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    trenbolone acetate - how much to inject?

    I've gotta bottle of trenbolone acetate marked '75mg/ml'. I asked for Parabolan and that's what I recieved instead..I know that for all intents and purposes they're the same but I ain't sure how much to do per hit..

    I'm also considering throwing in some HGH whilst taking the trenbolone to guarantee keeping the bulk gained..not used it before - has anyone had experience of using it without insulin/thyroid hormone?

    Its to be part of a cycle that is as follows
    week 1 & 2 anadrol
    week 3 anadrol/sus
    week 4 sustanon
    week 5 sus/dianabol
    week 6 dianabol
    week 7 dianabol/tren
    week 8 & 9 tren
    come off with hcg/clomid
    bridge with clen til the next one

    Advice appreciated..

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    Parabolan = Tren, just a trade name (as far as i know anyways)

    If your short on cash, run 1ml (75mg) Mon, wed, fri everyweek. If you have plenty of cash, run 1ml (75mg) Every other day.

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    Well you can't get parabolan anymore and it isn't tren acetate, what make of tren did you get anyways?

    Dosage for tren would be 1ml EOD or 1/2 ML ED (if you can put up with the ED shots)

    Your planed cycle is a little strange, why are you only running some drugs for 2 weeks?

    A better cycle would be

    weeks 1-10 Sust
    weeks 3-8 Tren
    weeks 1-6 D-bol

    Might also be a good idea to use winny at weeks 9-10.

    As for HGH, using it without slin will rip you and get lean gains but I really don't think it's needed here.

    Any more questions ask away

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    Thanks for yr input...
    Raven the make of tren is 'SL' - very plain running all drugs for three weeks each and third week of each drug is a crossover week with another. This is in an attempt not to 'saturate' the receptors. I got this idea from example 3 at
    The cycle described on that webpage continues with other drugs up to 20 weeks (inc HCG) but I'd rather keep it short and sweet.
    Were you referring to the HGH use with my suggested cycle or yours?..I'm keen to keep those gains y'see!

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    Yeah I've read some of the cycles on that site and have heard of the "change gear every 3 weeks to avoid saturation of receptors" thing. But I don't belive in it and most people I have spoke claim it is a myth as well. if that was the case then gear would stop working after 3 weeks?????

    Also if you are doing sust then it takes 3 weeks to kick in so by the time that happens you are off it.

    I personally wouldn't do your suggested cycle but if you do and you find it works for you then OK, you can only try these things.

    HGH will not help you "keep" your gains, HGH will provide lean gains that are more keepable than gains from AAS. Using it without slin would be good for cutting but for bulk you really need slin. * weeks also isn't long enough for it, it really needs to be run for 12-16.

    Never heard of SL tren, do you know where it comes from?

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    God knows where the sl comes from..It looks like no frills but my supplier has never given me reason to doubt before..

    I reckon I might hedge my bets and pyramid sus during the entire cycle but keep everything else the same..Yeah I was aware about the HGH providing gains that don't dissolve in a stream of **** when you come off ..

    Guess I'm a bit frustrated with AAS cos I've done two cycles and due to one reason and another (including visiting India!)both times lost the gains I made on the bathroom scales. My body however is a completely different shape - especially shoulders and calves which would never grow before and so it's not all bad. I've been doing two months on/two (ish) off..

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    Well if you have only done 2 cycles then leave HGH for now, you need to keep your calories and training up when you come off to stop you losing gains

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    Ok cheers..
    How does this sound d'ya reckon..?

    Week 1 Sus 250 Ana 50mg ED
    Week 2 Sus 250 Ana 100mg ED
    Week 3 Sus 250 Ana 100mg ED
    Week 4 Sus 250 Dbol 20mg ED
    Week 5 Sus 500 Dbol 25mg ED Tren 1ml EOD
    Week 6 Sus 500 Dbol 30 ED Tren 1ml EOD
    Week 7 Sus 250 Tren 1ml EOD
    Week 8 Sus 250 Tren 1ml EOD
    Week 9 Sus 250 Tren 1ml EOD
    Week 10 Sus 250 Tren 1ml EOD

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    Yeah that looks fine I would only change one thing, start the tren a week earlier and finish it a week earlier as it can be a bitch to recover from

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    Ahh really?...thats good to know..
    Cheers fer yr help..will let ya know how I get on..

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    Cycle looks solid mate. You should see some good results off that.



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