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  1. Thanks man! Haha, I actually do, lol. If someone found this thread they'd instantly know who I am just by my boxers, I tried to make my identity inconspicuous as possible only leaving what is needed
  2. Yeah I started at around 150lbs, and I've probably gone up 1 or 2% bodyfat 45lbs later, so never really had a need to cut as I've stayed relatively lean, but now I'd like to be inbetween lean and shredded. Thanks man I'll give it a shot My traps have grown considerably (from heavy deadlifts) but they still aren't good enough, I'll have to target them directly and try do some shrugs or rack pulls. Lats aren't THAT bad, the photo doesnt do them justice, but they still need work. And yeah arms are extremely hard for me to grow, just getting stronger on close grip bench, weighted dips + weighted chin ups is helping though.
  3. Thanks man, still some way to go. And yes, tryna work on back width and bringing legs up, aswell as a bit more arms and traps.
  4. No don't want to be massive, just want a nice balanced lean physique, maintaining around 9% or so. I've never cut before, so I'm not sure how much mass I'd lose? I just didnt want to turn into a stick. I'd like to look similar to this in terms of balanced physique and bodyfat
  5. Fair play man. And nothing wrong with cheap brands, I just like people to have clean clothing lol. But I understand, prioritizing is the most important thing
  6. Nope, northern based. Perhaps you dress too casual to be accepted by certain bars. If you're gonna have bad fashion - the least you can do is make sure your attire is clean. Those trainers are quite dirty, and your previous shoes are so creased and worn out, they look like they've made it through a war. I think you ought to invest in better quality shoes, you will appreciate the quality and feel more inclined to maintain them. Attire can say a bit about a person, doesn't hurt to take some pride in your appearance, but I understand people get comfortable/lazy after a while.
  7. Basically, wearing jeans and shoes is a general fashion crime, it's just an account having banter laughing at people who wear them.
  8. I'm about to post this pic to this page, i hope you dont mind^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  9. You guys have terrible fashion sense haha
  10. 6ft, 195lbs, 13/14%BF? tell me what to work on please, thanks
  11. thick solid and tight