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Found 10 results

  1. OK decided to delete last log and start over. Slight change in plans for this year. I was only going to do GPC powerlifting originally but I have now entered Scotland Strongest Man u90kg as well. GPC Scottish is on Sun 23rd April, SSM u90s is the following Sat 29th. Plan for the GPC is to hit a 600kg total at <90kg to qualify for the Brits later in the year. Will be satisfied as long as I don't come last at SSM. 16 weeks to get ready so got my work cut out
  2. To give a bit of a history of me. GPC European champion 2015 Open 125s. British record holder in the deadlift. Former squat British record holder. I've been diagnosed with sleep Apnea which has caused some issues with sleep deprivation which came to a head lately and I was blue lighted due to an anxiety attack where my throat closed up. Since diagnosis I've been able to deal mentally with the situation and will be moving forward from this point. Until I get my CPAP machine for sleeping I'm basically operating on little sleep and an oxygen deficit. It's fine now I am aware of this as I can plan around it to get sorted out. Due to some stresses my appetite was hit and I lost a couple of stone..but in fairness it's there to lose. Never been hugely fat but definate carried some. So my rebuild plan is simple. Drop more fat and focus on bodybuilding movements to target some weak areas and to allow some injuries to heal. After this point I will build my lifts back up again (clean) and once the oxygen issue is sorted get myself as fit as possible. I was up at around 135kg but with a decent amount of fat. This time I'm aiming for filling out the 125kg class with a much leaner and fitter physique and then go from there. I keep a video log as by day I'm a strength and conditiong coach with multiple World, European and British champions under my belt. Now it's time to turn the knowledge to me. Below is a link to my channel..please do subscribe as there will be educational content on there as well as my rants and training tips for power. I'll post below the first few vids of my new training style so you can if you can be arsed follow the training cycle.
  3. Evening Folks Sooooo.... I have my first competition this coming Sunday. I'm as excited as I am nervous. Anybody got any good tips / fun stories etc about their first competition etc? Would be awesome and helpful to hear back some things
  4. Aspiring powerlifter here. Question to people who compete or have done in the past. Is this squat low enough for comp standard? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can 1rm 130kg @64kg bw but been focusing on trying to get low enough and improve my technique. Thanks in advance Unfortunetly I cant upload a video because size, but I tried to screenshot at the bottom of the squat.
  5. Right, so a few of you may know (I'm looking mainly at you @Bataz and @swole troll lol) I tend to jump on here a lot for programming advise. I'm currently training for a meet, so my training for the next 5 weeks is sweet. But looking at numbers I was hitting this time last year and I've made more or less f**k all progress. In a year I've added 5kg to my bench, 15kg to my squat and 10kg to my deadlift... which for 3 years or training (give or take) is fu**ing weak. I've jumped on wendler and the juggernought which just didn't really add much, I tried working up to 2/3/5 rep maxes but felt myself being over worked a lot. I found myself not adding a lot after a few month or so, and ending up scrapping it. It may be down to my diet or something but I'm sick of seeing people progress and seeing myself adding close to f**k all. Can anybody recommend some good programs that works in the 80%-90% range so I can actually get good at adding weight and not being a piss weak powerlifter wannabe?
  6. So I have been reading some articles about doses, and what is the optimal dose range for TEST E and TREN E. Typically for the past 3 years Id run 1 cycle per year, 500mg TEST E & 250 TREN E along with AI and PCT currently off cycle and a Stable 5'9" 200lbs and not sure what the BF% as but you can see.... ... if you can tell me what the BF% i'd be grateful because I don't track that.....Currently have a order on the way for the same deal but, My question is this Has anyone gone from a larger dose back down to a smaller dose ? Im looking to try 300mg TEST E & 200 TREN E with Pramipexole, GW-501616, Arimidex on stand by. Just looking to see if anyone has done this dose protocol with previous cycles, and YES i have checked my blood / lipid levels and this dose is still above normal for me......just looking for some feed back thank you. 500 SQUAT 605 PULL 405 BENCH Heres the link to a detailed blog I wrote my last cycle and the effects it had on me. Current aesthetics. Thank you in advance......
  7. I will try to not overcomplicate things as I have a tendency to do and just keep training and postings as simple as possible. Training for powerlifting and strongman with a current emphasis on hypertrophy. Increasing volume at the moment and calories consumed to help with weight gain. Best lifts in competition in 60kg class: 157.5kg squat - all time 60kg UK raw squat record of any federation. 92.5kg bench 212.5kg deadlift. - Unofficial GPC World record. 462.5kg total. - Unofficial GPC World record. I have done two strongman competition's and came last or almost in last position. I appreciated I had a massive bodyweight disadvantage but did it for fun and experience. I was glad to complete most of the events though and becoming last is great as it provides motivation to improve. When I get upwards of 70kg then I will see about competing in strongman again and will powerlift in the meantime. I stopped caring about relative strength and just going for absolute strength. Currently approximately 62kg, 5'4" height. Including the last week's training below for a reference point. Thursday 21st July 2016 Morning training Paused Back Squats: 40kg x5. 60kg x5. 70kg x3. 80kg x3. 90kg x3. 100kg x3. 105kg x2. 110kg x2. 115kg x2. 117.5kg x1. 120kg x1. 122.5kg x1. 125kg x1. x1. 117.5kg x2. Walk out and hold: 140kg x1. 150kg x1. 155kg x1. 160kg x1. 165kg x1. Seated Good Mornings: 20kg x6. 25kg x6. 30kg x6. 32.5kg x6. Personal best 35kg x6. Personal best 37.5kg x6. Personal best Standing EZ bar triceps extensions: (bar weight excluded) Bar x10. 5kg x8 7.5kg x8. x8. 10kg x8. 12.5kg x5. 5. x5. Saturday 23rd July 2016 Evening training 50mm Axle Strict Press: 20kg x8. x8. 30kg x3. 37.5kg x3. 45kg x3. 50kg x3. 52.5kg x2. 55kg x1. 57.5kg x2. Personal best x2. x2. 42.5kg x8. x8. Tuesday 26th July 2016 Midday training Paused Back Squats: 40kg x5. 50kg x5. 60kg x5. 70kg x5. 80kg x3. 90kg x3. 100kg x3. 105kg x3. 110kg x2. 115kg x2. 120kg x2. 122.5kg x1. 125kg x1. 127.5kg x1. Personal best x1. 120kg x2. Walk out and hold: 142.5kg x1. 152.5kg x1. 160kg x1. 165kg x1. 167.5kg x1. 170kg x1. x1. Seated Good Mornings: 20kg x5. 25kg x5. 30kg x5. 35kg x3. 37.5kg x3. 40kg x3. Personal best x3. x3. x3. Decline Sit-Ups: Bodyweight x6. 4kg x5. 6kg x5. 8kg x5. 10kg x5. 14kg x3. 16kg x3. 18kg x3. 20kg x3. Evening training 50mm Axle Strict Press: 20kg x8. 30kg x5. 40kg x3. 45kg x3. 50kg x3. 52.5kg x1. 55kg x2. 57.5kg x3. Personal best x4 Personal best Thursday 28th July 2016 Midday training Standing EZ bar triceps extensions: (bar weight excluded) Bar x8. 5kg x8. x8. 7.5kg x8. x8. 10kg x8. x8. 12.5kg x8. 8. Incline Dumbbell Press: (height marker 6) 8kg x10. 12kg x8. 16kg x8. 20kg x8. 24kg x8. 26kg x8. 28kg x8. Cable Rope Pushdowns: 15kg x8. 20kg x8. 20kg & 5lbs x8. 25kg x8. x8. Cable Rope Upright Rows: 20kg x8. 25kg x8. 30kg x8. 30kg & 5lbs x8. 35kg x8. Cable V-bar Pushdowns: 25kg x8. 30kg x8. 35kg x8.
  8. Alright folks, so I'm doing a basterdization of 5/3/1 and its looking like this... Day 1 - Squat (5/3/1 Protocol) // Legs + Core Day 2 - Bench 2 (Secondary Protocol) // Chest, Shoulders, Triceps Day 3 - Deadlift (5/3/1 Protocol) // Back & Biceps Day 4 - Rest Day Day 5 - Squat (Secondary Protocol) // Legs + Core Day 6 - Bench (5/3/1 Protocol) Total upper body Day 7 - Rest Day Only thing is I'm unsure what sort of protocol I should be doing with my secondary bench and squat day. I was thinking maybe just a 5x5 w/ 75%? But it would be great to get an idea from people who have more of a clue than me... Cheers in advance!
  9. So currently been training light on a cruise dose for the past month, using a combination of Modgrf 1-129 & Ipamorelin to help heal my ligaments and tendons from the abuse of pushing myself too hard. Going to be getting back into heavy training in a month or two hopefully. I was planning on following Wendlers with BB accessory's, but after doing a lot of research I am starting to think that this might not be the optimal approach for me, pushing myself with % based programming is what has got me to the point of damaging myself to begin with. In hindsight considering my prioritised goal is strength I am starting to think there is a better approach and have been reading heavily into the idea of autoregulation and working up to a training max weekly. The idea would be to insure I am never training to failure in the Squat, Bench and Deadlift, working up to a single training max once per week for each lift, without variation, increasing weight when I feel comfortable and focussing mainly on bar speed/power production. This would be followed by one or two accessory movements to address sticking points depending on what I need addressing. The idea is to focus on specificity. Would be training Squat/Bench/Deads on Mon/Wed/Fri respectively with a 4th session on Saturday simply for light BB work, mainly for aesthetic purposes and some overhead work, working off an RPE model to help minimise fatigue. De-loads will be taken as and when I feel I need them, monthly to start, but will figure this out along the way, working around 60% and focusing on speed work. The take away point is that % based programming is off the tables as of now and for me this seems like a very viable training option. Any input from people who have taken this approach or have good enough training knowledge to criticize how I have laid this out would be greatly appreciated. I know @Bataz trains like this but may take a different approach. @swole troll @Mingster your input would be of great benefit also. Cheers guys!!!