I posted in the injury forum, but thought it was appropriate here as well. Had just started the dang cycle then got a hernia. Now, I'm almost a week and a half post op and recovery from the surgery. This SUCKS!!!

I was running var for about a week and was about to start with some equipoise to test from a new brand. Then bam, hernia. I obviously couldn't keep working out, but I read that just from taking var you could see results and decrease in trunk size. I had never tried var and wanted to see how I would react so actually kept taking it after the injury, before the surgery and after the surgery. With all the other meds I actually can't remember if I took my doses the day of the surgery, but if I missed any dose that would have been the day. I didn't start anything else since it would have been wasted and have about 2 more weeks on the var only cycle. I think the trunk decrease works and I've been losing weight but maintaining my muscle during my recovery.

Just thought I'd share. Are we allowed to post sources here now?