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  1. Never did any max weight pb's but got lots of max rep pb's, the extra adrenaline you get in front of a crowd I could never get in a gym. if you want to increase the main 3 lifts could you not just dedicate a full training session around each one?
  2. Did these turn up in the end? i may have to do another order.
  3. Inb4.................
  4. Thought I was the only one getting zero response, think I'll avoid in future.
  5. Ryan Reynolds in deadpool
  6. Really impressive how quickly you've progressed through this mate.
  7. Just to add I'd go with virgin too but they're not available at my gf's address in nw2
  8. Was just gunna say avoid talk talk like the plague lol our contract with them is finally up in a couple of weeks i think the missus decided to go with plusnet fibre as the majority of reviews seem positive
  9. I think evens bets are just too unpredictable, you'll always get one let you down when you least expect it.
  10. Don't you need minimum odds of 2/1 for it to work?
  11. All the people there an he's lifting tiny women
  12. Still selling it on eBay or could you not order it from the states?
  13. Looking forward to trying these as I don't think iv had decent sleep for years.
  14. Anyone going to take a punt on Lincoln to sink arsenal tomorrow? Stan James offering 40-1
  15. Makes you wonder who her target audience is lol