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    Just not feeling it :(

    Hi folks...

    Been wondering about UGL stuff recently. My first cycle (back in 2010) was 500mg p/w Sust (Organon pharma) and I made some amazing gains on this. Training was hard, diet was full on and I felt some serious strength and aggression on that cycle. Second cycle was Lixus Deca 300 at 600mg p/w and to be honest I might as well have been shooting up cat p1ss as I didn't notice any difference to training natty. No aggression, no strength gains.

    Third was JD Legend EqTest 600 x2 p/w. Again, might as well have been sourced from the back end of a moggy!

    Fourth, and most recent cycle, was Cidoteston Test E 250 (at 500mg p/w)which I brought back from Sharm el Sheikh this summer. This I did notice gains on, and only wish I had ditched all my clothes and rammed my suitcase full of amps as I'm all out now!

    My question is, am I just unfortunate enough to have got 2 lots of crappy UGL vials in the past, or do you have to increase the dosages with UGL stuff?

    Any help appreciated


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    Just not feeling it :(

    Well considering Lixus is now sh1te because it's all fake and the other lab you mentioned I've never even heard of chances are your right! Lol

    Get a reputable ugl's gear and you'll be fine.....

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    Just not feeling it :(

    PC burr wc all g2g from my experience

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    Re: Just not feeling it :(

    stick to the well known ugl's mate and see how you go.

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    Re: Just not feeling it :(

    stop buying ****e mate youll be alright dont give up hope



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