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  1. I placed 6th, which I am happy with. Was quite a tough line up for first timers from what I've seen before. Overall, happy with how I looked, and got an invite to novice finals in November, so will think about doing that. Will post pics soon.
  2. Dnp and probably insulin too.
  3. Tomorrow I start, 800mg MTS test400 400mg MTS mast e 30mg mk677
  4. 1 day out
  5. Mk677 makes my stomach a bottomless pit.
  6. I've read a theory that for some people, nandrolone interacts directly with the estrogen receptor, hence why some people get gyno despite Ai use. Thankfully I respond well to nandrolone and get zero sides. Love the stuff.
  7. 2 days out: carbs are back in the diet. I'm looking flat but tight. Just need to fill out.
  8. I always feel great mentally on tren ace. Positive and assertive. I don't normally run it longer than 8 weeks because I start to feel burnt out physically, maybe not as quality sleep, or its effect on the CNS.
  9. Just stuck to compounds I am very familiar with this prep. I did use anavar once a long time ago but don't know it well enough to want to go into a show on it. Winstrol and sdrol I know very well, so a safer bet for my conditioning.
  10. Some people must have really low expectations if they'd still buy from a lab that produces gear without the stated compounds, let alone being underdosed.
  11. I can't say for sure, but I would expect (if you stay off the gear longer) over time, your shbg to drop as your body finds homeostasis. This would then cause free test to go up as less shbg to bind to test.
  12. If running mast, I don't see the need for the proviron. They will basically be doing the same job with a test cycle. Wouldn't hurt though.
  13. Shbg is top of the range. Could be the issue. If running another cycle, consider mast, proviron or winstrol so that your free test is high.
  14. 4 days out, dropped injects. Orals still 50mg mts stanozolol, 10mg superdrol.
  15. I'm a fan of mast. To really see its effect you need to be lean. If not lean you can still benefit from its other effects, such as balancing androgen to estrogen ratio allowing for less Ai usage, and binding shbg.