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  1. Everyone knows beards make you stronger
  2. Not done it for a long time but I'm sure we used a mini grinder, don't think we ever had a tile cutter that actually worked.
  3. No 2nd post from op?
  4. £408 ain't bad, my ex's soppy mother ignored a £30 parking ticket for 6 months and that got to over £1500 lol, they eventually took their car that they paid 9 grand for the year before lol.
  5. Why did you decide on the beats in the end? im trying to decide on the bose wireless overear or the beats studio wireless. Might have just been the ones I tried in store but the beats didn't seem that loud and the noise cancelling was pretty poor.
  6. I could have sworn the first one was on Netflix, can't find it now
  7. ^^ this, manageable monthly payments spread over several years till it's gone.
  8. Used 3 year out of date cidos they were spot on.
  9. Actually looking at it better I say 88
  10. 26
  11. Not gunna comment on the squat as its been done to death, Speed of the deadlift of the floor looked pretty good but without seeing your form it's hard to gauge how well you would progress, I'd probably say your nearer 260 for a max atm. what is your max dead to date?
  12. Did anyone notice it was double overhand too?? Very impressive
  13. All sorted over here
  14. Personally I found nhs to be wank, paid for private osteopath did me the world of good. Sciatica is only a symptom, find and fix the source of it.