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  1. I had a similar calamity, was sat at a red light in right lane waiting to turn right, scooter whizzed up my right side cut across me to go straight ahead and caught my handlebar and nearly ripped my front fairing off, 2 years later after insurance insisted I had a great case and 2 weeks before court they decided I should settle 50/50 lol. I also found the guy had no license, he was driving a 500cc scooter on a provisional licence, my insurance said it didn't matter lol.
  2. She may even "invent" a witness of her own that'll back up her story lol
  3. Without a reliable witness and video proof, insurance claims are a nightmare.
  4. Vid of 140kg bench for reps???
  5. Take opportunitys as they arise mate
  6. Took one wc ciallis Saturday for the first time in ages, still have the headache now!! might do half a tab next time.
  7. I'm a Nike fan in need of some new kicks, anyone got site links to some reasonably priced genuine trainers.
  8. Olllld skoool
  9. Thought that was a cracking game, been stuck on black ops 3 for a while now, quality game!
  10. I mean the board inside the key fob mine was changed with a 2nd hand one mind, but the original just flashed on the fob like crazy after I changed the battery and wouldn't resync. This was on an 04 mk4 I assume they are similar
  11. My gym is open all weekend... but its in london.......sorry!
  12. Only thought the module as the hazards are flashing once in the car so interior sensor not deactivating but then that'll also happen if the fob is playing up, id get the battery changed first then the transponder as a cheap start, dealers round my way charge 60 odd quid to plug the car in.
  13. Finally got myself one of these little £25 drones to play with, it came with 4 spare props, was really enjoying it but iv now broke all the props inc the spares lool
  14. Door module may have failed and also the transponder in the key may need changing, when you open the door does the door open indicate on the dash?