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Found 4 results

  1. First post guys, current stats are 5ft7". 73kg and probably 12-13% bodyfat. Few low dose cycles behind me. Last one being 1ml of a rip blend (240mg a week) with 600mg eq per week. Plans are my first mens physique show on 14th May. I would like to add a little lean size for the next 6 weeks then cut hard for the last 12. Current training split is a push/pull & legs split 4 days a week. With 2 days steady state cardio & core Current macros are 380c/180p/60f Protein will remain a constant, carbs and fats will be slowly lowered as the weeks move on. Proposed cycle Weeks 1-14 sust @ 500mg a week, tren e @ 400mg,tbol 40mg a day (wk 1-6), 1 eca tab ed (wk 10-14), Weeks 15 -18 prop @ 50mg eod, ace @ 100mg eod, 50mg winny Would appreciate any feedback on training, nutrition or cycle. Cheers guys
  2. Hi Guys, looking for your input purely out of interest on the following. Can be exact or approx. Year to date or last 52 weeks: Time/Months Spent on (blast or cruise?): in pct: off cycle resting: over two years how long you spent blasting / pct / off?
  3. Anyone tried their hand at this? It's a frequent meal that I prepare when I'm trying to make gains or trying to cut fat & I only use a few ingredients. - 1 chicken breast (diced) - tub of honey - chilli powder (mild or hot depending on preference) - mixed chilli's - cashew nuts - coconut oil 1. Dice the chicken and let it cook away on a bed of coconut oil. 2. Once slightly brown on each side, drizzle the honey over the chicken and make sure it's coated. 3. Add in the chilli powder (it sticks to the honey like glue) and again, coat the chicken. Feel free to add the chilli's and cashew nuts at this point too. 4. Let it all cook for another few minutes and then it should be good to go. Anyone got any other variations or want to let me know their thoughts on above? I usually have it with brown rice or sometimes boiled.
  4. Trying to put my cycle together for summer cut ( 12 weeks) , wanting to do another comp this summer ( end of August) im 97kg atm with 10-12 % bf, ( 10% when got measured using fat clippers but I always add extra 2 as it's not 100% accurate) crusing on low test atm after my winter bulk. long story short, its ongoing battle at the minute, literary on my mind 24/7 last few weeks and can't make my mind up. anyway : Tren e 500 mg pw, week 1-12 ( alpha mast e 500 mg per week 1-12 ( geneza mast p 400 mg week 8-12 ( not decided, prob will be alpha anavar 70mg ed week 2-10 ( alpha) t3 25-50 mcg week 4-10 clen cycle 2 weeks on off week 6-12 test, well that's where it gets tricky, cyp 1-8, dose :s well fook knows, doing my head in atm, was thinking going 250, then thought I'll do 500, then 1g, now I'm back to 250 ? Prop week 8-11 50 mg eod, last week comp week drop prop all together ai aromasin, again depends on test 250 will be 12.5 eod, 500 will be 25 eod, 1g 25ed caber 0.5 twice a week, but if i do run test low and keep my e low then I don't think caber will be needed ? So the question is, high test or low or same ? What are the benefits of high tren low test? Read that they compete for same receptors ? Is that true ? Have any one tried both way high and low test ? And what are they like compare ? Only reason Im thinking to run test low is to minimise water and estrogen effects and get most out of tren ? Read too many people raving on about high tren low test is amazing, etc. any way any input or advise, experience will be very much appreciated thanks btw I've read many, many, many posts about high tren low test over last few weeks but still can't make my mind up.