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Found 63 results

  1. Started my first ever cycle yesterday. I'm doing 30 day Nanodrol cycle. Label says 2,17a-methyl-5a-androsta-1-en-17b-ol-3-one (not sure what that means). I'm 31, Irish. 6'1. Currently weight 80kg. I'll measure my arms etc next chance I get. I'll take 0.5ml in morning and 0.5ml in the evening as instructed on the label. In the morning before training with food and evening before food also. The next part I'm mentioning as I had to research how to take it, so for some may sound obvious but for me I didn't now if you were to mix it with water or something, but I read it's best to just put the small tube thing to the back of the tongue and release the 0.5ml and follow down with a drink. So yesterday (26.05.17) I trained bi-cep and chest. At this stage I had only taken 1 dose so obviously no big change in my strength or energy etc. Today I trained legs (3 doses taken at this stage). I didn't go in feeling particularly fired up or anything by I ended up hitting my targets and had good energy. Again, prob too early to see if that's Nanodrol kicking in or just a good day. ...I'll come back with updates as much as possible. I'd like to keep this as kind of diary of the progress. OH......and any ADVICE re PCT (post cycle therapy) would be great as I should order something now to have it on time. I've read bits about Nolvadex and test boosters but still cloudy on the subject.
  2. Hi there, I've been planning on taking my first ever steroid cycle. I've been working out for few years now and I'm currently on the cut.... I have done my research about winstrol but obviously not good enough since this still gets me: I see people saying there is no need to stack winstrol with TEST if winny is taken ORALLY? Could anyone please either back this up or demolish it? Wouldn't Winstrol Oral Only Cycle still ruin my libido levels? Thanks
  3. Hi i've just finished my first Test E cycle as outlined by the very detailed article below Im planning my next cycle to be Test E and Deca, Can anyone outline what the optimal cycle would look like? Thanks
  4. Hello all, I have decided at the beginning of June I am going to be doing my first cycle. I'm 27 years old, have been training solid for about 5 years. 6'1 and 185lbs, I'm pretty lean at around 11-12% BF (last tested with callipers about a month ago). I'm literally looking for lean gains, nothing drastic, I have friends who have been on 500mg EW + DBOL etc and have just ballooned up and it's been so obvious. I'd be very happy with 10lbs of lean muscle gain, that would be awesome for me. My diet is spot on and I will adjust as needed, 40% Protein, 40% carbs and 20% fat and around 3000-3500 calories, I log all my meals. I've done a lot of research and I feel the following cycle is best suited for me and would appreciate some feedback, good or bad haha: Week 1: Test-E 300mg Week 2: Test-E 300mg Week 3: Test-E 300mg Week 4: Test-E 300mg Week 5: Test-E 300mg + Var 60mg E/D Week 6: Test-E 300mg + Var 60mg E/D Week 7: Test-E 300mg + Var 60mg E/D Week 8: Test-E 300mg + Var 60mg E/D Week 9: Test-E 300mg + Var 60mg E/D Week 10: Test-E 300mg + Var 60mg E/D Week 11: N/a Week 12: N/a Week 13: N/a Week 15/16/17 (PCT): Nolva 40/20/20 & Clomid 100/50/50 I may not necessarily even add the Var in yet. I am only doing 10 weeks rather than 12 as I can't find anywhere that does 12 1ml packs. I will be pinning once per week. Like I said, I am not interest in packing on loads of mass and 'making the most of my first cycle' 'This is too low of a dose' etc. I am not interested in competing and being huge, my aim is to be sub 10% body fat with some nice gain in lean muscle. I play a lot of sports so this will be ideal for me 14 stone and low BF is my target. Plus 300mg is still 4/5 x the natural amount of test produced by the body so I'd like to think you would still see some nice gains. Where I also need help is with the use of an AI, I have been thinking of Arimidex 0.25mg EOD. Will it be best to take this even though the dose of Test is fairly low? I have looked everywhere about PCT and after the last jab of test-e I have read to have nothing and let it leave your system for either 2 or 3 weeks. This will work well for me if I leave it for 3 weeks as I can start this as soon as I am back from holiday. If 2 weeks if better I will just start my cycle a week later in June. I would appreciate some feedback on the doses of the PCT as this is where I read the most conflicting information online. Thanks for reading, hopefully Iv'e shown I've done my research and would appreciate the help.
  5. Hey guys, new on this forum so go easy. I'm planning on a new cycle of test e and tren ace, I've been studying tren for a while now and the general consensus seems to be run tren high and test low just to make sure the old sailor can stand up. 24 years old, 90kg roughly 13% bf. previous cycles of dianabol, test e, sust 250 and deca however this is my first time with tren. I am usually good with side effects, but what should I look out for? Cycle Tren a- 75mg eod (225mg/wk1, 300mg/wk2) repeat. Test e- (75mg tue-Friday) Critique on this please
  6. Entering my first cycle soon(after some planning and research), I have most of my cycle planned out and would like some opinions on it. Firstly the cycle week 1-4: d-bol 20mg Week 1-11: deca 300mg week 1-12: test e 300mg week 1-12: aromadex(based on what I feel I need) week 13-16: clomid (50,50,25,25) : nolvadex (40,40,20,20) I will be following a 2 a day training program that looks kinda like this: day 1: morning: chest,triceps,abs afternoon: legs,calves day 2: morning: back,biceps,calves afternoon: shoulders,abs day 3: off day 4: morning: legs, calves afternoon: chest, triceps, abs day 5: Monring: shoulders, abs afternoon: back, biceps, calves day 6: off day 7: off Diet will be on point as a have a dietitian in my family I know that I can increase the test e as most cycles I have seen the test e usage is more than the deca anyway. Could I increase my test e intake later during the cycle if I feel it is needed to counteract the deca? When working out twice a day would it be better to take dbol 10mg twice a day? or should I just smash 20mg in the morning? This is my first cycle so some criticism is to be expected. Your opinions?
  7. Hi guys Do u do a deloading week? How often and how do u do it? Thanks (Am not natural btw, so I am wondering if that could be helpful when on cycle)
  8. Hey guys, im new in this forum, i will introduce myself, im 21 years old, been lifting weights since i was 16-17 years old, i have done one winstrol only cycle for a contest when i was 18, then when i was 20, i made a mistake and done another cycle but with Test and Deca for 8 weeks. I train 4-5 days a week, eating every 3 hours. Age: 21 years Height: 175 cm Weight: 85 kg BF: 15% Im looking for a recomp cycle, where i can drop some bf and gain some muscle or at least maintain what i have, i have been thinking in using Tren but i think that Tren at my age is too much, i dont know what do you think. Tren and Test P for 6 weeks? My other idea was using Sustanon and Equipoise for 10-12 weeks with winstrol the last weeks, eating and training for my objective that i know that isnt easy to accomplish. Cheers
  9. Ok. So let me run this down. I'm 25yo male. 5'8. 153 pounds. I want a decent bulking cycle. Nothing crazy but looking up to 10-15 pounds of muscle and strength. What do you guys think? Week 1-10: 500mg Test Enan or Cyp/ .5mg of arimadex every other day for gyno check (I am susceptible to gyno) Week 11-12: HCG amount? To help boost natural Test creation. Week 13-15: 50mg clomid every day sees good? Or needs some work?
  10. Hi everyone. I am currently torn between two cycle options with Sustanon. I have Pharm Grade Sustanon, 24 ampoules at 1 ml each (250mg/ml) I am deciding between two options: Sustanon for 12 weeks at 500mg per week vs 8 weeks at 750mg per week. Which option will be better if the goal is mass gain? It is my first cycle. Thanks
  11. Hi guys, first post and new to this site, I'm looking to start my first jabbing cycle, I have Tmt with 100mg tren 100mg masteron and 225mg test e per ml i also have more test e at 275 per ml + airmadex my intentions are to run it at 1ml of each per week stopping Tmt one week before test, then pcting on clomid. I'm 22 105kg 6ft my question is, is this enough? Should I add/ take away anything? thanks
  12. Hi everyone! I am now doing my 1st week of a test Propionate cycle, with currently planned weekly dosage of 550 mg. The aim of the cycle is to gain as much lean muscle mass/mass/weight as possible. I hav enough Prop for 12 weeks if I run it at 550mg. However, I am really worried about making the gains so am thinking of reducing the cycle length to 7-8 weeks while increasing the dosage of prop to 650-750 per week. Do you think it is better to have a higher dosage shorter cycle vs lower dosage like I planned originally and do the cycle for 12 weeks? this is my 2nd cycle after a long long break from AAS
  13. I am currently on a Test only cycle and am only at day 4 of my 12 week cycle. I was thinking about the following. Do you generally require more calories and protein to build lean mass/muscle when taking steroids/on cycle vs training naturally? Is the risk of fat gain less on cycle?
  14. Hi everyone! I have started a Test Prop only Bulking Cycle and was originally planning to do 150 mg EOD. If I am correct, this works out as 525 mg per week. Planning to run it 10 weeks. The goal is to gain as much mass as possible. Do you think 150 mg EOD is enough to see good gains? Or should I bump it to 600 mg per week? This is my second cycle after many years off
  15. Hey everyone, Just need some advice on a couple of things. I'm in week 2 of my cruise at 1ml sust every 10 days and .25mg adex every 5 days Was previously on 600mg test / 400mg tren each week for 12 weeks and .25mg adex mon / wed / fri Recently I've found a lump to the right side of one of my nipples. Its not directly underneath the nipple but to the right just outside the nipple. There's no itching or sensitivity but its a little painful to touch or squeeze. Is this potentially gyno or maybe an inflamed lymph node? The other issue which I don't know if it's related is joint pain especially in the knees and shoulders. Shoulder in particular is giving me grief. Could this be related to coming onto a cruise dosage? Any advice would be great.
  16. Hey guys as it says I started my first ever steroid cycle this week... the cycle I'm following is below. I was speaking with a guy today who has been abusing steroids for years and he's told me to throw tren and decca into the cycle aswell. Now I thought ide come here for some advice as this guy seems like a nutcase but he does look like he knows a thing or two about the gear. The only thing that worries me about decca is the 'decca dick' I have a very high maintenance mrs . ? Below I've attached two pictures one of me now and one of what I'm aiming my body towards looking like, I understand hitting the gym and steroids alone won't give me that body. So looking for any advice you can offer towards achieving my goals. Ive also attached the cycle I'm following the only addition to the cycle at the moment is that I'm taking novladex 20mg a day for the first 6 weeks. Would you guys recommend I add or change anything about this cycle I'm only 2 days in so am I on the right track to achieve what I'm looking for? thanks in advance.
  17. I'm considering taking a cycle of clenbuterol to cut down my body fat. I plan on taking a cycle of test and dianabol in the future but in the meantime, would it be a good idea to have a first cycle consisting only of clenbuterol? Would I need any PCT? Any advice would be appreciated
  18. Hi all, I am fairly new to cycling as I have done only one, however I have done extensive research throughout the years. Here is the cycle I have done last year: 12 weeks long week 1-12 400mg Test E (200mg twice a week) week 8-14 Var 50mg ed week 4-13 HCG 250 iu twice a week PCT: Week 14-20 Clomid day 1-2 / 6 ed (2+2+2 after meals) day 3-12 / 2 ed day 13-43 / 1 ed Age: 38 High: 1.93cm / 6’3’’ Weight: 98kg / 216 lbs Diet and training were both in place. Loved the pumps and strength. The Var addition to the end was great as it gave me that hard look and vascularity I was looking for. I have gained 3kg and lost 2kg. I wasn’t expecting massive gains nor massive losses. Overall, I know I haven't gained much but I am fairly happy with it as I have gained insights on how my body reacts to the gear. PCT ended mid-July 2016. I am now researching to put together my next cycle and I have come to a conclusion that short cycles will give me a god ratio between gains and sides. I know there is contradicting information out there, some people are more comfortable with an 8 weeks cycle, some others with 4. However, I like very much the Bill Roberts’ short cycles approach for the reasons mentioned above. I am 39 and I think I should give the right amount of consideration to the gains and even more to the possible sides. My stats now are as follows: Age: 39 High: 1.93cm / 6’3’’ Weight: 99kg / 218 lbs BFP: 10% (measure two days ago) I have done blood works; kidney and liver functions are fine, HDL and LDL are fine too except for HDL ratio, 4.15 which is above the max recommended, 4. I have modified my diet to tackle this issue and hopefully it will be fixed before I am starting. I am also positive about the fact that short cycles, due to the length, have limited impact on lipids. E2 and Testosterone are all within the recommended ranges. I will use this results as a baseline and plan to take another blood test at 11 days into the first two weeks cycle and use that as a reference for the following two weekers. The protocol I am following will be (2on, 2off, 2on, 2off, 2on, 4off). See attached image. I have added HCG to be on the safe side, as the cycle alternation might have a negative impact on the HPTA by the end of it. I have also added Aromasine for two reasons. First, because I will be using drugs which aromatise highly, being Test P and Dbol, so water retention will surely be an issue. I am also aiming to avoid the rebounce effect. Not so much bothered about gyno as I had to have my glands removed when I was a teenager. I think the dose will be sufficient to keep the E2 at the right levels but I will be able to see more based on future sides if any and blood test once I am on. For the PCT, I have opted for Clomid over Nolva as I have some left form the previous cycle and didn’t give me any side last time I used it. I am planning to repeat this cycle by three times with the option to add VAR to the seocnd and third 2 weekers. I would very much appreciate any feedback from the community in regards to the stacking, the doses and the two weekers cycles in general. Thanks for your help
  19. Hi fellas I am just opening a thread and I bet this is going to annoy someone lol. I would like to hear feedback from people that have been on steroids and have used the intermittent fasting. I know that most of the people don't like the idea of "fasting" 16 hrs or more and they prefer the classic approach of eating every 2-3 hrs. (even tho is called fasting, these 16 hrs are made from 8 hrs ish of the night sleep) The IF changes the food timing only therefore the difference will be doing 2-3 meals per day rather than 6-7 or 8. Macro, micro, calories are just spread in 2-3 meals. IF is the best approach in terms of nutrition I have experienced (as natty), it matches with my life, so I would like to try it in combination with AAS. (Test E-Dbol cycle) Few things I would like to say to justify why I like it are: - The body is not always "ready" to assimilate the nutrients (therefore giving continuously nutrients does not mean you are feeding your muscles) - there are only few moments when the body is in that condition where it can actually "use" the food as energies for all the internal processes - the fact that someone is using some Test E doesn't change the body's ability to utilise the food as energy source - Digestion can take more than 7 hrs. So why keep feeding the body every 2 hrs !? -also giving too much proteins to the body does not mean that the body will use them to build muscle as long as it can converts them into glucose and store it as fat finally I am not an expert in AAS, and I am talking in general for the natty user and "light bomber". My conclusion is that high doses of AAS and other drugs may change the way the body works , so if Pro's eat 10 times a day and are huge probably means that if you stay on gears all the time and you taking high doses of drugs then you can eat as you like. If you are on just 500mg of Testosterone then just pretend your are natural (technically testosterone is a natural hormone isn'it).
  20. Hello Lads, New to the forum, never really posted on any forums before although I've been lifting a while, and certainly reading for a while, but glad to be here. Ok so I've been traveling around a bit with work, not been training or eating right, I'm back home but off to Dubai in 6 weeks, so I fancy a quick boost before I go. I had a rake around in my drawers (the wooden kind ) and I've found about 100 blue hearts and some liquid toremifene, I reckon I can get a few Kg's off that but I have a slight problem and hence my question: Has anyone ever come across 20mg blue hearts, a pal of mine got them off a competitive BB who he has lost touch with, now I know Blue Hearts are usually 10mg but i have it in my head my pal told me that his guy said these are 20mg, has anyone ever heard of this? I haven't and I'm not sure what to do about dosage I either have 1000mg or 2000mg's. My cycle history is quite light, 2 test E only cycles 10 weeks at 500mg, Test Prop 350mg Anavar 60mg 8 weeks and a few oral only cycles Tbol and Var over about a 10 year period. I have always used Nolva only for PCT always recover very quickly and tend not to get much water bloat or lose much weight after cycle. My only other experience with Dbol was as a kickstart for 2 weeks on test prop, quite liked it. I am also quite sensitive I dont have gyno but I get a fair bit of pain quite quickly, never a lump, always controlled with nolva with no probs, I'm hoping the Torem will do the same Job. I'm 5'11 91kg's and I'm not very lean right now maybe about 16%, I was thinking a light 5 week cycle at 30mg a day, I've just popped 1 and a 1/2 (these have a split down the middle) so either 15mg or 30mg, is there a way to tell? I can't judge off past experience because it's not that extensive, at only 20mg as a kickstart I went up 2.5kg's in 2 weeks and had nice pumps. Any advice/info on how to work out what these are dosed at would be much appreciated.
  21. Hi all, I'm looking to start a new cycle in the new year. I've previously ran two test cycles, both went well a put on some decent size. I'm currently on a cruise (250mg test e10d) up until January where i'm running T3 to try and lean out and hit 10% by jan (currently at 12%) ahead of my next blast cycle. For the next one i want to test the waters with tren. The tren is alpha pharma androxine. I've heard of people running low test (250mg) and higher tren as a way to reduce any unwanted sides, but then also heard the opposite. I realise everyone's body reacts differently to each steroid, but was wondering in general what people's experiences were (especially on their first time using a tren/test stack). thanks.
  22. First off, I'm 18, lifting for about 2 years and 8 months, I know this is not recommended for anyone under 25, consider this me just educating myself on the subject, if i was to consider a 12 week testosterone cypionate cycle (inject) of 500mg per week, (250 twice) what side effects post cycle should I expect? I understand that my natural testosterone levels will decrease well below their natural levels and will remain like that after I cease the artificial hormones, does pct stop or at least reduce this? What sort of gains retention could I be expecting? I would appreciate educated and reasonable answers rather than being bashed for inquiring about this at this age, that k you. Also, if th result is an inevitable period of low test in my system, how long would this be for? And what would this mean for me? Thanks again
  23. Hey guys so I'm looking for expert advice... First things first growing up I high school I was always the tallest and Slankiest guy ever, this is my first cycle and I know oral only cycles are bad but it's my first time. I am gonna start with 30mg ed for the first 2 weeks, it's a low dosage but anyway, I will bump it up to 40mg ed in the last 2 weeks and then it's a pct 40/20/20. I want to know if this is good. I only have 100 tabs of tbol and 30 tabs of the pct. i also want to find out how many kg/lb I'll be gaining after the course of my cycle and if it will be any help to have creatine. P.S I'm a huge noob that has no clue so any proper advice will be appreciated.
  24. Hello guys, I am going to start a bulking cycle using Test E ( not sure about adding any compound yet and how long for I will be on gear). I come from a slow cutting period (naturally) and I am pretty lean at the moment. My concern is how can i switch from cutting to bulking? Shall I eat to the maintenance for a bit or can I start adding calories straight away ? Thanks
  25. what's app guys! I am about to start my 2nd cycle asap. First one was a Test E only for 12 weeks, and I am going to do another go of Test E maybe for a bit longer. Simple cycle, Test E. 400-500 mg a week and some adex. I am not looking for a source because I know it is not allowed on this forum , but would you recommend some good brand of Test E? Last time I have used Balkan Pharmac. which was quite good, just wondering is there something worthwhile around. Thank you very much