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    AAS before or after plateau

    I was just wondering how people move into their next cycle after PCT and the period off AAS?

    Would it be advisable to
    1. train natty until a plateau is reached and then introduce the next AAS cycle, or
    2. get straight back on the AAS


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    Re: AAS before or after plateau

    Personally i used way before plateau (11 stone / 18 years) it simply got me up there way faster

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    Re: AAS before or after plateau

    I don't think many people wait to reach their natural limit before AAS, not even a lot of pro's.

    I remember reading that Lee Haney only started using, as he could not physically put on any more naturally, and get to the next level needed. The way it was written was like it was a rare thing.
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    Re: AAS before or after plateau

    The answer is to use sensibly when you want to imo



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