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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, So I am coming to the end of my first cycle; when I do I will put up a full review. I have been running bodyconscious Epi at 30/30/30/30/45/45 and am in the last few days now. However I have had 0 shut down, everything works fine and in fact my yogurt cannon has become a bit more powerful. Could the compound be weak? Should I have ran at 60 for some time? Or have I just been lucky with sides. I have not had any bloodwork done, but no issues with lethargy, libido or any low natural test related sides. I don't believe it was a particularly weak compound due to my results, which I will post in my write up when I finish. Also should I change up my PCT if I have had no shutdown? Do I need the nolva just to prevent rebound gyno? Thanks in advance, you guys are my go to for information now.
  2. I have decide to take the leap and dip my toes in to the not so natty waters. Here I'll be logging my journey every so often. I have already been on cycle for 1.5 weeks. I would not normally put pictures, but attached are a before (relaxed post workout), and a few days ago (side flexed post workout). My Cycle: Bodyconscious Epistane 100 caps at 15mg each: 30/30/30/30/45/45 OCS: IronLabs Cycle Support 120 caps. I take these along with my Epi - And will continue to take the last few caps during PCT to finish the bottle. Milk Thistle - Only a small dose as Epi is mild and I already have liver support in my cycle support. PCT 4@4Weeks: IronLabs Post cycle Therapy 80 caps: Will start with 4/3/2/2 - Start high to boost test and taper off. Nolvadex 10mg/day - Epi is mild and I am not going for a really high dose, I also have not used Nolva before. I always take a strong joint stack, so will up my dosages of Omega 3 during the cycle. I also take creatine every day, and pre workout on my higher volume days. Workout plan: My plan is quite a traditional 5 week cycle working out 3 days a week doing a full body routine involving 3/4 compound lifts and several accessory lifts. The accessory work varies each 5 week cycle depending on what I need to work. I train in the 8-12 rep range, adding a rep each week in the cycle, then at the end of the cycle upping the weight and deloading back to 8 reps to start the 8/9/10/11/12 rep 5 week cycle again. One of the main reasons for this over 5/6 day routine and splits is purely time, I work 45+ hours a week, have 18 hours part time university work each week and a family to spend time with. So although I consider lifting a passion of mine, other things in life have to take higher priority for my time. I also run 3 times a week during my lunch breaks at work. This involves a fartlek training day, hill sprints and flat sprint reps. Nutrition: I am eating at around a 500 surplus on non lifting days and 800 surplus on lifting days. about 1.5-2g protein/lb of bodyweight. 0.5-0.75g fat/lb of bodyweight (higher amount on rest days) and the rest is carbs, more on training days.