few months, almost every day with 1-day break a week, on average. The ‘training sessions’ are normally 45min up to an hour. In the last 3 months I came from 102kg [225lb] to 91kg [200lb] which was a very good result for me. I could feel and see the weight loss but honestly my main problem was belly fat and I feel like that’s the one place where I lost least weight. I did lose some and I know I reduced the waist by few cm but still... far from the results I was going for. In the last month the weight reduction was significantly lower and I lost like 2-3kg in a whole month, with basically the same training schedule and food/calorie intake. I feel like it’s getting more and more difficult to go even lower even though I’m not too worried about the weight anymore as I am about the belly fat, especially the so-called ‘love handles’. I never took any supplements, especially not steroids but browsing the never-ending internet I am tempted to consider trying them out, for a cycle or two, not more. I’m not interested in any dramatic results, not interested in becoming a ripped body-builder or whatever (hope this doesn’t come out too strong) but if I could use some supplements/steroids in order to speed up my progress and get me the results I want, I’m willing to consider them. I am doing my own research for the last few weeks gathering information from different websites, medical articles, lab studies etc. including a lot of useful information from this forum itself. However, I decided to ‘say hello’ and see if a ‘direct approach’ with yield some more specific information for me and save me some time which is, again, quite limited. The first ‘thing’ I came across was CLEN. I know personally some people who used to take it (usually for the same purpose as me) and they were quite satisfied. I felt, however, that they run into it without too much information or understanding at all. Seems like it ended up just fine for them but I’m not willing to go that road without knowing what I’m doing and why. As far as I’ve read, CLEAN is the most effective steroid for weight-loss and together with my current life-style I believe it would get me at least some of the results I’m after. I’d probably go with the 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off cycle for 6 weeks (2on / 2off / 2on) starting with a lower dosage (about 60-80 µg) the first week (to see how my organism reacts to it) and then build it up to the 120-140µg per day in the last 2 weeks after the 2-week break). That was my original plan but you know how internet is. Only CLEN is not enough, should be used stack with this and that and that’s when I ‘lost track’ a bit. Seems like TEST is almost a ‘must’ for any similar stack but I’ll go a step ahead and say that I would not pr**k myself at this stage (and probably any stage) so that’s not an option. Orally intake only. Then I saw a lot of stack including CLEN and WILLY (willy would prevent excessive muscle loss, not that I have much) but again mostly with TEST or even a lot of other substances I didn’t even have time to research yet. T3 is one of them, again... stacked with CLEN or even CLEN+WILLY+T3 (all orally). So at this stage I’m a bit lost and I need your help. At least getting the pieces of information together and then I’ll decide IF I will go that road and how. So one of the options I’m considering right now is CLEN and WILLY in which case I’d start taking WHEY protein as well and would add more resistance and strength training (especially with weights) on my current ‘plan’. I’d also take some guarana extract / taurine in case I have some muscle cramps (wouldn’t take them unless I do have problems). In some places I’ve read that CLEN+WILLY is a good combo, on other places that it’s terrible idea. Quite difficult to see a precise ‘picture’ so I’m hoping that you will help me out here. As for the dosage, I mentioned about the CLEN and then plan above. As for WILLY, I’d probably take it for the straight 6 weeks (no break like with CLEN), starting with a lower dosage (around 30mg per day) seeing how my body reacts and then building it up to 50mg, probably from week 3, when a break from CLEN starts. Whey protein would be there because I don’t have an option to get enough proteins otherwise (refer to the first paragraph) and I’m considering taking about 20g, 2 times a day (40g per day). Again, taurine would be only in case of problems with muscle cramps. T3 also seems to be part of the similar stacks most of the time but I haven’t research it enough yet. As far as impotence goes, I don’t care at all as long as it’s temporary. Again, refer to the first paragraph and why is that. That’s why I guess I could go without TEST. I’m sure some (if not most) of you will say that I should just continue with exercise and diet which is fair but I’d still like to hear some opinions about the mentioned stack, some suggestions and possible changes either on other supplements/steroids or on the dosage itself. I will continue my routine no matter what but if I can get better results quicker with one cycle or two then I’m willing to consider trying it. Sorry for the long post and for not including some ‘basic info’ which I’ve seen most do like bf % etc. but I just don’t have the means to find out that and similar information. Thanks a lot in advance for your help. - - Charlie
  4. I've just got hold of some ISIS Pharmaceutical Anavar 50mg tablets (see pics). After a bit of research on the internet, I've discovered they're totally fake. An image search on Google produced 2-3 images of the same tub with the exact same serial number and dates. I've read that a lot, if not most of the anavar being sold at the moment is fake, with a lot of it being winstrol (stanozolol) being passed off as anavar. I'm not convinced that what I have even contains Winstrol as the level of fakery on the packaging is dire.. Can anyone tell me what these tablets are likely to contain? Can I expect any results at all? Risks/side affects with taking these tablets? and does anyone have any experience with taking them? They're the blue tablets with the ISIS Pharmaceuticals logo on one side and a split on the other. Thanks in advance for the info!!
  5. Hello all, Acutely sensitive to being brand new in here and not wishing to break forum rules. Please can someone point me in the direction of a basic guide for the use of oral steroids? I am in my early 40s and have had good results with a constant gym routine and good eating along with an active lifestyle. However, having been a long time lurker in here, I can't find a useful starting point on the use of oral steroids and their dosage/types. I do not wish to go into the heavy cycle/oil injection regimen I see is popular in here as I have no real need to get 'huge', though I respect it has its place, I don't want to put on very much more than 10-15% muscle tops but am fully aware of what my own body is capable of. A MASSIVE change in gym routine is not likely to yield a great deal more than I have seen in 10 years of the gym 3-4 times a week. I also had a pretty serious accident years ago and broke a hip so do not have the luxury of being able to do some of the really big extension exercises so must accept I am at my physical limits already but just not at the size. I'm not married to oral, I simply see it as a sensible (if thats the word) option before an injection program, but having said that am not completely closed off to a program like this if I can get good advice from someone of similar age/experience. Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. I have been suffering from shoulder joint problems for 2 years now, I had the injections and followed with surgery which improved the condition. It's a year on and there is still swelling and fluid in the joint causing discomfort. A course of deca has been a consideration for a long time but my little knowledge is long out dated. The discomfort restricts my training and general daily activities so the therapy benefits are my main concern, excelerating training progression is added bonus but training pain free would be incredible. Can I have some guidance on a cycle to suit my requirements please, Deca (which type) maybe enough but I want to hit this so is there another that I can add to compliment the healing process?
  7. Looking for those with experience in Thailand. When carrying your goodies back from the pharmacy or when travelling between hotels could you get searched? and what are the consequences? I know Thailand is strict on drugs but steroids and peptides not so much
  8. I've just signed up to get some advice. has anyone heard of Medical Inc test enanthate and medical inc trenbolone. I've been told it's top quality stuff but I can't find much online to support this. Plus a few people I know who own gyms and know a lot more than me about juice have told me they've never heard of it. When I put this to the person I got them off his answer was its because not many people can get it as its that good. Another thing that's made me unsure about whether to use it. Apologies if I've left out any info but based on what I'm saying can anybody advise me on the brand and make.
  9. I am a very active mma fighter. Although I do not compete I train 15-20 hours a week. I am looking at taking something to boost my performance and I was looking for an oral steriod or something else that's effective (no needles!). Preferably one that's cheap and not very toxic. I would also like one where the gains are easy to keep afterwards and doesn't have high water retention (I don't want people to know). Also I don't want to have to stack it with anything else. I know this sounds a lot but I'm not asking for a wonder drug, the steroid doesn't have to be that powerful. I'm looking for strength and power gains not to gain 100's of kg's. Only a bit of weight per cycle, the main key is functionality and performance not how I look. Thanks in advance!
  10. So , started my firs cycle of Test E. Test E / T-Enbolin form Keifei Pharma (Any good or bad review??) Age: 32 Start Date: 2 Aug 2016 After long research, I have taken the decision to pin myself and try to get liner. I’m not a fat man but want to have more definition in my body. I was lucky got a really good supplier and he send all very quick. I’m going to start with TEST E – 500mg wk for 12 weeks. The picture blew is before the firth pin on the 2 Aug. so I will try to keep updating a pic every 2 weeks. Before pin 1 picture: Week 1 Pin 1: Tuesday I was so scared to do it for the first time and was going to ask a friend to inject me but after a long sleepless night I decided to do it myself. The TEST comes in a little capsule which is really easy to inject. Got 2.5 ml syringes / 21G needle for the injection and 21G to absorb the liquid so the 23G stays sharp. It was really easy and really painless, however I was shaking like a mother fucker. Pin 2: this one was even easier. To be honest after the firs pin, did not see any changes at all, however my glute was still sore, so used the other one. Week 2 Pin 3: I was getting on in the gym really hard and pushing myself, also cycling to work every morning and evening, so I could noticed a little bit of fat gone. But I guess was more cos of the exercise than anything else. I could also notice my mood changed and feel a bit happier and energetic. Can see my arms getting a bit bigger after a long session in the gym and managed to do more weigh (about 2Kilos) which is quite good. But no further changes. Pin 4: on Friday, so will keep you updated.
  11. Hi Guys, Simple thread to give users a chance to chat to some locals / see who is based where. I myself am 24 years old from Stockton on Tees / Middlesbrough
  12. Looking for advice on my upcoming cycle that im starting in early August and if you guys think I should change anything. Week 1-6 30mg Epistane Week 1-12 Tren E 300mg a week Week 1-12 Test E 250mg a week Week 10-14 40mg winny ED Week 14-18 tamaxifen 40/40/20/20 My stats Height 5'10 Weight 85k, bodyfat 14%, Age 25, training 8 year Going to inject the test every monday. Tren comes in 100mg vials, would I be able to inject 1ml of it with the test on the Monday and two mil of tren on thursay? Any advice greatly appreciated