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  1. Cheers lads you've all been a massive help I'll have a good long look at routines and will definitely be back with loads more questions ?
  2. What can I do, do you mean as in like distance
  3. And with the cardio do I just run or would I need other forms of cardio too
  4. Cheers for the reply.... I'm a noob but have been trainong for about a month and want to get started in the right direction straight away... right last went went shopping and bought a month's worth of healthy food to make my own meals got 10 kg of chicken for 40 quid loads of veg, fruit and nuts so that I can cook the night before and freeze a couple of portions. What should I do with regards to cardio should I start with that or implement both into 1 session. I'll be doing alternate days so not be training every day, will that be enough. Again any advice greatly appreciated.... much love
  5. Ayup lads I'm 24 and rapidly getting fat so I've decided I need to do something about it just need help with setting up a routine I've been doing my research but can't come up with my own plan due to one person saying do this and the other saying don't do that. I know I should be doing 5-7 excersices per muscle but having trouble deciding what those excersises should be. Any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks lads.