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  1. Threads a bit old now but I use meat whole sellers locally, that way I can see what I'm getting. I usually end up making up about 15-20 bags of 350g chicken breast from what I get for £20-25. Not sure on exact price as I get a big package deal with lean mince etc and steak. Usually these places do a loyalty thing also where every 5th or 6th time you get your card stamped you get something pretty substantial for free.
  2. I have the same struggle and have been trying to work through it. I might scrap my pursuit of ATG and see how much I can rack up parallel. My squat is massively weak compared to other lifts I think this may be why. Do you guys rate Layne Nortons form lessons? Been watching a few of these today, he appears to wink a bit at the bottom and goes just beyond parallel?
  3. Whatever I smash my PB on that day. Now, probably a very slow and wide Fly. That most muscular type contraction at the top feels pretty nice towards the end of the set. Before, Muscle ups. But I can't do them anymore
  4. Can't bring myself to post a pic just yet, but to introduce myself, and my goals: I started training again (returning after about two years of nothing) about 8-9 weeks ago. I realised after chasing someone at work (I work in private security) I was getting unfit, and having just booked a holiday I looked in the mirror and realised I wanted to start lifting again. In 2015 I lost my mum while trying to give her CPR, failed to save her and it put me in a very bad way, i blamed myself for her death and I was diagnosed with depression and I gave up on most things. One of these things being training. Having been back at it about 8 weeks. I've probably managed all in all 4 full working weeks considering X1 holiday and a few work issues. I'm now lifting: Bench: 70KG for around 5 reps Deadlift: 140Kg for 3 reps Clean and Press 50kg for 3 reps Squat: 80KG Failed on my 5th at the bottom, what you'd call ass to grass squats. My goal is to: Improve my physique, I'm in the high 20's (total guesswork as I haven't got calipers) in terms of bf%, I want to get down to 15% by next year at a similar body weight (I am 5'8.5/79kg now so call it 80) My initial goals are to lift a lot more weight, by the end of this year I want to lift: Bench press 80kg for mid reps (12), 90kg best. Deadlft 160kg for 3-5 reps, 180 1rm if possible as a stretch target. Squat over 100kg (I have some form/flexibility issues causing me to wink and lean forward I need to address before achieving this) Military Press or strict Clean and press 60kg for a good 6 reps. I think I would be very happy if I could get under 20% bf before December also to kick off my year goal of 15%. Some of the journals on here are massively inspiring, and I hope to see some similar results. im currently experimenting with what routines work best with my lifestyle, but I'm really enjoying volume antagonist stuff. Once my work life calms down and I settle in a routine I'll post it up. Hope you don't judge my lifts too harshly Chris.
  5. Hotel: I usually do bodyweight circuits, three circuits and 9 exercises. I do three upper body moves (Usually pull ups, press ups and dips) , three core and three lower body moves. This is usually if I'm away a while and on holiday etc. I have been known to sneak a pull up bar in my luggage for this ? Takes around 25 mins, and is based on the RMC training tool. Home: I either use a cheap backup off peak membership at a pure gym, do the above, or use what little equipment I have at home to do what I would have done at the gym (e.g if it was Chest/Back day I'll alternate weighted push-ups with pull ups, flyes with DB rows etc, usually superset stuff that's over quickly as let's be honest if I've got time for a full workout at home why am I not at the gym?) If it's just a day or so I'll take the extra couple of days rest and hit it harder next time as I'm usually admittedly overtrained. Usually find that I add a lot more to the bar after a couple of days extra away and it kicks me off again.
  6. I think it appeals to my need for an OCD approach with all the figures and data more than anything Also gives some interesting insight... My heart rate spikes more during a 10 rep max for deadlifts than it does on a Marines PJFT best effort on the return
  7. What do you guys think to Fit Bit in terms of accuracy in determining your TDEE etc? I know it can't be completely accurate, but in comparison to using say the IIFYM lean mass calculator based on Harris Benedict etc and a linear activity scale (e.g. Light, moderate, heavy activity), how does it compare? I find it's quite accurate on a day away from work, but at work I do around 15-20,000 steps and it seems to add far too many calories for my liking. With the workout on top of that I'm mild cutting at 3500 or more on some days. My results aren't really steady enough for me to work stuff out at the moment as my weight is all over the place, but I've only been back at it for 7 weeks. Any thoughts?
  8. I don't feel like the volume itself is a big issue for me at the moment, just worried the stress I'm putting on my lower back with the three compound lifts I'm doing back to back.
  9. It's a bit of both really. My Routine isn't set in stone, as the gym is usually too busy to guarantee an absolutely strict routine but this is my sort of loose framework: CHEST/BACK FLAT BENCH PRESS 5x5 DEADLIFTS 3x5 INCLINE DB PRESS 4x6-12 LAT PULLS 4x6-12 FLY VARIATION 4x6-12 ELECTIVE CHEST/BACK SUPERSET x2 SHOULDERS/ARMS COMPOUND PRESS/CLEAN AND PRESS 5x5 SHRUG/REAR DELT 4x6-12 DB PRESS/ARNOLD PRESS 4x6-12 DB LAT RAISES 4x6-12 BICEP BARBELL CURLS 4x6-12 TRICEP SKULLCRUSHERS 4x6-12 ELECTIVE SUPER/TRISET (BICEP/TRICEP or SHOULDERS,BICEP,TRICEP) LEGS/ABS SQUAT 5x5 LEG PRESS 4x6-12 LEG CURL 4x6-12 CALVES 4x10-25 ABS 4x10-25 ABS 4x10-25 ABS 4x10-25 Im training mostly for Hypertrophy but I also have some goals on increasing my compound lifts. In terms of progress, Physique wise in 6 weeks I've seen a massive difference; in terms of weight used I've increased around an average of 40-50% in six weeks but then again I'm practically a newbie as I've been away a long time.
  10. Work and life dependant, my usual go to is to train in one of these two orders: DAY 1 Chest and Back Day 2 Shoulders and Arms Day 3 Cardio (mix this up between HIIT and steady state) Day 4 Legs and Abs (Abs focusing on low weight high rep) Then I have a day off and repeat. The other one is the same but without the cardio, or with light cardio before the sessions. Now I'm a natural lifter, and the above programme basically means that for three days in a row, I'm Deadlifting one day, Clean and Pressing the next, and then Squatting the third. Im not lifting majorly heavy at the moment as I'm just getting back into things after 2 years away but I'm into triple figures on two of the three. No pain or undue discomfort yet as I ensure I eat and sleep properly but am I looking to hit a big wall training like this? Am I better off cycling the big lifts (I.e on the cycle I do deadlifts maybe don't do cleans etc, and then 4 days later swap it around?)
  11. I think the main thing with IF is consistency. The suggestion to do it only a few days a week isn't going to give you its benefit. Even supps need to wait as being in a complete fasting state should mean that other than water and perhaps a very low calorie drink you eat literally nothing. Personally it's a judgement call. I do it because I'm a big eater, and I struggle eating several smaller meals a day. On IF, I'm eating nothing through the bulk of the day and then towards the end I'm having large satiating meals with lots of protein and that satisfies me much more. It keeps motivation up. In terms of energy etc, I actually feel more alert on a fast than I do when I'm eating 6 meals a day. In fact the best I've ever felt is when I've done a 20/4 fast on warrior. That consisted of pretty much no food in the day other than small low calorie bcaa shakes and then a 'clean' feast in the evening between 6-10pm Without the need to set aside energy to constantly digest not to mention not having a full stomach all the time makes my physically demanding job and training much easier. Guessing OP has long made their decision but to the bumpers, trial it for a good few weeks, maybe 8-12, give it time to do it's work and see if it's for you. Once you get used to it, it becomes natural. I haven't bothered with the science here just the reasons I do it, but even a quick google scholar search should give you the facts.
  12. I've found that using accurate activity monitors help me, as I never really considered how many calories I was burning at work as it didn't feel like I was doing that much. Try getting a Fitbit or something, just make sure it's set up properly and it should give you a better idea of what you need to eat. My example: I was eating 3000 on a bulk until I educated myself properly and realised that at 3000 CALS I was at a large deficit. I'm now eating around 4K on a mild lean bulk, and cutting at around what I used to think was a surplus. As for making up the CALs, if your struggling have three- four main meals with a high protein source at the centre (tuna, chicken etc), and have two milk based shakes loaded up with whey and instant oats and maybe some protein bars etc to take to work. You could as some suggest just eat whatever but it's probably a good idea to get used to eating the right stuff because when it comes to cutting it you ever do, those habits are going to be hard as hell to lose.
  13. Hi Read stuff from this forum before but never joined so I thought I'd go ahead. Used to train a lot a few years back and now I've been back hitting it hard for around 4 weeks and I want to keep my motivation on point . Trying to get my lifts back where they were on the big 4 some years back and hopefully get my physique back as well. So hi, and if I can give out as much advice back as I've taken from these pages before I think I'll be happy.