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  1. Hello again Fadi, Thanks once again for your great advice. I will follow what you said & use just the bar for the moment. I do feel as if I am not sitting back & I think that is a fear of falling over backwards. But with just the bar I should be able to over come this with practice. I also need to practice with creating that fortress you talk about. I tend to concentrate on the movement & forget my breathing & bracing. Thanks again.
  2. Hello Fadi, Thank you very much for your extensive reply which made perfect sense. I have looked at my videos & I have noticed that the bar does not travel in a straight line. In fact in some videos it appears to travel in a zig zag pattern. So would you suggest using a weight that is comfortable & practicing until the bar is travelling in a straight line? What I am doing on each squat session is trying to add weight which I suppose I should not be doing until my form is good at the lighter weight? Thanks again.
  3. I have chosen low bar because as you said Rippetoe said so & I have not got enough knowledge to know any different. I also heard that you can move more weight with low bar but my form is that bad I do not think that is a factor at the moment. I am looking at building size more than strength. I was at the gym a few hours ago & my form is even worse as I am that confused about everything now. I really don't want to give in but I may just start using the leg press & try bulgarian lunges if things do not improve.
  4. Yes, I think I am going to stay with the first technique. Looks like I am better suited to looking straight forward as opposed to down like I was doing at first. Thanks.
  5. Hello. I hope someone can assist because I really do not know where to go next? I have been following a full body routine for 4 months now & I have had really bad issue with my form for the Low Bar Back squat. When I first started I was very weak & could only manage the bar & now I am still at a low 140lb for 3 sets of 5. I have deloaded several times to try & perfect my form. A couple of weeks ago I thought I had cracked it, I actually thought I had mastered my form. I was posting on a form check thread on another website & the general feedback was that my form now looked good. So I like to get different views & I posted the same form on another website which was a gymnastic site in the mobility section because I think I have some mobility issues & they said it was extremely bad & I should stop immediately as its dangerous! I have been trying to follow Mark Rippetoe style squat which is in the Starting strength book but now I am thinking is this the right style? He has you looking down on the floor in front of you but the people on the Gymnastic website said this is wrong & I should be looking straight ahead which will keep my back tight? So basically I have no idea what I should be doing & even whether I should continue. I am hypermobile so I really want to build some strength around my joints to stabilise them for when I get older. One thing to add is that I appear to get a hip sway to the right on the descent & ascent. My hip feels tight on the right side & I injured my left quad last week when it felt as if most of the weight was on my left leg. I think the tight hip may be causing me to favour the left leg? That is why the first video is at a really low weight. I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look at some of my form video & tell me where I am going wrong. This is a new technique I tried today looking straight ahead. This is the technique which is supposed to be the Mark Rippetoe way & I first had people say the form was ok & then others say it was absolutely awful. Thanks.
  6. Could be worth a check. Although I'm steadily gaining around 0.6lb to 1lb per week on around 2500 calories now and have been for about 8 week. My muscles do feel weak on a morning but I put this down to DOMs and I've noticed that my fingers get numb occasionally.
  7. Had test checked already.
  8. I was told that my test levels are normal. I've not had my thyroid checked. What would be the symptoms?
  9. I was thinking of incorporating dumbbell rear delt rows as the attached image to hit my rear delts so this could be a good addition.
  10. I'm currently doing pendlay rows, lat pulldowns and frequency chin ups. I'm not to sure if I should be incorporating any seated rows? Looking at my pic should i incorporate them? I'm still not 100% sure which exercise targets what part of the back. Thanks.
  11. Can you take a look at the attached weight tracker. Should I up my calories now? I think my weight as actually stalled if you take the average. What do you think?
  12. Yeah higher reps would be safer but my condition is only mild and so far touch wood I have never had a dislocation in any joint. The ROM can be more than normal which I have to keep my eye on.
  13. So far I don't think it's causing many issues apart from my form but then again I might just have had s**t form anyway. This is why I have started training so I can build strength around the joints to hopefully give me a better quality of life when older.
  14. Sorry about the confusion. I have only recently increased the sets in the last week and I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing. There's very little fat on my legs to be honest. The majority of fat collects around my lower back and lower chest.
  15. I will definitely take a look at that, cheers. I was actually looking at the PHUL split. Is this similar to the one you mentioned?