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    Smile Naposim only cycle advice

    Hi guys im new to his site, im 24, have been doing alot of research on as and have a lot of friends who use.

    Bit of background, i did a cycle of 25mg a day (100 tabs) about a year ago and didnt notice much gains or strength but had a poor diet and little knowledge. im fairly slim build but have a bit of a gut, have been training for 3-4 years.

    I am now more dedicated and have more time and commitment and have moved to an apartment with a decent gym downstairs.

    I am thinking of getting 200 tabs of naposim 5mg and taking 30mg a day for 5-6 weeks, does this sound like an effective dose? Im not really scared of needles, just injecting is somthing my girlfriend is totaly against me doing and its not worth the hastle!

    What shall i use for pct and how should i cycle it?, how much milk thistle would you recommended? any other suppliments should take?

    I plan to stock up on protein shakes and creatine and continue to take twice a day.

    I would appreitiate any info, and would be vey thankfull if you take the time to try and help somone relativly new to the game.


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    Re: Naposim only cycle advice

    just take 30mg a day for 6 weeks mate.
    make sure you get a good diet an solid training routine there the 2 most important things
    drink plenty of water to keep kidneys liver alright take milk thistle every day.
    make sure you get enough sleep every night so you have time to grow an rest an keep calorie intake up around 3500 calories a day plus.
    an pct as usuall if nolva clomid etc

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    Re: Naposim only cycle advice

    Dont bother with milk thistle its pointless and im sure many others will agree, ive had first hand experience on it.

    Liver is a extremely strong organ and it wont make a dent in flushing out toxins such as dbol.

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    Re: Naposim only cycle advice

    Cheers for the replies guys, how shal i cycle the nolva? suely taking milk thistle cant do any harm and as its so cheap i think i might aswell pop one a day?



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