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Found 4 results

  1. I've just got hold of some ISIS Pharmaceutical Anavar 50mg tablets (see pics). After a bit of research on the internet, I've discovered they're totally fake. An image search on Google produced 2-3 images of the same tub with the exact same serial number and dates. I've read that a lot, if not most of the anavar being sold at the moment is fake, with a lot of it being winstrol (stanozolol) being passed off as anavar. I'm not convinced that what I have even contains Winstrol as the level of fakery on the packaging is dire.. Can anyone tell me what these tablets are likely to contain? Can I expect any results at all? Risks/side affects with taking these tablets? and does anyone have any experience with taking them? They're the blue tablets with the ISIS Pharmaceuticals logo on one side and a split on the other. Thanks in advance for the info!!
  2. Hello guys i got an old testo depot from meditech mfg date 12/2014 did meditech used back then 1 line code authenticity ?
  3. Finally I had some time today to test some propionate using Labmax vials. During my prior cycles I felt the ampoules I have from T.P Drug Labs - propionate (Testolic) and Cypionate (Cypiomax 200) - were bunk. Today I had the confirmation. See images attached. The Labmax kit consists in two ampules A and B. Why two because some steroids might produce the same color in vial B but different in vial A. This way you can distinguish which one you have. The B ampule has to to be checked under 365 nm light let's say to keep it simple...for further accuracy. On the left it's the results from Testolic while on the right it's the Testovis. The correct colours for test propionate should be yellow/orange for both ampoules under normal light and the vial B should turn to fluorescent blue for real test prop under 365nm uv light. In essence the Testovis was pretty much spot on. The Testolic is a very dark brown and the vial B turned to purple under uv light. Feel a bit pissed off as I have to throw away quite a few boxes and also more importantly bc God knows what I was injecting myself. I'm going to leave a bad review on eroids on my source. I will not go back there ever again though so won't even bother looking for a refund with other likely shirty stuff. Hopefully this post can help others...
  4. Need some advice, Really want to get my first cycle going and just bought some aburaihan Test E online. I'm a 2 weeks and 4 pins in and feel no different, did some more research and found there's a load of fakes out there. Here's some pics of the stuff i was sent, are these fake? or does enanthate take a few weeks to kick in coz it's a longer ester? I know you're probably thinking 'what a prat' and believe me I feel like one but i'm new to this and just want some advise form people in the know coz nobody i know is on the gear...any advice would be appreciated. Cheers