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  1. it looks like Ogri's bike (possibly showing my age here)
  2. I have a set of Fitstream resistance bands, I think the green one add between 50 and 150lbs of resistance each and they sell for something like £20 each. Just an idea as your dead lifting is going so well.
  3. Today's workout was 15 min on the bike Bench press warm up sets 2 X 5, 1 X 3. Bench press working sets 2 X 8 1 X 10 Incline Bench press 3 X 10, 1 X 9 Bent over row 4 X 10 Crunches 4 X 15
  4. Yes mate, and they where Yummy
  5. Back workout 15 min on the bike warming up Dead Lifts, warm up sets 5,5,3. working sets 3 sets of 8 Supermans 4 sets of 10 GHR slow negatives ( well they started out as slow but got faster) 4 sets of 5 Leg Raises 4 sets of 10
  6. Jumped on the scales this morning and weight in at 204.6lbs so over the Easter week I have put on 6 lbs
  7. Jumped on the scales this morning and weight in at 204.6lbs so over the Easter week I have put on 6 lbs I plan to diet for the next 4 weeks but not as aggressively as I have been. I am planning a back workout this morning that will include dead lifts. I'm a little nervous but the plan is for very light weight and to make sure form is good. Fingers crossed.
  8. strength

    So easily done mate, well for me it is anyway.
  9. I may do cardio AM but that's it. I struggled with training twice a day especially with such short rest periods between sets.
  10. I'm hoping to maintain my current weight. I have loose skin around the waist so I don't want to drop more weight for now. I will jump on the scales tomorrow to see what damage I did over Easter. I am changing my training to 4 times a week from this weekend and will adjust calories and cardio as needed. I looked at the vote results, @Ares, you've run away with it mate. Well done
  11. Decided to go back to a 4 day split working compounds; Squat, Bench, OHP and Deadlift on an 4 week cycle. 8,6,3 and de-load. The plan is to start very light. Weight will be controlled by a combination of morning cardio but mainly by diet. The aim is maintenance or slow recomposition as I have enough loose skin around my waist now as it is. This morning was a warm up on the bike and feeling out the weight I want to run for the Squat and Bench. I did 4 sets of 5 reps on both.
  12. Just did cardio this morning, 45 min on the cross trainer and some streatching.
  13. PM workout 15 min on the bike Leg extensions 4 sets of 20 Kettlebell swings 4 sets of 20 lunges 4 sets of 20 leg press 4 sets of 20 should have been 30 seconds between sets but took longer on the kettle bell swigs as I was fighting for breath. LOL had to sit on the leg press for 5 min before I dared try to get up. Glad its only cardio tomorrow.
  14. have you tried lowering the saddle?