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Thread: zydex pro mass

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    zydex pro mass tablet query

    zydex pro mass anyone done it as oral only? it combines dbol 25mg and anavar 25mg together as one tablet..
    im tempted by this but in past people always said its not a good combo to take both together, and now they make a tab combining the 2 substances together. opinions please...
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    Re: zydex pro mass

    The pro mass is 25mg dbol/25mg oxy

    Will be running it soon.

    Hearing great things about them so far
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    Re: zydex pro mass

    i got some on order should be hear in next 3 days. im only going to do a short oral cycle with 1x 50mg a day for 5 weeks.

    im not a bodybuilder of any sort. just a guy who eats well and goes gym 3-4 times a week naturally. just looking for something to give me that little edge.

    ive done a test cycle before which i broke out with severe back acne (im acne prone on my back since teenage years) so staying away from injections for this reason.
    for PCT i have Tamoxifen 20mg - which i plan to do at 20/20/20

    does this PCT seem ok or should i do 40mg on the first week?

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    Re: zydex pro mass

    Any more reviews

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    zydex pro mass

    See my journal mate, ran for 6 weeks and put on around 18lbs, gods strength gains as well, did get lower back pumps which were a pain at times and had to use an AI which you would expect.



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