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  1. Can you take a look at the attached weight tracker. Should I up my calories now? I think my weight as actually stalled if you take the average. What do you think?
  2. Yeah higher reps would be safer but my condition is only mild and so far touch wood I have never had a dislocation in any joint. The ROM can be more than normal which I have to keep my eye on.
  3. So far I don't think it's causing many issues apart from my form but then again I might just have had s**t form anyway. This is why I have started training so I can build strength around the joints to hopefully give me a better quality of life when older.
  4. Sorry about the confusion. I have only recently increased the sets in the last week and I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing. There's very little fat on my legs to be honest. The majority of fat collects around my lower back and lower chest.
  5. I will definitely take a look at that, cheers. I was actually looking at the PHUL split. Is this similar to the one you mentioned?
  6. My thigh measurement has gone from 51cm to 55cm over the 14 weeks so not sure how that is for progress but my legs have definately put some size on. Their not defined or anything just a lot more size. What I meant was that the program called for 3 sets of 5 for the main lifts so I have started increasing that to 5 sets of 5 reps to increase the volume.
  7. Yeah I did. I thought lbs were the norm........oops
  8. I'll stick to Kg then, saves me the hassle of converting.
  9. Thanks for your reply. So should I replace all the 3 x 5 for 5 x 5? The program calls for OHP 3 x 5 but its hard to progress on so what I am trying is aiming for 5 x 8 before I increase the weight by 2.5kg. Will this work?
  10. I thought that's what the normal unit was to give? All the plates at the gym are in kgs so i converted to lbs.
  11. Thanks for your reply. To be honest I am still learning so many things I say are just assumptions on my part. I was led to believe that in order to see size you have to concentrate on the major compound lifts & increase your strength? I workout on a Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday alternating between workout A & B. The 1RM's are only calculated, I have never actually tested them. I thought that when people quoted their lifts they quoted their 1RM's so I calculated mine from my maximum weight at the given number of reps I could manage........5 reps, 8 reps depending on exercise. Is this incorrect way to state your lifts? I did think my volume was an issue so I have increased most of the sets from 3 to 5. I shall have a look at the Lyle McDonald routine, thanks.
  12. I'm 38 male in my 14th week of a strength program & I am not seeing the results I expected. Although my lifts have gone up I cannot notice much difference in muscle mass. I am basically looking to build mass more than strength. My chest is naturally pretty big but my shoulders just do not seem to grow or my biceps really. Is the program I am running suitable for my requirements? It's a 3 day full body split alternating between workout A & B. Workout A Squat 3x5 Bench 3x5 Smith Machine Incline Bench 3x8 Pendlay Rows 3x8 Face Pulls 3x10 Tricep pressdowns 2x10 Workout B Deadlift 3x5 Overhead Press 3x5 Seated Leg Curl 3x5 Lat Pulldowns 3x8 Body Weight Pull ups 3x8 Machine Curl 2x10 Machine Deltoid Raise 3x8 Calories are 2200 & yes this seems ludicrously low but I am gaining weight & everything is weighed & logged. 210g Protein 183g Carbs 59g Fats. 14 Week progress: Weight: 136lb > 146lb Average sleep: 5 to 6 Hours. 1RM: Squat: 76lb > 165lb Bench: 115lb > 150lb Pendlay: 110lb > 135lb Deadlift: 125lb > 230lb OHP: 60lb > 85lb Machine Curl: 65lb > 100lb Machine Deltoid Raise: 70lb > 126lb I do have hypermobile joints which has affected my form somewhat & taken a while to improve it. I have deloaded over the last couple of weeks to really work on my form so strength gains have halted. MY sleep could be better but I train between 10pm & 11pm for 1 to 2 hours. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. I am starting to feel pretty demotivated.
  13. It's correct. I was originally 195lb 3 years ago & I cut down to 118lb over the course of 3 years.
  14. Hello thanks for your reply. Yeah I think the first pic has not helped the situation. 118lb which is 8st 6lb is very underweight for a 5'8" man. I was literally starving myself to get down to that weight. You could see my spine, my legs had no muscle at all. I was originally overweight at 195lb & I got carried away getting that off. So when I bumped back up to maintenance the weight the piled on very quickly. Once I got to about 130lb I felt healthy again & still looked lean. Even now the majority of fat has just gone around the common problem areas of lower back & lower chest. My weight has now stabilised from increasing my protein to 200g & decreasing my carbs to 175g. I am going to increase calories to 2100 & keep bulking until I have sufficient muscle to cut down again. I have also increased my intensity at the gym & try to push out every last rep. As I see it, it's all a learning curve & yeah we make mistakes but as long as you learn by them & don't give up then so what if it takes a little longer than other people. Ive cut down from 195 to 118 & i can do it again.
  15. Hello. Quick question. It's been another week and according to the scale my weight as dropped slightly at 2000 calories. I increased my protein to 200g dropped my carbs to 175g and my fat to 56g. I have changed my food too. I was eating a lot of oats, peanut butter and Milk. I've replaced that with low fat Greek yoghurt, eggs and makerel. If I now increase my calories by 100 should I keep my macros the same? Thanks.