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Thread: Can Clen cause a fail in drugs test?

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    Can Clen cause a fail in drugs test?

    As above lads.

    New job starting soon so I'm guessing there will be a p1ss sample taken from me.

    Currently on 500mg Sus per week, not concerned about this as I'm pretty sure they won't test for AAS.

    Been taking Clen at 120mcg a day (3 tablets) since Wednesday. Could this cause a fail in a drug test maybe as a positive result for amphetamines?

    If so I'll get off it asap and flush myself out with a sh1t load of water over the weekend.


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    Re: Can Clen cause a fail in drugs test?

    From what I've read mate and seen on different forums, it won't show up in drug tests.
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    Re: Can Clen cause a fail in drugs test?

    Do you have asthma? i think salbutamol inhalers used to give a false positive for clenbutamol - might be an avenue for an excuse
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    Re: Can Clen cause a fail in drugs test?

    I am an accredited workplace tester - even if they do get an initial indication, clen will not come up during a confirmatory test (which is performed by GCMS)

    However, if anyone has mixed any psuedoephedrine in with the clen - that will come up as meth

    The good news, psuedoephadrine has a short half life, and will be out of your system in 48 hours

    Suggest you lay off it for a couple of days before the test just incase
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