got my free samples from MyProtein...for being the handsomest bugger on UK-M (thanks mum and dad)...and finally took them after my workout this evening.

3 flavours were bestowed upon me:

orange and passion fruit
apple and raspberry

ok, the orange and passion fruit smelled better than it tasted. but the flavour was fine. fruity but not zingy. i mixed the 25g sachet in 300ml of water....def no need for this amount of water as the powder mixes instantly and forms a fruit juice consistency...not creamy like most shakes.

next up was the apple and raspberry. delicious. fruity but not overpowering. i mixed it in about 100ml of water this time...and it mixed instantly like before. this obviously has huge benefits post workout when, for me, after legs, i find it hard to chug down 80g of creamy protein in 450ml of water.

the blackberry was next. i didn't really like this one. it wasn't bad, just not what i would buy.

generally the products remind me of the Isopure from Nature's Best (def a good thing)...and although i haven't checked the price of MyProtein's Whey Zest, i'm sure it will come in a lot less than Isopure.

so i give this product the thumbs up....and will def get some with my next order.