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  1. Cheers bro, yep it was my fault, the site did state that. I just made an order for everything and didnt look twice lol. Looking forward to it... need to get some more gear 1st. Not starting until end of Oct.. cant come soon enough.
  2. I'm not sure if this is a joke... So I feel compelled to ask, anyone else share this view? lol
  3. Cheers mate, looking forward to it!
  4. Ive only ran npp once and it was dosed at 300mg. Either way I am not educated when it comes to brewing, but I have read that plenty of people inject congealed (for want of a better word) gear. Ill do my best to heat & sort it
  5. Thanks for pointing that out mate! I thought it was a good price lol. Ill give that a go mate thabks for the tip. Thanks all 4 feedback!
  6. Hi guys... just had an order land. Is it normal for some bottles to be thick & cloudy? Ran test & npp before and oils were clear as sky. Pics for your reference, npp bottle on right heated up with a hairdryer to check consistency.
  7. Lol once I got used to it I guess it takes me about 10 minutes start to finish with prep, swabbing bottles etc. I always get the hairdryer on it too and warm it up prior to pinning.
  8. Would you use the same one for this? Pinning twice 1 after the other has never even occurred to me!
  9. I keep reading about slin pins but again, volume seems to be the only drawback
  10. I have always pinned with a 25 / 1", dont know if I would ever try 23(!)
  11. Cheers bro, yeah I was referenced that a while back actually Great lil site. I guess I just need to take the step to actually do it! Just nervous about getting PIP in my shoulder, that would SUCK on virgin muscle & impact training lol. My Inj would be 2ml a pop -.- so maybe better off avoiding delts for the time being for me haha, I may prime them on my cruise as that'll only be 1ml.
  12. Delts not too weird to do? Front Mid or Rear? I have only done quads and glutes so far, want to get used to trying a new site but not sure what to pick on next. I got 112 jabs planned over the following 9 months so I would like some new places. Just Shi77ing myself about it lool
  13. I thought the ebay thing was a joke!
  14. Just going from memory yes, on the 4th rep, going up. I can still feel it. So I have decided ti take the week off gym afterall, maybe do some 45 min crosstrainer sessions but thats all. I'll just assess after the 1st week, and if it is still bad I will seek medical advice. Seems like the most logical thing ti do at this point in time. Thanks for your input guys (Y)
  15. Not sure what happened there... I did post it, and even viewed it via the thread after lol... If a mod is taking it down then please let me know..