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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, So I am coming to the end of my first cycle; when I do I will put up a full review. I have been running bodyconscious Epi at 30/30/30/30/45/45 and am in the last few days now. However I have had 0 shut down, everything works fine and in fact my yogurt cannon has become a bit more powerful. Could the compound be weak? Should I have ran at 60 for some time? Or have I just been lucky with sides. I have not had any bloodwork done, but no issues with lethargy, libido or any low natural test related sides. I don't believe it was a particularly weak compound due to my results, which I will post in my write up when I finish. Also should I change up my PCT if I have had no shutdown? Do I need the nolva just to prevent rebound gyno? Thanks in advance, you guys are my go to for information now.
  2. I have decide to take the leap and dip my toes in to the not so natty waters. Here I'll be logging my journey every so often. I have already been on cycle for 1.5 weeks. I would not normally put pictures, but attached are a before (relaxed post workout), and a few days ago (side flexed post workout). My Cycle: Bodyconscious Epistane 100 caps at 15mg each: 30/30/30/30/45/45 OCS: IronLabs Cycle Support 120 caps. I take these along with my Epi - And will continue to take the last few caps during PCT to finish the bottle. Milk Thistle - Only a small dose as Epi is mild and I already have liver support in my cycle support. PCT 4@4Weeks: IronLabs Post cycle Therapy 80 caps: Will start with 4/3/2/2 - Start high to boost test and taper off. Nolvadex 10mg/day - Epi is mild and I am not going for a really high dose, I also have not used Nolva before. I always take a strong joint stack, so will up my dosages of Omega 3 during the cycle. I also take creatine every day, and pre workout on my higher volume days. Workout plan: My plan is quite a traditional 5 week cycle working out 3 days a week doing a full body routine involving 3/4 compound lifts and several accessory lifts. The accessory work varies each 5 week cycle depending on what I need to work. I train in the 8-12 rep range, adding a rep each week in the cycle, then at the end of the cycle upping the weight and deloading back to 8 reps to start the 8/9/10/11/12 rep 5 week cycle again. One of the main reasons for this over 5/6 day routine and splits is purely time, I work 45+ hours a week, have 18 hours part time university work each week and a family to spend time with. So although I consider lifting a passion of mine, other things in life have to take higher priority for my time. I also run 3 times a week during my lunch breaks at work. This involves a fartlek training day, hill sprints and flat sprint reps. Nutrition: I am eating at around a 500 surplus on non lifting days and 800 surplus on lifting days. about 1.5-2g protein/lb of bodyweight. 0.5-0.75g fat/lb of bodyweight (higher amount on rest days) and the rest is carbs, more on training days.
  3. Hello Lads and Gals, This is my first prohormone cycle + 2nd cycle in total (first was on SARMS). I am going to keep a log here, updating with products that I add during the cycle and also will be posting new pics every 2 weeks in order to show the progress / changes. First of All let me make clear that It's going to be FULL of Olympus UK / Olympus Labs products. Fanboying much, yes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, to get to the point of this log.. The products that will be used as main components are those: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Having said that, I will write down and will be updating this post if/when i add supplements during my cycle. ProHormone List on details: Olympus Labs TR3N - Dosages: 60/90/90/90/120/120 BPS Dermacrine - Dosages: 3~4 pumps Olympus Labs Ep15tane - Dosages: 30/30/45/45/45/45 On Cycle Support & Supplements: Olympus Labs Ar1macare Pro Pura D’or Argan Oil Premium Organic Shampoo (Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo) Omega-3 FishOil (SCITEC) Mega Daily One Plus Multivitamins (SCITEC) Joint X by (SCITEC) Hawthorn Berry 550mg (Pure) BCAA 4:1:1 (OKYGEN) (Will also add some amino probably from SCITEC from the upcoming week.. and maybe some creatine too. Will edit when i actually make up my mind.. ;p) Using 3 different Protein supplements during the day.. 1) Beef (Morning), 2) Hydro (After Workout), 3) Casein (Before bed) 100% BEEF CONCENTRATE (SCITEC) 100% Whey Hydro Isolate (XCORE) MICELLAR CASEIN (MYPROTEIN) PCT: Olympus Labs Sup3r PCT (as on label) Clomid ( 50/ 50/ 50/ 25/ 25/ 25 ) or (50/ 50/ 25/ 25) [ ? ] (What do you think? 4 or 6 weeks?) Nolvadex [ ? ] (Should i add them together? If yes, what should be the dosages?) Olympus Labs EP1C Unleashed - Dosages: as suggested on bottle.
  4. I thought i would share my experience with pro-hormones because I'm not wanting anyone else young making the same mistake! I was a stupid 19 year old boy i had be going to the gym lifting for around 2 years at this point, only thing i had been taking was protein powders and pre-workouts and should have just stuck to them my stats where 73kg around 11% bodyfat 6ft tall (i had muscles but nothing impressive) skinny anyway i was at my local supplement store and was getting impatient with the gains i was making and asked the boy in the supplement shop what i could get to help me put on some weight He had a line of Extreme labs Pro-hormones, EPI, Superdrol, XL rebelion and M1T he told me that i could take any of them and i would make gains so he sold me XL-Rebellion and a Extremelabs OCS(on cycle support)he told me to take a PCT but to come back for that when i was done because he didnt have any in stock so i got home and was extremely excited to try it so i took 2 of the tablets and took 1 of the OCS tablets, went to the gym and felt amazing it will have all been in my head because obviously i wouldn't work that quick. i continued to take it for the 4 weeks along with the OCS Anyway about a week in i broke out in spots all over my back, and developed a rash on my face. So far these were the only side effects and i thought it was a small price to pay because i had already gained 2 kg from starting Into week 2 i noticed it was a bit harder to get an erection ignored this and continued on with the cycle (my balls had shrunk quite a bit) into week 3 i had completely lost my sex drive the want wasn't their at my age this was not fun at all my girlfriend at the time was thinking there was something wrong with her (my balls by this point where tiny) into week 4 still no sex drive, it wasn't fun so i had went and got a little blue pill. sex was great and everything was ok for a few hours (not really wanting too have to buy this every time the stuff is not cheap end of the cycle i was really happy with the gains i had made i was a little under 80kg looking big for the first time in my life i went to the shop and he never had the PCT in apparently he had sold out, so i went online and ordered some extreme labs PCT started taking it about 1 week after the cycle, at the end of the 4 week PCT still nothing infact if anything it was 10x worse couldn't hold a full erection, by this point i had broken up with my girlfriend felt really down, plus my training was terrible didn't feel up to the gym and anything i did do just didn't feel like it was working anything about 3 and a half months of feeling down and not been able to get an erection, this is not fun in the slightest believe me!! Finally i started to get my sexual functions back after weighing out the pros and cons it was not worth it. Training has also sucked for a good while after that. After this i was really interested in how Pro-hormones and steroids work and done what i should have done in the first place and read and read. Now from what i gathered at this point XL-rebellion is a very strong Designer steroid and the only reason it is not classified as a steroid is it too make it legal to purchase the other reason it isn't classified as a steroid is because it is a one step conversion in the body so you swallow this tablet and it is then absorbed by the liver and the compound whether it be superdrol or max LMG is then converted to testosterone. This then shuts down your own natural test production other wise known as being Shutdown And unfortunately thats what happened to me. Most steroid cycles have a base of some kind of synthetic testosterone(test-e, testcyp ect) which keeps everything sexual working throughout the cycle which prohormones don't Looking into the PCT side of thing the PCT Extreme labs supply is no where near enough to kickstart you own testosterone production. All it is is a natural testosterone booster. If you where on a steroid cycle you would use HCG, Novladex and Clomid which when used correctly will help kickstart your natural production. all prescription drugs Now correct me if i'm wrong about any of this. But if you are young and thinking for starting one of these pro-hormones please think carefully about it and read up on it for about a year and weigh up the pros and cons. TBH know im not promoting steroids but if you are deciding to go down this road. Then the safer option is probably the real deal rather than these Pro-hormones I was lucky and recovered fully from my cycle but some of you might not be so lucky! This is only my second post (i apologize for the punctuation and grammar not my strong point) I am just sharing my opinion and experience hopefully this is ok thanks