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  1. Is there such thing as too much?
  2. Can't believe you went outside, drop that in the office so everyone else can have the pointless cardio walking out lol
  3. Lmao I'd probably invest in some football boots and start wearing them round the house.
  4. Both of these pretty much what I was thinking, either get a price I'm happy with or walk away. Got my ass handed to me last time I got a car as I was overcome with the new car excitement lol.
  5. Anyone have any ideas on the markup main dealers put on used cars and how much wiggle room they allow? I'll be trading one in and paying the remainder off cash. Its been a long time since iv bought a car so I'm pretty out of the loop.
  6. I don't see the problem, sure these searches are a bit of a ball ache and seemingly pointless but i bet they have caught plenty of d!ckheads strolling around with knives and other weapons on there way to do some damage.
  7. If your within a probationary period I believe you can be dismissed, other than that proper procedures have to be followed.
  8. 50% may be high it was just an example, the point I was trying to make was to simply increase the size of his current meals.
  9. Suppose your right if he's getting 4000 cals in him, but if he's only getting 1000 not so much.
  10. Like has been said for his height at 60kg he's pretty light, surely just sticking say 50% onto whatever he's currently eating would be a better place to start rather than trying to get his head round protein carb and fat ratios and tracking calories and wasting money on protein powder.
  11. Wonder how much protein is in light?
  12. Good stuff this, try not to take too much of a sniff or you'll end up on the floor lol.
  13. And that's different from ibrahimovic?
  14. Only managed one day last week hopefully get 2 this week, i know it's old news but keeping your water intake high defo makes you feel less drained, I'm going through 6 litres during the day and could do more if I could carry it.
  15. From what I read he had a very high opinion of himself at the time but lacked the ambition to push for a starting place and at the time we wasn't short of top class strikers.