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    Tri Test & Tri Tren

    Hey Guys,

    Been away for a while, so not been on much lately... been a busy boy!! Baby on board now

    I finished my last cycle about 9-10 weeks ago (after PCT) and am just about to start another one.... got awesome gains from my last cycle, thanks to advice from you guys!

    My last cycle was:

    500mg Sus Per Week
    300mg Deca Per Week

    For 10 weeks... followed by 28 day PCT (3 weeks after last jab) All in all, I gained very well and lost hardly any of them. So I'm very very happy.

    This cycle looks like this:

    600mg Tri Test Per Week
    300mg Tri Tren Per Week

    For 12 weeks followed by the same PCT I did last time...

    In your opinions are the dosage's okay??

    Thanks in advance chaps..


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    Re: Tri Test & Tri Tren

    Looks good mate, i'm sure you will be very pleased with the results.
    Congrats on the new addition to the family.



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