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Found 13 results

  1. Yooo how is everyone? Started my 10week test e cycle a couple weeks back, and it may just be psychological but I'm seeing some gains VERY early in the cycle. I'm 2 weeks in, and all my muscles look fuller, my stretch marks have started to get far worse and I already feel like a beast! I imagine I can put this down to water retention and psychological impact but what are your thoughts? Maybe my body is responding really well, it's my first cycle and I'm pinning 500mgs/week every Wednesday, if this is how I'm feeling now I can't imagine what I'm gonna feel like at the end of my cycle haha! Stats wise I'm 87kg, eating 250g protein per day and training hard for 2 hours 5-6 times a week. Any of you guys ever experienced this/know anyone that has?
  2. How do you rate Alpha Pharma Test E (Testobolin) 250mg/ml which comes in amps? Is this good to go? Cheers
  3. I am planning to do 15 weeks of test E at 500 mg per week. My idea is to inject test E once a week and use test prop all the way at 50 mg 3 times the same week. So should be 650 mg test total per week. Is it ok?
  4. Hey guys. As the title suggests, can I run test e EOD? I currently pin every third day along with NPP. However, I think the NPP at that frequency is giving me acne. Therefore was debating switching NPP and test e to EOD. I know I could swap to test prop, but I have a load of test e and I was thinking I could get in more mg of test a week if using a 300mg/ml ester rather than 100mg/ml. Could that work? Cheers.
  5. Need some advice, Really want to get my first cycle going and just bought some aburaihan Test E online. I'm a 2 weeks and 4 pins in and feel no different, did some more research and found there's a load of fakes out there. Here's some pics of the stuff i was sent, are these fake? or does enanthate take a few weeks to kick in coz it's a longer ester? I know you're probably thinking 'what a prat' and believe me I feel like one but i'm new to this and just want some advise form people in the know coz nobody i know is on the gear...any advice would be appreciated. Cheers
  6. Any one used ? Any feedback ? I can get them same price as testoviron 250 just wondering if they decent ?
  7. Anyone tried this? - I read some mixed reviews on the SIGMA lab, looking to run my first test cycle and want to use something reliable. Any feedback much appreciated.
  8. Hi guys. I'm starting a new cycle in a week or so. Test and deca. I only want to pin twice a week, so looking at Sustanon or enanthate/cypionate. I've had a rummage around some of the site's old posts on the topic, but they've not really addressed what I'm after. From what I've gathered Sust is designed for a smoother, more stable release of test, therefore will have a little less peaking/subsiding than enanthate/cypionate. However, while I've read the feeling between the two of them is hardly noticeable, does enanthate/cypionate give more bang for its buck? Also, is there any kickstart benefit with sust due to its prop/phenyl prop? Cheers.
  9. Anybody heard of this lab or tried these before? Are they good to go?
  10. Hi guys, I've recently got my hands on some Test E from my usual source. I have a few niggles about the gear though. Ive just done my first shot last night and one thing I did notice is that the test e had no smell. Test shouldn't be odourless should it?? Also it felt more watery than oil. Im a bit worried it's fake. Worst part is with long ester it will take a while for me to find out for sure. I would rather cut my losses early lol. Oh by the way the test is Testosteron Depot 250mg Eifelfango 250mg. My source says its German pharma and meant to be good. I dont know though.. Any advice would be most appreciated.
  11. Has anyone ever tried these? I'm currently doing 500mg / week (2ml) in my 6th week now and i've gained 1kg overall so far, not much change to strength either, beginning to think they're fakes. This is my 6th course and my last course was around 4 years ago
  12. Sup lads, id like to get ur opinion on injection frequency for tren e and mast e. Currently im cruising on test e and i inject every sunday only. When i blast i do sunday/wednesday. As the half life of the enanthate ester is just 5 days. My question is, is it ok to pin tren e and mast e e7d? Or will the levels fluctuate too much and cause more sides? I dont think it makes much difference for Mast E but it probably will for Tren E... I want to run 200mgs tren and 400-600 mast. Alongside with 250 test e.
  13. Hi Guys Whats your fav cycle for cutting!? Test / Mast / Tren ? what doses did you enjoy most?! Just for crack