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Found 6 results

  1. Got couple tubs of xenadrine pwo, 30 servings, exp 30/09/2018, however it has some lumps due to lack of moisture absorbent bags inside ( there's only one) hence the price. Mixes well with water 29.99$ RRP Selling for £10/tub p.s. Got few oxy elite tubs £20 old version (like j3d) and aminos £10 (RRP 15)
  2. Quick fire - Best pre workout you have used with no Proprietary Blends? Need a new one, been using C4 Cellucor for ages now.
  3. ^^, preferably with atleast 3g of beta alanine, 6g of citrulline malate and a dosage of caffeine
  4. I Made my own pre Workout Out of bulk powder, since its much cheaper. And i can regulate it to make it fit perfectly for my Body and i can be Sure to get the actual thing, compared to those blends in Stores. Pre Workout: 1g creatine 2g Beta alanine 1.5g arginine 1.5g Taurine 0.5g DL phenylalanine 0.5g greentea extract (10%caffeine) 0.5g Vitamin c 2g bcaa - 1 scoop 5ml Caffeine 200mgs. What do you Guys think about it? Anything else you would add or increase/decrease any ingredient? I got 1.3DMAA powder and pure Ephedrine Pills but i dont really want to add it since im sensitive with blood pressure, Mine is a Little elevated. (No hypert.)
  5. Hi, I'm new here so please be gentle. Can I have some recommendations for a pre workout that doesn't involve too much caffeine, doesn't give you a massive crash & doesn't give the jitters. I prefer tablets, but appreciate powder is more common. Thanks in advance.
  6. Can you guys tell me what the best preworkouts that are available in UK. Most effective and value for money. I am not too bothered about taste