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  1. Jumped on the scales this morning and I am 204.2 lbs I am happy with that given I have done no exercise for ages, weight has been controlled purely by diet. I'm off now to eat and drink what ever I fancy for 10 days so I am sure my weight will be going up
  2. Baby blue one is very nice but go for the new one. IMO best first 1 new purple white flower 2 baby blue 2 multi coloured I doubt it would fit anymore but if I remember correctly you had one with a red flame, your journal is now too long to go looking for its picture but i believe I remember seeing you in it and thinking wow.
  3. Hey Hun, hope that your well and that life is being kind. Miss you. *Sorry for that little hijack of your thread Keeks *
  4. strength

    I looked at your picture and the first thing I thought was your Mrs likes a floral print then. The second thing I thought was where can I buy some oestrogen suppression drugs
  5. Thanks Gents. I am taking my vitamins and resting up as much as possible
  6. I'm not feeling well at all today, the sore throat has really taken hold so I am not training, I need all my energy to recover. I don't want to be ill on my holiday.
  7. strength

    sugar free jelly and zero cal pop where my secret weapons when I was dieting mate. A litre of jelly is quite filling and its next to no calories.
  8. I would say err on the side of caution and take an extra day or two even after you feel your ready to dead lift again. You have been making some great progress and you will be kicking yourself if you hurry back before your ready and hurt yourself again. But then I,m an old worry guts who likes to play it safe!
  9. I am a little under the weather and it was very warm in my gym today, which might explain why todays workout felt harder than it should have. I managed 15 min warm up on the bike 5 - 10 min of mobility work squats warm up sets 5,5,3 working sets 8,6,5 Leg press 4 sets of 12 GHR 3 sets of 5 Only posting up the last set, not the best set up resulting in the bar being off centre but a comfortable 5 reps.
  10. @myprotein Thanks for all the goodies
  11. strength

    Good luck with the 12 Week Summer Challenge cut your doing
  12. Due to work commitments I haven't trained all week and have had little control over my diet for 3 days this week, so I was very pleased when I jumped on the scales this morning to find that I had only put on just over 2 lbs. Sadly I have managed to pick up a bug from somewhere, sneezing a lot and the glands in my neck hurt so the plan for this morning is 4,000 mg of Vitamin C and some cardio. Only a week to go till I hit the beach
  13. strength

    Get some ibuprofen down you and I hope you feel better soon mate
  14. I really wasnt in the mood today. I ache and I have no energy so rather than sap my strength further with 15 min on the bike the only warm up I did today was the first 3 sets of bench press. Bench press warm up sets 5,5,3 Bench press working sets 8,6,6 Bent over rows 4 sets of 10 Incline bench 3 sets of 10 and 1 set of 15