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  1. strength

    Have you got one of those ab roll out wheels, or are you using a barbell with plates on?
  2. I don't recall ever having done an arm only day before, so today was a first. warm up sets EZ Bar Curl / EZ Bar Standing French Press superset Set 1 : 17.5x12 / 17.5x12 Set 2 : 17.5x10 / 17.5x10 Set 3 : 22.5x4 / 22.5x4 4 to 6 rep range Barbell Curl / Barbell Close Grip Bench Press Super set Set 1 : 37.5x6 / 85.0x6 Set 2 : 37.5x6 / 85.0x6 Dumbbell Alternate Bicep Curl / Dumbbell Standing One Arm Triceps Extension Superset Set 1 : 20.5x6 / 20.5x6 Set 2 : 20.5x6 / 20.5x6 8 to 10 rep range Dumbbell Alternate Hammer Curl / EZ Bar Lying Close Grip Behind the Head Triceps Extension Superset Set 1 : 20.5x10 / 37.5x10 Set 2 : 20.5x10 / 37.5x10
  3. I have Powerblocks, I love them for speed of change and 24 different weight options ( more if I buy the stage 3 add on ) , but being american and made for lbs not Kg some of the weight steps are odd, for example I can only go from 13.5 kg to 16kg, so I was using 15kg plates for my first set which didn't help.
  4. Day 3 of my new training plan warm up sets Barbell Seated Press Set 1 : 32.5x12 Set 2 : 32.5x10 Set 3 : 47.5x4 Set 4 : 60.0x1 1 to 3 rep range Barbell Seated Press Set 1 : 67.5x3 Set 2 : 67.5x5 (it would appear that i'm better at seated OHP than at standing OHP) 4 to 6 rep range Dumbbell Shoulder Press Set 1 : 29.5x6 Set 2 : 29.5x6 Set 3 : 29.5x5 Dumbbell Lateral Raise Set 1 : 15.0x6 ( Dropped the weight as I was swinging not lifting) Set 2 : 13.5x6 Set 3 : 13.5x8 8 to 10 rep range Dumbbell Bent Over Delt Raise Set 1 : 11.5x10 Set 2 : 12.5x10
  5. Mate I cant even get my children to remember to turn the down stairs lights off at night and the TV and amp is always left on. My youngest sleeps all day and at night runs so many PC or/and TV game consoles that she heats the front of the house. When it comes to energy consumption I think there will be less arguments if I just don't know.
  6. very late workout today. I got home late and even had a nap before I could face working out. warm up sets Barbell Deadlift Set 1 : 95.0x12 (weight is a fixed % of working set but felt heavy for a first warm up set) Set 2 : 95.0x10 Set 3 : 135.0x4 Set 4 : 170.0x1 1 to 3 rep range Barbell Deadlift Set 1 : 190.0x3 Set 2 : 190.0x3 4 to 6 rep range Barbell Deadlift Set 1 : 170.0x6 Set 2 : 170.0x6 Barbell Bent Over Row Set 1 : 80.0x6 Set 2 : 80.0x8 Dumbbell One Arm Row Set 1 : 34.0x6 Set 2 : 34.0x6 Calf Press On Leg Press Set 1 : 200.0x6 Set 2 : 200.0x6 Set 3 : 200.0x6 Hack Calf Raise Set 1 : 200.0x6 Set 2 : 200.0x6 Set 3 : 200.0x6 8 to 10 rep range Chin Ups Set 1 : 8 Lap/Rep Set 2 : 8 Lap/Rep
  7. Today was the first day of my new 5 day a week program that I shall be running As its Monday I had to start with chest warm up sets Barbell Incline Bench Press Set 1 : 45.0x12 Set 2 : 45.0x10 Set 3 : 65.0x4 Set 4 : 80.0x1 1 to 3 rep range Barbell Incline Bench Press Set 1 : 90.0x3 Set 2 : 90.0x3 4 to 6 rep range Dumbbell Incline Bench Press Set 1 : 34.0x6 Set 2 : 34.0x6 Set 3 : 34.0x6 Barbell Bench Press Set 1 : 105.0x6 Set 2 : 105.0x6 Set 3 : 105.0x5 8 to 10 rep range Chest Dip Set 1 : 15.0x10 Set 2 : 15.0x6
  8. I never made it as far as A levels, in fact I left school and started an apprenticeship as soon as I was 16. I got day release to go back to sit my O levels. Its fair to say I'm no academic
  9. Jumped on the scales this morning and I'm 208.8 lbs so 3.6 lbs down from last week. Diet is going out the window as today is our 28th wedding anniversary so we are going out for a meal and then we are off to see Andrew Scott's Hamlet (not that I've seen any one else play it, in fact it will be the first Shakespeare play I've ever seen)
  10. Barbell Squat Set 1 : 50.0x5 Set 2 : 50.0x5 Set 3 : 60.0x5 Set 4 : 90.0x3 Set 5 : 120.0x5 Barbell Bench Press Set 1 : 45.0x5 Set 2 : 45.0x5 Set 3 : 55.0x5 Set 4 : 75.0x3 Set 5 : 100.0x2 Set 6 : 112.5x5 Set 7 : 112.5x5 Set 8 : 112.5x5 Barbell Deadlift Set 1 : 70.0x5 Set 2 : 70.0x5 Set 3 : 105.0x3 Set 4 : 150.0x2 Set 5 : 180.0x5 Dip Set 1 : 25.0x5 Set 2 : 25.0x5 Set 3 : 25.0x5
  11. I found dieting was as much a habit as anything, you'll get back into the swing of it mate. How long till the holiday?
  12. This morning when cleaning my ears with a cotton bud I stupidly managed to compress the wax up against my ear drum. I now have ear ache and I'm deaf ! My right ankle still isn't quite right but I thought I would risk some squats and see how it went I worked up to my last warm up set which was 120Kg X2 but it felt more like 180 than 120. My ankle was holding up but I decided not to go any heaver today. OHP was just as uninspiring worked up to my working sets 1st set I got 65Kg X 5 2nd set I only got 3 so I dropped the weight to 60Kg for the last set of 5 and only just managed to squeeze those out. I had to cut the workout short at that point but at least I got something done even if it want
  13. She is not the only crush I used to have that has aged well and remains attractive despite the years LOL it's a mystery how they look so good but they do one way or another Sorry Ian. The garden is looking good BTW.
  14. I know what you mean about the spotters and hooks but unless you have an expensive bar that you want to protect the knurling on I would not worry if I where you. The biggest concern would be weight capacity and its stability. I have a body solid and its rated to 450Kg but it is free standing and does not incorporate a weight stand so it rocks once you start squatting over 200Kg
  15. was? still is