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  1. Hello, I started out a few years ago at 195lb, very unfit & unhealthy. I did a year long cut at which I ended up at a measly 118lb! From February this year I started lifting seriously at a gym following the fierce 5 routine. I am almost in my 11th week & I am seeing slow strength gains & I have put back on a lot of fat. I am currently at 148lb @ 5’8”. Can you guys see much progress in muscle mass on the attached pics? Myself I cannot see much difference apart from fat gains. I know 11 weeks is nothing but should I be seeing more progress? I am in this now for life so I am not bothered how long it takes as long as I am making progress. 38 male 5'8" I am eating around 2200 calories a day. Everything is logged & weighed. Protein - 138g Carbs - 248g Fat - 73g I prep all my main meals & eat nearly the exact same thing every day. Mainly Chicken, veggies, oats, Peanut Butter. Thanks.