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  1. Hope you wake up feeling fine mate
  2. Tonights workout was the normal 15 min warm up incline dumbbell bench press 4 sets of 20 Cable lateral raises 3 sets of 20 1 set of 12 Fly 4 sets of 20 Bench press 16,10,10 I had planned to do more but I was totally wasted my shoulders where on fire and it was my triceps that was failing on the bench. I need food and sleep
  3. Thanks Hun, yes I all good again I miss Flubs. I believe she got a bit frustrated at what she saw as lack of progress and direction and decided to stop her journal. She did pop back on and leave the odd comment but hasn't done so for quite a while now. I just hope shes happy doing what ever shes doing and that she gets he MoJo back.
  4. This mornings efforts where 15 min warm up decline bench press 3 sets of 8 dumbbell bench 3 sets of 10 Top of the head press 3 sets of 6
  5. Yesterday was my rest day which was a good thing as I felt so ill. This morning I didn't train and to be honest having felt so bad yesterday I didn't think I would be training again this week but by lunch time I was feeling much better so I used my lunch time hour to take a brisk walk. This evening I combined elements of my planned AM and PM workout and I did bent over row 3 sets of 8 Dead lift 3 sets of 8 (I was very careful and kept the weight at just 100kg) both the above done with 60 seconds between sets Straight arm push down 20,20,15,15 Wide grip lat pulldown 4 sets of 20 Cable bicep curls 20,20,15 all done with only 30 second rest between sets.
  6. I'm not in the least bit jealous
  7. I don't know why I found it so funny but at the end as you drop the bar having reped crazy weights, there is this little voice that says "well done" in the same tone that was used when you where 4 and you got your A,B,C's right
  8. works well for me
  9. tonight's session was tough. 15 min warm up on the bike Leg extensions 20, 16, 15, 12 Kettle-bell swings 4 sets of 20 Lunges 4 sets of 20 Dumbbell stiff leg Dead-lift 4 sets of 12 Leg press 4 sets of 20 30 second rest between sets it killing me. I was blowing so hard after the Kettle-bell swings, and I had to take a break after the Lunges and wait for the nausea and cold sweats to pass.
  10. My scales say my weight has been dropping faster than my body fat percentage. I know that they are not accurate, but I'm working on the assumption that they are consistently inaccurate, so I have cut back on cardio and changed my training routine. I am now training a 4 day, AM and PM program. AM is 8 rep sets with 60 seconds between sets and PM is 12-20 rep sets with 30 seconds between sets.
  11. This morning I did 15 min warm up on the bike squats 3x8 legpress 3x8 stiff leg deadlifts 3x8 GHR 6, 5+1neg, 5+1neg I think I will replace squats with sissy squats next time as I need 3 or 4 sets of squats under a light weight just to get things moving before I add weight and I dont have much time in the mornings
  12. certainly helps work up a sweat. I spend the first set convinced I should have selected a heavier weight and the last set wishing Id selected a lighter one.
  13. Fingers crossed that this time will be different.
  14. Second workout of the day, sandwiched between 15 min warm up on the bike and 15 min cool down power walking on the treadmill I did: Lateral raises 1x15, 3x12 Incline Fly 4x20 Fly 4x12 Behind neck Press 4x15 Barbell front raise 4x12 Tricep pushdown 25,16,14 All done with only 30 seconds rest between sets
  15. Sorry to hear that mate. Get well soon